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Gary Null Interviews Lancet Parent and Attorney from UK Vaccine Safety Movement


By John Stone

In a remarkable radio broadcast on January 20th, Gary Null interviews three prominent figures in the British vaccine safety movement. Lawyer  Clifford Miller,  Isabella Thomas - mother of two of the children in the Lancet 12 - and Jackie Fletcher director of  JABS, a parent organisation which tries to promote vaccine safety and give support to families with vaccine damaged children.  After an 18 year battle Jackie won compensation for her son Robert last year (HERE). She also narrates how politicians and civil servants refused to even look at the evidence of vaccine damage after meetings she held with them. Isabella Thomas challenges Brian Deer to meet her in a head to head interview on television. Clifford Miller shows that the US government  and its officials have already acknowledged that vaccines cause autism, and that autism is an environmental phenomenon. He also examines the compelling evidence that vaccines and thimerosal are implicated in the growth of infant allergy. 

Click HERE to download the January 20th Gary Null program .


st. george utah attorneys

I am so happy for Jackie who won compensation for her son Robert. Congratulations Jackie!

saint george utah lawyers

Wow! This interview is SO informative regarding the increase in the documented and indisputable increase in severe allergies of the children in the UK since the early 1990's. I never thought I'd live to have a genuine appreciation for socialized medicine, but miracles DO happen!


@ Clifford Miler

in your interview you stated that after elimination of urabe am-9 from UK at the beginning of 90s only third world countries were exposed to this strain. However in 1994 Poland licensed Trimovax (sanofi pastuer) with urabe am-9 and in 2003 chose to use this vaccine as the only one for upcoming MMR mandatory shot. Thanks to journalists and medical communities who opposed this decision was undone and other vaccines were incorporated into the schedule. In 2005 the license of Trimovax was out of date and it never appeared on polish market again.

I suspect that other eastern European countries might have used the urabe am-9 containing vaccines.


The European Medicines Agency website has 513 documents containing the word "thiomersal." Some of them are non-English, but they're mixed among the English language docs, so keep going:


The European Medicines Agency's thiomersal/thimerosal papers Miller talks about in the interview:


Very good interviews. Thanks for posting. At the end, Gary Null asks everyone to contact CNN/Anderson Cooper and ask them to have mother Isabella Thomas on the show -- preferably to debate Brian Deer face to face.


Thanks for the report and link, John. The parents will be heard one way or another.

Birgit Calhoun

Gary Null has been in this for quite a number of years. He is an expert. I am glad to hear that the BMJ is in contempt of court. So, has anyone filed a complaint about Brian Deer?


Is there a transcript of the interview available anywhere?


Superb, as always with Gary Null. Maybe we should all follow his suggestion to contact CNN, asking that Anderson Cooper schedule an interview with Brian Deer and the parents of the Lancet 12, notably Isabella Thomas (I believe that's the correct name?). She seems also to think the BMJ is in contempt of court for allowing some of the information to come out at this time, in this way, due to the appeals status of this case.

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