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Gary Null Features Statement from Julia Ahier Wakefield Lancet 12 Parent

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January 28, 2011

We wanted to share this message from Julia Ahier, one of the "Lancet 12" parents whos child was treated by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.- Gary

"I am absolutely convinced that the MMR triggered my Son's condition,  as the first problems with pain occurred on the first evening after the vaccination and the loss of skills happened after also he had been gaining weight at a good rate and after the MMR  he only gained 1lb 7ozs in 9 months.

"I think that Dr Wakefield has only tried to help these children he has not done anything which we as parents did not want him to do. The allegations were unjust because they did not arise from anyone who had medical investigations carried out on them or their parents.
"Doctor Wakefield did not recruit anyone into the study group.  In our case our Son was given the original referral to Professor Walker-Smith by another hospital and I sought a referral with Dr Wakefield our local paediatrician requested the referral.

"Dr Wakefield was the kindest most compassionate doctor who had ever taken an interest in our child's case.  He did not perform any proceedures on our child, these were dione with our consent and agreement by other doctors. None of the tests which were performed on our child were against our wishes. There was no display of callous behaviour.

I have never had any communication with Brian Deer nor do I ever intend to."



Re: Post by John Fryer Chemist:

"And of course for the most part no idea on its cause.
And less of an idea on how to treat it."

Hi John Fryer,

I communicated by email with you several years ago at the beginning of my autism vaccine injury research. By your statements I thought that your research had led you to the conclusion that vaccines are the primary cause of autism???

As far as TREATING autism, there is a myriad of therapies that have been demonstrated to produce positive results: Methyl B12 restores the myelin sheath that is destroyed by mercury and aluminum, as well as restores that detox pathway, which also assists in removing heavy metals; there is also a variety of natural chelators, glutathione as a primary antioxidant also. There are many therapies regarding the intestinal damages: probiotics, prebiotics, aloe vera, slippery elm, healing clays, etc., detox baths, magnesium, silver, far infrared sauna therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, homeopathy, essential oils, etc. Even autism service dogs provide therapy for these suffering children.

Once progress is made with BioMedical therapies then these children can respond so much better to speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, ABA, etc. The only people who have "less of an idea of how to treat it" are in the conventional medical system and they can't help our children because they are indoctrinated to believe that there are no vacccine injuries involved in autism. They don't even have the sense to test for heavy metals or intestinal flora, so their patients are S.O.L. [that's American slang for Shit Out of Luck]

There is lots of hope for treating children with autism, but tragically, until the primary causation of autism is finally forced out into the public awareness, parents will keep hauling their children into the doctor's office for more vaccines; thus in the USA, there will continue to be 40,000 + new cases of autism every single year, not even including the many other health damages caused by children being continually poisoned by vaccines.

If I remember correctly, you are British John? It would be enlightening and interesting if you hooked up with John Stone and some of the other British experts who have contributed to Age of Autism.

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

I put in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Social Security Administration to get total numbers of children/adults on Social Security (including SSI). When I get these numbers it will be provided to everybody along with the current numbers we have for autism ages 6-21 in the US from the US Department of Education (using all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico).

Per below.........

Source at:

Yearly increase in the number of children with autism age 6-21 in US Schools Since DSM IV (1994 to present)

Year Students
1994 22,780
1995 28,813
1996 34,082
1997 42,487
1998 53,561
1999 65,391
2000 78,717
2001 97,847
2002 118,603
2003 140,920
2004 166,302
2005 193,481
2006 224,415
2007 258,095
2008 294,302
2009 335,199

John Fryer Chemist

Dr Sarah Myhill and Dr Jayne Donegan also had reservations about vaccines and have been likewise examined by the BMC.

Destroying the freedom of expression can be seen in the rising health statistics of the world.

Autism unknown in 1900

Running at 4 per 10 000 in 1980

Today many times higher.

But the worst enditement is we simply have no idea who has or does not have this condition in 2011.

And of course for the most part no idea on its cause.

And less of an idea on how to treat it.

But its an arguable guess to say that the Big Pharma companies that caused it are making a killing from helping those with it to an early grave.

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