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FAQs About the BMJ Wakefield Editorial and the Launch of Vaccine Epidemic

Vaccine Epidemic - cover high res By Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland 

The actual news content in last week’s media firestorm about Dr. Andrew Wakefield didn’t seem to warrant the level of media frenzy it received.  Am I wrong or is this old news?  

The allegations against Dr. Wakefield are nothing new. The global medical establishment has been making these charges for over a decade. It culminated in the 2010 censure of Dr. Wakefield by the U.K.’s General Medical Council (GMC), the GMC’s removal of his license to practice medicine, and retraction by The Lancet of his 1998 case study series about 12 severely ill children with bowel disease and autism. Wakefield was also tried and convicted in the media and the court of public opinion. 

So why the renewed sound and fury? Dr. Wakefield’s treatment at the hands of the mainstream media seems personal and unduly harsh.  Is there something else going on?

The British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) editorial last week calling Dr. Andrew Wakefield a fraud is indeed big news, but not for the reasons you might think.  This month, the BMJ joins two new books, Dr. Paul Offit’s Deadly Choices and Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus in a concert of scathing critiques that malign the character and intentions of Dr. Wakefield.

The big news is the need to visibly slam Dr. Wakefield yet again. The big news is that it is necessary to tell the American public, one more time, that vaccines don’t cause autism.  Because, the biggest news of all is that parents aren’t buying it.  The American Academy of Pediatrics concedes 1 in 4 parents believe that vaccines may cause autism and a University of Michigan poll reveals that 89% of parents rate vaccines their top pediatric health concern. Parents don’t believe that Wakefield is a fraud. And this makes government, industry, and doctors very nervous.

But all that happened in 2010.  What is new that warrants this level of media scrutiny?

The national narrative about vaccine safety is shifting. “Parents versus the science” is giving way to serious inquiry on the part of professionals, scholars, and academic institutions.  There is a growing consensus that important unanswered questions must be addressed. The vaccine establishment is paying attention to three developments:

  1. Relevant, new, peer-reviewed research and meta analyses raise profoundly troubling questions about the wisdom of current vaccination policy.
  2. The February 2011 release of a new book that reveals the role of corporate greed, biased science, and government coercion in the “vaccine epidemic.”  Vaccine Epidemic from Skyhorse Publishing (HERE) is edited by writer and analyst Louise Kuo Habakus and NYU Research Scholar Mary Holland.  The book features over twenty experts in the areas of science, ethics, law, human rights, history, business, and the military.
  3. The Supreme Court is deliberating about legal access for the vaccine injured to civil courts, with juries, in Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth and is expected to release its decision this spring. Regardless of the outcome—whether the Supreme Court upholds the right to sue for vaccine design defect in civil court or decides that the vaccine injured have recourse only to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation with its overwhelming restrictions—the implications are explosive.

This story isn’t going away.  

British freelance journalist Brian Deer says Dr. Wakefield exported his mischief to the United States. Do you agree?

No. It is Deer who has instigated the ruckus. Based on his reporting alone, the GMC initiated its investigation into Dr. Wakefield. It is notable that the GMC’s multi-year prosecution did not include allegations of fraud, presumably because they were not able to make those claims. It was Deer alone, a non-doctor, non-scientist, non-credentialed commentator on medicine who alleged fraud.  It’s not clear to us, and increasingly to many others, why the mainstream press persists in covering the reports of a lone reporter who refuses to disclose how he obtained access to the confidential medical records of the twelve children in The Lancet paper.  Who gave him this access and why is the media trumpeting his version of the facts?  It seems that could be the legitimate “big story.”

This media circus in the U.S. can’t possibly be the work of a single, dodgy journalist operating across the pond, could it?

True enough. For those willing to go back to the chronology of events, the facts speak for themselves.

In clear support of vaccination, and to protect children against measles, mumps, and rubella, Dr. Wakefield suggested that the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines were safer than the combination vaccine.  Two different combination MMR vaccines had already been withdrawn in the U.K. because they were unsafe. Parents started to follow his advice, continuing to vaccinate their children, but often in single doses.  Six months after the 1998 press conference, however, the U.K. National Health Service made the individual vaccines unavailable.  Faced with what they perceived to be an untenable option, large numbers of parents stopped vaccinating their children.

When measles outbreaks ensued, Dr. Wakefield was blamed. Accountability has always rested, however, squarely on the shoulders of the U.K. government that made single vaccines unavailable.  If anyone is guilty of "exporting mischief," it can be argued that it is the U.K. which is exporting their scapegoating of Dr. Wakefield to the United States.

Sole U.S. manufacturer Merck & Co., Inc. also ceased manufacture of the separate measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines in 2008 to the great chagrin of many American parents. This decision only added to parental doubt about vaccine safety in our country.

Tell us about Vaccine Epidemic. Are established vaccine interests concerned about your book?

Some believe the BMJ-Deer story was released as an offensive strategy to pre-empt worrisome news about vaccine safety that would be difficult to dismiss, including the anticipated release of our book next month.  We can’t answer for them, but we hope they will be studying our book and views as we have been studying theirs. The American public wants answers about vaccine safety. The time for shadowboxing in our respective corners is over.  Vaccine Epidemic calls for dialogue and engagement.  In her quotation for our book cover, Dr. Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health said it best:

There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety. We need studies on vaccinated populations based on various schedules and doses as well as individual patient susceptibilities that we are continuing to learn about. No one should be threatened by the pursuit of this knowledge. Vaccine policy should be the subject of frank and open debate, with no tolerance for bullying. There are no sides—only people concerned for the well-being of our children.

Vaccine Epidemic features the contributions of twenty-five authors—scholars, credentialed experts, and mainstream parents who share their specialized expertise and personal experience.  Together, the chapters build a formidable case—through careful examination of the science, law, ethics, business, philosophy, history and more—for the human right to vaccination choice. 

How does Vaccine Epidemic address the renewed controversy about vaccine safety?

Vaccine Epidemic includes three chapters, in particular, that directly address issues raised by the BMJ editorial:

  • Mary Holland answers the question "Who is Dr. Andrew Wakefield?" with a succinct review of the relevant events and the GMC-Deer charges against him, and the reasons they do not stand up. Learn how Dr. Wakefield is the latest in a long line of dissidents, challenging scientific orthodoxy and being punished because his views profoundly threaten conventional wisdom.
  • Epidemiologist Dr. Carol Stott and Dr. Wakefield present "A Call for More Research," an excellent summary of the state of vaccine safety science today. The authors review new peer-reviewed research and meta analyses that raise grave concerns about the wisdom of current U.S. vaccination policy. Learn information that the government and the media do not want you to hear about the inadequacy of vaccine safety science—in the words of the Institute of Medicine and other venerable sources. The appendix to this chapter contains abstracts of the most recent scientific articles calling vaccine safety into question.
  • Dr. Wakefield, in his own words, tells his story in "The Suppression of Science." He is being attacked because he upheld parental vaccination choice.  Learn more of the facts in this insightful and personal chapter.

These chapters, and 23 others, connect the dots about this long-standing controversy that will not go away. Vaccine Epidemic explains how people concerned about many individual topics in this debate are asking similar questions. These topics include:

  • conflicts of interest and undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry
  • increased compulsory vaccination for day care, secondary school, and college admission, employment, and immigration
  • mandated anthrax and other vaccinations required by the military
  • biochemistry of injected mercury and thimerosal, especially in babies
  • deaths and devastating injury after human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination (Gardasil and Cervarix) for young girls and boys
  • hepatitis B vaccination for newborns
  • herd immunity, and the reality of outbreaks among the vaccinated
  • allegations of "medical neglect" and forced child removal involving vaccination
  • thousands of families who witnessed their children's regression into autism after vaccination, and more.

What else should we know about your book?

In the marketplace of ideas, the American public is offering its own response to the BMJ editorial. Just hours after releasing our first pre-launch announcement yesterday, Vaccine Epidemic skyrocketed to #1,503 overall and #74 in personal health on Amazon’s Bestsellers rankings HERE. We invite readers to help us sustain the momentum and keep vaccine safety in the news. All book proceeds benefit the Center for Personal Rights, a non-profit think tank and advocacy organization.  If you know you want the book, please pre-order today rather than waiting to buy it in the stores.

We hope to see many of you at NYU School of Law in NYC soon for the public and media launch of Vaccine Epidemic. Details to follow.  Please follow news and events related to our book at www.vaccineepidemic.com.


Jack Sheen

Howdy, I heard about all this stuff against the honorable Dr. Wakefield and sadly I was too late because I had vaccinated my daughter. I spoke with a good friend with the vaccine resistance movement and he advised me to perform hydrogen peroxide therapy on her to remove these harmful vaccinations. I am proud to report that her arm turned purple and though she lost feeling in her hand for a while, she is now vaccine free. God gave us an immune system that prevents all diseases as long as we take care of it and only eat organic and healthy foods. She never got the measles, mumps, or rubella so I believe I made the correct decision as she is capable of fending off these diseases naturally. I feel sorry for the 10s of thousands that do perish to these diseases due to their lack of proper nutrition.

The govt just wants your money and bigpharma has never done humanity a service.

John W. Oller, Jr.

The quote from Dr. Bernadine Healy and the entire analysis in this article is outstanding. I'm ordering my copy of Vaccine Epidemic immediately. It is interesting that the "bullying" referred to by Dr. Healy has governments, the media, and huge vested interests behind it ... and the folks involved are not all of them (though some are) uninformed medical practitioners (e.g., see the doctor in his scrubs blowing off steam at J. B. Handley and a group of parents at the end of this video revealing that the doctor defending vaccines does not know what he is talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEtF8FdqpA)).


The current vaccine schedules in place worldwide are effectively using the public to determine the composite, cumulative LD50 in humans for the combination of toxins and “excipients” in the schedules, e.g. mercury, aluminum, tween 80, formaldehyde, etc. We are the canaries in the coal mine! We are the guinea pigs for pharma’s Social Darwinism! They have not asked for our consent. There have been no warnings as to risk. There is no meaningful informed consent.

We need to start tracking mortality and disease-free survival more closely. We need to know why pertussis and serotype 1 pneumonias are getting more common, despite increased uptake of vaccines. Are vaccines the prevention or the cause? What if the relationship between mortality and number of mandated inoculations is non-linear, e.g. exponential? Intuitively, the relationship is unlikely to be linear, because such a relationship implies that the toxins are not synergistically toxic. But there is strong evidence to the contrary.



Do we begin to understand now what possessed Smerck to put Hepatitis B vaccine and aluminum in the “placebo” arms of several of the pivotal studies upon which their HPV vaccine was approved? Hep B vaccine used VLPs. There is a tacit assumption that VLP technology, polysorbate 80, and aluminum are “safe”. Without a true placebo controlled study, this assumption has quite simply NEVER BEEN PROVEN.




Toxins can produce “damage at a distance”. Toxin-induced damage can take place at a distance and includes: fever, cardiovascular disturbance, destruction of blood vessels, diarrhea, disruption of the nervous system, plasma membrane disruption, inhibition of protein synthesis, and shock. Hmmmm. Is it wise to serially inject known toxins into our bodies, from cradle to grave?



"Some believe the BMJ-Deer story was released as an offensive strategy to pre-empt worrisome news about vaccine safety that would be difficult to dismiss, including the anticipated release of our book next month."

Bingo! You nailed it, Louise and Mary. It was preemptive!

I am certainly looking forward to reading your book. At one point, Dr Wakefield supported taking a nuanced approach to vaccine safety. I don’t know whether his current thinking about vaccine safety has changed in that regard. Personally, I don’t believe that “greening” our vaccines will make them safe. The idea that you can inject bits and pieces of various species, preservatives, and detergents into people to “prevent” disease is completely irrational. Vaccine-preventable diseases” is a pharma-conceived marketing slogan. We will soon be transformed into believing that injecting various artificial life forms into people will somehow “prevent” disease. Vaccine “madness” is getting more insane. Will transforming our species into biological mosaics and chimeras somehow strengthen our God-given natural immunity and “prevent” disease? Where is the evidence?

Are we simply trading one disease for another with each inoculation? Are we simply trading one disease for greater susceptibility to multiple diseases? Are we simply increasing our susceptibility to multiple diseases with the vaccine schedules?

What is causing increased incidence in Serotype 1 pneumonias? Is this really a “sero-replacement” disease?


“Life-threatening Pneumonia Caused by Pneumonia Vaccine” by Heidi Stevenson on May 14, 2008.




I have given a lot of thought to this same idea. I think an EMR database could be very valuable, but ONLY if most of the info in the database is open to the public and all researchers for searching/analysis purposes (sans personal identifying info). I think there would also have to be separate copies of the database in multiple locations, overseen by independent parties, to prevent, or at least make more difficult, any data tampering.

I suspect insurance companies already have a lot of information that could reveal patterns that exist--as the CDC Simpsonwood meeting indicates. That is exactly the sort of resource they used for that study. But what happened to that data? It was held in secrecy, almost completely unavailable to any independent researchers, on the excuse of patient confidentiality. Then it was "lost." Denmark and other European countries likely have such databases as well--but we all can see that without easy access by multiple independent researchers--it appears the data can be manipulated and misrepresented to show whatever anyone with a lot of money and influence would like it to show.

I also think that it should be mandatory for ALL participants in ANY drug or treatment trial to be participants in a national EMR database that could be accessed (again sans identifying info) by any and all researchers, FDA or independent, so that drug trial results could not be fudged so easily.

Secrecy and "private" ownership and control of existing health data is part of the problem already. We need a large database--but it also must be protected from tampering AND accessible to everyone.

Also patients (or parents in the case of children) must be able to have a means of entering their own perceptions of whether a particular treatment helped or not, or whether a diagnosis seems correct or not. Doctors, in my experience, are often not very good reporters of patient perceptions, experiences, and perspectives. How many times have we read of a parent reporting that they felt their child reacted to a vaccine yet the treating "doctor" denied there was any reaction, or even any possible relationship? How many times have individuals gone to a doctor with a complaint about a pain or discomfort, only to have their symptoms dismissed as psychosomatic or inconsequential?

I think an EMR database could be extremely valuable--but only if it is set up properly and most of the information included was made easily available to anyone interested in researching (in most cases sans patient identifying info, of course). How one might go about setting up such a database, I don't know.


"This media circus in the U.S. can’t possibly be the work of a single, dodgy journalist operating across the pond, could it?"

Of course it is! No doubt whatsoever! It's a complete distraction. If there's any upside to BMJ and Deer's misconduct, it's that it casts a spotlight on their shameful agenda and pattern of misconduct. I imagine that a number of ardent pro-vaccinators are now trying to rapidly distance themselves from Deer.

On a constructive note, in the age of the electronic medical record ("EMR"), and protected health information ("PHI") notwithstanding, could we not begin to leverage the strengths of computer databases to improve pattern recognition? This might lessen FDA's (pharma's) strangle-hold over the VAERS database, which is notorious for selection bias and under-reporting.

Every new EMR software package really ought to capture at every patient's office visit, his or her complete vaccination history (including brands and lot numbers) for correlation with their chief complaint and presenting symptoms. Such software could also track cummulative lifetime total body burden of aluminum and mercury per the vaccine schedules, as well as the presence and number of mercury amalgam fillings.

Lethal doses (LD50's) of mercury and aluminum could be flagged, once they are approached. Adverse events reported for each vaccine could be readily accessed. This would greatly facilitate proper informed consenting for each vaccine administered. Importantly, the temporal relationships of adverse vaccine events, drug-vaccine, and vaccine-vaccine interactions. could be tracked more readily. Hypersensitivity and idiosyncratic reactions could also be captured by such a clinical EMR database.

Pooled data would provide cummulative morbidity and mortality, based on hard clinical endpoints. Widely-implemented, such a clinical EMR database would be less susceptible to selection bias and under-reporting.


Please add post-vaccination neurologic symptoms to my last comment...least we ignore the obvious. Again, the temporal relationship to the innoculation is often subacute, though it can be acute and chronic. If the question as to preceeding vaccination is never asked, a pattern will be difficult to discern. If one does not suspect a subacute or subclinical vaccine injury, the proper focused examination or imaging study will likely never be performed, and many diagnoses will be completely missed.


I strongly suspect that post-vaccination bronchial infections, pneumonitis, pneumonias, pancreatitis, diabetes, and unstable cardiovascular symptoms, are grossly under-reported to VAERS database in all age groups, because the presentation is often subacute, not always acutely-related to an inoculation. Practicing physicians should ask any patient presenting with pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and cardiorespiratory symptoms whether they have received any vaccinations within the preceeding month or so.


I am VERY concerned that parenteral injections of aluminum salts and aluminum adjuvants found in the vaccine schedules are causing clots and microembolic phenomena.

Aluminum salts are WIDELY used flocculating agents in industry.

Why did last year’s "pandemic" flu seem to have a somewhat greater predilection for the lungs and pneumonia? Why were there reports from the Ukraine last year regarding a hemorrhagic pneumonic plague? Why were pneumonic flu drills held in Illinois last year? Why do the lungs “light up” in patients with elevated blood aluminum levels on Technetium-99m labeled sulfur colloid scans?

Do pulmonary alveolar macrophages retain aluminum from the vaccine schedules? If so, what additional effect upon pulmonary alveolar macrophages would mercury in the form of thimerosal in the vaccine schedules have? Does aluminum and mercury in the vaccine schedules stimulate inflammatory cytokines? Real questions.


Blaming the victims of a crime is certainly nothing new for pharma. Ghost-written psychiatric bilge is certainly nothing new for pharma. Direct and indirect transfers of value “below the public’s radar screen” to PharmaWhores is certainly nothing new for pharma. So, when all of the "usual suspects" are rounded up, who really had the motive, means, and opportunity, to do the crime?

“The “Refrigerator Mother” Hypothesis of Autism” by James R. Laidler, MD.


Consider how often the diagnoses of SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and MSbP (Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) are being abused. Today, pharma uses these diagnoses to place blame on the victims of their iatrogenic epidemic of diseases, including the prototype vaccine-induced disease, autism.

Here is a simply amazing interview by Dr Wakefield that MUST be carried by the mainstream media. Who amongst the major news outlets will be the first to air this video?

“The Arizona 5: Interview Special”



Dear Matt and Benedetta,

THANK YOU for your assistance!!! This is very stressful not knowing exactly what to do so I greatly appreciate your help. I don't know if you will see my post here now so I will post again on today's AoA and hopefully you will see that I truly appreciate your concern.

Cynthia Cournoyer

It is very possible that every time credible people come up with a new book, the media rhetoric starts up again to try and push back. How many books will it take to get people to listen to the truth? It isn't a matter of a volume of information, it is simply a certain mind-set. The template is: vaccines are always safe and effective. When you believe that, information is irrelevant. Conversely, when you approach the subject with an honest question, you usually find out that vaccines are not always safe and effective.



This info was given to me from an attorney I was in contact with in regards to our Son's case. I Hope this helps you in your situation.

"When the special master makes a "decision" on your case, and entry of "judgment" is made by the Court of Federal Claims, you will simply need to file a"rejection" of this judgment within 90 days. If you "reject" this judgment you will preserve your right to later file a civil case. There is no special format that must be used. Just file your rejection in the same manner and format that you filed your petition. You must include your case's court file number on all documents you file with the court. Keep in mind that a civil claim would be a products liability claim against the vaccine manufacturer and each state may have differing statute of limitations and tolling provisions regarding bringing such a claim. You will need to watch your state's statute of limitations for product liability cases."


I look forward to the book;
but how many books will it take like this, that speaks the truth of the most biggest, darkest story that spans across two centuries, NOW, before things change?

And there have been some very good, honest, thought provoking books and yet there is nothing but silence from the CDC, NIH, FDA, and from the majority of the American people.

I have a nephew that had a psychotic episode the past two weeks, his mother called all upset and my daughter talked to her about what meds he should take and what meds to wait untill he sees a specialist instead of a GP. yes, one was zyloft. He is 26 now, no job, no health insurance.

I feel that every one is missing the "real" issue of the shootings of a nine year old, Congress woman, federal judge and just good human beings in Arizonia.

Here we are links to an age old question of what could be behind insanity, bipolar, schizophrena --- And we might have finally some clues, that it may be linked to the immunity and vaccines yet we hear nothing.


Autism Grandma; I am sorry for your troubles.

You can find a lawyer on the papers that the vaccine injury compensation court sends you - I bet you know that already.

It is hard to figure which way would go better - with or without a lawyer. Since we were going to lose no matter what anyway.

The ones I found charged me 350 to file, and then they withdrew

I don't think they made anything from me, since I think (can't remember but I think it cost that much to file all by your lonesome at the vaccine compensation court= the feds get that money.


Re: "allegations of "medical neglect" and forced child removal involving vaccination"

This is our story, charges of medical neglect and forced vaccines resulting in autism. I assisted my daughter in filing her case with the vaccine court in order to meet the statute of limitations, "Pro Se" since we have no lawyer, on the recommendation of Dr. Geier who prescribed many tests for my grandson, although we cannot get Medicaid thus far to authorize payment for them.

And now the vaccine court is asking all of us to prove a new theory regarding vaccine injuries besides Mercury and MMR since these are now supposedly "proven" to be no possible cause of autism, and thus rejected by the vaccine court entirely. We could certainly come up with other contributing factors with the test results prescribed by Dr. Geier, but we don't have the money to cover all that testing, and so the story goes with all of us. It appears to be "hopeless" but perhaps the Supreme Court will actually see the factual evidence and rule in our favor.

I think the deadline for submission of evidence proving our case outside of Mercury or MMR is Jan. 21st, so now I need to understand how to withdraw our case without an attorney, in order to hopefully preserve our right to pursue a vaccine case in a REAL court of law. Other than vaccine industry liability, we should have a medical malpractice case and possibly a civil rights case based on the forced vaccines, as well as many other issues that were involved. But from what I understand we have to proceed with the vaccine court first, so I just feel like giving up and don't know exactly what to do.

If anyone out there has any ideas please advise me. I don't know how to receive comments to my post on AoA except to subscribe to the comment feed I guess. I have been posting on AoA for over 3 years and am afraid to list my actual name or email address due to the horrific situation we experienced with our local Children's hospital and Child Protective Services; although I have posted parts of our experiences several times.

Not only was my daughter ordered to fully vaccinate upon threat of loss of custody, but I was personally ordered by the assigned hospital pediatrician to cease and desist any further internet research.[???!!!] Obviously I have not complied as this is the only method of accurate information regarding my grandson's autism therapies that actually produce positive results. I feel as though I am in Nazi Germany fearing discovery of being caught listening to Radio Free Europe!!!

But I feel that we should pursue our case(s) even if we "lose", for the purpose of at least putting the factual evidence into the record for the sake of all of our children who are in the same boat today, as well as all of those who will end up where we are in the future.




Scroll down to 1-10-11.

david burd

Treegirl, you ask about Gary Null. He has been a (very) strong critic on medical issues including vaccines.

National Public Radio (NPR) kicked Null off their broadcasting because NPR had become a mouthpiece for Big Pharma.

A riveting Gary Null testifying before the New York State Legislature Committee on flu vaccine injections must be seen:


Check it out, pass it on.


@Carol......... What Gary Null Show?



In the UK, the emphasis was and still is the MMR vaccine. Which never contained thimerosal a/k/a thiomersal. Never contained mercury.

In the US, most of the emphasis was originally and for a long time on the mercury. And not as much emphasis on MMR.

More recently, not as much mercury is in vaccines. But many (MANY) more vaccines being given. The emphasis in the US has shifted to the quantity, the horrifying numbers of vaccines being injected into babies and young children. Not to mention the teenagers and elderly.

So while the MMR was setting fire to the vaccine landscape in the UK, in the beginning, mercury was the biggest issue in the US.

And now, as I understand it, parents in the UK are paying more attention to mercury. (Thiomersal. Thio-mersal.) And about time.

david burd

To cmo, About vaccine shots' costs. I remember JB Handley (but possibly it was someone else) on one of his contributions to AoA a few years ago citing the typical U.S. pediatrician's income was 50% for billing for vaccinations.

Little wonder, looking at The Chart. I'll put it up again:


I call it the most horrific document I have ever seen -- and I've been around Washington politics for 6 decades. Folks, please pass it around, it'll shock almost everybody.


On the Gary Null show, Dr. Wakefield said that he has been reluctant to attack Brian Deer personally because Deer is a "tragic individual [who has] problems."

I have no idea what Wakefield is talking about, but I hope we all find out soon.


....The U.S. Immunization Chart. See it here, and pass it on:


Thanks, great chart, does someone have the typical costs of each and every vaccine listed ???


The Supreme Court is deliberating about legal access for the vaccine injured to civil courts, with juries, in Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth and is expected to release its decision this spring.
This is the exact reason the wrong side is kicking Andrew Wakefield around all over again.

What the un-American media is doing by puking up the Wakefield-Deer feud all over again relates to protecting the interests of large pharmaceutical companies and nothing to do with the personal dual between these two men.

Our children continue suffer. Our families continue to suffer. Lately, even Andrew don't look so good.

Job 34:12 Yea, surely God will not do wickedly, neither will the Almighty pervert judgment.

Maurine Meleck

Congratulations to all who worked on the book.

Thanks and love across the snow,
Louise and Mary and those that know
Soon which way the wind will blow.
Who is Brian, dear?

david burd

Coming on the heels of Blaxill/Olmsted's book setting the scene, Habakus/Holland's new book looks to be a knock-out punch.

Of course this depends on enough grass-roots folks being aware of both of these books and others such as Andy Wakefield's recent book.

Mainstream media (and their book reviewers) and Public Health Officials will NEVER say a single word about any books indicting their precious paradigms. Their incredible abuse of power rests on their willful power to ignore, a technique successful so far.

The most compelling illustration to grasp the carnage caused by a multitude of vaccines given at such an early age of a baby's life is the U.S. Immunization Chart. See it here, and pass it on:


I've brought this topic up to scores of friends and colleagues; without exception they have never seen this Chart, but are seriously jolted when I provide it in all its living color. 39+ doses of vaccines (including flu shots) by 18 months!

This Chart, best I know, is NEVER shown by major national media such as TV, and such as the NY Times or Newsweek conveniently censor it. If this Chart went on billboards around the country, CDC's disastrous vaccine campaign would be exposed. I hope it is in the new book by Habakus and Holland

Louise Kuo Habakus

To Bob Moffit: Point very well taken. Mary and I agree with you that Dr. Wakefield has not been convicted in the court of public opinion. We will make the change. Thank you!

Our book website is live so please check it out: www.vaccineepidemic.com.

We are grateful for everyone's support and pre-orders. It's keeping us high on the charts.

Claudine Liss

It’s not clear to us, and increasingly to many others, why the mainstream press persists in covering the reports of a lone reporter who refuses to disclose how he obtained access to the confidential medical records of the twelve children in The Lancet paper. Who gave him this access and why is the media trumpeting his version of the facts? It seems that could be the legitimate “big story.”



Congratulations on your book! I will be ordering it. I hope it kicks Offit's book off the shelves. I mean he's wealthy enough what with his useless, unnecessary rota vaccine patent.


Aha!!! This book is probably part of the reason for the witch hunt, I plan on buying three cases of this book. I have seen vaccine damage in person for thirty years and have personally experienced "wakefield treatment" on a lower scale. I wish the AAPS (american association of physicians and surgeons) would assert their power and platform on vaccination and put these fascist media whores (AC, sanjay gupta, nancy snyderman, etc.) in their place. With its thousands of members the AAPS could be a huge asset to Dr. Wakefield. Any organization that correlates the Nuremberg Trials with present day vaccines is a friend of mine.


The hype about getting your flu shot is a prime example of how government, health, pharmaceutical officials and the media are joined together in pushing influenza vaccines, even for people who don't need or want them.

Daily newspaper stories should contain:
New Message - Outbreak/Disease Widespread
New Message - Could be a bad/serious flu season
New Message - Vaccine does not have the same viral strain as circulating flu virus
New Message - Child death reported from flu
New Message - Adult/elderly death reported from flu
New Message - Flu kills 36,000 people per year

The CDC's Seven Step Recipe for generating interest and demand for flu vaccination


It was sadly humorous to watch Dr. Nancy a few days back making the statement that the "allegations" of Brian Deer will be heard "around the medical world."

Mr. Deer seems to think he has found a conflict with a statement by one of the Lancet 12 parents. Dr. Nancy forgot to mention that Dr. Wakefield had found nearly 200 cases of Autistic regression following the MMR vaccine.

Pehaps a parent could get something mixed up when their child has diarrhea for two or three years...

They have no science other than the pathetic epidemiolgy from vaccine records of bankrupt HMO's.

They cannot even locate the CDC vaccine records as they are so far beyond corrupt. They will never, ever have any "real science..."

The best they can offer is Brian Deer and Dr. Offit who's vaccines have been pulled from the CDC schedule.

A Friend

"...but the media rush to judgment of solicitors' and claimant experts' ethics in these cases is redolent of the Salem witch trials and deeply concerning to me as a solicitor with 30 years of experience..."

Love the analogy with the Salem witch trials. So true. I picture idiots screaming "Witch, Witch" back then and today we have "Fraud, Fraud" against Wakefield. Many of the people chanting "Fraud, Fraud" haven't done an ounce of research on the topic... they are simply parroting what they hear from the boob tube. Pathetic, really.

Looks like a great book... definitely will be buying it.

Theodora Trudorn

I really do wish I wasn't so broke right now!! Just another book to go on the amzon wish list! *sighs*

The facts are really clear cut to me. It comes down to common sense. Toxins are toxic, whence the name toxins!! Vitamins and minerals and various other natural elements have been proven over and over again to be good for you and help build the immune system and promotes all around better health.

I have said it before, but will say it again. My mom has worked in the health field for over 25 years! She is the one who tells me to stay away from the flu vaccines and encourages my vitamin and supplement taking (though she laughs at my loose leaf teas which have also worked wonders). When she tells me to take Vitamin C to keep the immune up as opposed to the flu vaccine, I'll take the woman's word for it!!

And if we can't trust the flu vaccines, what makes people think we can trust any of the rest of them?! They can continue to call me a New Age hippie witch all they want, my health is my proof. On vaccines and meds like aderal and zoloft: emotionless, suicidal, constant sensory overload, highly agitated, constant stomach problems, constant pain Off vaccines and meds like aderal and zoloft: sensory under control, less stomach problems, spasms and constant pain dulled, focus improovement, memory is improoved, energy is up, with a general sense of calm and well being (which I credit to the loose leaf teas for the calm)

I think that really speaks for itself.


Oops! Sorry about the double post glitch. We're in a deep freeze here in Texas. Computer seemed to hiccup.


This is the last few paragraphs of what I feel is a superb and very assertive piece of letter writing in respose to BMJ Deer article

Is there a misunderstanding in the media of the conflicting duties of a medico-legal expert?

* Gerry Ferguson, Solicitor

I am afraid the way in which Dr Wakefield and his colleagues have been treated might as well have been deliberately designed to discourage clinicians with medico-legal practices from advising potential claimants, for fear of professional ruin. Added to the Government's assault on Legal Aid by seeking to abolish public funding for clinical negligence investigations and claims and the Jackson proposals undermining the financial viability of conditional fee agreements, this sorry episode could be seen as part of a wider long term agenda to render certain professional and corporate vested interests inviolate.

The implication is that in the long term the medical establishment and the Government wish to make it impossible for any potential multi- party drug damage claim ( or indeed any claim against NHS or private hospitals or general practitioners ) to ever receive public funding or be able to be pursued with a conditional fee agreement.

Is that what everyone really wants? A situation where no pharmaceutical company or health provider can ever be challeged, when recent history shows that the executives of some multi-national companies have been engaging in far more reprehensible conduct than the accusations levelled at Dr Wakefield.

I have no connection with Dr Wakefield or the solicitors involved in the MMR investigation, but the media rush to judgment of solicitors' and claimant experts' ethics in these cases is redolent of the Salem witch trials and deeply concerning to me as a solicitor with 30 years of experience of trying to bring claims for claimants in an environment where the dice have always been heavily loaded against injured patients and their families.


It's is a bit hard to link directly to but http://www.bmj.com/letters/?first-index=51&hits=40

Katie Wright

The is a brilliant book!
Buy it so the "there is no science" people in your life.
The science is there - in spades.
Holland and Habakus meticulously dissect every element of this debate.
The evidence they have uncovered is astounding and deeply disturbing.


i will be placing my order..we are not going away!!!!!!!!

Bob Moffitt

I must respectfully disagree with your opening comment:

"Wakefield was also tried and convicted in the media and the court of public opinion."

While it may be true Dr. Wakefield was "tried and convicted in the media" .. I prefer to believe Dr. Wakefield was NEVER convicted in the court of public opinion.

Indeed, had he been convicted in the court of public opinion .. the US media wouldn't feel the need to be using him as their very own .. proverbial .. "bloody shirt" ..

By the way .. will pre-order your new book today. I am really looking forward to reading it.


Thank you Louise and Mary! This is wonderful news! I'll be pre-ordering my copy of Vaccine Epidemic. The timing is perfect. It sounds very authoritative. Manna from Heaven!

"There are no sides—only people concerned for the well-being of our children."

Very important point! Our position is actually moderate, not extreme. Our position is well-reasoned. To me, medical freedom and putting an end to medical facism, is the real issue.

At the risk of repetition,



Thank you Louise and Mary! This is wonderful news! I'll be pre-ordering my copy of Vaccine Epidemic. The timing is perfect. It sounds very authoritative. Manna from Heaven!

"There are no sides—only people concerned for the well-being of our children."

Very important point! Our position is actually moderate, not extreme. Our position is well-reasoned. To me, medical freedom and putting an end to medical facism, is the real issue.

At the risk of repetition,


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