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You remember how Brian Deer led us down the garden path by failing to mention that Child 1 probably had an ear infection at 9 months and not the kind of hearing problems characteristic of a behavior disorder? Well, apparently Deer responded on one of the anti-Wakefield blogs as follows:

"Sadly, with or without an ear infection (which elsewhere in the paper Wakefield uses to date the first onset of behavioural symptoms in another child, hence contradicting himself on this point), that encounter may have been (and I didn't say it was) a classic first presentation of autism. Indeed, the child went on the usual circuit of audiology clinics which is typical of these unfortunae [sic], and his hearing was, as is typical, normal. He just wasn't responding, which is typical.

In fact, unlike delirium, behaviour such as to lead parents to fear that a child cannot hear properly is a classical behavioural symptom of autism."

Now I thought he wasn't going to tell us that. (I swear Deer reminds me of Francis Urquhart in _House of Cards_.) But just in case we've lost sight of the following important fact, Child 1's mother complained that the child had a discharge from his ear. That is not a "behaviour."

In fact, according to his doctor, Child 1's hearing was normal in '93. However after his MMR in January of '94, Child 1 did not "seem to understand or express speech very much." Contrary to what Deer wants us to assume, it appears to be after his MMR that Child 1 went to audiology clinic. Tsk, tsk. Naughty, naughty Brian.

So what does Child 1's doctor say in his referral letter? It says, "[Child 1] initially developed normally, reaching the normal milestones until he was about 15 months old. He then regressed and has now been diagnosed as autistic...." Huh?? That's kind of important. Did Deer mention that?

As much as I hate to wade back into Deer's verbal morass, I feel I must address his claim that "Wakefield [used an ear infection] to date the first onset of behavioural symptoms in another child." It appears that Deer is referring to Child 9. (Why Deer didn't just tell us instead of making me look that up, I don't know.) Child 9 was described by several doctors as having "secondary autism" with loss of coordination, an awkward and stiff gait and an inability to go from sitting to standing. He lost all his words and became incontinent. His intense abdominal pain made him scream. These problems occurred after his MMR.

Why did whichever clinician assembled that data (and it wasn't Wakefield) cite "Otitis media" instead of one of Child 9's multiple behavioral symptoms? It seems that Otitis media as diagnosed by Child 9's doctor was the first event of a continuing downhill spiral.


I do worry for Dr. Wakefield. He's well-spoken and he's been to a lot of rodeos at this point. It also helps to be right. Now he's on TV, managing to get whole sentences out of his mouth before he's interrupted. He's avoided the personal snares that you know have been set for him.

What are the flying monkeys going to do now? You know they're going to escalate and they're completely immoral.


Thank you Dr. Wakefield for the patience to continue to put up with the same idiotic, unchallenged bullshit that the media continues to spew on behalf of Big Pharma. The statement that vaccines do not cause autism is a flat out lie. Just check the vaccine court records to see how many claims have been paid for vaccine damage, INCLUDING AUTISM. Also, children with autism to have significant GI issues. If Brian Dipshit doubts this, he is welcome to come over and change the diaper of my 12 year old child. They should have let sleeping dogs lie. This latest round of crap has me more pissed off than ever. Keep getting the word out that new parents should question the current vaccine schedule and be smart about what vaccines to give and when.


Okay, so the Fox repoters at the end basically say vacines don't cause autism but you should space the vaccines out to lessen the effects of autism. What??? Contradiction. I will say this, Fox has been more fair than ABC or CNN in interviewing Wakefield.

kathy blanco

I am sure Tim, he won't advocate a child with autism being vaccinated again, there is the more important part. No child should be an experiment, or a guess espeically when it comes to the administration of ANY DRUG. We should have in place, some kind of immune screen, or larger contraindications, especially for families with autoimmunity, gluten, and immune and metabolic issues. This would ferret out which child "can" or "can't handle vaccines. We should have the right, to opt out on anything WE FEEL AS PARENTS will harm them medically, philosophically or by their religious tenants. Unfortunately, because our cell mediated immunity is being attacked by everything else on this F'n planet, no child can really "endure" this vaccine schedule and not come out with MBD or some other form of immune problems FOR LIFE or set ups for brain and other cancers. I think it's time we treat illnesses with respect, some are necessary for us to gain immunity, and some just plain need to be treated with nutrition and hygeine. But alas, those things take time and money, you know, what we can't afford to do, apparently. How can we afford all thee autistic populations in the future too, wouldn't it be wise to wise up about this already?


According to Brian Deer autistic enterocolitis doesn't exist. I guess he is saying that autistic children don't have gastrointestinal inflammation, but even if they do, treating it won't diminish their autistic symptoms.

So I went to Google scholar and searched for "autistic enterocolitis." I wanted to find out what Wakefield's opponents say. One outspoken critic, Michael Fitzpatrick, cited "Autistic enterocolitis: Is it a histopathological entity?" by MacDonald et al. But that paper's abstract says this:

"Ileal lymphoid hyperplasia may be more prevalent in children with regressive autism but is also seen in children with food allergies and severe constipation, the latter being an extremely common finding in autistic children."

So the inflammation is probably there, but it could be from a food allergy? Wow! That's a stinging rebuke. Wakefield's cheeks must be burning. (or maybe not.)

And there are epidemiological studies which claim autistic enterocolitis doesn't exist. I didn't know you could find that sort of thing out with epidemiology. Instead of getting that dreaded middle-age colonoscopy, I'm just going to commission an epidemiological study.

Other refuting studies concentrate on the studies' authors' inability to find measles virus in the blood of autistic children. OK, maybe measles virus wasn't there. I won't know until I do my own epidemiological study. But Wakefield et al. didn't say in the Lancet paper that autistic enterocolitis had to be caused by measles virus. Are there many studies which actually look at the bowels of children with regressive autism and say whether or not they're inflamed with respect to neurotypical children?

Jim Thompson


Thank for this crucial media fact checking. Parents hear a reporter repeat a ghost written script that says “and ten of your fellow doctors, whose names were on that report, have had their names withdrawn because of the doubts that they had.”

The reporter does say specifically what their doubts were. You have cleared that up.

The paper concluded “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue…Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.”

So there was no claim of a proven link, only a scientific question posed that was deemed worthy of further investigation.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Thank you Dr. Wakefield for continuing to be interviewed. A lesser man would have tired of the abuse!

It is so important to keep this in the forefront. There are efforts to discredit worried parents as well. Keeping it in the news will not accomplish what was hoped (silencing parents); it will serve to motivate parents to become further informed!

We can play the same game .... say it over and over: "The fraud comes from those who vilify honest attempts at scientific inquiry."


My mom and I were discussing this passage from The Book of Revelation, Chapter 3, verse 14:
The Amen, the faithful Witness and true, the Source of God's creation, has this to say: I know your deeds; I know your are neither hot nor cold. How I wish you were one or the other-hot or cold! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth!

Dr. Wakefield, you are HOT! Thank you so much for your strength, courage, wisdom, and love. You are a wonderful person. Most doctors who treat our children in this country are lukewarm.
You are doing an awesome job during the interviews.

Michael Kohloff

I once had a very high opinion of CNN & Anderson Cooper & a rather low opinion of Fox News in general. Since the Wakefield interviews, those positions have been almost completely reversed (with qualifications).

Question: When does a Journalist become a Junkyard attack dog?
When they are commanded to bite someone you respect & care for.


Thank You doctor Wakefield. This woman is not just ignorant, she has to be getting paid by pharma to not listen. Won't even comment on the two monkeys on either side of her.


It is somewhat beyond amazing that Brian Deer can spend years writing about a five-page paper... and not be willing to disclose where his money comes from.

Deer seems to think Dr. Wakefield was seeking personal gain in taking on the 20 Billion dollar vaccine industry almost by himself...

Dr. Wakefield states he has no country, which I am sure is not really true... Only those in the UK pharma who think they "own the UK" and can harm any UK children they want, would want Dr. Wakefield to leave.


My grandson IMMEDIATELY developed autism and severe bowel disease after his last batch of vaccines including MMR. There is no question in his case that MMR contributed to his autism, however many parents witness the regression more slowly after vaccines and therefore are not certain of the connection. If parents are uncertain they can get testing for vaccine strain live measles which was found by Wakefield and his associates in the bowels of the patients at the Royal Free Hospital. Why doesn't any of these newscasters bring this point up??? How in the hell did the VACCINE STRAIN measles end up in their bowels thus producing serious bowel disease???!!! The ONLY way it got there was the MMR vaccines because the wild measles strain which occurs naturally is not what has been discovered in the bowels of these autistic children.

Another revealing test for parents is heavy metals. All of these children with autism have high levels of heavy metals, especially mercury and aluminum. Parents with autistic children need to do various testing that can ascertain the vaccines connection. There are many other tests available to assist the parents in understanding how to diagnose the autism as vaccine induced and in order to pursue therapies to improve their child's condition.

Parents and family members need to go online and research with an open mind if they want to understand how to protect their children from vaccine induced autism. Obviously Wakefield sacrificed everything for his certainty of the vaccines-autism connection and he is not backing down on what he knows to be the truth. He has done all of this for the sake of innocent children whose parents need to WAKE UP to reality so that they can protect their children from the harmful damages caused by vaccines. It's not just MMR, it's the entire combination of multiple vaccines and the viral, bacterial, and heavy metal toxic load that they produce. 36 TOXIC vaccines given to American infants by age 18 months is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.


People stopped vaccinating b/c just about everyone nowadays knows someone w/ a child w/ autism & has probably heard the horror stories about how the child was fine until their one year booster shots! People are starting to educate theirselves on the ingredients of vaccines & possible adverse reactions from them. Nobody wants these horrific adverse reactions to devistate their child neurologically & physically for the rest of that child's life! It is devistating emotionally, physically & financially for the family to go through. I know, it happened to my daughter & has devistated my family's life!


The important message here is to have your child vaccinated! Even Dr. Wakefield believes this.

tony villar

Dr. Wakefield, one of the rare doctors, who really cares about his JOB, as a DOCTOR.

Dan E. Burns

Now will some fairminded network commentator please explain what it means to be "discredited," as Alisyn reported? My online dictionary ( it first as "being unjustly brought into disrepute." Note the qualifier UNJUSTLY.

It is time to end the injustice and to restore, among his peers, the professional reputation of this courageous doctor. His standing among most parents of children with autism is already stellar.

Thanks for listening, Alisyn. The courtesy you showed to Dr. Wakefield you showed to me and thousands of parents of affected children.


I LOVE this man!!!!!

God bless him for helping our children.


Dr. Wakefield, thank you thank you thank you.


None of the authors retracted the findings of the Lancet paper. In their "retraction" they said that they had *more* evidence of gastrointestinal illness in autistic children. They said they were withdrawing the suggestion that MMR might have precipitated the children's autistic regression because the hypothesis created such a fuss.


It was refreshing to see Andrew wakfield actually allowed to answer questions. I would love to see Alison interview some folks from Merck and ask them why they significantly upped the mumps portion of he MMR for a few years and then quietly snuck it back down....


I appreciate Dr. Wakefield's comment that it would be unethical not to report parental observations. Apparently many in the medical industry and other fields of labor disagree, at least when vaccination is involved, and that is the problem. Our children are paying the price for the historical censoring of post-vaccination adverse events and failures, both reported and even self-observed.


the other doctors retracted from the reports for fear of being attacked the way Dr wakefield has been and they dont want to lose their credentials
The parents know what happens to their children we would believe this with or without Wakefields testomonies.


What Wakefield announced, and a fact seldom exposed, is that the governments of his country and the USA STOPPED the manufacturing of single shots ,taking that choice away, which was the reason for the drop in vaccine coverage. I KNOW, because I had used the single shot for my daughter's booster after her bad reaction to mmr, and intended to use it for my other children, and it was GONE!! This act of removing it had the paternal feel of "my way or no way", and IS the reason for outbreaks of measles in the UK. It was not Wakefield that put that cloud over mmr, it was the loss of half of the immunized children in a Kaiser study of Aborigines, that put mmr under more and more scrutiny over the next decade. Parents were fearful long before they heard of Dr.Wakefield, I knew as example that my son's crohn's was related to his mmr, because I witnessed the development of it, night terrors and hyperactivity all following the shot/rash/105 fever.

Adam M

So glad to see that Dr Wakefield got to make the point that The U.S. vaccine court has decided vaccines cause autism. This is the point that gets the most raised eyebrows and rolled eyeballs when talk to people about this. It clearly demonstrates the fraud Pharma/Pub Health/Big Media are up to.


Good, intelligent questions and the harder they are, the better because Dr. Wakefield doesn't get a chance to appear on TV very often. He's extremely persuasive when he does.

Sandi Johnson

I believe Dr. Wakefield's study: My niece was a happy healthy 2 year old that had progressed as a 2 yr old. Then she had the MMR injection. Then she would not make eye contact, quit talking and would scream when when we sang Happy Birthday(now mind you we only make joyful noise)she never did any of these prior to the injection. How a can perfectly healthy child all of sudden turn into autism. Now through great persistance from her parents in seeking treatment by Dr. Jerry and following his program. Now my niece is a wonderful young lady and has over come her problems. I am so proud of my sister and brother in law for their presistance and for my niece for her hard work.
I am also disappointed in Fox for being so harsh with Dr. Wakefield, but he did stand up for his self.


This was an extremely fair interview. Allyson Camerota was harsh only in that she repeated the "official" claims against Dr. Wakefield but she gave him ample chance and time to respond. This was an example of excellent journalism.

Dr. Wakefield has such a wonderful presence in real life and in front of the camera. This is why biased journalists are not about to give him too much "air time". If they do Dr. Wakefield's professionalism, confidence, integrity and extreme concern for our children shines through, at risk of sounding cheesy, like a beacon for truth.


Dr. Wakefield at least had a "fair shot" with this interview, and was able to once again state the facts, and make a number of complete statements.

It is interesting they ask about any money Dr. Wakefield may have received, but fail to mention the "endless madatory witchhunt" by the 20 Billion dollar vaccine industry,

...who would seem to have the greatest concern over money, and what they have done to millions of children.


That was awesome'!!!!! THANKYOU FOX NEWS!!! For allowing Dr. Wakefield to defend himself and for bringing up the Harris poll results which clearly show that American parents are concerned about vaccines and autism. You really told the story objectively, unlike the other "news" channels. Dr. Wakefield is such an easy target ( or so they hoped) but too many vaccines being foisted upon parents is the real problem!


Alisyn Camerota: has a segment on autism almost every Saturday since this fall.

She said that the Hannah Poling case has "fishy legal language"

She still has to come across as a tough interviewer, but I noticed that she made sure that Dr. Andrew Wakefield got said what needed to be said.

She made sure that he pointed out on ther very end that the reward he got for doing a simple straight forward case study was that he had to give up his profession, his liscense and his country.

Do you think the American people's minds won't prickle at that information? Very good letting that comment in!

She has become another one of my heros almost up there with Dr. Wakefield , but she still has a profession, journalism liscense and her country, and I hope and pray she can keep it and still get the message out.


Stopped watching when she kept cutting him off. Sigh. Boring and typical of any mainstream news outlet. One of the most frighting documents I've ever read was on the CDC website about "isolating the measles virus." They sure have something to hide when their science starts with urine and snot. Vaccines are a hoax.

Maurine meleck

Better than most interviews in that he didn't allow the interviewer to get away with interrupting him. She still was particularly harsh on him like the others so a bit of a disappointment from Fox. Way to go, Dr. Wakefield. We are so behind you. Maurine

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