Vaccine Safety Advocate Kim Stagliano Discusses Wakefield Tale
UK Article Questions Mercury in Children's Flu Jabs

Dan Olmsted On Charlottesville -- Right Now with Coy Barefoot

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1.6.11 Co-Author of the book The Age of Autism Dan Olmsted joins Coy to discuss the connection between mercury and autism. Today’s conversation focuses on the recentBritish Medical Journal study which proclaimed Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 study linking the MMR vaccine and autism not only incorrect but fraudulent. Olmsted provides his take on the recent back-and forth, but also characterizes the current state of child medicine. Also, Coy provides his very personal connection to the topic.


Maurine Meleck

Coy Barefoot always does great interviews, but this one is special. Thanks, Maurine


This is a great interview. I hadn't heard of Coy Barefoot but he's now a respected warrior Dad in my book after sharing his heartwrenching story of his previously healthy son's crash into autism.

Has anyone else noticed warrior moms and dads "coming out" in droves this past week? Personal stories of vaccine reactions, side effects and injuries more often than not have been kept quiet because let's face it, the story is not often well received and it is difficult to be brave.

But it is time to be brave, and parents like Coy Barefoot are coming out and being exceptionally brave. His closing remarks are an inspiring call to action that should instill a few ounces of bravery in us all. If we do nothing more than share our personal stories of our first hand accounts and eye-witnessed vaccine damage, then that's a way to feel better about the insane manufactured news of the week.

When I found courage to come to Wakefield's defense in a personal circle of friends who started the conversation with disgust toward Wakefield, I shared my personal story and was surprised to find that one friend went straight to blaming the "Big Pharma" propaganda machine. "Must be a new vaccine coming out" she said! Someone else knows what's going on! What a welcome surprise!

Trust me, it's easy to come out. You can do it like the Boston sportscaster Steve Buckley did on Jan. 6: he plainly announced, "I'm gay." And we can plainly announce our personal true stories of vaccine damage too. Just do it. You'll be glad you did. Coming out is good....for everyone.


In two months when tens of millions of flu shots are unsold and gettin' stale, the next pharma-funded headline will be:

Kent Heckenlively

That was an amazing interview. Every person interested in this issue should listen to it.

A. F.

Wow! As always, Dan was great. When Dan leaves the air, the announcer gives a very impassioned plea in behalf of his child and our children to get the research done that needs to be done by doctors and researchers like the amazing and brave Dr. Wakefield. Thanks to you both for a great interview.

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