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Australian Public Wary of Flu Vaccine, Vindicated With 2010 Season Over

Flu wolf By David M. Burd

Australia with its proximity to Asia over the past five years has provided valuable insight to the world of influenza, including the alleged deadly Avian (Bird) H5N1 flu strain said to originate in southeast Asia and spread by chickens and wild fowl, the H1N1 (Swine) strain promoted (needlessly) to a Worldwide Pandemic in 2009, and the constant background of Seasonal Flu that changes its strain every year being mostly "A" and "B" subtypes. During these last five years, Australian Health Officials prompted and cajoled the public to get free flu shots (also mercury-free).

Perhaps "Flu Wolf!" has been shouted too often by health officials, as flu vaccine participation (called “uptake”) remains remarkably low.  This is shown by a recent survey from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, titled 2010 Pandemic Vaccination Survey, August 2010 (Cat. no. PHE 128) completed in February, 2010.  Table 2.1 documents less than six percent (5.6%) of children under age 5 had taken the H1N1 shot in 2009, and but nine percent (9.1%) of all children under age 15.  For the entire public of all ages 18.2% took the vaccine, with senior citizens aged 65+ having the highest participation at 45% (thus raising the average)..  

With this background in mind, the Australian 2010 Flu Season began with an unexpected bang in late March (their winter is shifted 6 months earlier than the U.S.).  Within several weeks hundreds of parents had rushed just-vaccinated children having convulsions or high fevers to hospitals, prompting Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop on April 23 to issue a nationwide ban of flu shots for children under five years old.  This was all covered by front page stories, with ABC News Australia reporting one fatal child case associated with the vaccine jab, and latest reports cite one child still in a coma 9 months later as this is written. .

Subsequently, on July 2, 2010 the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) reported that 1,244 children under 5 had suffered "suspected reactions" to the trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) up to June 4th.  The report paragraph titled Adverse Events Following Immunizations (AEFs) reported to TGA is important to quote:  

"There are currently four 2010 trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines approved for use in Australia, three of which have paediatric indications. They are FLUVAX/FLUVAX JR (sponsor CSL), INFLUVAC (Solvay/Abbott) and VAXIGRIP (Sanofi-Pasteur). [A fourth brand, INTANZA (Sanofi-Pasteur), is only approved for use in adults and is not included in the National Immunisation Program (NIP). As at 4 June 2010 the TGA had received a total of 1,729* AEFI reports concerning 2010 TIV (*Author's note: 1,244 of these reports were for children under 5). The summary data are presented in Table 1, listed by vaccine type. It is important to note that these data reflect all cases reported to the TGA as suspected reactions o influenza vaccination, prior to detailed case review. It is therefore likely that these numbers include errors and duplicates and may change as further information is received by the TGA."

An investigation centered on batches of flu vaccines from specified manufacturers, and also great effort was instituted for manufacture and supplying new vaccine batches deemed safe.  On July 30, over four months after the initial vaccine shots' dire reactions, officials announced that children could once again get their shots.  

It would strain common sense to think many parents took their children, 4 months into an extremely mild Australian flu season (as morbidity data shows) and after the carnage from March to June, for the new flu vaccine jabs.  There is no data on uptake participation for the remaining flu season, but there is the final Australian Health and Ageing Report Influenza Report of 30 October- 5 November 2010 (#44/10) citing both the adult and pediatric flu hospitalizations and any mortality (subsequent the initial disaster of March to June). These results are remarkable.  

For the Flu Season months that followed the March – June disaster, a total of 35 children with flu symptoms were admitted for hospital care with 5 of these further taken to intensive care units; and all were eventually discharged - there was zero mortality.

As for adults (everybody over age 15), there were 36 flu-associated deaths, with 22 of these attributed to specific H1N1 association and the rest to other flu strains. Notably, 75% of these H1N1 deaths were documented to have severe preexisting illnesses. Australia's population is 23 million, so their flu-associated mortality rate comes to 1.56 per million.   

For many years, Health Officials represented by the U. S. CDC have been broadcasting grossly distorted annual mortality caused by influenza. The elaborate charts on the CDC flu website compile numbers of “influenza like illness” (called ILI) that encompasses a vast array of pneumonias and other respiratory afflictions such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  The public is led to believe the constant hype citing 35,000 annual Flu deaths but these are really “ILI” totals.  In reality, actual annual U.S. “flu-associated” deaths are about 1,200.  With a U.S. population of 310 million, this comes to a mortality rate of 3.87 per million, 2 ½ times that of Australia.    

For years, and going into January, 2011, Americans are incessantly urged to get flu shots, the CDC taking the incredible stance that 25 micrograms of mercury preservative in batch shots  injected into pregnant women and 6 month old infants poses no risks.  In light of Australia's example of minimal flu morbidity and mortality in tandem with vaccine refusal, it behooves  American parents to think for themselves and reject both flu shots and CDC's deadly dogma.               

David Burd  began his career as the first generation of "rocket scientists," from Northwestern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Astronautical Sciences, with mankind soon bound for the moon.  His most recent work includes fifteen years consulting in patent related surgical application of energy, and writing on contentious issues, springing from being an adversarial patent examiner (“show me why it works”) at the US Patent Office in the Surgery Arts. 



michael framson

Benedata you wrote, "If he gets sick it will be my fault, but if he takes the shot and gets sick it will be my fault too."

Your sense of genuine responsibility is what we all feel, but what your dad was doing "out of fear" was based on an unsupportable belief, not good science, safety or efficacy. We make decisions which are not perfect, but they based on more knowledge and awareness, regarding the foundations of good health.

Make your Dad a three day supply of chicken soup prepared with love and tell him it will be better for him than anything coming out of a needle.

"Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission."


"45% of people 65 and older"...and the life expectancy just went down in the US, right?


david burd

patrons99, thanks again for your contributions.

The problem in all morbidity/mortality data from sequential/otherwise year-to-year is the factor of how much testing was done any given year.

For instance, during the 2009 HIN1 (Swine) hysteria, it is documented that 20 times+ swabs were taken for 20 times+ possible flu+ results. Thus, in pure numbers "flu" cases were documented to be 20 times the typical yearly figure. Because: 20 times the number of flu tests were given and sent to labs, compared to all other years.

It's a function of a medical system gone mad and justifying itself. It's that simple.

Result: this results in an a proclaimed worldwide "pandemic." Why?: Motivation shows it is to sell billions of dollars of vaccine doses, and deflect/deny horrific consequences to babies.

And keep conning adults naive and ignorant enough (despite a college education) to take the flu shots because they trust their doctor. Good luck.


“Australia's population is 23 million, so their flu-associated mortality rate comes to 1.56 per million.”

“With a U.S. population of 310 million, this comes to a mortality rate of 3.87 per million, 2 ½ times that of Australia.”

It’s interesting to compare Australia’s rank by mortality rate to that of the UK’s and US’s in the under age 5. See pages 3 and 4 of Dr Obomsawin’s mortality rate graphs for data from 2006. Australia has 27 vaccinations mandated in the under 5 age group, where the UK has 20, and the US has 36. The UK is presently in the midst of a “flu” epidemic. Why is the UK’s mortality rate seemingly out of line from that of the US’s and Australia’s, on a per mandated vaccination basis? Could it be that one or more of their so-called “excipients” is not the “inactive” ingredient that it is purported to be?

“Excipients are inactive ingredients of a drug product necessary for production of a finished pharmaceutical formulation.”

The list of so-called vaccine “excipients” from the CDC is truly appalling. Many of them cannot be considered biologically “inactive” by any stretch of the imagination. To call them biologically "inactive" is pure propaganda - mythology that they work hard to perpetuate - an essential element of their scheme.

It’s problematic to compare flu-associated mortality to all-cause mortality and to compare all cause mortality in the under age 5 with flu-associated mortality in all age groups. Still, the apparent trend towards greater mortality in relation to the number of mandated vaccinations is provocative. See page 26 of Dr Obomsawin’s Immunization graphs for under age 5 mortality per 1,000 live births for 2007 by number of vaccines mandated. The relationship appears to be roughly linear. See also page 30 for the incidence of fevers and convulsions in fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated. The recent Australian experience certainly seemed to demonstrate an unusually high incidence of febrile convulsions, siezures, and kidney failure, associated with the flu jabs. Thank God someone was monitoring the situation.

It would be interesting to compare the amount of thimerosal, detergents, and the adjuvants used in Australia versus that in the UK and the US.

david burd

Larae Meadows, The CDC and other immunization advocates strongly recommend a baby 6 months old get TWO flu shots, maybe a month apart. A baby's systems are on fast track further development for at least the first year after being born, assaulted with toxic ingredients (including unknown contaminants) contained in the first (crazed) shot of Hep B vaccine on day of birth, then dozens more immunization shots during the first 6 months. So, there is every logical reason that one or two additional (flu) shots (in many cases having also mercury) injected at six months may be the culminating damage that "causes" autism to manifest.

Of course, by 18 months old there has been such multiple exposures to so many toxins in these 39 to 41 immunization doses (and don't forget contaminants) that it is not possible to identify exact damage by which exposure to identify which shot(s) caused the most damage.


I took my 86 year old father in for his bi-annual check up a the veterans clinic yesterday.

I discussed this with him before we went.

He always take the flu shot, he is scared to death of the flu, pneumonia and ending up in the hospital with the flu because rightly fears it could be the death of him.

But this year it is three flu vaccines in one. We decided before we went I would ask (he lost a lot of his hearing from nerve damage that occurred in WWII when a plane bombed him and his unit, killing almost all of his men) that is why I asked for a grown man, but I asked if they broke those shots up or if we could forgo the H1N1.

Of course the answer was that it come all three or nothing. I told the nurse that as a consumer the med labs are going to have to start allowing us to decide, she shook her head yes, since she does not receive the flu shot either. She started telling me how she is allergic to latex and can't take them.

Even the small vials with no mercury she said had latex and she could not take them either.

Dad did not get his shot. I hate going againest his doctor's advice. If he gets sick it will be my fault, but if he takes the shot and gets sick it will be my fault too.


LaRae Meadows;
Since Scienctific American magazine came out with an article three years ago about children with autism had high immune T cells and B cells racing through their blood, "most parents could already have told the medical profession that to begin with". Autism is linked to the immune system, and I can vouch for that; after watching my ill children growing up with bouts of high fevers, not being able to fight off other viruses and bacteria that other kids do.

And vaccines have something to do with the immune system, Right????

LaRae Meadows

What does the flu vaccine have to do with autism?

Deb in IL

Pharm plays on the general public "not understanding" how things work. We're using logic, reasoning and common sense.
Them: "You don't understand, but trust us".
Us: "There is a direct relationship between a jab and a reaction. There are lots of toxins in the jab. Kids are getting better when they are de-toxified. Therefore, the jab caused the reaction."
Them: "You're wrong, but too dumb to understand why you're wrong."
The general public is too afraid of their own lack of knowledge. They will believe someone who calls them stupid. They believe don't know enough to understand, so drugs and jabs must work because they (Pharm) are smarter than us (general public).

Let's keep educating the general public. Keep pushing Pharms and mainstream medicine are big business, and there's no money to be made in healthy people.


Personally, IMHO, I don't believe that germs or genes are responsible for the epidemic of diseases. All age groups are adversely impacted. The epidemic is iatrogenic. The epidemic is directly related to vaccines, the vaccine schedules, and mandated vaccinations. Mercury amalgam dentistry, fluoridated water, and dietary sulfur deficiency, compound the problem. It's getting worse. It will not stop unless some major changes take place.

“Injected detergents trespass on an immune process that holds life and death control over cells...”

“According to GlaxoSmithKline a 0.5 ml dose of Fluarix may contain up to 0.085 mg of Triton X-100.”

“That's 200 thousand trillion molecules of Triton X-100 injected in a dose. That's an opportunity for trillions of self-cells to be injured or killed by the detergent, resulting in symptoms and diseases in line with what is described above. Exposure is likely to be similar with other vaccines containing detergents.”

Cynthia Cournoyer

Can we conclude that there are just as many hospital visits after a flu vaccine in this country, but they go unreported? No news, no alarm, no announcement, no removal, no research? No kidding.

Why do other countries have more common sense than we do?

Well, some people have common sense. The Wall Street Journal had a great article on Dec. 20th about the low uptake of the flu vaccine in this country. Sales were so bad that pharmacies were discounting the flu vaccine. They are going to get stuck with unsold stock. You can believe that those businesses won't make that mistake again next year. There is no profit in it for them, so it will fall on the government once again.

Son in Recovery

Doctors don't get kick backs on prescribing Vitamin C or D...

“Vitamin D better than vaccines at preventing flu, report claims”:

david burd

patrons 99 and others, thanks - my leaving out multiple other toxic consequences of vaccine ingredients was on purpose (maybe should have put in more about the elderly being principal victims), to keep the article short and keep reader attention.

I'm sure most have picked it up, but I'll state it anyway: All these terrible reactions were from flu vaccines doses without mercury. Thus, the Australian episode dramatically shows how toxic vaccines can be, caused by any/all other ingredients.

Thanks for all the good info on these Comments - they maybe are read most of all!

No doubt my personal critic with her enormous (unfounded) faith in exogenous retroviruses being pathogenic will be chipping in soon.


Re: seizures.

Interesting article here re: what PET scans show versus what MRIs don't show when it comes to "FIRES," a recently named condition that happens to previously healthy children who, after a brief fever, experience acute seizures that are resistant to medicine . . . "fever-induced refractory epileptic encephalopathy."


45% of people 65 and older are taking this worthless vaccine? UGH!! Get the nursing homes ready, lots of alzheimers coming!

Theodora Trudorn

Have none of those people ever heard of Vitamin C?! I haven't had so much as a cold in two years since going to it!! It's really common sense!! At least to me! Which will the body take better to? Toxins that are harmful, or vitamins which are benefical?

One doesn't need to read any medical information to be able to figure that one out. No experts needed to ponder on that!! Wash your hands, build up the immune with vitamins, be up on vitamin C durring the winter months especially.

Seriously, can someone tell me what ever happened to logic and common sense?


Excellent post, David!

Nursing homes are loaded with Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type (SDAT) victims. Where is this disease coming from? Bad "genes"? Evil "germs"? Or is it something else?

Consider each ingredient in today’s marketed flu jabs. It’s a veritable rogue’s gallery of chemical and biological intoxicants.

Consider Polysorbate 80:

“This chemicals are similar to detergents in their ability to increase cell permeability, damage, and bursting. After injection they can rapidly metabolize into sorbitol and ethylene oxide which is much more toxic than the original chemical. When Polysorbate 80 breaks down there are 20 moles of ethylene oxide for every mole of sorbitol. These polysorbates have been shown to cause dangerous, sometimes fatal effects, when given through a needle. Changes in heart function can occur immediately. The blood-brain-barrier (BBB) can be weakened and penetrated, followed by seizures and even death. Anaphylactic and other reactions can occur. Infants are particularly susceptible (some math analysis here). These polysorbates also demonstrate synergistic toxicity with a range of chemicals (here and here) including lindane, thalidomide -- even Polymyxin B.

Detergents and emulsifiers promote tumors and cause cells to leak or explode by weakening their walls, with no mechanism for regulating destructive activity. Detergents are used extensively in cell research precisely because of their ability to break cells open for further analysis. This catastrophically mimics the membrane attack complex (MAC).””

“Flu Shots and Alzheimer’s Disease”

“Mercury Contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease!”

“Scientists have shown that trace amounts of mercury can cause the type of damage to nerves that is characteristic of the damage found in Alzheimer's disease.

The level of mercury exposure used in the test was well below those levels found in many humans with mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings.

The research conducted at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine found that exposure to mercury caused the formation of "neurofibrillar tangles," which are one of the two diagnostic markers for Alzheimer's disease. “

david burd

Thank you Gabriela, It's great for you to cite the Cochrane Collaboration reviews, an incredibly powerful refutation of the U.S. CDC's flu and flu-vaccine propaganda.

As to my documenting the disparity of two and one-half times per-capita American "flu deaths" over Australia: In the past world of intelligent medicine this is a hydrogen bomb going off. But in this age of autism all intelligent review of vaccines' toxicities has been abandoned by such as the CDC et al.

I should have made a bigger point about this!


It's official: A recent Cochrane review (Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults) concluded:

"Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission."

(In other words, vaccinated people can still transmit the virus - contrary to an oft used argument by those who want to coerce others into getting vaccinated).

Moreover, this review of the scientific literature found:

"This review includes 15 out of 36 trials funded by industry (four had no funding declaration)." ... and...: "Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines."

Available at:

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