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2004 and the Birth of the Hungry Lie, “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism"

Man behind curtain By J.B. Handley

Parents, I really need you, I need you right now. There are so many liars, they’re all working overtime, desperately trying to convince the public that we’re all crazy, the studies have been done, and everyone, for the nth freakin’ time, just needs to move on, and, for God’s sake, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Or, if you’re Paul Offit, you just declare “the war is over.” Mission accomplished, baby, yowzer!

In case you’re wondering, I’m doing fine. I have actually had friends, good friends and “believers”, call me to offer their condolences to the rout they think we’re taking in the media right now. I really don’t care. This doesn’t impact my kids at all, I know what I know. It’s not like I make money doing this. My only goal in getting involved with autism activism was to warn other parents, and that’s what I’ll keep on doing. The amount of attention Deer and the BMJ have brought to this issue is unprecedented.

Parents aren’t stupid, they do their own research. For every one parent who just became  falsely reassured that vaccines are totally safe, five just got worried and did more homework. We win, as usual, because we have truth on our side, and that’s just damn hard to beat!

That said, I want your help, fighting the haters. In particular, please, at every turn, challenge the idiots feeding the hungry lie, I hope a short history lesson will help. First, consider these many luminaries noursishing the hungry lie:

Dr. Paul Offit: "It's been asked and answered: Vaccines don't cause autism."

Amanda Peet, spokesperson for Sanofi Pasteur and Every Child By Two: "Fourteen studies have been conducted (both here in the US and abroad), and these tests are reproducible; no matter where they are administered, or who is funding them, the conclusion is the same: there is no association between autism and vaccines."

Dr. Nancy Minshew, director of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Excellence in Autism: "The weight of evidence is so great that I don't think that there is any room for debate. I think the issue is done. I'm doing this for all the families out there who don't have a child with autism, who have to deal with the issue of 'Do I get a vaccination or do I risk my child's life' because they don't understand what the science is saying."

Dr. Michael Katz, senior vice president for Research and Global Programs for the March of Dimes: "The implication that vaccinations cause autism is irresponsible and counter productive."

Dr. Renee Jenkins, former President of the AAP: "A television show that perpetuates the myth that vaccines cause autism is the height of reckless irresponsibility on the part of ABC."

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, medical correspondent for NBC: "Sixteen separate studies have shown no causal association [between vaccines and autism]."

The American Medical Association: "Scientific data overwhelmingly show that there is no connection between vaccines and autism."


Seth Mnookin, author, The Panic Virus: “When I started researching this book, I thought, the science is so clear. This should be straightforward.”

Lisa Jo Rudy, Blogger: “And many, many studies make it clear that vaccines really couldn't possibly be the cause of an autism epidemic.”

Whew. I'm tired just typing all those quotes. If that's not a sign that there is "consensus" on an issue…I don't know what is.

What do we make of so many official people saying, and at times shouting, the same thing? The late Michael Crichton, himself an M.D., addressed this notion of a bunch of pedigreed people shouting the same lie, with a level of eloquence I could never summon:

"I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had."

Birth of the Lie: 2004

We all know the year. We all know the organization. We all know the document. No document on earth has ever been more widely quoted, misquoted, represented, and misrepresented to prove, once and for all, that vaccines do not cause autism.

Because this document is so damn important, and because we know exactly when the document was released, we can be very clear about exactly when this very hungry lie was born: 
May 17, 2004.

Before I continue, I need to tell you something, and I really, really need you to listen. I'm going to quote a cliché, one that I have used many times, and is used so often that sometimes we may forget to reflect on its meaning, so please, take a moment and really think about this: The devil is in the details.


With that cliché now bouncing around in your head, let's look at the birth date of this very hungry lie when the Institute of Medicine released a document with the very official sounding name Immunization Safety Review: Vaccines and Autism. (HERE)

There it is. There's the very first lie. And, oddly enough, it's the title of the entire document. Stick with me on this, and remember the cliché I just mentioned to you. The title of the document is "Vaccines and Autism." To the average person, this would presume that the document explores the concept of whether or not vaccines cause autism.

But, it doesn't.

And, the study itself is far more honest than its own title. The study itself actually tells you what the IOM looked at and here it is, the IOM summary of what they actually looked at in the study they released on May 17, 2004:

"In this report, the committee examines the hypothesis of whether the MMR vaccine and the use of vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal can cause autism."

Wait a minute.

The world thinks the IOM considered whether or not vaccines can cause autism. There are 11 separately licensed vaccines given to children (I'm counting DTaP and MMR as one each, even though they are triple shots), many given multiple times. The IOM looked at only one of these vaccines, the MMR, and an ingredient found in many others, Thimerosal.

But, the hungry lie started that day, two months before my own son was diagnosed with autism. It started with a very odd and very contradictory piece of journalism by a writer from Reuters who seems to be more confused by the issue than most. This writer, Maggie Fox, reported on the IOM's document soon after its release, and her headline is clear enough:


That's as clear and concise a version of the lie as you will ever see, although the use of the word "vaccine" rather than "vaccines" is odd. Within her own story, Ms. Fox goes on to explain what the IOM study actually did do, which contradicts her own headline:

"Neither the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine nor a mercury-based preservative used in some childhood shots cause autism, a U.S. health panel has found."

Hmm, that's weird. Even weirder is the quote she pulled out of Marie McCormick, the chairperson of the very IOM committee that issued the report that started the lie:

"The weight of that evidence is pretty substantial," said Dr Marie McCormick, an expert in child and mother health at the Harvard School of Public Health who chaired the panel. "The overwhelming evidence from several well-designed studies indicates that childhood vaccines are not associated with autism," she added.

Childhood vaccines are not associated with autism? That's quite a statement; particularly given the panel only contemplated two things: the MMR vaccine and an ingredient (mercury) in some vaccines. It's not just quite a statement; it's an unbelievably bold misrepresentation, which is a nice word for an enormous LIE.

I have noticed this trend a lot lately, where health authorities in positions of influence seem to bounce back and forth between representing honestly what research has actually been done and making sweeping statement of false reassurance.

Consider the curious case of Dr. Paul Offit, henchman for Merck and vaccine patent-holder and multi-millionaire. In an article in the New England Journal of Medicine several years ago, Dr. Offit spelled out the research fairly clearly:

"Fourteen epidemiological studies have shown that the risk of autism is the same whether children received the MMR vaccine or not, and five have shown that thimerosal-containing vaccines also do not cause autism."

Today, why bother with the details? It's much easier for Offit to say, "It's been asked and answered: Vaccines don't cause autism" and be done with it.

I wish I was done at this point, but the story actually gets a lot worse.

Devilish Details

I'm now going to make a point, and this is without a doubt the most important point I'm making today, so I hope you can take just a little bit closer of a listen. As we all know, the IOM looked at many different studies regarding both Thimerosal and the MMR vaccine. 

But, there is a point, and it's a point many of us think we know, but it's a point rarely discussed and a point so important that I think someday when they are piecing together how in the world the autism epidemic ever happened and how in the world such a big hungry lie was ever told for so long, I think this is the point they will make, so I'm going to make it first:

There isn't a single study contemplated by the IOM, or cited by any medical authority whether CDC, AAP, WHO, IOM, or ECBT, that compares anything EXCEPT vaccinated children.

How can that be? How can the IOM's document that tells the world that vaccines do not cause autism be resting on a foundation of studies that only ever looked at vaccinated children?

We need some analogies here:

That would be like looking at people who smoke one pack a day versus two packs a day and seeing no difference in lung cancer rates and saying cigarettes don't cause lung cancer.

That would be like looking at people who eat chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips and seeing no difference in obesity rates and saying cookies don't contribute to obesity.

That would be like looking at people who smoke low-tar cigarettes and people who smoke normal cigarettes and seeing no difference in lung cancer rates and saying cigarettes don't cause lung cancer.

Do I need to continue? When I explained this trick to my 11 year-old, he got it, so I hope you do, too. If you can look at these studies and say that vaccines do not cause autism, well, I think you make Foghorn Leghorn look like Chickenhawk.

Let's go back to Reuters for a second, because the article is terribly important, being the media's first brush with the lie and all. Let's look at what else Ms. Fox said back in 2004, seven long years ago, the first time the war ended, and vaccines no longer cause autism (even though they do):

"The panel, which included experts in paediatrics, family medicine, statistics and epidemiology, had reported in 2001 that there was no proven link between vaccines and autism but said there was not quite enough evidence to be definitive. Since then, they have reviewed five large epidemiological studies done in the U.S., the U.K., Denmark, and Sweden that found Children who were vaccinated with thimerosal-containing vaccines were no more likely to have autism than children who received thimerosal-free vaccines."

Five large studies done? OK. And, these studies were the ones that turned the tide, right? That's certainly what this writer appears to have learned from the IOM. Just for fun, let's actually look at the "new" studies that were contemplated by the IOM.

Not all five of them, but just for fun I'll pick two of the studies Ms. Fox is talking about, the one from the US and the one from the UK, published in 2003 and 2004, respectively. It’s important to pint out, even now, whether it’s Dr. Offit, or Seth Mnookin, or, Alison Singer, they are STILL pointing to these ridiculous studies and, I suppose, hoping no one really looks.

Before we look at these two studies, I need to make another point: the majority of studies that authorities point to as proof that vaccines do not cause autism have been published in a journal called Pediatrics. As Pediatrics will tell you, they are the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. As we know, the AAP is a trade union for pediatricians with two unfortunate truths:

- The AAP derives a majority of their outside contributions (estimated at more than $25 million per year) from pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines

- The very people the AAP represents, pediatricians, derive the majority of their annual revenues from the administration of vaccines to children

Do you think that's a coincidence? 

CDC Study, the one that just “won't go away”

The first of the two studies I'll look at, the one that most people cite as the definitive work that vaccines do not cause autism, was published in Pediatrics in November 2003 and was written by the CDC by a lead researcher named Thomas Verstraeten. I

It's called Safety of Thimerosal Containing Vaccines: A Two-Phased Study of Computerized Health Maintenance Organization Databases. 

To say that much has been written about this study is like saying much has been written about Paris Hilton’s love life – it's always an understatement.

So, I'm just going to make two points about this study, two points that will show you how big this lie has really become:

1. The study's authors, after analyzing the only data ever run on American children (data that was later lost by the CDC), concluded that they couldn't prove anything either way. Their study was simply inconclusive. Not positive, not negative. Just neutral. After the press and vaccine talking heads tried to turn the study into the first evidence of the very big lie, the study's lead author, that same guy Verstraeten, wrote a desperate letter to Pediatrics because he was distraught at how his study--the one he was the lead author for--was being misused:

"Surprisingly, however, the study is being interpreted now as negative [where 'negative' implies no association was shown between Thimerosal and autism] by many...The article does not state that we found evidence against an association, as a negative study would. It does state, on the contrary, that additional study is recommended, which is the conclusion to which a neutral study must come...A neutral study carries a very distinct message: the investigators could neither confirm nor exclude an association, and therefore more study is required."

It's hard to imagine a second point actually worse than the point I just made, the point that one of the most famous studies routinely held up to support the position that "vaccines don't cause autism" actually reached no decision at all. But, it does get worse.

2. Like every study the IOM considered in reaching their conclusion, and like every study ever cited by anyone defending the vaccine program, this study only looked at children who had been vaccinated.

If that wasn't bad enough, the authors actually went a step further. Because there were so few children available who had received vaccines without Thimerosal, they actually compared children who had received MORE Thimerosal with children who received LESS Thimerosal to try and reach a conclusion.

In point of fact, this "large-scale" study, as it's so often portrayed by the media, evaluated a total of exactly 223 children with autism, all of whom had been vaccinated, and over 80% of whom had received vaccines with 87 or more micrograms of mercury.

Man, I'm really tired of talking about these details. If you think it's hard reading this lengthy piece, try writing it. In fact, it's the painful nature of these pesky details that makes the lie so easy to feed and perpetuate. Who really reads this shit? No one, I think.

In fact, I have a little secret to tell you: I have actually read every single study the IOM based their conclusions on and every study the other side claims supports their case through to this day. I may be the only human being on earth (except perhaps Bernadine Healy, Mark Blaxill, and Dan Olmsted) who has actually done this.

How am I so sure? I'm not, really. I just know it took me several hours and several hundred dollars to even get all the studies together in one place. You see, many of the actual studies are not freely available online for the average journalist to find, you have to buy them from the websites of the journals.

Testing this hypothesis a step further, I asked a journalism friend of mine to ask Every Child By Two if they had copies of all the studies they cite on their website that prove vaccines don't cause autism. Surely they had copies and had read them all…surely?
Here's what he heard back:

Unfortunately we do not have copies of all of the studies available. I would suggest that if you check the main library at [your school]. They often get these journals even though your school doesn't have a medical or nursing program and you can copy what you need. Some may also be available online.

Rich Greenaway
Director of Operations and Special Projects
Every Child By Two

Nope, even ECBT doesn't have the studies; they just speak authoritatively about the conclusions of studies they've never actually read…
(author’s note: my email exchange with Rich took place in 2008)

The "British" Study – Am I on Neptune?

When I finally read this lengthy beast, cover to cover, all 7 pages of it, I only had one conclusion: Am I living on fucking Neptune? 

You see, if you think the CDC study I just told you about is a shaky foundation for building a hungry lie, then the British study is the foundation of a thousand year old clay shack in the Sichuan Province during a 9.0 earthquake. 

Like all studies, the UK study has a very official sounding name, and one I will repeat so I can be as clear as possible:

Thimerosal Exposure in Infants and Developmental Disorders: A Prospective Cohort Study in the United Kingdom Does Not Support a Causal Association

Wow, that's an earful. Oddly, like few other studies I have seen, the title includes the conclusion of the study, albeit a deceitful representation of the actual conclusion. 

This UK study is such junk, it's really hard to write about. I imagine a journalist trying to read this study for the first time, and probably struggling with what the hell was actually done, sort of like a monthly statement from Bernie Madoff, and falling back to just reading the title again and hoping for the best. Yet, after reading the study enough times, I was able to actually figure out what had been done, and I'll start by quoting you from the authors' own summary of what they did, from the Methods section of the study on page 577 of Pediatrics in September 2004: 

"The study has been monitoring >14 000 Children who are from the geographic area formerly known as Avon, United Kingdom, and were delivered in 1991–1992. The age at which doses of thimerosal-containing vaccines were administered was recorded, and measures of mercury exposure by 3, 4, and 6 months of age were calculated and compared with a number of measures of Childhood cognitive and behavioral development covering the period from 6 to 91 months of age."

OK, I know. You have no idea what that means, I certainly didn't. So, I will use the kind of English most of us can understand so you can see how amazingly unbelievable this study really is:

-   100% of the children in this study were vaccinated

-   100% of the children in this study were vaccinated with the thimerosal-containing DTP vaccine

-   If you were a child who hadn't completed the full series of thimerosal-containing DTP shots, which in Britain is 3 doses, you weren't even in the study

-   The only variable considered, and I'm going to put ONLY in all-caps so you really hear me, the ONLY variable considered was the TIMING of the 3 doses of thimerosal-containing DTP vaccines given to kids

-   And, when I say timing, what I mean is they compared kids who had gotten these shots by 3 months, 4 months, and 6 months
That's it. 

The timing of thimerosal-containing shots was explored. The authors are actually honest about this in their own conclusion to the study:

"This study, based on a large United Kingdom–based prospective cohort, shows no evidence of any harmful effect of an accelerated immunization schedule with thimerosal-containing vaccines."

There it is, clear as day: an accelerated schedule of TCVs. TIMING is the only variable this study considered.

One side point, for those of you who noticed. The IOM study came out in May 2004. This study was published in Pediatrics in September 2004, four months later. What gives? What gives is that the AAP did an excellent job of getting a crap study in front of their friends at the IOM to give them more ammunition to birth the hungry lie. 

Parents, I could go on, please don’t make me. Just do me a favor, challenge these idiots. Challenge them to defend their sweeping generalizations with facts. The facts all fall to our side. They have no science, they know it, so when a Brain Deer comes along, they just pounce, and hope we all go away. Will you?

(author’s note: I have pulled some words here from previous posts I have written for AoA)

J.B. Handley is the father of a child with autism, the co-founder of Generation Rescue, and a contributing writer for AoA.


Ross Coe

Look at this site. Its great. What to read about fraudulent studies from the usual suspects who claim vaccines don't cause autism? Here's data from British and Japanese studies that show a definite link. Read the whole site.
As you can see its from 2006. Its been known for all this time, but profit comes before honour.


This article shows very well the stance of the scientific medical community. They believe that vaccines do not cause autism. But as any good scientist knows, the scientific method cannot prove a negative so theory is nothing more than opinion backed by facts. What is needed are some scientific facts to rebutt the many papers suggesting no link. Proving a positive should be fairly straight forward.


@ Anne Dachel - "It's time we stopped pretending that this is just about the science. It never has been."

Well said! I completely agree. It's about money and politics.

“The truth that vaccine policy is not about science or safety but about money and politics is finally seeing the light of day.” – K. Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM, on January 13th, 2009.

kathy blanco

Here is the biggest lie ever, that autism is NOT encephalitis, Believe me, trust me, anyone who goes on a protocol against viral encephalitis, bacterial encephalitis (like lyme protocols), anti inflammatories, prednisone, see why this has been hidden, because it's attacking AUTISM's main problem!
In examining the enormous literature on infectious encephalitis, I realized very quickly that the long-term effects of encephalitis is totally congruent with what we see today in the DSM3 of the American Psychological Association as "Disord...ers usually evident in infancy or childhood" (developmental disabilities). That includes autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, attention span difficulties and several dozen other conditions."

"This is, at first glance, a startling omission," says Coulter. When the neurologic (as opposed to psychological) nature of autism was finally revealed, "mental health professionals should have immediately appreciated the tie with encephalitis. Furthermore, it had long been known that a variety of encephalitis was caused by vaccination. But this is precisely why physicians shied away from the topic! Since no one wanted to impugn the [vaccination] programs, encephalitis was never discussed openly and fully.

sneaker city

I agree, it is more important than ever to speak the truth and confront the lies wherever we find them. The lies are really ramping up lately. Let no lie pass.

I think a lot of people are confused and on the fence about the topic. Some "get it" immediately, like Erica Stone's friend. They are the fortunate ones, and smarter than I was. Many others feel overwhelmed and don't know what to think, especially when their trusted pediatrician assures them otherwise.

The more truth tellers there are, the faster the truth will be revealed. Maybe a few of our kids will even have justice.


How cute--the Immunization Action Coalition has produced a Hungry Lie handout for parents.



The way to kill a hungry lie is with simple scientific proof from reproducible studies.

When somone draws a crooked line in the sand you do not try and erase the line you draw a bigger more straight line. The crooked line in the sand is that vaccines are safe and effective. The bigger straighter line is that vaccines are dangerous not efficacious and have a myriad of health problems associated with them.

We must draw this line in the lab



Well, I think you have written a grand and informative piece, J.B. Handley. I do read all I can, and my background is medical, but know what? Others in my family also have the background, but more conventional, more initials after the name. Others in my family (and probably not just mine)maybe think "well,being a conspiracy theorist probably helps her cope with the fact that two of her (about to be six) grandchildren have an autism diagnosis..." People have a really hard time understanding and dealing with the fact that it really could happen to them and theirs, ya know?

Please don't get discouraged. Out here, we need you. I am grateful for all of you who are fighting this LIE.


Thank You, JB, for all you do. I assure you, I will NEVER go away!
"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." -Mohandas Gandhi

I will NEVER shut up!
"When something important is going on, silence is a lie." --A.M. Rosenthal

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." --George Orwell
I have joined the Revolution and I will NEVER retreat! And it does make a difference over time (my son will be 13 next week, so I've been at this for awhile). I have spoken at Rotary Clubs, written editorials, sent letters to everyone I know, many of whom sent them to their family and friends. I regularly get calls from mothers asking for advice on vaccinating their children. I give them my opinion, lots of information and good solid sources, but I always say "Don't blindly listen to me, but don't blindly listen to your doctor, either. Take the time to find the truth for yourself." This empowers people to go into their doctor's office with enough knowledge to engage in debate, which always shuts the doctors up, because if there is one thing I've learned, we know more than they do.

The liars may have all the power on there side, but we have the truth solidly on our side. Liars can never compete with the truth. I'd rather stand alone for the truth than be the wealthy King of liars - any day!
Again, Thanks for all you do. I could not do what I do without you, Dan, Mark, Dr. Wakefield, David Kirby, Lyn Redwood and so many others. I am with you until we see victory for America's children!

Birgit Calhoun

Not all voices are feeding the hungry lie. Judith Acosta has a great article in The Huffington Post. I had no idea that vaccines contain that much aluminum:


I read this shit JB and I pass it on to the willing and the unwilling. I know that what has happened to my daughter has happened to thousand upon thousands of other children and is happening again RIGHT NOW as I type this. I know it is our duty to fight these LIARS and money scheming (&**(&*(&^ (loads of words I can't use). We will fight. Every day, sadly, we gain more members to OUR army and they LOSE members. Sure- they have the media on their side, for now. But we have TRUTH. We have men and women like you all at AoA, we have Wakefield. We have each other and no, we will not go away because we fight for our children and our children are ENDLESSLY more valuable than any cash Offit can shove in his filthy bank account.
We will win. At the cost of how many, sadly, I do not know and I fear for these children, but I do not doubt the truth will come out.
Thank you for what you do.


For many years, people believed the lies of Bruno Bettelheim, who claimed that autism was caused by "refrigerator mothers." Thanks to the efforts of people like Dr. Rimland, that damaging falsehood was finally put to rest. I will celebrate the day when the truth about the link between vaccines and autism is finally acknowledged. Being able to say, "I told you so" won't be enough, though, for all those children who were harmed needlessly.


Nothing has changed, except the predictably elevating belligerence of culpable public health officials and vaccine developers.

Have our children's gastrointestinal and immune problems suddenly healed? No.

Have vaccine injuries suddenly stopped? No.

Media blitzes may fool the fearful, but the brighter folks will feel revulsion that healthcare human relations are handled with such ham-fisted manipulation. And eventually this subject will become as tiresome as the Haiti earthquake and the BP oil spill and fade from the public's interest.


"who reads this sh!t"?.... new moms doing their research and they are eternally grateful! i'm one!


As always, the networks do not know the difference between "epidemeolgy and REAL SCIENCE."

There is so much crap on the elite vaccine industry that no one would ever have a need to "make something up..."

Brian Deer can make any claim about anything, and Dr. Nancy will be reading it the next day on NBC. The dimwit/ nitwit does not even use his real last name sometimes...

They are down to Deer, Offit and all the epidemolgy bullshit they call "science" that they can throw out at any one time.

They will never, ever, have anything more...


dear JB we are here, the voices from the trenches I share articles from AOA, on my facebook..we are not going away..Our kids count,the truth counts..we will keep informing parents of the truth..a generation of damage.
the truth will see the light of day..for as long as it takes. candace

Educate before you vaccinate

There's no better way to warn parents than to reach out directly to pregnant women and moms and dads that you see with babies. Here's how:

Simply create a double-column layout on a word doc, and copy and paste the blurb below in 8-point type size (or write your own blurb). You can fit six on a page. Print, cut them out, keep them in your wallet and hand them out with a simple comment like "I hope you'll read this."

Please educate before you vaccinate. I wish I had been warned, so I'm warning you. Federal “vaccine court” has paid out over $2 billion in compensation for vaccine harm, but the government continues to tell us vaccines are safe. The effect of multiple vaccines has never been safety tested, and the number of recommended vaccines has skyrocketed since 1988 when vaccine manufacturers were first protected from lawsuits. Federal law forbids you from suing a vaccine maker or your doctor for vaccine harm. The Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks wrote: “The question of whether the genetic and immune vulnerabilities contribute to increased risk for adverse effects of vaccines, including fever, seizures, and ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder], has not been well studied.” Listen to a former CDC Director and a former NIH Director speaking about vaccines here: Learn more about vaccines here: Advice about vaccinating more safely here:

Erika Stone


As always your articles are wonderful and make so much sense. Simple facts, easy to understand. Thank you!

This particular article arrived at the perfect time for me.
Allow me to explain.

Last Monday, on MLK's day, I attended a presentation and book signing of "The Age of Autism". Given by the authors, Mark and Dan. I invited several of my friends, none of them have a child on the spectrum (some of them do not even have kids yet) but they went because they wanted to support me.

One of my very good and close friends, after listening to the presentation burst into tears and went and hugged me. "i did not know, i did not know!" She kept saying. "How is this possible?"

(Dan, if you are reading this, you might remember the friend i am talking about, because she began crying in front of you when you were signing her book).

She has a NT child with no health issues, and yet she was smart enough to finally understand that not because he does not have health issues RIGHT NOW, he might not possibly develop some later in life. After all he is fully vaccinated. Maybe, maybe not. But the risk is there...

Yesterday, she wrote me the nicest, kindest letter i have received (from a parent that is NOT in our shoes) in a long time. Among many sweet and encouraging words, she said the following in regards to the book signing and presentation:

" ... I was so glad that I went. I woke up this morning with a heavy heart and mind - autism on my mind. I rarely wake up thinking about anything except that I want to hit the snooze button. I came home last night and talked David's ear off for 30 minutes before both of us had to nod off......and I was only a fraction of the way through what I wanted to tell him about what I heard and learned last night. I feel sad, enlightened, furious, frustrated, betrayed, frightened, bitter, and I also feel hopeless. Hopeless that there's not a damn thing that I can do to make even a dent in any of this. And I know that you [guys] live this every single day, seven days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. Tell me [my friend] what I can do, how I can help. You know you can always lean on me for anything, and I hope that you always will feel that way and never think that your challenges are too much for me to hear or too great for me to support. Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of last night's event.

Your forever committed friend."

Well, needless to say, i cried when i read her letter. I am so blessed to have her as friend!

But then she got me thinking... "What can she do?"

Here is when your article, JB, comes in place. I have forwarded it to her saying "this is what you can do". Help me stop feeding the hungry lie. Inform and educate yourself and let other people know! Tell them about your experience during the book signing, tell them what you think and have learned now.

In my experience, people that do not have kids in the spectrum that listen to my story are always kind but at the end i always feel like they are thinking: "Well, if blaming the vaccines makes her feel better..."

But i feel that is not going to be the case if the informed, extremely well educated, high corporate level job holder that my friend is shares her opinion.

And boy! I know she will now...

So, in resume, that perhaps is something we can do. Let's introduce our friends with NT or no kids to our world the best way possible. By gently presenting the facts, in the form of this type of article(s) or in the form of amazing books like Kim's or Dan and Mark's book.

I think the tide is turning; i really believe that. I saw it in the faces of many of those people attending that book presentation. When someone kind, knowledgeable and extremely professional like JB, Dan and/or Mark (among many others that write in this blog) present the facts, there is NO way back.

There is simply no way back.

Zoey O'Toole

Paul, the English study is pointed to as a study that "proves" there is no link between thimerosal containing vaccines and autism, when in actuality the study ONLY compared fully vaccinated children with fully vaccinated children and found that it didn't matter whether you gave the DTP at 3 months or 6 months. The groups had comparable numbers of cases of autism. Well, that doesn't show anything about the ability of thimerosal to induce autism. It may be capable of doing just as much damage at 6 months as it is at 3 months.

How ANYBODY in their right minds could consider that the way to investigate the ability of thimerosal to damage children's brains is hard to imagine. Are these "scientists" really that stupid? Or is the obfuscation deliberate?


Erwin, your post is interesting. Thanks for explaining how your Asperger's limits your ability to access writing that others take in stride easily. It must be a tremendous day to day burden to have to deconstruct or reconstruct what you read. I appreciate this glimpse into the challenges people with Asperger's face. We're often presented with the view that Asperger's is genius level thinking - that may be true for some, but if an otherwise simple post or webste is stylistically unreadable, all the IQ in the world doesn't help. I feel for you and hope your son is doing well.

Yours in health.



I have aspergers, my son has autism.

I try to read this site every few weeks and find I can't.

The layout is impossible for me, with advertisements on some other content lining the articles. It sometimes causes hand-flapping.

The content of the articles has little logical structure, it is mainly emotional, seemingly geared towards that effect. Emotions, however, don't easily get across to me. You need to say it outright, not by using methods of story-telling (I like story-telling but only in stories).

In a few cases in the past I have tried to analyze articles by drawing schemas creating a logical structure, yet, maybe through lack of skill on my part, could not connect statements by factual links, only by links which might be described as 'implying', 'innuendo' and such. I attach a very low value to such links so inevitably the complete picture had low value.

You may have to excuse me for trying to impose a logical, factual structure to it, I may be at fault. For me, an author has to presents both facts and conclusion in as dry a way as possible.


How about MMR and autism? Dr. Philip Landrigan testified to the IOM that the best evidence that MMR does not cause autism was a study by Honda et al.

In 1993, MMR was withdrawn in Japan because the mumps component was causing meningitis. Autism declined and leveled out. Then a new vaccine policy, one apparently not read by Landrigan (or the authors of the Honda study perhaps), was adopted: Measles and rubella vaccines were given on the same day and mumps vaccine was given 4 weeks later. After that, autism incidence went through the roof.

According to Dr. Wakefield giving measles and rubella vaccines one day and mumps vaccine 4 weeks later is very similar to giving MMR, due to the biology of live virus vaccines.

Here at about 35:30 Dr. Wakefield talks about the Japanese situation:

Here's the Honda study:

Wendy Fournier - Aly's Mom

Who really reads this shit? I do. Thank you, J.B. I join you in encouraging parents to challenge the lie at every turn. You know your truth, you know what happened to your child. Write a blog, post comments online everywhere the lie is being fed, send an op-ed piece to your local newspaper, make a YouTube video. Raise your voice for those who have none.

Cindy Keenan

Like CT teacher, I wonder how we can challenge the hungry lie when no one will listen to us. My husband and I have written to journalists and members of Congress only to get form letters or even worse, insulting responses complete with potshots at our intelligence and sanity. In practical terms, what can we do? We've talked with prospective parents (some took our advice, some not), but we're stymied when it comes to getting the message out to the larger population. If anyone has any ideas, we'd love to try them. How do we effectively fight the pharma/medical PR machine?


Let them spend as much money and time as they want.

Since the status quo isn't changing and more vaccines are added, more kids will be damaged.

Just keep telling others what happened.

I think what needs to be done also is providing parents a "what needs to be done" kind of list when they suspect injury after immunizations. What tests did the Polings have? Which ones might they need in order to help in court? Should they avoid saying autism when making claims to the court? etc.

Harry H.

If you put thimerosal in a petri dish with human cells, the cells will almost certainly die. If you inject thimerosal into monkeys they don't develop normally, instead they develop monkey autism.

If you want to show vaccines don't cause autism count all the babies and all the shots and all the babies with autism, then spin the numbers in a computer or a centrifuge until all the autism goes away.
See, no autism, therefore shots don't cause autism.

Epidemiology is such an inadequate science.


In times like this I like to focus on the positive. Like the New Yorker article this week (the one that acknowledges that long-held truths in Science are falling fast to new discoveries) and the fact that Dr. Oz had Mercola on his show and he referenced a "Civil War" going on in medicine right now. The one where alternative medicine and it's "controversial" methods (the ones that don't harm a soul) are gaining momentum and forcing the old timers to take a hard look at their approach (the approach that oftentimes causes harm or even death.)

So with that comes a little poetry kicked off with a favorite quote:

"There are no absolutes, only revelations."

Science & Medicine in 2011

Medicine, Doctors, Science
Once so revered
the highest esteem bestowed.

Now at risk
their stature
their position
in society

A descent so hastened
by the internet
and social media

Natural solutions
to their liver toxic
compounds and biologics.

Doctors listen
to companies,
prescribe drugs
to patients
for life.

Healers listen
to people,
treat root causes
and send them
off to enjoy life.

The People
they share successes
they share failures
tales of treatments that work
and treatments that cause harm.

They broadcast themselves
and their stories to the world.

The stories
of damage
and death
from toxic products are
too loud and too many
to quiet.

The wave
of change
crashing on
Science, Medicine & Doctors
is a tsunami.

The demand for "natural"
More people reclaim
their health
their vitality.

Medicine, Science and Doctors
push artificial health and drugs.
They treat symptoms
and create patients for life.
It is lucrative
but not sustainable
as patients' demand
for expensive
synthetics wanes.

The demise
of Science, Medicine, Doctors
is of their own making.
Backs turned on Darwin
they refuse to adapt
to change.

Their pedestal
is a mirage.


I try to read this shit. Although I have to read the studies, 2 or 3 times, make notes in the margins and beat my head several times, I get it.

It's crap. All of it.


...and don't forget this little old document, too...


This review paper really chapped the hide of thimerosal apologists. They've tried hard to refute and have not done so. Here's an excerpt:

"To summarize, of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins [including mercury in thimerosal], 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Even with the tendency for null results not to be reported, it cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins and autism: although the question may still be open--in sum, the evidence favors a link."

From "Sorting out the spinning of autism: heavy metals and the question of incidence," DeSoto and Hitlan, 2010

Paul Bergstrom

I don't understand what the problem is with the english study. What about timing? Could someone clarify?


Untill I and many others like me are dead, the ones that owns science will not be the last to speak; and it ain't goin to be over.

Oh sure they have all the money and can lead by the nose the sniveling, pretty, petty, and shallow newscasters, but I and so very many more like me are out here. And we if given just two minutes of a conversation can and will bring it up.

Just yesterday during getting a haircut at WalMart - my son went on ahead and did the grocery shopping, but he kept calling me on the cell phone asking about everything he bought. The hair stylest asked how old he was. I said he is 24 and has autism. I told her that autism is not always what you think it is. Sometimes if the Fates smiles a little bit and you are the most luckest person in the world yout child gets a mild brian injury and a lifelong autoimmune disease from his childhood vaccines. I then briefly explained to her that he now requires a diet of low carbs/no flour/no milk. Best to keep it short and simple.

david burd

JB, Mainstream news outlets (TV, radio, print) receive a huge source of income from their Phara advertisements of all types including vaccine promotions.

The Kaiser Foundation cites in year 2010 that $300 Billion dollars were the sales revenues for prescription drugs in the U.S., and this does not include another $20 Billion or so for childhood vaccines.

Other published papers in the American Medical world state drug companies spend up to 24% of their sales revenues on advertising to the public, but it's even higher when non-public promotions to doctors, etc. are added.

Thus mainstream media gets about $75 Billion dollars a year for promoting Pharma's wares.

It's easy to see why America's chickencrap publishers have sold out and have no guts whatsoever to journalistically investigate the carnage of childhood vaccines.

Anne McElroy Dachel

These are terrible days when you consider that the media, the medical community, and health officials are doing everything to promote the hungry lie. But they're doing it because they're losing. They're desperate. THEY CAN'T EXPLAIN WHY EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WITH AN AUTISTIC CHILD. Right now, Andrew Wakefield is their target. But how long can they keep blaming it on him? The public hears a 40 second news report declaring the issue dead, but these children are everywhere.
A pregnant woman can't ask her doctor how to make sure her baby isn't also autistic and get an answer. Doctors know nothing except that vaccines don't cause autism.

It's time we stopped pretending that this is just about the science. It never has been. Thousands upon thousands of people have everything at stake in disproving a link. It's time we recognized that truth.

Anne Dachel

Julie Obradovic

And don't forget, some of those studies are even worse than metaphorically stating that smoking 1 pack of cigarretes versus 2 doesn't change cancer rates, therefore smoking doesn't cause cancer. Many of them find it's BETTER for you to smoke more. In the case of Thimerosal, several studies found the more mercury children got, the better their health. In the British study, indeed it was beneficial in 8 of 9 health outcomes. The devil is absolutely in the details, and he's laughing his ass off.

Jeff Stone


How much would it cost to do the unvaccinated vs. vaccinated study? I know previous attempts have failed to raise the funds, but maybe now is the time to revisit it.


It looks like Kathleen Sibelius is enforcing her earlier statement to give less weight (and media coverage) to the "other side" about vaccine damage. Way to go, HHS Secretary, Obama's czar for our national healthcare! Can't wait to see how this turns out for our country. Looks like the ranks are closing in and launching the next strategy to put down the rebellion.

CT teacher

Simply amazing. You couldn't have explained it more clearly. Yet how do we refute the accepted thinking? No one from our side ever gets enough coverage on the air or gets published in mainstream publications to explain it. Just look at what happens to Dr. Wakefield. He can't get a word in edgewise to defend himself or to refute Deer's accusations or even to explain his study. The interviewers come out ready to do battle with him and try to make him look so evil. So far, in my opinion, the only fair interview for our position was from Don Imus. You are correct in thinking that the information in your piece must get out into the mainstream but how?


I think it should be also mentioned that there is medical condition vaccine-induced brain damage = encephalopathy. This condition is defined differently among countries and differs often from WHO definition.

Check "Vaccine Injury Table" and you will find this condition only for DTP or MMR + other vaccine (up to 15 days)- HRSA

here some details from HRSA about recognition of vaccine-induced brain damage in a child below 18 months:

"(1) Decreased or absent response to environment (responds, if at all, only to loud voice or painful stimuli);
(2) Decreased or absent eye contact (does not fix gaze upon family members or other individuals); or
(3) Inconsistent or absent responses to external stimuli (does not recognize familiar people or things)."

Check WHO definition/criteria and you will find this condition for DTP or MMR or monovalent meales vaccines ( 6 - 12 days) - „ANNEX A: AEFIS TO REPORT, CASE DEFINITIONS AND TREATMENTS”,

"Acute onset of major illness characterized by any two of the following three conditions:
• seizures
• severe alteration in level of consciousness lasting for one day or more
• distinct change in behaviour lasting one day or more.

Needs to occur within 48 hours of DTP vaccine or from 7 to 12 days after measles or MMR vaccine, to be related to immunization."


Anyone who reads the package inserts knows that the possibility of vaccines causing autism is definitely there, based on the statements made by the manufacturers themselves.

That being said, I would LOVE IT if there were studies that PROVED vaccines don't cause autism. I'd love to know that they are in fact safe. They just aren't there.

Regardless of all that, let's talk about shutting down the sources of the lies.

Paul Offit

I'm no attorney, but I have to wonder about this.....

Paul Offit shows up on TV every so often making definitive statements like "vaccines don't cause autism". Ok, fine Paul.

The problem is he presents this opinion as fact.

Assuming the first time Paul Offit made this public statement was 2004, would it be possible for every child who received a vaccine AFTER that first statement to sue Mr. Offit?

That's the question I think we need to ask. How can we sue these vaccine evangelists out of existence? I mean, if you're a doctor, I would think that you need to present opinion as opinion, and fact as fact. When you present a consensus of opinion as fact, and it turns out to be incorrect, to me that's malpractice.

I don't know. I'm not an attorney. I just think in terms of right and wrong. If you present yourself as an authority on something, and you do in fact have credentials, then to me you have a moral and legal obligation to be truthful. If you present opinion as fact, and someone gets hurt because of it, to me you should face the consequences.

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