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What I Really Want for Christmas - The Truth

Small_christmas-wish By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

There's an old Latin maxim which states, fiat justitia ruat caelum, which translates roughly as, "May justice be done though the heavens fall."

It's a testament to the eternal nature of humanity that the things which endure are not the trappings of wealth, fame, and celebrity but simple truth.  We want to know what people did when confronted with great issues.  Did they act with courage or cowardice?  It's the standard by which we judge them.

In my role as a writer for Age of Autism I've tried to find the truth.  Some truths have made themselves clearly known to me through my own experiences as well as those of others in this community and my own research.  Simply stated, I know vaccines were responsible for the decline of my daughter into autism and the near-miss of autism for my son.

The truth which eludes me is how exactly the vaccines are causing autism.  The array of possibilities are truly mind-boggling.  Consider how many theories you've heard.  The mercury, the alumminum, the live viruses, the supposedly dead viruses, unknown animals viruses in the vaccines, unknown human viruses, bacteria, parasites, a misguided immune system response, or other chemicals which we haven't yet focused on.

And this truth is important to me for a simple reason.  My daughter is still severely affected.  I have no issue with those who advocate that they way to avoid problems like autism is to go to a significantly reduced vaccination schedule, or even forego vaccinations until such time as the answers to these questions become clear.  That will work for the next generation of children.  The problem is it still leaves me with a severely affected daughter.  I want to make sure her future is as bright as that of any other child.

This search for truth however is hampered by the pharmaceutical and governmental interests who will have much to answer for if vaccines are linked to autism and other developmental problems.  In my role as a writer on autism there have been numerous instances in which I've talked to researchers and other advocates who have told me of exciting projects which may end up being of enormous benefit to our community, but have asked me to refrain from writing about them until such time as they can be properly presented.  I have honored every request.  I'm well aware of the strength of the opposition arrayed against us and often think of Winston Churchill's maxim that sometimes "The truth is so important it must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies."

So while I can tell you that the autism underground is alive and well and doing great things, I don't believe that alone is enough to get us where we need to go.  Our victory will only come when those in charge of the medical and scientific communities turn their hearts toward our children.

I recently read a book by one of those at the very top of our medical establishment, Dr. Francis Collins, former head of the Human Genome Project and current head of the National Institute of Health.  In his book, The Language of God - A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief he spends a good deal of time discussing C. S. Lewis' view of the "moral law" inside of every human being as an argument for the existence of God.

The moral law view simply states that inside of each human being is an intrinsic sense of right and wrong and this is a reflection of the God who created us.  No other animal we have observed seems to possess this moral sense.  Thus, human societies have a general aversion to murder, kidnapping, robbery, and other crimes, while at the same time valuing things like truth, charity, and mercy.

I go through times when I believe our community is being closely monitored and others when I believe we're ignored.  I have no answer to that question. But on the off-chance that Dr. Collins or other similarly-minded leaders of the medical community might read this article I have a challenge.

You are now in possession of abundant scientific evidence that something has gone seriously wrong in the immune systems of our children.  You have known some of these findings for years.  I understand that what I ask is no simple thing.  It may well be the most difficult decision of your professional careers.  But you need to follow the clues of autism genesis wherever they may lead.

I hope that in this effort you will consult the moral sense within you which is a reflection of the God who created us all.  Merry Christmas to you, happy Hanukkah, or however you might wish to celebrate the holiday season.  I hope that in the New Year we might truly join together to help our children.


Kent Heckelively is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism





First things first

You pray to God (in Jesus name) for truth as he is the only one that can truly deliver real truth.

In my medical opinion since the vaccines caused your daughters autism by disrupting her gut metabolism and ability to not only to absorb nutrients and detoxify and also disrupting the gut immune system your obvious course is to heal the gut.

viruses and retroviral infestationis THE most likely culprit as this is the only plausible explanation for disruption of gut flora immune disruption with neurological manifestation, heavy metal build up is a MANIFESTATION OR SYMPTOM of the viral vectors or retroviral vectors not the ultimate cause.

Heavy antivirals natural if possible. redirect the immune system response through iatrodenic round worm infestation, heavy dark green leafy juicing daily, nothing off the table approach including anti AIDS drugs(reverse transcriptase inhibitor) with a HAART protocol possible plasmapharesis versus IGg, bone marrow transplant as last resort(nothing off the table)


You demand truth from men, you are a tax payer and your needs must be acknowledged.
These liars that published 23 fake peer review journals are not about to confide their foibles to you or anyone else. Truth be told they are guilty of genocidal mas murder, violating the nuremberg code, fraud racketeering and conspiracy yo commit the same. Thier punishmeent should fit their crime, prsoecution and excecution. That will not come about without serious public outcry we do not have it.



I'm not sure what to make of this. Is there anyone who understands the science who can read it? Is it suggesting the XMRV virus may have come from contaminated vaccines?

Leslie Bradley

Like you, I know the vaccine schedule caused my son's autism and caused one of my twin daughters to also have autism. My other twin girl is mostly neuro-typical, albeit with speech and visual processing issues. The suffering this has caused the kids and our family is astronomical.

The thing I find the most difficult to believe of late is that our government has finally been forced to agree after years of gene research- on the CDC website among others that - that autism is the result of a genetic predisposition PLUS a mysterious environmental insult. I don't know about your kids, but the only known, or plausible environmental insults my children were subject to were receiving a full compliment of vaccines, usually several in one day, sometimes while sick or on an antibiotic recovering from the constant ear infections they developed.

My kids got the fullest possible doses of mercury, aluminum, live viruses, toxins, bacteria, etc. possible. How is anyone buying this bill of goods that there is any mystery about the toxic insult? I did not raise my kids in a coal plant. I served organic baby food, focused on organic clothing and bedding. Causation is NO mystery whatsoever.

Are we now going to spend another 10 years looking for some mysterious environmental insult like we spent 10 years looking for the autism gene? There may be some, like coal plants and toxic waste dumps that contribute, but guess what the actual cause for most kids is as plain as can be, the overdose of shots they received. I think the government and big pharma already know this.

Our family history is rife with autoimmune disorders indicating a conservative/or no vaccine schedule at all. If, and when they can pinpoint the biomarkers indicating s
possibly vulnerable children, we will no doubt qualify. My son followed the typical regressive autism patter after his MMR shot. My daughter started getting sick earlier, at about six months having received three vaccines in one day while sick.

There is no justice in vaccine court right now or ever, but I am planning to proceed with my cases anyway, opting out of the Omnibus Action. No practicing lawyers are taking the cases, even under the guise of calling the injury brain damage, not autism. Even the biomedical docs are now fearful of testifying, my own included.

Something has to change this year.
One pro-se mom, (former lawyer Before-Autism)


Thanks B;
That is what I read!!!!

and even though I said not going to read what other people read and then write yet another report on reports- I did --- well I did read something else recently and that


Might interest you. Some of those that tested positive the first time might not positive the second time!!!!

That is becaue - maybe - from my understanding ???? Several reasons were given for this: These people testing negative may have been taken the antiviral medicines, or the body can fight this off to a certian extent and thus the virus is like the cycles of the moon - waxing and waning and waxing. From what I witness in my life time - I can believe that!


Benedetta - one virology professor has retracted his earlier statement about XMRV, at first he read those contamination papers and thought it was contamination, but after a closer look, and after being informed of some other studies showing that XMRV is real, he has changed his mind.


I pray for health and healing for everyone. We need truth and medical freedom, now more than ever. Open dialog and an uncensored internet will help. Epidemic is too soft a word. It has become a holocaust of iatrogenic disease. Whether the cause proves to be germs, genes, or jabs, we need to know the cause. We can handle the truth. Merry Christmas to all!

Bob Moffitt

@ nhokkanen .. you asked:

"What kind of Second Coming must occur before public health policymakers finally feel, as Dr. Bernadine Healy put it, their "come to Jesus" moment regarding their iatrogenic epidemic of vaccine-induced health damage?"

Maybe Weakileaks is a sign the "second coming" is on it's way .. and .. their "come to Jesus moment" ought not be too far behind it's arrival.


Congratulations Kent on testing negative for XMRV. I had both of my ASD sons tested and I have the serology results (oldest one is negative and the younger one is positive) and I am still waiting for the PCR/culture results for the oldest. My oldest has severe autism and seizures and I think his serology results were negative because his immune system cannot make antibodies for it. My younger XMRV antibody positive son is higher function (PDD-NOS). I have yet to be tested but I am going to wait since treatments for it are way out in the future.

Autism Grandma

Re: "The moral law view simply states that inside of each human being is an intrinsic sense of right and wrong and this is a reflection of the God who created us."

"Our victory will only come when those in charge of the medical and scientific communities turn their hearts toward our children."

I truly believe that this horrific conspiracy to cover up the truth about the vaccines will require some kind of Divine Intervention in order to "make the Truth known" as the Bible says. As individual human beings we all have a choice to follow our God given conscience or to displace what is right with greed and arrogance as so many have done within the pharmaceutical industry and our government agencies.

As a mere human I do whatever I can to share the information regarding the vaccines and autism, however in recognizing my own limitations I continually pray for guidance regarding my grandson and ask God to bring the truth to light for the sake of so many innocent children.

The Prayer Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise in times when we don't know
Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way
Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace
To a place where we'll be safe

La luce che tu hai
[I pray we'll find your light]
Nel cuore resterà
[And hold it in our hearts.]
A ricordarci che
[When stars go out each night,]
Eterna stella sei

Nella mia preghiera
[Let this be our prayer]
Quanta fede c'è
[When shadows fill our day]
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we'll be safe

Sogniamo un mondo senza più violenza [We dream of a world with no more violence]
Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza [A world of justice and hope]
Ognuno lo dia la mano al suo vicino [Grasp your neighbors hand]
Simbolo di pace, di fraternità [As a symbol of peace and brotherhood]

La forza che ci dà
[We ask that life be kind]
È il desiderio che
[And watch us from above]
Ognuno trovi amor
[We hope each soul will find]
Intorno e dentro sé
[Another soul to love]

Let this be our prayer [Let this be our prayer],
Just like every child
Need to find a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we'll be safe

È la fede che [And the faith that]
Hai acceso in noi [you've lit inside us]
Sento che ci salverà [I feel will save us]


Kent, I loved your opening quote about justice being done. So many vaccine stakeholders are straining to hold up the heavens with their vision of a disease-free world -- despite the catastrophic human costs.

Interesting how Collins the scientist made his late-life shift from atheism to faith-based Christianity. Could he, too, be pejoratively labeled a "true believer," as are people who've witnessed vaccine injury?

"Truth" and "beliefs" are highly malleable categories often leveraged as currencies. Their more stubborn, less pleasant realities are all too easily dismissed by simply averting one's eyes. And never leaving one's lab. And falsifying statistics, or repeating them.

What kind of Second Coming must occur before public health policymakers finally feel, as Dr. Bernadine Healy put it, their "come to Jesus" moment regarding their iatrogenic epidemic of vaccine-induced health damage?

Kim Davis

Absolutely right Kathy, but it's so hard to do. I thought I was an educated mother to be, so avoided ultrasounds, ate right, hired a mid-wife. But still had a c-section, and didn't know that all my dental amalgams would harm my unborn baby. I knew to decline vaccines and birth interventions, but didn't know enough.....and the real problem is, most people don't want to know. If you try to tell them half of what you've told us, they think you're a fruit-loop. The sad truth is, most people don't want to know until they've joined our horrible 'club' and it's too late.


Yes, Kent I am very interested! thanks for that information.
Awwww that means it is not very catching!!!!

Or does that mean that some people's immune system can not handle this virus.

I have been doin some thinking (I know that is no suprise) but I remember my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law and daughter have warts on their hands and feet and seemed to always have trouble getting rid of them. Now does that mean: 1) they are not good at fighting off any virus or most viruses, or
2) Does that mean they they can't fight of a lot of viruses/bacteria because of the XMRV virus is stressing them to point that the immune system cannot fight of other viruses as well or 3.) Something in the environment is stressing their immune system to the point that they can not fight any bacteria/virses including the XMRV.

Meanwhile: We wait patiently and as we wait we get things like;

Scientist are now thinking the XMRV virus is just something that got picked up from contamination in the lab.

Then the next the report comes out clarifying that there was no contamination in the past, it is just that the scientist that was talking contaimination was just meaning that future labs need to be careful of contamination.

So, I am plugging my ears and waiting for the real, sure enough heros in this story to speak.


Amen, Kent, the truth. I got so mad at a reporter's negative and biased! View of CCSVI and the Zamboni surgery I saw yesterday ( Rob Breakenridge, Calgary Herald - he also works under Corus entertainment- I wonder if they have pharma ties??). Anyways, he also criticizes any vaccine questioning.
It really struck me as to how cocky these guys are to dismiss anything that isn't pharma-stamped. Pure cockiness. Their ego's must be massive to be so sure something doesn't cause autism or MS when they sure as he'll don't know what does. Must be nice to be so smug. Not...

Kent Heckenlively

And just for anybody who's interested, I have tested negative for the XMRV retrovirus. That leaves me free and with abundant energy to assist with my daughter, my lovely wife, and my mother-in-law who all have the retrovirus! Merry Christmas to everybody!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

kathy blanco

I agree with Eileen, I have read her work, and I feel this is the other "hit" our kids get insidiously, without consent from mothers and fathers. Think of all the birth medications they have foisted on us, ICC, pitocins, more C sections? I also feel the XMRV retrovirus is in play here, and or SV40 from contaminated vaccines parents received. And talk about ghost in your genes, even things your father ate, or ingested, or breathed, or was injected with, is in his DNA sperm. Same thing for mothers now in her OVA. All those accumulative heavy metals in her teeth which made her T3 thyroid go amuck. I also feel our food supply has gone amuck, real food is no more, and we are eating off plastics and microwaves and EMF surrounds our beds where we sleep. All of these, as well as ultrasounds, being exposed to chemicals and pesticides (studies show their are over five hundred chemicals in amniotic fluid), chemotherapy drugs (which causes mutation point breaks which is also in our water), fluoride aluminum which is in almost all municipal waters now..untold consequences, untold combinations, untold hits. All of these are manmade. All of these are gross national product industries. All are protected from investigation by our lovely governmental officials (why is that?). Recommendations are mute point here...there is a thing called avoid at all costs. It's time we educate the entire world, how bad our world has created the stress of being a human baby/infant, aka, coming into a polluted, filthy, ravenously money hungry dirty world. Mankind has a hand in this pandemic, on all levels. If you don't believe, then don't, but this is a fight against good and evil, period. It's obviously not just vaccines, because if it was, everyone would become autistic after their series in childhood...obviously, we have some kids who can't handle this amount of hits on their immune/metabolic/detox systems. Timing is crucial. In one part of your pregnancy, everything can go wrong. The first four months are crucial. Also, just to make a point, 37kda was found in the MIND study as reactive against fetal brain tissue, coming from mom's immune response...that weighted protein is the same protein band found in XMRV. Contagion afloat? YOU BET! They also found lyme antibodies, outer surface proteins and strep. It would behoove moms to test before pregnancy, XMRV, Lyme, SV40, and Strep, and treat before she ever thinks of pregnancy, including dads. Avoiding chemicals, bad foods, amalgams, heavy metal loads, would help as well. Paying attention to glutenous foods which you may have tested negative for, but you really have it. This deserves NATIONAL attention, not the kind of attention we get now, such as AWWW too bad that's too late for's time we have the communication channels open, and we open our mouths, and talk about these things to our mommy friends to be. Its time to FIRE the whole PEDIATRIC AAP and ACOG (OG BYN) doctors, send them a message that you have not taken care of our children, nor given us good advice, WE ARE FIRING YOU! Trust no media. This sends the message loud and clear. Go to a naturopath, use doulas, don't use medicalized birth settings, eat natural from your garden, don't eat anything in a box or a can, or a drive thru. Don't go to dentist (because frankly teeth rot because of the foods you eat), and so on and so forth. SAUNA yourself, detox always, eat something only if it grew from the earth without pesticides or GMO, and if it had a mother who also was not fed bad things. These are just simple measures, it may save eighty percent of us, but the twenty percent may still not be able to avoid autism in their children. But that's a hell of a lot better than the stats's time...we get the "authorities", and be your own advocate for health. Learn from health books, learn how to handle ear infections (which are rare in unvaccinated), and colds and flus. Learn how to birth safely, and learn how to be healthy your darn selves. It's time to be a pioneer mom.


It is almost beyond belief that Pharma throws out studies of "Autism and Freeways" to provide hope for treatments of 700,000 damaged children. They have just about "jumped the shark" on that one.

Sadly, one can tell what the truth is by what they fail to study, what they do not want to study, and the people & studies they want so badly to discredit.

Bob Moffitt

I wish I shared the belief that "inside of each human being is an intrinsic sense of right and wrong" .. but .. I believe we are long past the time hoping for "those in charge of the medical and scientific communities turn their hearts toward our children."

In my now hardened heart .. any revelation of a "truth" they felt so "important" they "surrounded it by a bodyguad of lies" .. FOR DECADES .. will not "set them free" .. it should send them to jail where they belong.

John Stone

I think we need some help with the truth at the moment from Dr Ben Goldacre and the Guardian newspaper - which surely only reports the truth when it suits them:


Thank you, so well said!!

Rita Branson

Dr. V.K. Singh's work found that 70% of kids w/ autism have auto-antibodies to Myelin Basic Protein. There is a principal called oral immune tolerance in which you consume the antigen that you're reacting to and this calms or sometimes stops the autoimmune attack. I'd like to know more stats on people giving their kids the supplement sphingomyelin. Myelin Basic Protein is the same in people and animals. Myelin is found in meat, eggs and milk but when cooked changes shape and may not be recognized by the immune system.


Here is a true story for you. There was a priest who was placed at a parish. He made everyone miserable since he wanted to change absolutley everything in the parish when he arrived. This caused an uproar since the parish had been well loved and cared for by its parishioners. So,,, the parishioners got together and prayed for "a change of heart". The priest died of a heart attack not long after. It was not the intent of the parishioners to ask for a heart attack. Nor do I ask for anyone to pray for a heart attack on any misguided fool who is hurting children. Nonetheless,,, I always pray for a change of heart when it comes to these big blue meanies. God is listening.

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Kent. Every year I watch one of my favorite holiday movies, the 1951 version of "Scrooge" with Alastair Sim. I always will have hope that some force will influence a person or a group, to stand up and reveal that vaccines can cause harm, changes will be made by our government and the medical paradigm of autism will be known. That goodness and integrity will win out over fear, greed, cruelty or narcissism.

My daughter is also severely affected and like you, I have written about her and my thoughts and investigations regarding possible mechanisms of her illness. Fishing upstream always brings me to vaccines and especially thimerosal/mercury.

I join you in hoping that the moral side can win. God Bless us, every one.

Maurine Meleck

I wish I possessed a strong faith in this like some who believe that people are intrinsicly good. I think back to the story of Anne Frank where she was quoted as sayingthat underneath it all she believed people were truly good at heart, but it turned out she never said that in her journal. Doesn't mean I stop fighting though.

Eileen Nicole Simon

My children are all grown up now, and had their vaccinations beginning only at about six months of age. Vaccinating newborns against hepatitix B is certainly not healthy. Has the huge outcry from parents of children with autism not resulted in any change in the vaccine schedule? I hope my married son and his wife will start a family soon. Can vaccines be withheld by parental request?

Vaccinations are not the only invasive interventions that have been added as part of "routine" medical practice in the last 25 years. I am very concerned that the umbilical cord is clamped immediately after birth. This can lead to apnea with subsequent impairment of the blood-brain-barrier, in which case vitamin K and hep B injections will pose even greater risk.

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and synthetic vitamin K are two interventions that had to be stopped. DES to prevent miscarriage was found to cause cancer in both male and female offspring. The synthetic form of vitamin K, routinely given from 1940 to 1961 was linked to increased risk for brain damage from bilirubin. This synthetic form of vitamin K impaired the blood-brain barrier.

Increasing prevalence of autism must be viewed as an emergency, and parents need to demand that the opposition arrayed against us give up their "bodyguard of lies" and engage in open dialog. I hope AOA is being monitored even if pointedly ignored.


Genesis said that when God first made us he was well pleased.

Genesis is a unique book because it is the only book ever written by humans that were actually going through the transistion from hunter/gather/small tribes to agriculture/large civilizations.

And they knew more back then about humans than we with all our psychologist and medical doctors will ever know. Which is mind boggling in itself.

But after being pleased that he made us, God then regretted he had made us! That was because (all my opinion) he knew some men did not have GOD in their hearts at all.

tony bateson

Amazingly fair and balanced thank you for that, like you all I want is the truth and I am convinced it will come. The truth will out, it is simple, just like the overwhelming evidence that vaccines have done this to our kids.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK

Dan E. Burns

Kent, absolutely. Amen! It is time to end the state of fear and war that has existed between our communities. Yes our afflicted children are victims of a grave injustice, detailed daily in these posts. But surely there is goodness too in hearts of those in the medical establishment who have the power to help our children.

Nelson Mandela put a broken nation together by recognizing the reflection of God in the hearts of all humans, even his enemies. We can do the same. And we must.

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