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The Anti-Vaxxer Label

DQWindmill Below is an excerpt from the Autism in New Brunswick blog that we thought deserved your attention. 

Discussing autism issues on the internet often invites wild and baseless accusations no matter what point is being made.  Mention the word vaccine though and you can be guaranteed someone will react irrationally.  Such is the case of Kev Leitch, a knight errant  in search of a battle in which to prove himself,  who has falsely accused me of being an "anti-vaxxer".  For the record both of my sons have received the recommended and required vaccines,  I have never attributed my youngest son's autistic disorder to receipt of any vaccines and I have often recognized the important role of vaccines as a public health tool which has prevented and controlled some deadly diseases.  So why does Kev call me an "anti-vaxxer"?
My sin? I keep an open mind on issues about vaccine safety, the extent to which vaccines are used today and the way in which they are pushed and promoted in our modern society.  I particularly object to the constant smearing and marginalizing of anyone who questions vaccine safety.  Kev Leitch is one of those who, for reasons unknown to me, feels compelled to twist and slant comments of anyone, even this humble blogger, who do not treat vaccine issues as though they have been decided for all time by some holy text....   Read the full post at Autism in New Brunswick.




Thanks Erik, I was thinking the same thing.

Kevin Leitch is about as low on the intellectual food chain as one can get. I'd sooner discuss vaccines with Philo Beddoe's sidekick, Clyde.

Kevin, meet Clyde. Right turn, Clyde.

How about we get an update on OSR, and CTI Science? While OSR produced an echolalic word from my son today, Kevin Leitch couldn't help him produce a bowel movement with an Ex-lax milkshake.

...moving on ;-)


I am unapologetically Anti-VAXXER. Here’s why:

Vaccines are IMPURE. Vaccines are Un-Godly. Vaccines cause autism. Vaccine mandates are Unconstitutional. Anti-VAXXERs favor medical freedom. Anti-VAXXERs favor ending medical fascism now. Anti-VAXXERs do not take a nuanced approach to vaccine safety. Anti-VAXXERs abide by the Precautionary Principle in ALL areas of preventive health. Anti-VAXXERs believe that Informed Consent is the bedrock principle upon which medical freedom should rest. Anti-VAXXERs can get along with VAXXERs under a medical freedom initiative.

Bill “Microsoft” Gates’ perverted “philanthropy” is already yielding big dividends, but at whose expense? Tourists to the Cayman Islands better bring their bug spray. Vacationers are now being “turned” into unwilling Guinea Pigs. Pharma’s complete disregard for the Precautionary Principle and Informed Consent is appalling.

“Mosquitos as ‘Flying Syringes’?”


“Can GM Mosquitoes Eradicate Dengue Fever?” by Prof. Joe Cummins on August 12, 2010.


“Genetically Modified Mosquitos” by Brandon Turbeville on December 13, 2010.


“Deadly Medicine: Foreign Clinical Trials - Vanity Fair”



Oops, Mis-worded the beginning of my last blog. I meant three out of the four boys are damaged. two autism and one???? Not right.

Tara McMillan

I am proud to be an anti-vaccine Mama now that my son has Autism.


How about this for simliar stories!
I too have a Sister-in-law with four boys two have autism and is more than just hyper and attention deficeit - if it is ADHD it is on steroids. I would say bipolar????

I too had a daughter that had Kawasakis at 2 years old

I had a younger son that stroked out on his third DPT shot.

Gee! We are not alone, or the only ones!

What do you mean though about bleeding out?
Was it her nose?

Carolyn M

If they had not vaccinated newborn babies with the Hep B vaccine without the parents' prior knowledge or consent, there might be fewer "anti-vaccine" parents.

Unethical behavior eventually leads to questions by concerned parents. As does an argumentative/defensive attitude by medical personnel upon hearing these questions.

stop autism

I think so many of these pro vaccine parents, such as Kev, Chew, Emily W., who do nothing but slam other parents who have vaccine concerns are burying their own guilt deep down. They instead replace their guilt with arrogance and bashing on their blogs. What a truly pathetic crew they all are.

Julie Swenson

Hell, you can't even look sideways at vaccines nowadays without getting that label slapped on you. I'm not so much anti-vaccine as I am anti-putting-toxic-crap-in-my-chemically-sensitive-children.


My SIL has 4 boys, 3 of whom are SEVERELY autistic. Barely functioning. It is a sad life they all lead. Extensive genetic testing revealed that - it was *NOT* genetic.

My oldest daughter is fully vaccinated. She had Kawasaki disease at 2 1/2 years old. I had never even heard of it.

My youngest daughter was born and immediately (well, at around 2 weeks old)presented with severe GERD and multiple food allergies. I demanded that she remain vaccine free as her body couldn't even handle food, how could it handle vaccines. Push came to shove and under pressure from our dr. and my husband I agreed to try one vaccine and after discussion it was the Prevnar 7 vaccine. Almost immediately she stopped cooing, she stopped making eye contact and she stopped using the entire left side of her body. Wouldn't raise her left arm, dragged her left leg while crawling. I cried every night when I rocked her to sleep and instead of looking at me she now looked out into the middle of the room. I cried when I changed her diapers and our smiling games could no longer be played. We spent a lot of time with chiropractors and biomed treatments trying to get her back to where she was. Our doctor still insisted that their practice rules were she had to be fully vaccinated. I found a new doctor. This year alone I have spent upwards of $5,000 trying to work out her gi issues.

And of course I now have done extensive research. I am anti-vaccine. They haven't been properly studied. They don't take individual health history into account. They don't dose according to age and size. They tax the immune system and they lead to more virulent strains of diseases. Our local elementary school is having an epidemic of shingles. We are so afraid of the chicken pox that these little kids are now struggling with shingles.

On a side note, we are totally screwing up our earth and health with the toxins we put everywhere - including our food.

My oldest daughter had emergency surgery following a tonselictomy recently because she was bleeding out and we anemic and dehydrated. She had to have the area cauterized and be admitted for fluid replacement. Upon admission they asked if I wanted to give her the flu vaccine. WTF? Talk about someone who is in no state to get a vaccine - but here were the doctors and nurses insisting it would be okay and she needed it.

To get a depo shot I have to go pick it up at the pharmacy and have it administered by a nurse at my ob's office. But they can give you the flu shot right at CVS - they asked me if I wanted one at the check out counter while by diapers in the same casual way that they ask if you want fries with your meal at McDonald's.

Drop side cribs were banned this week because there were 32 deaths in 10 years. Yet there have been 80something deaths from Gardasil and it is all good.

I now coach my children. If someone asks you if you want a vaccine what do you say? No.


After vaccinating my kids over and over again - I am now an antivaxxer.

Same here for a lot of parents!


The anti child side can try to name call the pro-child side all they like. It doesnt change the fact that many childrens lives,and health, have been destroyed by vaccines and the medical community that denies them proper treatment for their adverse reactions.


I believe there is a Nazi connection Mike.. IG Farben the company that supplied
Zyklon B to the Nazi for use in the gas chambers had strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry in WW II. The company was liquidated but the cartel still exists today.

Read more:



Jake Crosby

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, it is not pharma calling Harold Doherty an "anti-vaxxer" but a parent who is apparently still guilty over the reaction his own child had to a vaccine that he was behind giving her a decade ago:


kathy blanco

I find no shame in antivaccine stances. When you do the science, research it, it makes no sense to stand on the fence anymore. That said, I noticed of late, they have ripped my comments from age of autism to prove their "point" that we are all secretly anti vaccine. Well guess what. That ain't the case. First case in point, we all took of the bitter cup and did shrink, else, why would we be here? Second, some of us take a precautionary approach, slower schedule/less mercury, and then some of us look to science in regards to self preservation for our own kind, why having a metabolic crisis is not such a good idea in someone who has OXPHOS mitochondrial problems, or tendency to not react to vaccines appropriately via having a retrovirus called XMRV, or what I call less than favorable cell mediated immunity circumstances or immune genetics (such as complement C4B deficiency). When you try to cut someone off and tell them they are this way or that, and never explore WHY, then you, or they, are the ones being anti discussion. Of course, what they fling at us, is, that we have no PROOF of causation (when in fact thousands upon thousands have the same made up story), and that our testing on our kids which show this viral, immune and metabolic signiatures are from non clia certified labs and or our interpretation of such tests are off. I'd like them to visit my binderfull of subjectional research on behalf of my children, all the PCR DNA, tissue samples to boot. Twouuld make them pee their objectionable pants. And to boot, the argument that vaccines causing autism only is ridiculous. Its causing far more than that. We know vaccines respresent a giant experimental mass experiment, in which we, the sheople, cannot question, nor can we study bits and pieces of why this is happening to our children, because it would essentially open "the can of worms" they would not want to face. Rarely is such research FUNDED. Why, because it implicates a product heralded as gods gift to mankind. More like Gods way of heralding in plagues by mankinds sin. The derogatory tone they flaunt is laughable, and evil. They think WE are the ones to be afraid of? GOOD. I think we should be happy we are causing them to laugh and ridicule us, because that's what happens when someone cannot defend their positions. You know what? In the end, WE WIN. Because truth is truth. And this truth, the truth that I saw when my kids had high pitch screaming, convulsions, etc, were not a made up story. It resulted in immune mediated viral persistence, modified immune quality FOR LIFE, molecular mimicry against brain tissues and neurotransmitters, atrophying of the brain, increased oxidative stress, neural gut brain leakiness, food allergies, PANDAS (anti neural tissues) autoimmunity against OTHER ORGANS including their thyroids, heart conduction system, etc. They have post polio symptoms, they have XMRV, they have SV40, they have very abnormal titers to their vaccines, they have hypogammaglobulenmia, you name everything that can go possibly wrong after a vaccine, close to death in one scenario as well. So suck it. We have plenty in our collective to tell the "you are nutty if you don't vaccinate" crowd to ammo them with. They are the ones going into pediatricians with autism/ADHD/minimal BD, diabetis, ear infections, asthma, food allergies, obesity, mitochondrial collapsed kids. They might argue differently, have stark examples of a fully vaccinated child just thriving just fine. Well, that kid had a better immune system, aplause...but...does it save them from FUTURE collapse? I think not. And as far as I am concerned, I JUST LOVE that they love vaccines, because you know what, it makes their years on earth less than desired. The conflicts of interest in the whole entire program is riddled with evil minioned men who pontificate nothing close to science and how our immune systems ACTUALLY WORK. Oh, and if you really want a thrill, if I ever get cancer, I am never taking your so called life saving chemo either, you know, rat poison, WW2 bioweapons? You can take that too. Meanwhile, down here on REAL earth, we will try to fight this with tooth and nail, one parent at a time (which they are afraid of), and, we will win this fight of perception. We really don't have to advocate anymore, because sooner or later, the provaccine type will find themselves in our shoes. The odds are pretty much against them. Autism will come raping or should I saw wrapping at their door, and they will soon find themselves in the oh shit position.

Autism Grandma

I have been anti-vaccine for the past 35 years ever since my chiropractor gave me information regarding the Mercury, and cultivation of viruses with aborted human fetal tissue and animal organs. YIKES that was enough to convince me. But now that I have spent the past 3 years researching this subject, I have become mortally horrifed by the factual science and massive evidence demonstrating the health damaging reality, on top of the fact that there is no evidence that vaccines even work to begin with. Add to this the corruption and propaganda perpetuated by the vaccine industry and really sometimes it feels like it is just too much to bear...having this knowledge and not being able to do much about it except for to share this information with others keeps me awake at night, praying and asking God to intervene.

While the public has been indoctrinated to believe that vaccines are a "blessing from God", I have come to believe that they are actually a curse from the devil. The Bible shows that Satan is a Deceiver and Liar and that his goal is the suffering, sickness and death of mankind. He exerts his evil influence in many ways, and vaccines is one very effective method. In addition to the many science based reasons for avoiding vaccines, I also believe that God Himself is entirely against them, and therefore on a spiritual basis they are WRONG. There are many people who oppose vaccines on a religious basis, and some religious groups that oppose them such as the Amish, therefore I hope that American laws will continue to protect our rights to refuse vaccines on spiritual grounds.

I have also discovered that being "anti-vaccine" can be dangerous as it can lead to attacks from brainwashed doctors and others. The majority of alternative medicine doctors oppose the vaccines based on the medical science, including chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and homeopathic doctors, however in order to keep their license to practice they are understandably cautious in expressing their beliefs, although more and more doctors are speaking out about the truth, even some medical doctors. The more that patients and doctors are researching this subject, the more the numbers are building who are turning against vaccines altogether.

Jake Crosby

It is definitely true that there are people on this blog and elsewhere who agree with our views on autism causation who are also genuinely anti-vaccine. I totally and fully acknowledge this.

However, that is not what we're about collectively - we're about finding the causes of autism no matter how some big, powerful lobby feels. It is really more than obvious that the generalizations that come exclusively from the pharmaceutical industry to say that we're all that way because a few of us are is an obvious tactic to shut down debate.

On the other hand, with that, plus all the deep-running conflicts, the manufactured junk science, the incriminating statements our top government scientists were caught making behind closed doors, the censorship of the press and attempting to justify it by calling it "avoid false balance" (in other words, disregarding our opinions to begin with without considering them,) the semantic games the medical system plays with our health (i.e. "resulted in" autism instead of caused) - I totally don't blame nor do I have any problem allying with people who feel that way on this issue.

And last but certainly not least, of course, was the statement that an infant can conservatively take up to 10,000 vaccines at once. This was said not by some pharma tag-along, not by some paid anonymous internet troll, but by the lead spokesman of the vaccine industry himself who sat on an immunization committee advising the CDC - Paul Offit.

As far as I'm concerned, until the despicable activities of government and industry like those described above cease, I will have no problem being on the same side of this debate as people who are "anti-vaccine." Frankly, the sort of behavior the pharma lobby engages in will keep blanket opposition to vaccines alive and well - it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are their own vaccines' worst enemy.

Mike Kohloff

"There's just too many coincidences for it to be just a coincidence." - Yogi Barra
Vultures of a feather dine together.

Sarah: "Maybe we need a derogatory name to call them."

PharmaKorp Nazi Drug Troopers has a nice ring to it. Hey?
Has anyone explored the connection of the Pharmaceutical industry with Nazi Germany? Seriously.


the whole antivaxxer thing is soooo stupid and doesn't even make sense since most of us vaxed our kids. duh!

oh, but I guess that's beside the point

Maybe we need a derogatory name to call them. How 'bout- pill pushing, child exploiting, fear mongering, pro-vaccine nazi sociopaths. (aahh, that felt good)

sorry but my kids not a pincushion you


The words "Vaccine" and "Safety" are mutually exclusive. They cannot exist together.

Theodora Trudorn

I've been called everything from anti vaxxer, mercury militia, New Age Tree Hugging Hippie, anti-american, and even a witch for practicing herbalism! Throw in the fact that I study other religions for enjoyment and they catch me reading any old myths and I get labeled as a Pagan and therefore anything I say should be disregarded as pagan nonsense.

*rolls eyes*

Just Grade A intelligence right there!

Erik Nanstiel

Why are we giving Leitch this much attention???

Let's give attention to those who can either help us... or represent a threat to our helping our kids.

Leitch is neither by a long shot.


Don't you love coincidence?! There sure seems to be a lot of them concerning the topic of vaccine safety.

Network Explorer

I wonder whether there is any connection between Singer's activities and her husband's executive position at McKinsey?

Until last year the CEO of McKinsey UK was Ian Davis brother of Sir Crispin Davis former CEO of Reed Elsevier (publishers of the Lancet)and non-executive director of GSK, and twin brother of Sir Nigel Davis the judge who pulled the funding on the UK MMR litigation.

Mckinsey, of course, are deeply involved in health management. In the case of the UK it was a National Health Service procurement agency which signed the indemnities for GSK's Pluserix vaccine in 1988 as it had already been banned in Canada (and later had to be withdrawn in the UK). No doubt this is all coincidence.

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