Age of Autism Awards 2010: Fox News' Alisyn Camerota Journalist of The Year
Flu Shot Lacks Efficacy: More Deadly Choices from the Anti-Vaccine Movement or Truth?

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Thank you type Thank you for your readership and comments throughout 2010. We have a rich slate of topics and some wonderful changes coming in 2011. Our sponsors are working harder than ever to protect and care for American children - despite the constant pushback from those who stand to profit for our losses. We invite you to support Age of Autism. Click the Paypal DONATE button on our sidebar.  Include your mailing adddress in the instructions box at paypal and we'll send you a size XL black AofA shirt while supplies last. Thank you. Dan, Mark and Kim


david cavaliere

Age of autism is part of my daily routine! Great site.
This may be a bit off topic however it affects many families. We have a four year old with autism we are trying to potty train and a soon to be 3 year old with ADHD who isn’t trained yet. They both disrobe and play in their diapers. We actually invented some special needs autism clothing that helps the situation. It is an escape proof pajama called The Wonder Jumper and it is a romper sleeper that zips in the back. Our company is called iKids Fashion thanks a lot!

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