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Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism Found in Study

Son to Surgeon Father: "I Don't Have Autism Anymore."

Hope sign Below is the start of an article from The Delaware County times in Pennsylvania. Take note how an allopathic doctor, a surgeon, has helped recover his children with autism.  Remember, surgeons FIX THE BODY - that's their mindset, unlike the traditional docs who "treat" autism, who at best, tinker with the unknown in a crap shoot of meds and behavioral services.  It's natural that a surgeon would decide to "fix" his children's autism. It's a terrific article, and we should thank Patti Mengers for running it.  When do you think it will be in the NYT or Philadelphia Inquirer? Click into the full article to see video HERE.

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Dr. Patrick Elliott will never forget the day one of his 6-year-old twin sons delivered a self-diagnosis to him.

“I don’t have autism anymore,” the boy announced to his father.

It was a far cry from three years earlier when both twins were diagnosed with the neurobiological affliction of unknown origin. Between the ages of 18 months and 24 months, they went from being playful and happy to ceasing eye contact with others. They had lost any language they had acquired.

“They were basically disengaged,” said Elliott, a 47-year-old general and trauma surgeon at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland.

Through a combination of conventional and alternative therapies, one of his twins improved so much he was able to join his peers in the mainstream by the time he entered first grade at his local public school where he is now a fourth grader. He no longer requires therapy. At his parents’ request, his name is being withheld from this story.

His twin brother, Bradley, is in fourth grade at a private special education school in Chester County, where he reads and writes at his grade level. He still receives biomedical intervention.

“He still has issues with anxiety and (obsessive-compulsive disorder),” Elliott said, “but he has dramatically improved and we hope he’ll be mainstreamed some day,”

Born in April 2001, the twins initially developed normally as their two older brothers had at their home in Middletown. Their mother, Marie, was the first to notice changes in the twins, Elliott said.

The twin who no longer requires therapy “had horrible, aggressive behaviors, self-injurious behavior, head-banging and echolalia where he would repeat what everybody said,” Elliott said. “That’s better than no language, but it was clearly a problem.” Continued...



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I have a 14 yr old grandson with autism, non-verbal, self injuries to face, still in pull-up, agressive. Do I think shots caused his autism yes I do. But aside from that we have spent thousand to try and get him help, but cant afford doctors who try and treat autism why because its a rackateer exspecially none take insurance and how does it cost $500.00 for one hour visit? If youre rich like these actors who can afford therepys and the most expensive doctors to see their child. most of us people cant afford it. You cant even see a DAN doc because they dont take insurance. If you see a GI they dont believe you when you tell them your child is in pain,BECAUSE HE IS NON-VERBAL AND CANT TELL THEM SO EASY WAY OUT DOCS AND CALL IT behavior problems WELL IF HE DIDNT HAVE PAIN JUST MAYBE HE WOULDNT BE POUNDING HIS FACE!!!! HE USE TO TALK AND DO ALL BABY THINGS AT 2YRS OLD N THEN HERE CAME A SERIOUS OF BABY SHOT N A CPLE WKS LATER HE WAS IN A WORLD OF HIS OWN BORN 11/08/01 WHEN HE WAS BORN. YA SHOTS CAUSED HIS AUTISM. BUT YET HIS MOTHER CANT GET HIM HELP BECAUSE NO-ONE BELIEVES IN HIS GI PAIN! SO IF THERE IS A DOC OR SOMEONE IN OR NEAR SOUTHERN ILLINIOS WHO CAN HELP HIM, GIVE A HOLLAR OUT. THANKS


I agree, and I meant no disrespect to the doc. Really, I am very glad for his child. I am very glad he spoke up about this treatment - he did the right thing.

It is just even I--- from way back in the late 80's knew that hyperbots were good for children with strokes and brain injuries, but knowing did not make it available and now it is the end of the first decade of the 21st century and a doc is having to report it like ohhhhh it is so new and it really works toooo. When we allll know it and have known it for the last 30 years! even so --- it was a treatment put out of my reach and it is just soooo evil that it is still out of reach for the majority.


I'd like to recommend Judy Converse's book: Special Needs Kids Eat Right. She covers a lot of ground, including the effective use of various tests and how to put together billing codes which insurance companies will accept and reimburse. Get it through your local library!


Dr. Elliot is talking about his own experience for his 2 sons. Just like other parents who are trying to recover their children, he witness a lot by his own eyes the unravelling of the signs and symptoms of autism, dealing with them, trying his best to cure his children. I salute him for being an advocate for his kids...


Recovery can be achieved without hyperbaric dives, and on a limited budget. My son IS recovered. His diagnosis was officially removed. He lives a "normal" life. We did no hyberbaric dives. I did not use a DAN doctor. In fact the 2 DAN's we did initially see, I fired after one visit. The first one did nothing effective except try to sell me "snake oil" and the 2nd one wanted to give my child hundreds of dollars of supplements that contained an ingredient my child was allergic to. And he wanted me to give my son "at least a tetanus vaccine" -

I used the Andy Cutler protocol, dietary changes and homeopathy. The supplement for detox I used was under $10 a bottle and available in any health food store. The homepathic doctor we saw did cost some money, but not near as much as a DAN, and as an MD my insurance covered most of the cost.

PA's law about covering so many hours of therapy per week is not all it should be. Many fall through the cracks. Getting services is like pulling teeth and most therapists are barely trained in autism therapies and the agencies that provide them are always short staffed, and even in this economy cannot pay enough to attract employees.

It is a money game. We paid for many "traditional" therapies out of pocket, or I bought textbooks and muddled through them myself. But it was chelation and cleaning up the diet/home environement and later, homeopathy, that got us out of the abyss of autism (which with AC protocol was tiring but NOT expensive or even difficult).



I looked into your "Weston Price Foundation Nourishing Traditions"

Sounds good, I approve!

Sometimes there are a lot of ways to describe basically the same thing.

For instance a diet low in fast releasing carbs - a low carb diet is a healthy diet, and as your.

The low glycemic diet - is really a diet full of nutient dense food (words used by your - Western Price Foundation)

Gold Fein Diet - elimanating dyes from food, as well as MSG and lots of other stuff that are perservatives.

GF/CF diet - once again elimnates fast releasing carbs (although I also suppect wheat and casien in these cases may also be food allergies) still white flour/high carb milk are two of the things in all these diets that are considered not exactly healthy for our families.

Diane I am sorry - I too hate having to spend money on vitamins. When did it get so crazy that eating healthy is not enough to get the vitamins that is needed? Yet, it doesn't work that way for my family and I too have to listen to my husband grip when I buy or reorder vitamins! Yet, I notice he puts himself first in line of getting his bottles of vitamins to fill up his pill box for the week.

More than one way?

There may be more than one route to recovery, or it may be that different kids need different interventions. I have read a very significant number of recovery stories that have the Andy Cutler detox approach as their centerpiece. Read the archives of the autism-mercury yahoo group to find many of them. The basics of his approach can be found for free online and all of the needed supplements can be purchased over the counter for comparatively little cost. Several individuals whose kids had not recovered from other approaches have reported varying degrees of success with the Cutler approach which can be done without doctor involvement. There are also many reports of huge improvements through the use of digestive enzymes--see for more info. Enzymes are also accessible without expensive doctor involvement. Both approaches are likely well worth trying--and can be used in combination.


A gaber,

there are things you can do at no cost which is to remove the nasty chemicals like MSG and artificial sweeteners like aspartame (both neuro toxic and cause headaches which could be a factor in head banging) from your childs diet - i saw huge improvements when i did that with my child (the clearout wasn't good but the gains made it worthwhile!) - GFCF unfortunately wasnt the right route for my son - weston price foundation nourishing traditions was the way to go. hope this helps

Teresa Conrick

Hi A Gaber,

You can start with some help with a rescue angel from GR or please feel free to contact me for information on what to do without a DAN! doctor.



[email protected]


A Gaber, some treatments are very expensive, but some are not. TACA has some suggestions on GFCF diet on a budget. This diet helps some people tremendously:

Also some organizations offer grants to help with biomedical:


Benedetta - have to agree with you - those with $$ are able to "recover" their kids - 40 dives at $130 (not counting other treatments) is over $5,000 alone ... us little people are left to fend for ourselves. I already spend $5,000 + out of pocket for medications and supplements for my family a year.

Theodore Van Oosbree

I wonder if there will be any professional retaliation against Dr. Elliott for publicizing alternative therapies?


I second that A. Gaber. I have two sons on the spectrum. We have recently sold our home,jewelry and other items just to cover the cost of DAN!labs, organic eating for a family of five, as well as supplements. Generally, I am very positive and have seen extrodinary gains from what we have done, but I have had to choose MANY times between what everyone else deems as "necessities" and my kids' health. My husband is out there working 90 hours a week so that I can be home with our kids. Our family and friends simply do not care about how these things get paid for. The thought of coming up with more money to pay for more inteventions is daunting and the lines of grants and funding for biomed are flooded. I have said MANY times that Autism is a cash cure and I mean that. Just getting the information out there is a great thing, but there are days when I wish I wasn't as knowledgeable about effective interventions because then I'd have nothing to belly ache over. All of that being said, it is good that this article was released because every little bit of information out there about vaccines helps as well as information about biomed. A lot of CHOP and Dupont docs reside in Delaware County, so maybe... just maybe....

pass the popcorn

A Gaber,
I've heard of autism doctors taking a few needy cases pro bono. You might approach a DAN doc near you and describe your situation.


I am still flabbergasted that ANY autism parent still believes that shots given from 2001-2004 were thimerosal-free.


Our pediatrician was still using up "old stores" in 2004.

This continued until the convenient addition of the flu shot (90% preserved with thimerosal) to the recommended schedule.

A Gaber

My son was born 10/26/2001 He is described as the worst case of Autism anyone has ever seen. He is very self injurous and does not speak. He has broken his elbow busted his face and head up. That's nice that there are ways to help children with autism but what about those who can't afford this type of care? I make 25 dollars over the amount eligible for SSI and me and my husband work extremely hard. Is there any hope for us?


Yeah, but as long as it is not main stream for most people there is no way to get this treatment.

How far do you have to travel to get to one of these Hyperbots chambers?

How many failed phone calls, doctor visits, failed leads would ordinary parents have to attempt?

Just how much money does a person have to shell out to get one treatment, let alone 40 treatments?

This treatment is for the rich, the influential, the powerful - it is not for the ordinary citizen. WHY? Because the medical profession has put out tons of docs, that Estepp had to deal with. Not only will he not give a referral to a DAN doctor but --- how did he threaten her further??? I got threatened just trying to get my son to a USELESS neurologist.

Sorry needing to vent this morning, been up all night with my daughter, she is pretty sick this week.


I'm imagining the convoluted thinking of an anti-biomedical vaccine-defending mind:
"Just another foolish, gullible parent falling for the snake oil salesmen!" But wait, this is a doctor, and one of his sons recovered, and the other has made a lot of progress. "Oh, they weren't really autistic to begin with!" Even though the father said that his now recovered son previously "had horrible, aggressive behaviors, self-injurious behavior, head-banging and echolalia where he would repeat what everybody said..."

How many stories like this have to be told before mainstream medicine and govt agencies take them seriously? I guess infinity, because they threaten our vaccine program.

Anne McElroy Dachel

This is a critical piece. It breaks from the standard coverage that endlessly claims that only parents link vaccines to autism.
Here is a courageous doctor speaking out about what he personally witnessed. He specifically says this:

"Elliott noted that while thimerosal has been removed from vaccines, he believes they still contain a lot of metals, including aluminum. Although his twins began manifesting autism symptoms after their immunizations began, he does not place blame on any one vaccination.

'I believe that a combination of environmental factors, in addition to over-vaccination, contributed to an immune problem that resulted in a toxic brain injury that manifests in autism spectrum disorder,' said the doctor.

"Elliott noted the incidence of autism has grown from 1 in 10,000 live births in 1980 to 1 in 110. He believes people have spent too much time trying to place blame for the surge of autism cases and not enough time investigating whether giving 40 vaccinations to a child under 5, or 30 vaccinations to a child under age 3, is safe.

'There’s never been a study that looks at the total vaccination schedule, 'he maintained,
in terms of the volume of vaccinations given to children with immature immune systems and developing neurologic systems to determine, in fact, if it’s safe.'''

Here is a doctor who advocates for biomedical intervention. He's working to recover damaged kids, including his own. Everything he talks about is being denied or ignored by the mainstream medical community. It's my hope that more doctors will stand up for the truth about what's happening to our children.

Anne Dachel

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