FDA Approves Merck Gardasil for Anal Cancer: Deadly Choices?
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"Smerck?" Gardasil Vaccine Ad Spoof Flays Marketing Hype

One less Merck marketed the living daylights out of the Gardasil vaccine. Remember the pretty, healthy girls and the moms protecting their daughters from cancer? "One less" they called it. There's a Mom in NY state with the license plate "One Less" who visits her daughter's grave after her Gardasil vaccine. Merck sold Gardasil like an Abercrombie & Fitch thong - speaking of which, the FDA just approved it for anal cancer!

Dr. Paul Offiit's RotaTeq vaccine is also from Merck. His vaccine was approved for the pediatric schedule by the CDC that was run by Dr. Julie Gerberding - who is now the head of Merck's vaccine divsion. Cozier than that camou Snuggie you got from Santa!  And he will call you anti-vaccine if you do not give it and every other vaccine on the pediatric schedule to your children. Just look at the title of his new book: Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. I think he means to hand it out at the Merck annual meeting.  We didn't provide a link, but maybe you can find it on the science fiction or business profitability shelf at your local bookstore.  However, the American public is figuring out pretty quickly (and with no help from us, you can check our stat counter, we aren't exactly CNN or FOX News) that the rabid push to vaccinate is a marketing driven campaign. Here's a parody from This Hour Has 22 Minutes you might enjoy.



Thanks for the link.Let the world know the truth about this


Ironic - the embedded U Tube link produces the following error:

"This video contains content from Halifax Film, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Halifax Films and I are both located in Canada.

In any case, fwiw, an alternate view...



Someone let the "One Less" license plate parents know that we have decals with the website on it. www.truthaboutgardasil.org
and another that says
Stop Gardasil
the HPV Vaccine.
The decal would go great with the ONE LESS. I'm very sorry for their loss. Not trying to make light of a serious topic.
Will share the video on FB.


Love it! America- WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Media Scholar

There's little wonder why the HPV vaccine is still on the market.

When it was first unleashed on unsuspecting souls the word of mouth called it the "Help Profits for Vioxx" vaccine.

So if Merck told the world that injecting tap water into the human body could protect us all against drowning, you'd go along with that?

Would it help sell it by suggesting that Merck uses only the highest quality purified tap water in the world?

Look at the company photos...lab coats....check....white shoe covers....check....full-body chem suits.....check....


Why would Dr. Harper bring up 'develop their neurological systems' and vaccines in the same thought? What does she know? What is she trying to tell us but is possibly constrained by an NDA?


Hilarious! Was this on a TV show? Like Saturday NIght Live?


Hilarious! I'd love to see more of these for all of the vaccines...how about "Be a smart parent and just do what your brainwashed doctor tells you," or "who cares that there's a bunch of crap in the vaccines....the second it's inside a syringe it's automatically safe!" Lies, lies and more lies. UGH!!! I guess the laughter doesn't last that long because I'm just so incredibly pissed!


Love it- "Smerck"

Kevin Barry

Dr. Diane Harper, who was involved in developing HPV vaccine:

"The issue for both vaccines (Cervarix and Gardasil) is that it is just as effective if given to young women who are already sexually active, instead of young girls - given the propensity for young girls to still develop their neurological systems, it seems wise to wait until the girls are a bit older. There is no particular reason to go for 11 year olds."


Maurine Meleck

The parody is just great! Share with everyone you know.

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