Becky Estepp Talks About Autism Recovery: There is Always Hope
Son to Surgeon Father: "I Don't Have Autism Anymore."

Meet Kim Stagliano in Dallas!

Book tour Dallas crew Join Kim Stagliano at the Borders Lovers Lane at 5500 Greenville Avenue in Dallas this Thursday, December 2nd at 7pm for a book signing followed by a get together at Pluckers wings bar next door. The Dallas autism Mom crowd is raring to go - there they are at the Drink Pink launch party we held at NAA in St. Pete.

If you're in Dallas, see Kim on WFAA's "Good Morning Texas" Thursday morning as well.

For more info on events join the All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa FB page HERE and visit Kim's site at Kim Stagliano.




L. A. sewage used as fertilizer in vegetable fields could be a cause of autism.
The city of L. A. has been hauling its sewage sludge to the farmlands in eastern California since the U.S. banned dumping it in the ocean two decades ago.
This sewage contains all kinds of heavy metals including mercury and lead, as well as radioactive medications given to cancer patients.
The sewage industry has not checked on what happens to vegetable grown in this toxic sludge. But some private studies show that these toxic materials are absorbed by vegetables that grow in under the ground, like carrots. 90% of all carrots grown in this country come from those fields laden with L.A. sewage sludge
Many parents feed baby food with ground up carrots in them.
No government agency to my knowledge has ever done a study on what the results are of this ingestion carrots tainted with toxics on children.
This seems to be a more likely cause of the increase of autism than vacines.
Roy Berger,
Member, San Luis Obispo County Sewage Sludge Investigation Task Force.

Deb in IL

I went to Borders the other night for something else, looked for Kim's book, and was happy to see it featured in the parenting section.

Erika Stone

We cannot wait to see you Miss Kim!

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