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Measles in the United Kingdom - The “Wakefield Factor”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield suit headshot Here is an exceprt from Dr. Ed Yazbak's "Measles in The UK - The Wakfield Factor." Read the full article at Vaccination News.

...In the UK, the government withdrew the importation license for single vaccines a few months after Dr Wakefield’s 1998 press conference. Well worth noting is the fact that Merck ceased supplying the single measles, mumps and rubella vaccines in the United States over ten years later, in October 2009[4].

Because of inconsistent testing results and non-availability of pre-1998 data, it is near impossible to define a trend or to draw conclusions regarding confirmed measles cases; yet the relatively few confirmed cases of measles in the UK received an inordinate amount of publicity that always included extensive blame of Dr. Wakefield, particularly as his GMC hearing approached.

While this was happening in England, multiple measles outbreaks were being reported worldwide, sometimes in highly vaccinated populations.

Official statistics from the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency show that:

The number of reported measles cases kept dropping after1998 and only exceeded the 1998 figures ten years later, when there were outbreaks worldwide
There were strikingly far fewer reported measles cases in the UK in the 10 years that followed Wakefield’s paper than in the 10 years that preceded its publication

The reporting of measles cases in the United Kingdom was not affected by Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research...



John Fryer Chemist

My own idea of autism is that many chemicals can take away the brain of which mercury in the form of thimerosal injections into muscle and occasionally simply direct into the blood in inevitable cock ups, from conception to six months of age is a big factor, showing the fallibility of man.

Replacing mercury by other neurotoxins to inject in even larger amounts is not the best way forward.

We need to look at why we get a disorder not trying to prove why we can't get health problems by injecting neurotoxins at earlier ages and in larger amounts and then using others to obfuscate what they have done.

But for Dr Wakefield's paper there is a different problem. Why take away paper showing his personal views of autism children with a gut damaged? Why indeed.

First some authors took away the unprinted hypothesis or conclusion of Dr Wakefield but not the facts published. 9 or so gave way to powerful dark forces which said to them retract or BE PUNISHED. Not one retracted and said the results were wrong. Except a later certain Chadwick whose name wasn't on the paper and found results which proved he was not capable of much except moaning rather loudly and noticeably with a less endearing manner than others.

So the question is why, why, why; was it so important to burn the "books"; the knowledge and what a whole team discovered 12 years ago about autism children doubling over in pain and finding surprise, surprise, a diseased or damaged gut?

Anyone or everyone who were part of the "team" to destroy factual knowledge are like every other such attempt to destroy knowledge and progress. Examples occur from all parts of the world and over the whole history of man.

Simply put, we are in the 21st century subjected a DICTATORSHIP in the medical world of USA and the UK where not only knowledge is destroyed but FALSITIES, LIES and OBFUSCATION are the tools of the medico-legal world.

Far too many people pay lip service to these people who direct our thoughts and make any but those ARMED with facts quiver, waver and fall in line behind the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

Dollars have NO BRAINS.

Knowledge tells us that:

Brain destroying toxins always are and will be BRAIN DESTROYERS.

And the allergy and anaphylaxis od repeat vaccines likewise cannot be paid off by unsolicited payouts to all and sundry.

And the burning of books means entry and return to the



The numbers given in Dr. Yazbak's article seem to indicate that the measles rate decreased after 1998. However, if this is true, why was measles declared endemic to the United Kingdom?

While I agree with Theodora that infectious disease is certainly an issue for humanity, it does not seem to me that discontinuing vaccination would help us. The more hosts a bacteria/virus/parasite infects, the more possibilities it has to evolve into a more virulent strain (that's why overusage of antibiotics allowed these new drug-resistant strains to emerge).

Theodora Trudorn

I was watching a special from the History Channel on the Black Death the other day. It is one of those topics that happen to fascinate me. Towards the end of it, they talked about how even with vaccines, bacteria evolve! They mutate, become stronger, and can do so at an alarmingly short ammount of time.

So even when vaccinated one is not immune to these diseases. Mutated superstrands are evolving against which we do not have any defense except for keeping ourselves healthy as possible and keeping our immune up by taking vitamins like Vitamin C everyday to give ourselves a better chance of fighting it off.

My friend Elijah said something rather interesting the other day. He was talking to my guy and I about how by sheltering ourselves and innoculating to distraction we weaken our ability to adapt and build up our systems to withstand the elements.

That we hide ourselves away so throughly from any disease that we don't give ourselves the chance to both be an exposed to and develop natural defenses against diseases that once again, are evolving and getting stronger all the time.

At the end, the special said that it is not a question of IF another epidemic disease like the Black Death will come again to claim a large portion of us, but WHEN. And when the mirrior is held up to our own generation on how well we could survive something like that, the image is disturbing.

Jenny Allan

My two daughters both received single measles vaccinations as toddlers in the late 1960's. The younger one had a bad dose of measles two years later, which left her with scarring in her eyes and very susceptible to chest infections like pneumonia.
At the time, I was told by medical friends that the 'wild' measles had probably 'mutated' in response to the measles vaccination, which was introduced in the UK around 1967-1968 and routinely administered to infants at around 18 months old. This mutation caused the 'wild' measles to become far more virulent than it had been before. No one could explain why my younger daughter's measles vaccination did not 'take', but I strongly suspect that the vaccine had been stored inappropriately by the staff at the 'baby clinic' she attended.
There is a great deal of statistical evidence that, prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine, the wild measles strains were becoming weaker anyway and less likely to cause any long term problems. I remember children in the 1950's as being far healthier than children today. Yes, we all caught childhood infections, including measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. They meant time off school and some TLC from our mums!!The REAL killers, polio, diptheria and tuberculosis were still rife. Our parents were grateful for us to be immunised against these illnesses and smallpox.

Thank you Dr Yazbak for your continuing support for Dr Wakefield and his colleagues and your well presented and well reasoned articles. One day THEY will HAVE to listen!!


Thank you Dr. Yazbak for compiling this report and calling out this duplicity of "disease control" medicine!

John Stone


Deathly silence followed Ed Yazbak's review of the evidence of Eric Fombonne and Stephen Bustin in the Cedillo case.

Nothing from Orac, nothing from Sullivan, nothing from Deer (nothing, for that matter, from Fombonne or Bustin)!!!



The science-blog types can try and deal with this ( or just the science-blog people can suck it), which I think gets the point across better.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta,

Good point. The report says nothing about the vaccination status of the 17 year-old who died, so presumably he/she was vaccinated (they would have lept at if he/she hadn't been).

Another very interesting related point is that in the HPA data for measles cases they don't give a breakdown of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, they just have the criterion of "recently vaccinated", in which it is seen that the majority of cases are not "recently vaccinated", so you are right that in these case infection may have been deferred to an age when the disease was riskier (a clear negative effect of vaccination). However, it isn't clear that the dead young person actually had measles.

Furthermore, "recently vaccinated" is a subjective and vague term.

Another vulnerable group will be infants less than the age of one who no longer get maternal anti-bodies. It would be very easy to claim that these were not vaccinated or not recently vaccinated as well.

This is all highly indicative of the way the HPA assemble misleading data.



John Stone dying young at 17 is as horrible as it comes, just like having your mind damaged is also as horrible as it comes.

BUT if this young man had had measles as a second grader the outcome might not have been the same. So, we can lay this in vaccinate everything that moves - medical society!

Older people have a much harder time with childhood diseases than children, and that goes for all of them not just measles.


They make it up as they go along. Our health officials are to the pharmaceutical industry what our treasury officials are to banks.


Video of Andrew Wakefield speaking in Boulder. About an hour and a half. You can read the slides in this one.

John Stone

I would just like to retrieve the note I placed in JABS Forum in consultation with Ed Yazbak about the 2008 UK 'measles death' :-

'To return to something I mentioned in passing last week. The report of a death in the UK from measles is anomalous:

'"The first death from acute measles infection since 2006 has been reported. A 17 year old with underlying congenital immunodeficiency was admitted to hospital with respiratory distress and pneumonia on 20 April following contact with a case of measles. The patient deteriorated and was transferred to ITU a week later with respiratory failure, but subsequently died (five weeks later). Serum samples and nasopharyngeal aspirates taken at various times have confirmed that the patient had infection with a strain identical to the measles strain (MVs/Enfield.GBR/14.07 genotype D4) that has now been circulating in the UK for over a year." [1]

'The 17 year old does not seem to have had "clinical measles". They kept testing him to show viral serum reactions but they do not mention that he had measles (clinically).

'They cannot argue that he had an "overwhelming viremia" and died BEFORE he developed measles because the incubation period of measles is 2-3 weeks and he lived over 5 weeks. Pharyngeal aspirates confirm the presence of the virus but not that the patient has the disease. A positive serum test would only be significant if there was a 4-fold increase in titer [2], but if this was the case you might expect that the HPA would mention it, whereas they only record the presence of the virus...'



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