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WINNERS! 1001 Tips for Parents of Autistic Boys (and Girls)

1001-Tips-for-the-Parents-of-Autistic-Boys1 Contest is CLOSED!

It pays to have friends in high places! Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse is also the father of a daughter with autism and an author. His colleague Ken Siri has a boy with autism. They teamed up to parents around the country for PRACTICAL tips for raising our kids including puberty and young adult issues. The result? Two great books that should be on the coffee table of every parent, teacher, caregiver, friend and family member of a person with autism.

Simon's OT Mom
Richard Long
Isabel Pedroza
Tanya Pacheko
Crystal Kelly
Maurine Meleck
Steph M
Linda Wynne
Christine Roshaven
Alex Von Dallwitz

Diane Cervi
Julie Leonardo
D Bender
Diane Y
Sonia Lopez
Kathy Y
Karen P
Summer McFarland
Tonya Frye

1,001 Tips for the Parents of Autistic Boys by Ken Siri & 1001 Tips for the Parents of Autistic Girls by Tony Lyons provide today’s Moms and Dads with all the information they need to raise happy, healthy kids with autism.  Ken Siri and Tony Lyons, co-authors of Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism, are fathers who have years of firsthand experience with the autism spectrum and fill the books’ pages with everything parents need to know about dianosis, doctors, schools taxes, vacation, babysitters, treatment, food, and more!  For more information, check out the links for parents.  You can buy 1,001 Tips for the Parents of Autistic Boys & 1,001 Tips for the Parents of Autistic Girls on



i want the boy one~i have a 6 yr old son with severe autism

M. Velazquez

The boy one. Thanks.


Thank you AofA, Kim and Skyhorse. (and Tony for writing it, of course!)
I would have hoped that we wouldn't need it by this point, but we so clearly do --- this couldn't come at a better time.

Autism Grandma

I am not entering to receive this book because it's on my list to purchase, but since the subject matter is "Tips for Parents", I would like to share a few solutions which have really helped ALOT.

Sam's Club has some multi colored "puzzle" interlocking design rubber floor mats which fit together and the price is only $20 for 8 per package, size 2ft.x 2ft. each. These have been a LIFESAVER as we covered the hard floor with these when I removed my dining room set and made the area adjoining the kitchen into a playroom so that we could keep watch over my grandson and still be able to work in the kitchen. After the vaccines caused so much neurological damage and my grandson could no longer walk, he kept trying to stand up and kept falling over so these mats have a great cushion that prevented him from getting hurt.

Then I bought more to put upstairs in my daughter's bedroom and his bedroom, so that I could remove the carpeting. Another big help was knocking out the wall to connect the master bedroom with the adjoining bedroom so that we could always keep an eye on him. Not only are these mats great for cushioning, but waterproof and so easy to clean since my grandson was always doing fun things like pouring his bottles on the floor and sometimes smearing poop. Even the colors and design are attractive with red, yellow, green and blue. Elsewhere online these same mats are $8 each so $2.50 each at Sam's is bargain city. HERE:

Model: IS200 Item #: 552530

Another thing that greatly helped us was these great expandable gates [link below) which enabled us to keep my grandson from escaping our living area downstairs. They lock into place and are very durable vinyl plastic which stood up to my grandson constantly crashing into them with his plastic tricycle. [Another great invention from Walmart] We previously had metal gates and he was getting hurt on them when trying to climb over etc. We also installed these on the top and bottom of the stairs. These are installed into the wall or doorway instead of pressure gates which only work with younger babies. Walmart has the best price with free ship to store pick up. North States Clear Choice Stairway Gate $62 and worth every cent. HERE:

These gates did the trick for over 2 years but as he was improving so much with his mental functioning he was devising methods of climbing over them by standing on top of his toys so I finally had to figure out a way to put doors up downstairs. I searched all over for regular doors and also outside storm doors but they looked so yucky and I also did not want him to feel closed in where he couldn't see through the doors. I found these great durable vinyl screen doors at Home Depot ["Screentight"] which they carry in different designs that are actually attractive as an inside door!!! Then we replaced the screen with high impact plexiglass and they have survived the last year with his trike crashing and other abuse with no problemo.

The total cost for each door including paying a handyman from Craig's list to make a frame and install them was $400 each, but a handy husband could do it and then it would be $100 labor savings: Door = $150 + Plexiglass + Door frame + Hardware = $300 each. This was the best $800 I ever spent!!! [We use a slide bolt at the top to lock them] HERE:


I would love to win a copy of the boy book!

Debbie Canady

I would love a copy of the Boy book. My son is now 13, going through puberty, acne and all the other issues teens have plus, the growth spurt. A teenage boy who has autism and cerebral palsy so I am also dealing with contractures from the overnight growth spurt.Having to do serial casting at the moment and if this does not work muscle releases.......Any tips would be greatly appreciated...I juggle autism and CP daily and knowledge gives me my power back.


Boy, please. Thank you!


We could really use a copy of the BOY edition. Thanks!


Oh yes, please toss me in the hat for the BOY book...probably outselling the GIRL book by 3:1 but I have the gender I have!! Thanks!

Lisa Clark

I would love a copy of the one for boys. That would be really awesome.


OH BOY! We have two BOYs on the Spectrum so we could really USE the BOY book!
Thanks for the great contests! Keep em coming!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Would love to win boy version!

Amy Hebel

Would love a copy for girls please...wish there was more info for girls.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

I'd LOVE to have a copy of the boy book! Thanks to Skyhorse (and AofA) for the opportunity!

Dori Pelz-Sherman, PhD

If I win the (boy) copy, I would leave it in my waiting room to share with families - I am currently a not-for-profit clinical psychologist.

Simon's OT mom

I could use this for myself, as well as my school. I'd love to win!


This looks like a great book. If I win I would like the copy for Boys, please. Thanks!

Kristina A.

I would love the book on boys please!


All boy and today is Riley's birthday too!!!

Mary Kay Recker

The boy book, please, so I can send it to my daughter. She is the mother of my 2 beautiful, autistic, twin grandsons.


This would be a great addition to my library of autism books!


Would love to have a copy of this. Boy please!

Bad penny

Oh BOY do I need let me repeat need a copy of the boy book. In the throws of puberty with our 11 year old regressive or as we say vaccine induced child with autism. Delayed in everything except puberty what an evil twist to this disorder. Although another challange to navigate we embrace his loving heart.

Richard Long

I would like the BOY version

Maurine Meleck



I would love to win a copy :) The boy one please!



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