Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism Found in Study
2010 AofA Awards: Time for Your Nominations


Autism Grandma

Re: "Autism is a manmade epidemic while smiling all pink and perty."

It takes your special gift to approach such serious topics with humor. I admire you for hanging onto your sense of humor...mine has been depleting since autism entered into my grandson's life, although my grandson can make me laugh in the worst of situations THANK GOD!!!


Well done!

michael framson

Kim, great interview. Just finished your book last night. You touched on every chord, the sound and feel of this epidemic in very personal terms. I think you've created a new and "stagtastic" vernacular for the age of autism.

You and your family are an awesome. Mother Teresa might say, "I'm no Kim Stagliano."

Eileen Meade

Great interview- really wonderful job communicating in short sound bites and fun to watch. However, the advertisement on the WFAA website was for a vaccination clinic called oh, the irony!

Isaacs Grandma

Bravo Kim..or Lisa? LOL!!
I finished the book and LOVED it! I can't wait to give this book to my daughter, and she is really excited that I got it for her!
I hope that you will consider writing another one sometime. You have a very special gift. You know how to relate to the many parents who are going through so many similar things with their children, and you do it in such a way that it feels like you are right there with them. Thanks for always being so dedicated to all of our children!


That is a great interview!


Yes the children are the light and the sunshine in our lives. Congratulations Kim,
job well done.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Such a fantastic interview, Kim!

Thanks for hanging with us after the book signing! Such fun!

Can't wait to give my books as Christmas gifts this year.

Lisa @ TACA

Great job Kim!!!

kathy blanco

good job Kim, I need to order your book for all my family members, hint hint, they could use a dose of reality.


Did he call you Lisa at the end?

Otherwise, great interview!


Was there jerky in the green room?

Erika Stone

You did a WONDERFUL job Kim Stagliano!!!

It was great seeing you last night in the "Big D" and spending some time with you after the book signing.

I cannot wait to give your book to my family, they are going to love it as much as i did!


Very nice interview!


Congratulations on a great interview and a fantastic book. I'm reading it presently. I think I may be one of those people the book was written for - although my child is not autistic, SEVERAL dear friends of mine have autistic children in their families.

You may not be Mother Tereseas, but families dealing with autism are disproportiantely bearing the burden of something for which we may ALL bear some responsibility.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but your story (and those of my dear friends) make me believe that we as a society have it within us to turn this focus research in the right direction, listen and honor the wisdom and experience of parents (whose values I trust far more than institutionalized science), and provide the support that will help OUR children have great lives.

Maurine Meleck

What a terrific interview. All your intelligence and humor came across like a seasoned speaker. Well done.

dan olmsted

Great job Kim! You do your book (and blog) proud!


Good job. You looked great, and came across as someone people could identify with and look up to through difficult times. And you nicely weighted your comments about the man made epidemic, just enough to plant a seed of thought in people's minds.

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