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Fox & Friends Discusses SafeMinds' PSA Campaign for Mercury Free Flu Shots

Mercury-vaccine Saturday morning, SafeMinds' Executive Director, Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, appeared on Fox and Friends with Alisyn Camerota to discuss our campaign to educate the public about mercury in flu vaccines. Lyn stressed the need to avoid mercury-containing vaccines, particularly for pregnant women, infants and children. SafeMinds would like to thank Fox for helping to spread this critical safety message. The typical viewership for this show is 1.2 million so we are happy to have reached such a large audience. SafeMinds is committed to ongoing work to remove mercury from all vaccines and to giving the public the information it needs to avoid mercury exposures.

Watch the Fox  video here: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4447612/controversy-over-psa-push-for-mercury-free-vaccines



I just noticed our local Rite Aid is offering to pay people, sort of--$100 in coupons, if they get a flu shot.


Thank you Lyn! You did an excellent job. Keep up the great work.

Lisa @ TACA

As usual Lyn - you did a great job. I love your response to the tough question - "It is the truth."

The truth always wins.


WIN!! (luckily, my family laughs at Isidore Rosenfeld- we think he is such a funny cute old doctor...a total tool) Thanks Lyn and Fox... I hope the momentum keeps going!!


Going quite far OT, perhaps, but here is another apparent epidemic in our youth:


"Between 1999 and 2006, the age group with the sharpest increase of hospitalizations from eating disorders was under 12 years old. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported a 119 percent rise."


Carolyn M - FOX News' Isidore Rosenfeld should have been replaced long ago. He's a dinosaur, a relic of the past. Either he's been completely brainwashed by pharma, become demented, or some combination of both. It's quite painful to listen to all of the pharma-endorsed bilge that he spews forth every Sunday morning.


Carolyn M;
Rosenfield is a bad man, but he looks so sweet, and he does not mean to be.
He believes what ever the medical establishment tells him, he is not creative at all!

There have been so many times he has quoted studies, and then new studies comes in and he will say - I have treated patients the old way forever but new studies say.

Rosenfield will change his tune when the NIH, CDC and so forth change thiers.

He is a parrot, and nothing more. Let's hope most Americans were in church or visiting family on Sundays.

Carolyn M

Unfortunately, while we're all rejoicing that the message got out to more people than if the PSA had been shown in theaters (and it is indeed something to rejoice about), this morning Fox News had Dr. Isidore Rosenfeld on. He stated that it was a "myth" that babies under two years old should not get a flu shot. He was quite emphatic. The fact that mercury is in many flu shots did not get mentioned - nor was he asked any questions by other Fox personnel, at least not in the clip that I saw.

I hope more people saw the interview yesterday than saw Dr. Rosenfeld today.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Well done, Lyn! Thanks for sharing the truth so eloquently with Fox Nexs. Kudos to Fox News for reporting on this, showing parts of the important PSA and having the information on their website. While I continue to be very disappointed that the PSA didn't run in the theaters, this significantly improves my mood on the subject!


Thanks, FOX, for actually reporting some news, regardless of how uncomfortable it might make the pharma sponsors etc. I hope you continue to show that kind of integrity.
I think AMA just got taken aback by all the self-interested pharma types who have banded together and did whatever they could to prevent this honest PSA.
I like how one science blogger even said something about her "autistic child" being so happy over their victory in having the PSA cancelled. I mean,really, if she even really has a child with autism then it must be very mild for the child to conceptualize all that.
Good job, autism grandma!


Well done, cmo, for sharing the "good news and bad news" with respect to flu inoculations! :>)

With you, I'm preaching to the choir, but I'll share it anyway:

Pharma will soon be “preventing” disease with swine flu jabs derived from Army worms. I’m not making this up! I suppose that the day will soon come when worm-derived and insect-derived jabs will be mandated for everyone - to “protect the herd”, of course.


“A bit of wisdom that still applies, even if it makes me feel all crawly after the inoculation.”



cmo: They also run that same figure EVERY year no matter how many more people are getting the flu vaccine. I guess it doesn't help prevent deaths afterall...


Well done Lyn and Fox News.

Lyn could have stated that the "bad part is mercury" and the "good part of the vaccine" comes from diseased monkey kidney.

For some reason, they run the same "36,000 annual flu death banner" which would mean that a flu death is just about as common as an auto accident death.

However, the flu deaths are mostly from December to March,

...which would mean that right now... we should be hearing about FOUR flu deaths for every ONE car accident death.

Autism Grandma

I expected that the movie theatres were going to be pressured into removing these mercury warning ads, but maybe this message is actually getting more exposure through Fox News now!!!

I'm glad that Lyn Redwood was introduced as a Registered Nurse, as the public will maybe be more likely to heed the warning from a medically trained person.

I need to look up the entire ad but I am wondering if they are even mentioning the Swine Flu combined vaccines because even without the mercury this combination is extremely dangerous.

I just left the grocery store and the cashier mentioned that her mother has Alzheimers so I told her "Don't let her get any more flu shots unless they are mercury free". She looked shocked and responded "Flu shots have MERCURY in them?"
When I said "25,000% of the EPA safety standard" she just looked dumbfounded. When she asked me "was I sure about this?" I explained to her that I learned about this through researching since my grandson immediately developed autism after his last batch of vaccines, which have a sh*tload of aluminum in them, and Mercury and Aluminum have been implicted in Alzheimers as well as Autism." (I know this woman from shopping at Aldi's regularly so I can get away with saying "shitload" to her:)

The poor woman just looked so shocked and she couldn't say another word. The person behind me in the check out line also looked horrified. People just don't know so we need to TELL THEM!!!! I need to order some brochures from SafeMinds...


Thank you to SafeMinds and Fox News! That was so very well-presented on the part of Lyn Redwood, and such a crucial piece of information that should be known as part of informed consent regarding vaccination. Thank you for doing the CDC's job. I hope the day of including vaccine safety under the CDC's jurisdiction will soon be over.

Donna L.

When I grow up, I want to be like Lyn Redwood. As always, nice job Safeminds!

Maurine Meleck

Lyn. this is fantastic. What great comments in such a short time slot they gave you. Thanks a million times over.

Teresa Conrick

Just great and what a perfect way to get the message out to millions! Excellent job Lyn and thanks to FOX and Alisyn Camerota for sharing such important information with their viewers.


Great job, Lyn. Since when does a PSA need "universal" approval for content? I see PSA's all the time that go directly against my "opinion". I think we can count this as a win-of-unintended-consequences.

pass the popcorn

Great strategy! Keep telling the news outlets this story.


A 3 minute PSA on FOX News reaching a captive million+ viewers vs. a 30 second PSA reaching a potentially distracted multi-thousand+ viewers. I think my donation to SAFEMINED has just paid out in spades! Thank you Lyn Redwood and SAFEMINDS for educating the public because the CDC refuses to specify a preference for available mercury-free vaccines to the most important groups.

KneeCapped by SnowCaps

I guess reaching over a million Fox viewers and being on their site is more hits than the PSAs in a few movie theaters would have reached. Looks like SkankChick got kneecapped by the SnowCaps.

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