Katie Wright: Mt Sinai Autism Environment Conference Bizarre and Disappointing
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Congrats to The Pilot House in Acoustic4Autism iTunes Fundraiser!

Pilot house The Pilot House is a fantastic org offering direct support and services to families in Fairfield County, CT. We are members of The Pilot House and I can't say enough about how important they are in our community in providing a safe, enriched environment for kids on the spectrum.  It's another parent driven org making a real difference for families. I wanted to share their success here. Please download the single!  Thanks. KIM

Dave Wakeling of "The English Beat" announces "The Love You Give" tour to benefit Autism. In conjunction with this tour, Dave will be releasing the acoustic solo performance version of his new song "The Love You Give," (his first studio recording since 1994) in association with Acoustic for Autism (http://acousticforautism.org/), an organization created to increase awareness, acceptance, understanding for those with autism and to help raise funds for organizations who are making a direct, positive impact for families and their children.

We're very pleased to announce that The Pilot House has been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the funds raised through through the iTunes sales.

You can purchase this single for just $.99 by clicking on the link below:


Acoustic for Autism is a music project founded by childhood friends Mike Cusanelli and Louis Gendron who reconnected after twenty years and formed a bond when they discovered that they both have children with autism. A4A donates 100% of the net proceeds to non-profit organizations in the US who are helping families and children directly afflicted with autism.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.
The Pilot House
240 Colony Street
Fairfield, CT  06824
(203) 292-8452



John Gilmore

Dating myself, here but one of the most fun concerts I ever went to was Dave Wakeling's English Beat opening for the Clash at the San Francisco Civic in 1981. I was a big Clash fan but had never heard of the English Beat before the show. The Beat walked on stage played their first bar and pandemonium broke out. Unbelievable energy, non-stop dancing, wonderful fun. It's great that he is doing this for us. I just someone close to him isn't affected.

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