Denial and the "Normalization" of The Age of Autism
Meet Author Kim Stagliano at Wachtung Booksellers In Montclair NJ 12/8

Cold, Snow and a Warm Welcome in Minneapolis

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) From Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill: The Age of Autism Book Tour beat the snow (barely) into Minnesota this past weekend. We were hosted by a vibrant autism community -- many thanks to Patti Carroll and everyone else who worked so hard to make it happen. In addition to a talk Saturday at the University of Minnesota's St. Paul Campus, we did a video interview with Craig Evans of, a terrific Web site. It may be the only interview we've ever done in a bowling alley (in the student union -- no bowling was happening). HERE
On Thursday, 12/9 Dan will speak and sign books at a TACA event in Richmond, Va. See our book website for details. We've been tremendously energized and encouraged by the enthusiasm and shared commitment we've found all along the way. Our book tour picks up after the first of the year. First stop: Houston on January 15. Stay tuned, and see you on the road.




I was in a bookstore the other day and moved a few AoA copies up to a table at the front of the store.

Hope that is ok...

Tim Kasemodel

Mark and Dan,

I want to repeat what Nancy said - thanks so much for your continued efforts to get the message out that mercury is never safe and for being such strong advocates for our children. It was also a special treat to share some private moments with you both.

Maurine - about 75 hardy souls showed up from as far away as Wisconsin and Iowa to hear our heroes.

CMO - There was a very nice man about 45 years old and diagnosed as aspergers at age 43. He had very good questions and many of us spoke with him. I believe he would fit the description of "neurodiverse". If all individuals in that community had the interest and genuine curiosity in our cause as this gentleman it would be a lot easier to hold a civil discussion with them.


Has anyone named "Sulivan" shown up to get their book signed ?

They must be around somewhere...

Maurine Meleck

A great interview at my alma mater altho we never had a bowling alley that I recall. I go back so many years that my Freshman year there was no bridge cover yet over the Mississippi. Nobody knows cold until you've crossed that bridge separating East from West campus-in full wind at 25 below zero.
I searched the web for any newspaper story of your visit-Mpls and St Paul papers and The Minnesota Daily. Nada. Was there any write up I missed? Loved Anne there too.
How big was the crowd.? Couldn't tell. Anyway, before i digress anymore-thanks-just terrific. I will pass on to all those long lost relatives and friends there.


Thanks so much, Dan and Mark, for coming to St. Paul and Minneapolis this past weekend. The alarming facts from your outstanding presentation will be shared with many more people here over the coming months.

Two days after the snow, both cities were still digging out; yet, still you came. Your ethical commitment and perseverence -- past, present, and future -- are most appreciated.


You said you were coming to Ohio DAN!!! I'm holding ya too it mister!!!

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