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Thank you Becky for standing up for our children and for waking up others.I admire your strength to put this video together.
I agree 100% with everything you said.We each have to do our share (I do patient
education and database analysis)to turn things around.Yes,this is the ugly face of
capitalism,bloody profit at any price.Health
is not the first priority in their eyes.
I wish you and your son strength and continued recovery.



You covered things very well.

It is beyond amazing they are STILL "giving toddler/ mercury flu shots away for free" in many areas, but have banned OSR.

The Academy of Pediatric Poison will someday have to explaing a few things.


Becky, you are really awesome! We're so lucky to have you advocate for our kids. I'm from San Diego so I've seen you in action ;) and you are always thoughtful, very intelligent and inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Becky for sharing your personal story about your son. You did an excellent job discussing the historical, medical, financial and political factors. It is compelling and honest to say that our children have so many health issues and different treatments may be necessary to alleviate the pain and inflammation.

Bravo for reminding everyone that mercury is bad in all forms!

I share your anger, passion and vision.

DAN fan

Very inspiring video. Thank you so much. I really like the way you tell your story.We need a huge website cataloging such stories - there are so many of them.



Lost interest after the third "product placement".

While I appreciate that Ms. Estepp was at sea a decade ago (and I was too, even 3 years ago about where to begin) it is not necessary to have a DAN or use Kirkman's products to COMPLETELY recover a child--mine is about 90% recovered. I did use ARI's ATEC evaluation for years (until it became obsolete) to track my son's progress--very valuable.

I spent thousands of my family's income and savings on DAN treatments and therapies that my son didn't really need. Once we started using Cutler's chelation protocol (which is dirt cheap) my son rocketed forward at a rate that was shocking to his father and me. In J.B.'s words, he 'normalized'.

I would hate for ASD parents to think they are locked out of recovery because they can't afford "biomedical". I hope the advertising on this site won't keep other ways to recovery off the table for other parents.


Wow! Great video!


Thanks Becky for sharing your story and history. I'm sure your video will inspire many to seek out biomed with realistic expectations. Your content is informative and helpful and your sincerity and passion for helping others makes you an amazing and awesome Warrior Mom.


Thank you for posting this!

Ms. Estepp, this is a powerful and very helpful testimony.

I hope the general pediatrician reaction to biomed treatment for autism today has greatly improved, but if not, I think it is pretty clear to the viewing parent who wants to know even a painful truth to help their affected child, that you are speaking with eyes open wide by experience.

dan olmsted

I've been fortunate to get to know Becky and her family. She is one of the great advocates for our cause and this video really captures that.

Claudine Liss


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