Meet Author Kim Stagliano at Wachtung Booksellers In Montclair NJ 12/8
Look Them in the Eyes -- Is Color Change a Clue to Mercury in Autism?


Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Thanks for another great opportunity! I'd love to sport this shirt and tell everyone I meet what it means!! Thanks!


BEAUTIFUL!!! I would wear it with pride! Enter me please. Thank you!!


I'd love to win this! I love the bling! :)


Beautiful shirt- would love to have it!


Love it!


Oh please please please please please could I please win this super girly-girl shirt? I'd love to wear it to my son's next IEP meeting!!

Julie Leonardo

Oh ME! Oh me!!!! Pick me!!!!! Hee hee, gotta be childlike about this:)

Shannon Primer

That is awesome!! Nice work!!!


Love this shirt and would probably spark a lot of discussion, that's for sure!

Lesa Walsh

Be still my BLINGING~AUTI heart! Wheee-woooh (that's my wolf whistle ~ lol) It could be a fabulous "carrot on a stick" to help me loose the last "chunk" of pounds to get remotely close to my "fighting weight"! Ooh ~ I hope I get picked!

Tammy McNair

LOVE this shirt! This bling would look good on me at my Autism and homeschooling conferences! It would defintely strike up conversations to bring awareness!

Amy Hebel

Very cool t-shirt and something to get awareness out.


I'm partial to sparkle myself! LOVE it!!


Wow!! Rudolph would be totally jealous of that bling! Please enter me to win! Thanks!


Bling my heart for Autism


Would love this one!!!

jessilyn carey

bling is the new black is quite interesting. i think they should use maurine's "bling me" for marketing. =) i will see if we can use them for team shirts. thanks for the continued fun stuff mixed in the great info!


love,love,love,love it!!!!!!

Stephanie Klinker-Jones

Absolutely LOVE this!!


Please put my name in the blingy hat! So cute


No WAY!!! That's MY size!!! I want I want I want!!!! Enter me please!

Kyla Montano

I love this shirt! I am the proud mommy of 2 Autistic kids.I would LOVE to show off my love for them by wearing this shirt all the time!!

Isaacs Grandma

I would LOVE to win this shirt!

Nicole M.

Ooooh! That's my size!!!


Oh My I would love to win this shirt, I usually make my own shirts to support this cause so it would be nice to have someone else do the work. Plus I cant make one this pretty.


Love this shirt! Add me to the list!

Tobi Drabczyk

Beautiful shirt. Please enter me. Thanks

Hillary C.

Love it. <3

Susan in TX

Oh, I could SO use a little bling right now... promise I will wear it to all my special-needs events! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

Trisha King

My autistic son has stolen my bling heart!

Susan Varney

Awesome shirt... awesome cause!

Melissa Clarke

<3 <3 <3 this shirt!!!!


I'm generally not a bling-y person but I really like this shirt!

Noelle Waller

What a fabulous way to promote awareness! I absolutely love this shirt!!

Dana Read

I ♥ this shirt!

Maurine Meleck

Bling me! thanks, Maurine

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