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American Vaccine Court Rules DTaP (Pertussis Whooping Cough) Vaccine Legal Cause of Epilepsy & Boy's Death

EliasTembenis We send our thoughts and prayers to Harry and Gina Tembenis, whose son Elias died as a result of a reaction to his DTaP (P = Pertussis/Whooping Cough) vaccination. If you don't know Harry and Gina, I can personally tell you they are life and love and hope personified.  This award does not bring back their precious son. But it reminds our nation that vaccines can cause severe life threatening injury. Read more about the Tembenis family and their foundation HERE.

Read the full claim HERE

In the United States Court of Federal Claims
No. 03-2820V
Filed: November 29, 2010
HARRY TEMBENIS and GINA TEMBENIS, ) administrators of the estate of ) ELIAS TEMBENIS, ) Entitlement; Death; ) DTaP; Seizure disorder; epilepsy; Petitioners, ) Cause-in-fact; ) Complex febrile seizure; v. ) No alternative cause ) SECRETARY OF ) HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, ) ) Respondent. ) Ronald C. Homer, Conway, Homer & Chin-Caplan, P.C., Boston, MA for Petitioners. Ryan D. Pyles, United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. for Respondent.

Petitioners have satisfied the legal requirements for proving that Elias’s December 26, 2000 DTaP vaccination was a legal cause of his epilepsy and death. Respondent has not overcome Petitioners’ evidence by proving an alternative cause. Therefore, I find that Petitioners have established entitlement to compensation under the Vaccine Act.

s/ Dee Lord
Dee Lord
Chief Special Master


kathy blanco

Vagul brake in DD and Autism


OMG! If you haven’t yet seen these videos, please do so! I’m utterly blown away by this. The truth is now self-evident. We are victims of mercury, fluoride, and aluminum poisoning.

“Video: Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas (Mercury)”; “It Really is MERCURY!”; and “The Beautiful Truth (excerpts)”

Here’s more on fluoride, mercury, and the legacy of the ADA, FDA, and EPA.

“Even Worse than it Appears” by Paul Maher, MD, MPH on December 8, 2010.

“In 1999 Dr. Kennedy visited villages in Inner Mongolia where he witnessed the conditions that now afflicts 43 million Chinese children with dental fluorosis, 1.6 million Chinese with severe skeletal fluorosis and an at-risk population in the endemic areas of 100 million, roughly 9% of the entire country.

Dr. Kennedy and his wife, hosted by the China Medical University and the People‘s Republic of China Department of Endemic Disease Control, produced a documentary film titled Crippling Waters on the problems of excess fluoride in drinking waters of China and their efforts to reduce fluoride intake. This documentary has been viewed all over the world at scientific conferences, both in Europe and Asia. It premiered at the Defluoridation Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November of 2000, and was widely acclaimed by the participants as accurate, dramatic and revealing.

More recently he produced the Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas documentary that highlights the 20 years of pivotal medical research funded by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology into the impact of mercury from dental amalgams. ...”

kathy blanco

and reeally lastly Benedetta...remember when I mentioned my son had low potassium? Well, it seems low potassium is prevalent in autism, again, don't miss teh most important minerals in autism, potassium, sodium and calcium levels...all of which should be in normal ranges, not low, not high. Ryan's potassiu, levels previous to this attack asytole, were always low. Even with SUPPLEMENTATION of potassium. Here is probably why...(noting, he has hypothyroid, and I have low potassium as well)...and low lithium (take lithium orotate)
: Biol Trace Elem Res. 2006 Jun;110(3):193-209.
Analyses of toxic metals and essential minerals in the hair of Arizona children with autism and associated conditions, and their mothers.
Adams JB, Holloway CE, George F, Quig D.

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-6006, USA.

The objective of this study was to assess the levels of 39 toxic metals and essential minerals in hair samples of children with autism spectrum disorders and their mothers compared to controls. Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry was used to analyze the elemental content of the hair of children with autism spectrum disorders (n=51), a subset of their mothers (n=29), neurotypical children (n=40), and a subset of their mothers (n=25). All participants were recruited from Arizona. Iodine levels were 45% lower in the children with autism (p=0.005). Autistic children with pica had a 38% lower level of chromium (p=0.002). Autistic children with low muscle tone had very low levels of potassium (-66%, p=0.01) and high zinc (31%, p=0.01). The mothers of young children with autism had especially low levels of lithium (56% lower, p=0.005), and the young children (ages 3-6 yr) with autism also had low lithium (-30%, p=0.04). Low iodine levels are consistent with previous reports of abnormal thyroid function, which likely affected development of speech and cognitive skills. Low lithium in the mothers likely caused low levels of lithium in the young children, which could have affected their neurological and immunological development. Further investigations of iodine, lithium, and other elements are warranted.

PMID: 16845157 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

kathy blanco

and laaaaastly,
Search ResultsThe neurobiology of autism - Google Books Result
Margaret L. Bauman, Thomas L. Kemper - 2005 - Medical - 404 pages
These behaviors are obviously compromised in autism. Is it possible that autism is associated with a deficit in the vagal brake and an inability to switch ...►Parasympathetic Function - MacArthur SES & Health Network | Researchby K Bulloch - Related articles
In infants at 9 months of age, poor regulation of the vagal brake during tests of ... functioning of the VVC, deemed by him to be the substrate for autism. ... - Cached - SimilarVagal Activity, Early Growth and Emotional Developmentby T Field - 2008 - Cited by 5 - Related articles
The “vagal brake” has been referred to as suppression of respiratory sinus ... Children with autism also benefit from massage therapy (Escalona, Field, ... › Journal List › NIHPA Author ManuscriptsDevelopmental Psychopathology: Theory and method - Google Books Result
Dante Cicchetti, Donald J. Cohen - 2006 - Psychology - 1084 pages
Infant regulation of the vagal "brake" predicts child behavior problems: A ... 1997: Change and continuity in the development of children with Autism. ...

kathy blanco

Another good article

kathy blanco

Benedetta, good article here, explains a lot

kathy blanco

Vagul brake problems, autonomic dysfunction are prevalant in autism, more than we think. Research on heart issues, mercury issues of the heart and even aspartame as causes to asystole or heart conduction must continue. Yes, to think the heart has anything to do with seizures/aggression is a weird thought, but think of it like a conduit...the vagul nerve is not only in the brain, it's also connected to sinus node rhythem in the heart, and the nerve goes all the way down to the gut. So, if the gut ain't right, the heart ain't right, and the brain ain't right. The same goes for many things in our body, one body organ affects another. That's when I laughed at my old FIRED neurologist who told me plainly, she doesn't see my child as gut brain heart immune mediated kid (adult). Just all up in the head, where the firing and misfiring of the brain occurs. What a LAUGH~! A JOKE! A neurologist who doesn't see the entire picture? How the immune system interacts with the CNS? How infections and toxins cause extreme oxidative stress? MTHFR COMT, what is that she said? How your autonomic system is connected? How foods actually gumm up the gut which affects the brain? Reeeally? The same people who say Ketogenic diet works by eating high fats, not connected? I threw her a bone when I found the article of Dr Theoharides on Mast Cell inflammation...she liked the fact that he came from Tufts University, and that I didn't retrieve the information from some nefarious website which was antivaccination and all theory. Reaaally? Or, when I shoved a paper on PANDAS when my kid was in essentially ICU for his aggressions, and the "feeling I had" he had it...and then they shoved the paper right back at me and said something on the lines of, I am glad you got this from a qualified medical journal, that is very interesting, but does not apply to Ryan...reaallly? The same people who had a 24 hour EEG on him, WITH A HEART MONITOR, and saw perfectly normal things? Well, I went with that feeling, and found out my son had sky high CAM KINASE II, and antibodies to his neurological dopamine tissue (strep capable of doing of course)? Reaally? So, I say, go with your GUT instincts (pun intended), and get your kids into the best care possible, avoiding the jerks, and get them well by your instincts. Don't take no for an answer.


Thanks Kathy for answering. It is scary that seizures may be more heart related than brain related.

Yes, AoA filters have kept me out of trouble too sometimes when I get heated up, espcially when - well that could have been my son whose picture tops this article.

Yes, vaccines are interferring with the immune system, that is why we all have increased problems with infections after a vaccine. That is why there were ear infections in Elias- like all of our children, that is why we all have recurring problems with strep, recurring fevers, recurring sinus infection, but there is no use telling this to Loralai. She does not see this child as a human being, she sees him as a child whose parents go blaming innocent people for his unavoidable death.She see the child as a poster for the ideas of an antivaxxer She is liken perhaps to those soldiers in Germany back in the 30's that could not see people because of the stars of David pinned to their chests.

kathy blanco

Benedetta, yes, seizures are MUCH less, occasional pop throughs, but those have been charted soon after having an infraction in his diet, IMHO. Zonagran was ok for an hour or two, but the die off is horrid, please rethink this medication. Any med that is psychotropic, rethink, IMHO...think heart issues and blood flow and inflammation, address those first. Also, I posted something with very wonderful language in response to the person who said the fever and ear infections killed this poor baby and obviously it didn't get posted, and thank you Kim for that. I want to explain why our kids die within six months of vaccines, and it's a plausible scenario. That is, they are reduced to the level of an AIDS patient. If they have XMRV already, well...but this will help explain why fevers and infections follow vaccines...
Wakefield found that controls had prevalence in the gut of HHV-6 DNA similar to that of those with ulcerative colitis—86%! Virus infected monocytes (White Cells) travel freely throughout the body, and have been shown to enter the brain, take up residence there, and secrete cytokines (chemical messengers) toxic to brain tissue. They also serve as foci of infection. It is not uncommon for infants to run fevers and show other signs of acute inflammation after receiving multiple vaccinations. Interferon production is stimulated by infection with a virus to protect the body from super infection by some other microorganism. In this study, vaccination of one-year-old infants with measles vaccine caused a precipitous drop in the level of alpha-interferon produced by lymphocytes. This decline persisted for one year following vaccination, at which time the experiment was terminated—Journal of Infectious Diseases. Thus, this study showed that measles vaccine produced a significant long-term immune suppression. Similarly, the report in the British medical journal Lancet confirmed that a significantly higher percentage of these children had received a DTP shot within 30 days of the onset of polio compared to a control group of children without polio, 43 percent of polio victims compared to 28 percent of controls. The DTP vaccine suppresses the body’s ability to fight off the polio virus. Thus, we have evidence of long-term damage to the immune system from vaccines. Starting at about 4 months, this leads to the infections, antibiotics, more infections, and more vaccines that often precede autism.

To Kathy Blanco

Kathy I asked you a question in the blog below?


Kathy Blanco;
Before this blog gets too old!!!

Thanks for telling me that that heart nerve at the top does not always have to be cut!!!

Another question:
Once the pacemaker was installed, aggression was much better; but has he had any seizures? If so are they greatly reduced? Did the ominescient doctors say "Anything" about maybe the seizures could be coming from the heart and not the brain???

Oh, and I did not mean that we are on Keppra and it is a wonderful - you open the bottle and rainbows, bluebirds, and butterflies all flow out! No, not at all, My son was once upon a time on zonnagran to control seizures. Talk about anger issues, there was a time the whole family kept telling me they were worried for my saftey - my son and I both thought that was silly, but he sure could get upset, depressed, mad over such little things.

So after that Keppra is a picnic, so I do believe you on the aggression problems you have had with that drug.


There are some patterns that can be discerned from Dr Al-Bayati’s work. There appears to be a strong temporal relationship to vaccination, a dose-response relationship with the multiple “excipients” in the vaccines, and positive rechallenge with serial vaccination, until death ensued.

“Analysis of causes that led to Baby Robert’s respiratory arrest and death in August of 2000" by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT, DABVT on May 24, 2004.

See Tables 3 and 4 for Robert’s vaccination history and Composition of vaccines administered to Baby Robert at two weeks prior to his respiratory arrest and siezure”

“Analysis of causes that led to Toddler Alexa Marie Shearer’s cardiac arrest and death in November, 1999.” by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT, DABVT on October 15, 2003.

See Tables 3 and 4 for Alexa’s vaccination history and Composition of vaccines administered to Alexa as described in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.


We really shouldn’t broach the topic of aspartame without referencing Dr Russell Blaylock’s book “Excitotoxins - The Taste that Kills” and articles on this subject.

I’m wondering whether we are not “missing the boat” by not considering the possibility of a “toxic triumvirate” involving mercury, aluminum, and fluoride in considering vaccine toxicity and synergistic toxicity.

“Vaccines: If this article doesn’t shake us, nothing will” by Jagannath Chatterjee on August 15, 2008.

“Dr. Caserta tells the group he attended the aluminum conference the previous years and learned that often metals could act differently in biological systems than as an ion. This is interesting in the face of the finding that fluoride when combined to aluminum forms a compound that can destroy numerous hippocampal neurons at a concentration of 0.5 ppm in drinking water. It seems that aluminum readily combines with fluoride to form this toxic compound. With more than 60 percent of communities having fluoridated, drinking water, this becomes a major concern. It has also been learned that fluroaluminum compounds mimic the phosphate compound and can activate G-proteins. G-proteins play a major role in numerous biological systems, including endocrine, neurotransmitters and as cellular second messengers. Some of the glutamate receptors are operated by a G-protein mechanism.”

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Re the letter enclosed by Kathy Blanco- once again there is something that I gives me pause regarding aspartame - That is the claim that it is causing sudden death in young adults.
Dr Boyd Haley has mentioned that when the hearts of young athletes who died suddenly , were examined, they were found to contain many thousands of times more mercury than normal hearts. This would appear to be a more plausible explanation for sudden cardiac arrest in young people as compared to aspartame.
I would like to suggest that the industry may be putting aspartame into the medications mentioned, with the aim , once again, of diverting the public eye from mercury, Then they can say, "Look at these nutty autism parents- one day its vaccines, the next day aspartame. Many of us take large amounts of aspartame and we have no ill effects" Just throwing out an idea here. You see- This sounds so much like the rather tall claims that lack of vitamin D causes a great many disorders, including autism. The doctor who pushes this theory, insists that people like myself who continue to believe that vaccines cause autism, are simply unable to give up their long cherished beliefs. I mean hey ! Hasnt he even taken a brief look at the stacks of research papers that point to vaccines.?? I find that suspicious. In the end the public can easily be persuaded to dump us all in one mental bucket labelled "Crackpot autism theories"


Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

You do what you have to do!

But it is very disturbing when Kathy Blanco tells us that her son's heart was not beating in a nice rhythm and it made him become agressive!

And if it is not the heart then some parents have told us their kids are aggressive because of GI problems.

I myself have a -- I thought I had a perfectly normal daughter with an attitude, but what did I find this year???? She is bipolar???!!!

But anyway it all
Scares me witless, as does everybody else with sick children. We could say simply, well we will just get that heart checked out - but again Kathy Blanco spoke the truth that the doctors don't even do that for us.

On the other hand my 24 year old son has been up three hours now waiting for us to get Christmas a going. He is as excited as a 12 year old. God bless his heart. There are a few nice things about an adult child that has not grown up, and Christmas is one of them. It snowed last night, so we are having a white Christmas which is very nice, but it will also make Chirstmas a little late since we have to go get his grandparents in the four wheel drive truck as soon as it get daylight.

Merry Christmas.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I know absolutely nothing about aspartame and its effects, but I have to wonder from the comments here if this is another case in which the pharma gang try to decoy us from disorders caused by mercury and other components in vaccines- in this case SIDS and seizures. It would very much suit them to send us off on a wild goose chase for aspartame. A place like Maui would be the perfect home for seizures, because of the consumption of fish. I wonder if any of you saw the news that Korea is now facing a tsunami of Alzheimers so huge that they are trying to sensitive small children to be kind to and care for the elderly. According to what we know about fish mercury plus vaccine mercury (and possibly other sources)- this tsunami really should have been expected, but as usual , everyone seems to be : CLUELESS IN KOREA .

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

Dear Benedetta,

Our adult son, age 25 years-old has severe regressive autism and aggressions. He is 6'2" tall and 190 pounds or more, very strong. When he gets aggressions, Lorazepam slows him down and the aggressions stop after 20 or 30 minutes. People say that there are natural remedies that will stop these aggressions.....I wish I knew of them but I know of none.

If someone knows first hand of a natural remedy that stopped their child/adult's aggressions I would be glad to hear what it is.


Kathy Blanco: I blogged a few minutes ago. It was so long it probably did not go through. But your article is interesting!

Aspertame could be a filler and thus making the percentages off on generic brands.

But why use aspertame???

Because sugar (sugar pills - filling it with sugar) is a high carbohydrate and thus not good for epileptics. Esp if they are trying to stay on the modified Atkins diet.


Keppra's patton ran out this year. Without warning we received our son's three month supply and it was called Levetiracetam. I mixed it up with the Keppra, I don't like changing when something works.

Later we had our bi annual meet with the neurologist. He was very concerned about it. He told me that just becaue it is generic does not mean it is the exact same thing. As a matter of fact the percentage are known to be off.

Epilepsy Foundation Magazine - a very good source of information (told us about the modified Atkins diet) also had an article about generic Levetiracetam not having the same percentage of medicine in it as Keppra and told its readers to be cautious.

So far no trouble here.

I also received a email from the foundation stating that childhood onset epilepsy had a high mortality rate. I do not want to read this.

All I got to say the CDC had better hope my son stays healthy, happy and alive, because I am Looking for some one to blame and I blame them.

Here is a bit of the article:
"New Study in the New England Journal of Medicine Finds a High Mortality Rate from Childhood Onset Epilepsy

In the December 23, 2010, New England Journal of Medicine, Drs. Sillanpaa and Shinnar report long term mortality rates in a group of individuals in Finland with childhood onset epilepsy followed over 40 years. The results showed that 24% of the group had died and 55% of the deaths were related to epilepsy.

Read the full abstract here

The article published in the December 23, 2010 New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) by Drs. Sillanpaa and Shinnar is an important analysis and clearly demonstrates that epilepsy is not a benign condition. The authors note that seizure freedom can modify the risk of death, and they advocate for early referral to epilepsy centers and earlier epilepsy surgery in eligible patients. Epilepsy Therapy Project's mission is to stop seizures by supporting clinical translational research to accelerate getting new treatments to patients sooner to control seizures. ETP currently helps the cause to stop seizure deaths by:"

They go ahead and say to keep epileptic diaries and the like - no real answers after telling me about these high percentages.

Cynthia Cournoyer

"Respondent has not overcome Petitioners’ evidence by proving an alternative cause."

Haunting words....

Anne Dachel

I hate to predict this, but, you can bet "they" are going to pass a law or something that says the "respondent" doesn't have to prove an alternate cause because (magic dust inserted here) autism is NORMAL now. There IS no cause, they will claim. Let's see, "they" tried older parents, freeways and genetics, so there MUST be no other reason (insert evil smile)!

We accept chronic illness in this country so readily already that we all expect to fall ill to one chronic condition or another if we just live long enough. How sad.

kathy blanco

FYI, do not, do not...use regular ole pharma drugs, get them compounded!

The Pacific Epilepsy Society in affiliation with the Epileptic Foundation of Maui has completed a seven year study on Epilepsy and Seizures, finding that epilepsy is at an all time high in Hawaii and the western states and Pacific Ocean Territories. There has been a100% increase over the two previous years.

Dr Glenn Mabson of the Epileptic Foundation of Maui believes the reason for the increase is a change in formulation of several of the major anti-seizure drugs:

"The most profound reason for the spectacular increase in seizures is the inclusion of the drug ASPARTAME in with the new larger sized anti-seizure drugs: DILANTIN, DEPACOTE, TEGRATOL and several others produced by major pharmaceutical corporations. In 2007 the manufacturer of Dilantin changed the description of the 100 mg. Dilantin, changed the 100 mg white capsule with red stripe to a much larger white capsule, orange on one end, which contains 100 mg of the drug, plus aspartame. 150 people who took the new Dilantin capsule found the seizure rate increased in every case. The Chemical Pharmaceutical Engineer employee, in fear of his job would not reveal his name, but said they were adding aspartame."

Dr. Allen Stein, Neurosurgeon, President of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii (a separate organization from the above) is sympathetic to the makers of ASPARTAME and routinely prescribes these drugs. I believe this contributes to the increase of epilepsy in these areas."
Glenn Mabson, PhD., CEO - Epileptic Foundation of Maui


Aspartame Disease - An ignored epidemic

What is aspartame - known to induce seizures - doing in a capsule of anti-seizure medicine? It can't be there for its sweet taste, because capsules are swallowed whole. Could someone be drumming up business for more medication by adding stuff that causes people to need more?

Betty Martini of Mission Possible, the international anti-aspartame campaign group, has interviewed Dr Mabson:

- - -

by Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

MARTINI: How did you get started in this investigation, and why, Dr. Mabson

MABSON: From 1999 to 2007 The Epileptic Foundation of Maui conducted a survey on the number of people in Maui suffering from the three most prevalent types of epileptic seizures:

(1) Absence
(2) Complex-partial
(3) Grand Mal Seizures.

4,975 victims from a Maui Population of 130,000 suffered from one of these types of seizures. Seniors over 65 and children 12 or less had increased epileptic seizures. The count for the entire state of Hawaii is over 28,000 seizure victims.

In an effort to determine the most effective medication it was discovered that well over 50% of the victims consumed medications containing aspartame. We inquired as to what anti-seizure medications were mostly prescribed to control their seizures. Dilantin, Tegratol and Depacote contained most aspartame amount among the 22 most utilized anti-seizure medications.

In 2007 the [manufacturer of] Dilantin changed the 100 mg white capsule with red stripe to a much larger white capsule, orange on one end, which contains 100 mg of the drug, plus aspartame. 150 people who took the new Dilantin capsule found the seizure rate increased in every case.

Impaired vision and thinking, and it is suspected glaucoma [were found] in fifty patients who never had visual problems prior to taking the new Dilantin capsule. We suspected this was an experiment out of control. A manufacturer of Dilantin then confirmed aspartame is in the drug.

MARTINI: Were there any deaths having to do with aspartame?

MABSON: Dr. Allen Stein, Neurosurgeon, has been prescribing aspartame to patients in large quantities with negative results, in some cases. [There were] as many as 150 highly suspected deaths. He is president of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii.

MARTINI: What is the difference between your organization and Stein's?

MABSON: A big and important difference: The Epileptic Foundation of Maui (EFM) provides first aid to epilepsy victims, hands on help, with a 24/7 Help Line 1 888-919-9444. We have trained more than 5000 parents, Maui Police, Department of Public Safety, IRS, Hawaii Business and Public Schools at no cost! We provide immediate, practical, lifesaving care to seizure victims.

This is very personal to me. I have traumatic epilepsy from torture during 18 months as a civilian prisoner of war in Viet Nam. Over 50 dedicated volunteers carry out this public service. We take no money from aspartame makers.

MARTINI: So what does Stein's organization do?

MABSON: It sells books and some outdated documents, but provides no personal service.

MARTINI: In what journals have you published?

MABSON: Among many others, the following: Neurology 48:621. Hamburg University News 2003, Strouseburg on Epilepsy Vol 2 pp 5, 6, 7 & 8 Savic, International. Athurer lnternational Epilepsy Research 26:245 2002: Long Term Follow-up After Temporal Lobe Resection for Lesions Associated With Choric Seizures

- - -

Betty Martini notes: "It has been known for three decades that aspartame is a seizure triggering drug. In a 52 week aspartame oral toxicity study done in 1972 on 7 infant monkeys, 5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died. Martini adds that "the FDAs 1995 list of 92 documented aspartame related side effects from 10,000 citizen complaints named 4 types of seizures, death, blindness, sexual dysfunction and a long list of neurological injuries." (You can download the list as a PDF document.) And finally, "Dr. Richard Wurtman testified against aspartame to Congress. He told UPI investigator Gregory Gordon that he was threatened by the VP of G D Searle Co, aspartame producer, that his funding would be killed if he studied aspartame seizures. Wurtman speaks no more against aspartame but he left quite a paper trail." (Read the UPI Investigative Report from 1987.)

Mrs. Barbara Metzler tells about her daughter Julia: "In April 1986 Julia was completing her graduate studies, was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. A neurologist in Pennsylvania was treating her with medication he deemed appropriate, but without success. I learned Dr. Richard Wurtman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was doing research into a possible link between epileptic seizures and aspartame. (NutraSweet). It occurred to me that aspartame may have triggered her problems, since I experienced that beverages sweetened with aspartame gave me classic migraines. I spoke to my daughter's many friends, and they watched her carefully and reported individually that she had peculiar episodes shortly after they saw her drink diet soda. So I wrote to Dr. Wurtman and he replied:

Thank you for writing to us about your daughters condition that may very well be associated with NutraSweet.

He requested that I send him specific information about Julie's neurological problems, then arranged for her to be evaluated at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Her evaluation included 3 days of monitoring with EEG telemetry as well as neuropsychological testing.

When the testing was completed, my daughter was told that she had been misdiagnosed by her Pennsylvania neurologist and that she did not have temporal lobe epilepsy at all. She was advised to stop her medication and to stop drinking diet soda. She listened, and little by little, her bizarre problem disappeared. To watch her recover was an incredible experience! Twelve years later, she tried diet soda again and she had the same severe reaction. She quit the diet soda sweetened with aspartame and never had a problem again."

Dr. Ralph Walton, asked by Betty Martini to comment on the Maui study, said: "We have known for many years that aspartame lowers the seizure threshold. To combine an anticonvulsive with aspartame to make seizures more likely is outrageous."

Washington Consumer Attorney James Turner, who fought to prevent aspartame approval commented on the Epileptic Foundation of Maui's study:

"This study has confirmed that aspartame triggers both seizures and epilepsy, but this isn't news to me. In 1986 I was the attorney for the Community Nutrition Institute who petitioned FDA to ban aspartame for that exact reason. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had surveyed 80 people who experienced seizures after consuming aspartame. The petition of the Community Nutrition Institutes said:

These 80 cases meet the FDA's definition of an imminent hazard to the public health, which requires FDA to expeditiously remove a product from the market."

Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association adds: "When large amounts of unopposed phenylalanine (1/3rd of the aspartame molecule) hits the brain it causes serotonin levels to crash, which lowers the seizure threshold, and in many cases causes frank seizures. This information has been known since the 1970s when the original research was done on monkeys, but [it was] kept from the FDA by the then owner of the patent G. D. Searle. This is why the FDA called the US attorney to convene a grand jury against Searle. The lawyers representing Searle then bought the US Attorney who left the case to his assistant. The Grand Jury was allowed to expire and the assistant was then hired by the same law firm - his reward for killing the Grand Jury."

Additional discussion (by email):
At 11:59 AM 7/16/2008, Shirley writes:

can you explain to me why they put aspartame in a pill that is swallowed... what difference does it make if it is sweet or not when you never taste it????

Friday, July 25, 2008 9:00 pm Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum. replies:

Dear Shirley,

Obviously the answer is they do it on purpose, and not to the benefit of the consumer. Someone just told me Lifesavers uses aspartame as a flavor enhancer. So now we have poison as a flavor enhancer.

It's just come down to not eating processed foods at all, and making sure anytime you are prescribed a drug its not got aspartame in it. However, what bothers me is using it without labeling, and adding it to natural or artificial flavors.

Aspartame was never an additive. They knew it was a drug from the beginning. Because it damages the mitochondria it interacts with virtually all drugs and vaccines. Now we have the global epidemic of Aspartame Disease. In fact, the medical text is called Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D.,

The FDA is not going to help. They are part of the problem. An article titled Pharma Facade Cracking Over Controversies in the January issue of the Idaho Observer (2005) stated:

"A little more than one year ago the LA Times broke a huge story about the incestuous relationship between scientists at the National Institutes for Health, officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical company executives. Rep James Greenwood (R - PA) noted that, "This is not a matter of a revolving door where NIH people go from the federal agency to the private sector. This is a question of a swivel chair where they sit at one desk and do both jobs." As I have mentioned many times, "FDA is Big Pharma's Washington Branch Office".

The pharmaceutical industry is putting aspartame in the very drugs used to treat the problems it causes. For instance, headache is #1 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms. The victim doesn't know that aspartame is the culprit because an additive is supposed to be inert or non-reactive. So the victim goes to the doctor and he prescribes Maxalt by Merck for headache. It contains aspartame. Aspartame also can trigger Parkinson's which often violently interacts with L-Dopa. Schwartz Pharmaceutical adds aspartame to Parcopa. Aspartame is escalating asthma and products like Singulair contain aspartame, now said to be causing suicidal tendencies. The phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin which triggers suicidal tendencies, bipolar, panic attacks, etc.

Talking about bipolar, aspartame is an inactive ingredient of Risperdal M-Tab orally disintegrating tablets - each 2 mg. tablet contains 0.56 mg phenylalanine and each 1 mg tablet, 0.28 mg phenylalanine. So aspartame triggers bipolar and now they give
aspartame back to them in Risperdal, used to treat the problem. The FDA noted the frequency of prolactin-producing pituitary tumors in patients taking risperidone, a drug widely prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Of 64 patients with pituitary tumors receiving anti-psychotics, 48 had been using risperidone. Dr. H. J. Roberts wrote a paper about this. Aspartame triggered pituitary tumors in original studies. Now its triggering these tumors in patients using a drug that contains aspartame.

The FDA is allowing this, the very agency who knows how deadly aspartame is because they tried to have them indicted for fraud. You just can't do a study on a poison and show safety and they got caught doing things like excising brain tumors from rats, putting them back in the study and when they died resurrected them on paper. They also revoked the petition for approval because aspartame could not be proven safe and caused brain tumors. Don Rumsfeld through political chicanery got aspartame marketed as discussed in the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.

In 1986 the Community Nutrition Institute petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame because it was causing so many seizures and people were going blind. The FDA refused even though it had full knowledge of this. So the FDA has nothing to do with safe food and drugs. It is the Food and Death Association who raids health food stores to snatch healthful vitamins and herbs and at the same time approves poisons for the public. They sit by and do nothing with this happening. This is why I say everyone should write their congressman. The FDA's doors need to be shut forever. When those responsible to solve the problem ARE the problems its an abomination. As long as the incestuous relationship of the FDA exists with the pharmaceutical industry the public will continue to be poisoned. They receive money from the pharmaceutical industry and its well known you can't serve two masters. So the FDA has betrayed the public trust and is the cause of the problems that exist.

Consider that even pediatric pharmaceuticals are not safe - they do not even spare the children. A mother takes her child to a pediatrician and he proscribes Augmentin, pediatric Penicillin. It has aspartame in it. Then the mother goes to the store and buys over-the-counter cough syrup and such that have aspartame in it. On January 7, 2005, WZZM13 News coverage published an article titled: "Researchers May Have Found Cause for Sudden Death Syndrome". The article said: "3000 children die every year of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, better known as SIDS. ... They say a lack of Serotonin, the brain chemical known for regulating moods, also helps the body set the pace for breathing." The phenylalanine in aspartame depletes serotonin!. Here is a case in point: So the FDA doesn't even care how many babies and children die each year because they have refused to ban aspartame. Aspartame triggers an irregular hearth rhythm and interacts with cardiac medication. It damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden. Imagine a baby being given this poison. Their little hearts can't take it. Even young student athletes are dropping dead.

Now pharmaceutical companies say they will remove over-the-counter products for toddlers like two year olds voluntarily because it has been brought to their attention babies are dying for some reason. Be assured they are still there as I checked a couple of months ago. Some of the products also now contain Splenda which is a chlorocarbon poison. The FDA has been petitioned to ban Splenda as well but the FDA does nothing. I filed a petition to ban aspartame 6 years ago which has to be answered in 180 days. The FDA ignored it. I filed an amendment based on an imminent health hazard which has to be answered immediately, like a week or ten years. This was done in October and they have ignored it. The FDA serves above the law and is the problem. People are dying because the FDA refuses to do its job so Big Pharma can gouge the public and make more billions to influence and control. We now have a Fascist government.

If you and everyone on these lists sends this to their congressman maybe we can get their doors closed. Today they are guilty of the very same crime, Title 18, Section 1001, they filed against the original manufacturer of aspartame, G. D. Searle. Their web site
tells the public aspartame is safe, and they put out propaganda in their FDA Talk Paper, with full knowledge they are lying.

The first weekend after Labor Day is Aspartame Awareness Weekend. I think this year we will try and get the poisons off restaurant tables, and I'll write a flyer. And we should all write Congress to do something about the FDA. Congress gives them more money and they use it for bonuses. After all, they have no use to use it to protect the public, since its obvious that's one thing they don't do.

All my best,

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599

Religious Exemption to Vaccines

The vaccine program is human sacrifice in action.

Elias, so sweet and so innocent, is this week's poster child for the act of human sacrifice that western medicine euphemistically calls "the greater good of vaccines."

The "greater" percentage of people suffer no side effects and the "lesser" percentage of people are sometimes disabled or die. If that's not human sacrifice I don't know what is.

Teresa Conrick

My thoughts and prayers to the Tembenis family for this win in court yet they have lost their precious son. Blazing trails for other families with similar losses will be another victory.

And to Loralai, who does a hit and run here:

"I'm having a hard time even seeing the burden of proof in this case as he most likely had a genetic disorder as well. It's terrible these parents lost their little boy but it sounded like grasping at straws and desperate parents intent on blaming someone."

Genetic disorder? You are wallowing in the mud to protect..what?...vaccines?

Shame on you.


Did your son then have open heart surgery for this anomalous muscle bundle thing?
My son had a heart murmur when he was two months old. It followed a DPT shot. a couple of pervious well baby checkup - stated he had no heart murmur and then DPT shot - checkup and the doctors are telling me the X rays are showing a boot shaped heart and they hear a murmur.
So what came first here? Later his heart murmur went away and by the time we got to the cardilogist at the University he said there was no boot shaped heart. Could it have been swollen for a time???? Good Gosh!

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate is your child??? severe or mild? And Advice even I an older parent could really use, as you can see it never ends. Lozipam I have heard of that. My daughter works in a psych hosptial and she gives that a lot I think to acting out aggressive kids.

Kathy Blanco the ketogenic oil - is that the mid chain tryglycerides (coconut oil deriviative). If so it does not replace the diet, you still have to be on the diet, but with this oil you are allowed to eat a few extra carbs. Extra carbs on the ketogenic diet means adding more nutients since the ketogenic diet is really almost a starvation thing. But the epilepsy foundation did endorse the modified Atkins diet of only 15 carbs and stated it was just as good as the ketogenic diet. Did you read that? Then they said that on the proper low glycemic diet a person with epilepsy could eat up to 30- 60 carbs - but that is hard because-- well; not every food .


"The boy"!!!! Give the boy in the picture a good long look. See that side ways smile, that lovely auburn wavy hair- in this picture he looks like he is thinking a lot of on life and living - Gee "the boy" Elias - that was his name; you bet the parents wanted someone to blame, but at last they had to settle in the courts like civilized people instead of receiving justice. Drawing and quartering is what I have always had in mind!

Cats Eyes; I am sorry somebody besides me would have to tell you where to find a good nuerologist because my track record stinks.

Nick H

I see parents naming these drugs their kids are on. Please look into nutrition and naturopathic or homepathic medicine. It doesn't have to be like this. Those drugs end their lives early. The key is looking to work on the cause, not drug the symptoms. Most our your kids can be drug-free.


@cateyes... hi again. or
may be helpful to you

good luck... sorry for your sucky doctors. It is a sad time to be a sick kid these days.


@Cateyes.... Hello.. Sorry for all you are going through. Have you had your children checked out for IGE food allergies? Allergies can actually set off seizures. Also, IGG reactions cause inflamation, but they are not as easy to test for. Have you removed specific proteins from the diet? I would start with gluten, soy, casein (dairy) and corn. No preservatives, dyes, etc in food. Lots of websites to help with this. has a great free DVD on digestive enzyems to help with food issues. has a free info brochure that may be a good guide toward appropriate medical testing for your wee ones. You don't have to use that lab, although, it is a very good lab. But the info will at least be a good starting guide. Children with Starving Brains by Jacqulyn McCandeles is a good primer.. there are loads of other great books too. My kid was not autistic.. He had severe delays and was quirky, but no diagnosis. We had to pay out of pocket for a few tests to prove he was physically ill in order to get help that was covered by insurance. It is possible.. you might have to change doctors. Where do you live? A good DAN doc or a well tuned DO would be a good start. Great Plains Lab can direct you to a doctor who is open minded enough to check for the proper assessments. Basically,,,, it is up to you. Don't rely on the medical profession to fix your kid. You need to educate yourself and point your children's health in the right direction. My child had absense seizures that stopped after gluten and casien were removed. I have 2 friennds whose childrens seizures.. the bad kind... stopped after removing gluten and casein. The doctors will tell you that there are no studies showing food can cause seizures. That doesn't mean it isn't happening. Noone wants to fund a study on food. That would be too simple. Removing food from a diet doesn't create big profits for companies so it hasn't been done. Good luck.


I wonder how widely they distributed those "hot lots" that son was born Sept.26,2000, a time when many "thought" the thimerosal was out and likely his dpt's were given around the same time as the Tembenis child. It's so literally heartbreaking to hear of someone losing a child to these greedy pharms and their decisions. The decision to remove should have included recall and possibly I wouldn't be reading here today.


Loralai, did you even read the opinion?? The Chief Special Master evaluated all the arguments you raised and rejected them.

It is difficult to prove vaccine injury. As Barbara Loe Fisher said, “NVIC has been calling for basic science research into the biological mechanisms of vaccine injury and death for more than two decades. Without understanding how and why vaccines can cause brain and immune system dysfunction, there will be no way to develop pathological profiles to help scientifically confirm whether or not an individual has been injured or died from vaccination.”,-November-20,-2008-Vaccine-Injury-Compens.aspx

Since when have ear infections caused seizures and death?

And that “desperate parents intent on blaming someone” line has gotten really old and tiresome.

From the ruling:
“when Elias was admitted to the hospital for his first seizure, otitis media was not noted in the records, and the records stated that Elias showed no signs of upper respiratory infection.”
“In addition, all of Elias’s bacterial cultures taken upon admission to the hospital came back negative. The ER admission record does document, however, that the site of the DTaP injection was red.”
“it was not until a few days after the seizure that Elias was diagnosed with otitis media. Elias received his DTaP vaccination at his four month well child visit. That record does not document an ear infection…”
“Under cross examination, Dr. Wiznitzer agreed that Elias did not exhibit the common signs of Sotos syndrome in the neonatal period… he appeared to concede that Elias’s MRI did not show many of the neuroimaging anomalies that are frequently found in Sotos syndrome.”
“Although Elias exhibited some of the signs of Sotos syndrome, his condition was not entirely congruent with it. Elias was described on numerous occasions as attractive and non-dysmorphic…”
“And, most pertinently, Dr. Scheaffer, an expert on Sotos syndrome, did not accept Elias’s diagnosis of Sotos syndrome, and instead suggested that it was a ‘Sotos-like’ disorder, ‘possibly just macrocephaly.’”
“Based on this record, I do not find it more likely than not that Elias had Sotos syndrome. Although he had features of Sotos syndrome and a diagnosis, it appears that doctors eventually decided against the diagnosis… Even if Elias did have Sotos syndrome, nothing in the record indicates that the seizures associated with it are particularly severe… I am not persuaded that the seizures Elias experienced are of the type that ordinarily occur in persons with Sotos syndrome.”


"but it sounded like...desperate parents intent on blaming someone."

What a vile, bitchy thing to say about anyone, regardless of whether or not you share the court's opinion. Shame on you.

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

When our son had a severe aggression and we could see it coming on we would give him a lorazepam pill. It would kick in about 20 or 30 minutes later where he would stop the aggression. We had to use it because it was the only medication we had that once it took effect, the aggression would be cut short. When our son had an aggression it was like being in a horror movie with a beast after you. It scared the hell out of us (and for that fact anybody else).

As I mentioned it is used in hospitals for seizures. Here is one article about it being used in hospitals at:

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

I'm throwing this out regarding Tegretol. I take plain aspirin on a daily basis for my heart since the doctor recommends it (I'm in my 60s). Whether plain aspirin could help children/adults with heart problems, I'm not a doctor and it may very well be a problem if they have gastro problems.

Our son is on lorazepam for his aggressions. Lorazepam is used a lot in hospitals for seizures (and acts as a sedative in the case of aggressions where it slows down our son when he gets on the rampage). Again, I'm not a MD, throwing it out as a parent.


Hi, I have never been on this site before. How do I get someone to believe me!! We have two on the autistic spectrum. Many ways the same, and then many ways they are different. But, what I need the most help with is how to get someone to believe me that my daughter IS HAVING SEIZURES AND TO GET A DIAGNOSIS. I tried going thru DSCC here in Illinois and they said that the Autism didn't qualify her and they set us up with this wack job that didn't even look at her in the room. He loudly stated "we are not here to treat the autism, we are here to determine the seizures. All I had said to his "why are you here today"? was I have a 4 year old, autistic child, and she is having blah, blah, like seizure activity. He went off on the Autistic word and flipped out!!! He had not greated her when he entered, and never turned around to face her the whole time he was in the room. This is where the state sent us, as our pediatrician and then an MD (I fired the pediatrician for BOTH KIDS!!!) didn't get us the help we were needing. This neurologist (states choice) then got all excited when we described that a toy (with a moo sound put her in her seizures, and we were sure of this). He had been in the room for 5 minutes and had yelled at us, and then had immediately told us he was ordering for us to drive her back THERE (2 hour drive again) and have her have her 2ND sleep study/ EMG done. She had already had numerous scans of her head done too. I asked if we could do it locally, again, and he said no. I forgot, he didn't tell us this, he had actually immediately left the room and said zilch!!! His nurse came back, in and gave us the information that he HAD ORDERED WE HAVE THE STUDY DONE THERE!! He didn't even talk to us, and didn't even look at her and didn't even exchange information with us. The only thing that got him excited was when we mentioned the toy. He immediately said to bring it and they would USE IT AND VIDEOTAPE HER REACTION, IE HAVING A SEIZURE!! I walked out of there in complete shock. First at his rudeness and then at the fact that a doctor wanted to play a toy and then videotape my daughter having a seizure for his own jollies!!!!!!! We never, never went back and I even got into an argument with DSCC and she then hollared at me and said that I didn't went TX for my daughter! I stated no, that she had not had another seizure all summer like the one from that blasted toy and that I sure as hell was not making her have one to get our answers!!!!!!!!!!! Nor, could we with our other child and no help and financial difficulties drive (we had to rent a car the first time) 2 hours and put her thru that (no sleep, junk) to do that and as a mother I COULD NOT EVEN THINK OF IT!!! They immediately stated, well sorry to hear that and closed our file promptly!!! So, no help from the state of Illinois and we can't seem to find any neurologist that will take her as a patient. You see, strangely she seems to have issues with sounds and alot of visual reasons for her seizures. Anyway, all this I am reading is very informative and I want to thank all of you for your help. I can say that I have seen exactly, first hand what each of you are typing here. And no I am not crazy either, like most people are trying to make me believe about this whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathy Blanco:

Our son was miraculously diagnosed as having anomalous muscle bundles in the right ventricle when he was nearly 2. He had been dxed with 2 VSD's at 7 weeks old, but those closed on their own. We were told 1 in 1000 kids with VSDs develop anomalous muscle bundles (which need to be removed in open-heart surgery), but that it can occur in kids without VSD's as well.

The only reason we found out about the AMBs is because his cardiologist was following him so closely for the VSDs, and thought to do a cardiac catheterization to check pressure--the sonogram of his heart was not as clear as he wanted.

Could it be that undiagnosed anomalous muscle bundles are in some way related to autism/seizures? And what is the role of the vaccines here? Our son had terrible reactions to vaccines, including what I think was 3 hours of seizures, but the stupid nurse (who wouldn't LET me talk with the ped) said it just sounded like he was fussy. (How many of us have heard THAT?)



Prove it!

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

"Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate that is great advice. And we all need to repeat your message over and over again to help the younger parents "

Posted by: Benedetta | December 23, 2010 at 10:22 AM

Thank you, Benedetta. I try to let parents know what I went through so they can get ahead; because so much is thrown against parents to prevent them from getting the best for their child/adult with autism. From the beginning when parents have to fight school boards to get the proper education till the time they may have to put the adult in a group home/residential center and need to get a lawyer.

I have lots of advice. If parents want it they can get in touch with Kathy Blanco who can get in touch with me by email since I'm Anonymous here.

I have lessons learned that many parents are going through that could help them get through the maze.

In real life I'm a Desperado because of my anti-vaccine views that I dare to push and because I march to a different drummer than most. I no longer have to kiss butt and never have like those that are doing so now so they walk a fine line to convince certain people (that don't give a damn about all of us....example, CDC, NIH, media, politicians, etc.).

Not an MD

First, there is nothing that can be written to lessen the grief of the Tembenis family, especially during the holiday season, but I sure wish there were, as I would surely write the words. I am so sorry for their inconceivably painful loss. I am also sorry they had to wait almost seven years for the Vaccine Court to admit the death of their precious child was more than likely due to the DTaP vaccine he received. Of course it was!

Lorelai stated: "Did any of you even read the documents? The boy had an elevated white blood cell count, he had a fever from an ear infection.. that's what caused his fever. While the burden of proof was met with the court no one could possibly read this and state it was solely the vaccine... in fact I'm having a hard time even seeing the burden of proof in this case as he most likely had a genetic disorder as well."

@ Lorelai - Apparently, you are not a doctor. A vaccine can cause an increase in white blood cells, a fever, and gland swelling. An immune response occurs to the antigen being injected. What does a genetic disorder have to do with a fever? What genetic disorder are you thinking Elias had? Go elsewhere, where your baseless opinion is welcome. There are many such sites.

Shiny Happy Person

@Kathy: "Where is OUR justice?"

One has to wonder if there is any justice for Elias' family at this point either. The system that was ultimately responsible for this tragedy is not held accountable. The policy makers who put together the indemnification laws, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines, the doctors or other persons who administer the shots. Do they all get to have Christmas with their kids this year? The Tembenis family does not. To add insult to injury, the system fought them all the way. And taxpayers pick up the tab for everything.

Elias, if not for his parents, would be another expendable child in the grand scheme of things. The bureaucrats and their mouthpieces use statistics and relative terms to soften the edges on what is essentially a fascist ideology, but this angel's parents put the edge right back on. What happened here is the dirty little secret behind the excited drama queens and all the emotional blackmail - this is the stuff they will not talk about on the 6:00 news.

There may not be justice, not yet, but the courage and strength of his parents has taken everyone a step in that direction.

RIP Elias. Harry and Gina I hope none of the opinion or thoughts here upset or offend you in any way - I hope you do find some bit of closure, and solace in the notion that you are in the thoughts and prayers of probably at least a few thousand people this season.


My son is on Keppra and seems to be okay. He finally ended up on this after after five long years of changing meds. He was on Lamitcal at one time too, I have heard it called the Caddilac of seizure meds. However; my son developed Steven Johnson syndrome, his neck/ears turned really very red - it became very prickly, burning, and hot to the touch; he was allergic to Lamicatal. He has cheated on his diet a lot this fall, we have gone from Atkins 15 carbs a day to a low glycemic diet - may be doing too many carbs on our diet now- plus he has been cheating bad. His liver enzymes for ALTs are sky high.
I read that this is an indication of celiac, but also cholesterol too - two related or not I don't know. His cholesterol is high too, and he has developed high blood pressure just this year.

My daughter is on Lamitcal and so far she is not allergic to it.

Minerals; Yes my husband has had very low potassium.

This is a mess, don't you think?

Kathy that is awful, it makes me feel really sad that your son was having heart trouble and the only way he could tell you was by aggression. Like something out of a horror movie; but what's new about that!

To Cherry I think the very worse seizure medicine - I think- is Depokote because it is the worse for mitochondrial diseases. My son has alwyas had seizrues - just not dignosed and about the sixth grade they started getting worse, more intense, closer together - a few grand mals, lots of small jerking seizures and absentees. They were not getting better - they were getting worse with each passing year. By the time he was 17 it finally showed up on one of those half an hour EEGs - never gave him one of those all nigher or anything like that to really check.

I hope you win your case, not to just help you support your son, but also for the satisfcation. I too will experience that satisfication if you win as if it was my own. So, do let us know how it is going from time to time if you are allowed.


Did any of you even read the documents? The boy had an elevated white blood cell count, he had a fever from an ear infection.. that's what caused his fever. While the burden of proof was met with the court no one could possibly read this and state it was solely the vaccine... in fact I'm having a hard time even seeing the burden of proof in this case as he most likely had a genetic disorder as well. It's terrible these parents lost their little boy but it sounded like grasping at straws and desperate parents intent on blaming someone.

kathy blanco

I just posted this on my facebook page, but it is interesting.

Basically they are developing a ketogenic oil, without being on the ketogenic diet. Sounds very promising.

As to selection of meds, this is very much dependent on what kind of seizures you have. Apparently Tegretol for grand mals is really really horrid controlling medicines, and may actually make seizures worse. We also tried Depakote, and that is a mitochondrial muncher, and let's face it, all AED's have negatives to them. I feel the best way to control seizures, is to make sure you are addressing mitochondrial problems, diet, inflammation, if there is a source of infection. For instance, because my child also has lyme, he need to be on occasional and long term Abx's. Always a neg with the positive. Ceftin and IM bicillin have helped him a lot, but it also disorders the gut, so you have to be vigulent on repopulation of good bacteria. We do naturals too. We also like BSP-201 (google), for inflammation made from Shea Nut. We are just starting Dr Theoharides Neuroprotek for Mast Cell Inflammation. Gluten, corn, soy, nuts, milk, is a giant no no. Fats, fats, and more fats, almost low carbohydrate diet is best. No MSG, No colors dyes or salyciatates, another. Medicines often have dyes in them, tegretol is a bright orange, pheno a bright red, I mean really? Get them compounded! Working on XMRV, or HHV6 with ampligen, is our next look at...etc...there are so many avenues to healing, and my healing method, may not be your healing method. Also make sure the child doesn't have CHIARI, or TETHERED Cord, or some other functional problem. Some get relief with a vagul nergve stimulator, some with a pacemaker in the heart. THANKS PHARMA for all the painful lovely years of trying to be a PhD in neurology/immunology, NOT! You've done me no great favors~!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Kathy Blanco and any others who may like to give an opinion: I frequently meet parents in India who have a child with seizures. Usually their child is on Tegretol and from what I have heard, this is a terrible medication. The doctors always seem to insist on giving it for two years ! I would like to tell people not to give Tegretol, but please tell me what is the alternative?????
I wonder what diagnosis doctors give parents of autistic kids in the US who have seizures. Here, they are told that it is Childhood Epilepsy and one of the treatments seems to be even worse than the preferred Tegretol- This is cortisone. The child then blows up like a balloon with the cortisone, and from what I have heard, it has no desired effect.
In another interesting case, a boy of about 12 began to get seizures, possibly as a result of mercury in Indian medicines. His mother refused to give him any medication at all. He had many seizures- drop or absence seizures - often more than one per day . Interestingly, the doctor told them that the seizures would decrease after one and a half years and that is what happened. Hmmmm, I wonder how the doctor knew that? What is the opinion of people here about giving no anti seizure medication at all?

To the Tembenis family: God bless you; Please know that for so many like myself, whom you have never met, the very sound of your name has a ring of greatness. May you live long to continue the battle against the powers of darkness.

kathy blanco

Benedetta, there was no cutting on the heart, he required just a pacemaker planted right on that sinus node. I think there was an abstract on this, that they found a correlation with aggressions in autism and sinus node rhythem-take the time to medline that. When this was improved with a pacemaker, aggressions ceased, just like what I saw. To think the whole time, my child was panicking with aggressions because his heart was stopping, is beyond comprehenshion. Can you imagine, not having the words to say, gee mom, my heart doesn't feel so right and I feel like I see a light? Obviously, if you lose consciencness or close to it, you don't feel so hot. This is what he was experiencing over and over. Thankfully, when we did a follow up appointment, he only used the pacemaker one percent of the, he wasn't to critical mass where you need it all hours of the day, however, one percent of three months of your heart beating is a whole hell of a lot too. And, the fact that seizures can be initiated by your heart coming out of rhythem? One thing I implore again, pay attention to your mineral levels, potassium, was so low in Ryan he requires potassium gluconate daily, as well as magnesium and even sodium. AND, he had sky high blood pressure. WHERE WAS MY GP? Was he asleep? I believe those were the result of long term use of AED's. During this last year we tried different meds, of course to control these monster seizures, and we did KEPPRA (big mistake, more aggressions), and even LAMICTAL which seems to be the dream med, but for Ryan it was a nightmare, he became so violent it was ridiculous...and I believe he had an adverse reaction like aseptic meningitis (FDA came out with something on this this year). Finding the right meds are key. Obviously we are also weaning him off Tegretol because of what we think it did to him as well. Most of all, explore ketogenic diets, but in Ryans case with high blood pressure, that would make things worse, but for a lot of kids, it is the key to solving seizures.

Never, ever, make light of your heart. For obvious reasons, it can kill without warning. I am sorry, but our medical community has not only failed our children, they rarely TOUCH THEM in exams. I am quite angry about that as well. It's important to do full physicals and look and explore every possibility why a child is having fainting episodes, blood sugar problems, mineral deficiencies, immune deficiencies, if they have retroviruses or viruses, lyme bacteria, you name it. This is not a simple disease, it has a process, it's main process is to shut down organs, starting with the brain and gut, the thyroid (another important organ in autism), the liver, the heart, the pancreas, the bone marrow, you name it, something is involved in autism.


Chief Special Master?

Damn, now THAT's a title.

I wish these stories hit mainstream media, and more people hear what's happening.


In reading Chief Special Master Lord's decision it makes me wonder what sort of machine sets out to destroy the lives of parents who simply want justice for their child's wrongful death. The Respondent's (Government) bitter attempts to derail this claim should be a mantle of shame they wear for the rest of their lives. This case seemed incredibly simple, the vaccines caused a fever, the fever caused seizures, the seizures caused epilepsy and the epilepsy caused little Elias' heart to fail which caused his death. I have no insight into the particulars other than what is in Lord's decision but thankfully Elias' pediatrician Dr. Marshall (I believe) recognized early on (within a day or two) that he suspected that the vaccines caused the seizures.

This decision brings a good deal of hope to those of us fighting in Vaccine Court for accountability and recognition.

To the entire Tembenis family, thank you for fighting the fight.


Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate that is great advice. And we all need to repeat your message over and over again to help the younger parents


Thank You Kathy for going into detail. I really do appreiciate it.

I am so sorry you have had to go through this. Flat - lined how horrible! I feel like we are all living on the edge of the abbyss, or under a gullotine!

My daughter fainted this summer, the seizure doctor got her an appointment to see a heart doctor. Can you believe that she (little stubborn thing) cancelled!!!!! She is 29 - what can I do but fuss, she promised, but then at the same time -- I am going to make her read your blog.

Oxygen - problems is what my husband does have or had - it has improved. The lung doctors, heart doctors said it was all fine as far as blockage goes. Okay, great, but what about conduction problems??? He was the bread winner of our family, but is now on disability, we now have 18 months starting this year with Cobra and then ---- well we will come up with something.

I have heard that this electrical problem comes from a mass of nerve cells at the top of the heart. Many times they go in and cut out this part of the heart muscle, and put them on a pace maker????? Is that what they did for your son?

If these Kawasaki disease websites were more open and not so cruel and closed minded - they could help more.

One such site even has on it's opening statement that Kawasaki disease in no way linked to autism. So I have to wonder just how much information they could possible give that would be useful to anyone.

Open discussion is the only way to air things out (but we all know that here). Thanks again for the the information!

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

I agree with my friend, Kathy Blanco and while our son, age 25 doesn't have the problems her children has, he has severe regressive autism with aggressions and lives in a residential center.

Regarding insurance, Benedetta, when you submit claims they shouldn't mention autism but should be mentioning the problem the adult/child has. If it is the heart, immune, seizures, etc. the claim should be against that. When we wanted to give our son the IVIG, we mentioned autism and it was turned down initially. When the IVIG company went back to our health care provider and said it was immune, the health care provider approved it and paid for the treatment.

Lesson learned!!!

kathy blanco

Benedetta, sorry, I didn't answer another question, and that was symtpoms. Ok, big one, seizures, the kind that go from one seizure to the next, of course, or increase in seizures. Another, pay attention to, HARD HARD BREATHING, or FAINTING. FAINTING is asystole in the making. White sheet appearances, mini fainting, big sign. Any autonomic dysfunction really, including gut motility, another sign. Also, test oxygen saturation with an overnight test, like for apnea...but do it more than for apnea. If oxygen levels are below fifty at night, you have a problem houston.

kathy blanco

Benedetta, luckily, insurance through my husbands work compensates for people you take full responsiblity for, such as autism in adults, and he also has medicare through Oregon (the one good thing about Oregon). So his pacemaker, and all those hospital visits this year, ran into one hundred thousand dollars...luckily, we have not paid a penny of it. Good insurance, and we made sure we got premium types. Good move on our part...shew...

kathy blanco

Benedetta, yes, thanks for asking, and maybe it will be somewhat of a warning voice to all. Many kids who have autism and seizures, also have unknown, silent killers in their heart..and it's called asystole. Basically in layman terms, it means the heart just stops beating, AT ALL. Starting at the sinus node of the heart, where your conduction system operates. Many of our kids have AUTONOMIC DYSFUNCTION. When you have this condition you have No arythemia, nothing like that, it's the kiss of death. Unfortunately, at this premise, we can only go by very educated thought patterns as to why. We never presented with heart problems, never. We always had yearly physicals, etc. During this time, my son got increasingly bad seizures, and this last year especially was worse than ever. He was starting to not only have grand mals in more frequency, but also a thing called status, where you go from one seizure to the next. One bad episode in January almost killed him. We found him in bed post ictal, bearly breathing. Ambulance and crew worked on him about forty five minutes, his oxygen saturation was around forty. No mention of heart things, but he was in ICU for three days to control seizures, and they basically put him in a medical coma. He kind of got better for a bit, then he started again with seizures. I came to realize what he was experiencing what is called SUDAP, or sudden death like seizures, and I am sure the TEMNEBIS's know this sick feeling all too well.

So, around labor day, we were not only having these weird seizures, but also serious aggressions, weird going off on us, not his nature type of things. We were told to use antipsychotics. I then tested him for PANDAS with Dr Cunninghams lab, and he was strong positive. She is currently testing his heart antibody levels. He has high CAM KINASE II and has antibodies to his tubulin. (part of your myelin system).

We also tested him for XMRV, and he is positive for that as well as myself (CFS) and my other daughter with autism. He also has an unknown mitochondrial condition, in which we did all the biopsy necessary for a diagnosis. However, like the Polings, we don't have a specific type of mitochondrial DISEASE, rather, dysfunction, rather we have the smoke tests, such as high ammonia, lactate and pyruvate.

He also has been on AED's since his teens. I came to find out, that TEGRETOL, long term use, can cause AYSTOLE! So, between the long term use of AED's, a possible mitochondrial condition, PANDAS or something close to SYDEHAMS CHOREA and RHUEMATIC FEVER (known to be a strep origin which attacks the heart), and the fact he has XMRV a known neuroimmune retrovirus, who's to know? My feeling is he has all three going on at once. Oh, and less I forget, he also has lyme. Lyme can also cause conduction problems. And yes, all of these are found in autism.

Here is my warning voice...parents...your kids don't just stay stable through the years, this is DEGENERATIVE (especially without biomed)! Pay attention class, seriously. Autism is an oxidative stress and immunologically enhanced disorder. Inflammation, infections and the lot of mercury toxicity DOES take a toll. I have only known about DAN treatments, obviously, since computers came out...which was around my sons teenage years, when he already had fully involved infectious processes going on, and no biomed. You young moms are so damn lucky...but I digress...It is most immperative that you rule in or out this condition, as it CAN KILL. My son had four episodes in ER, where he flatlined for more than ten seconds, one time, twenty. Once you go to a minute, your in heaven. You can't shock the heart with pedals, you have to put epinephrine straight into the heart. If your lucky, you make it. So you can imagine the SHOCK and HORROR we felt, when we saw our child slowly slip away.

I ask this one thing. If any of your kids have seizures, do not forget heart conduction. Plead for EKG's and Echocardiograms! Many I know who have older kids, who's brains are now in the BRAIN BANK, often die of seizures by SUDAP. The weird thing about all of this is, is that as soon as my son got his pacemaker, his seizures were less intense, he also stopped having severe aggression, and it seems to me, that I need less AED's to give him control. Obviously, now, his heart is pumping oxygen to places it should have been. We are working hard on removing inflammation (neuroprotek), and ammonia (alpha ketoglutaric acid), and fixing gut bugs and inflammation. We are working so very hard on mitochondrial supports, etc, and fixing diet, etc.

The long and short of this, is learn from me. You can take your kid home from ER after a seizure, and never have them wake up again. Had we done so, and had they not "road tested him down the ER hallway" where he collapsed once again into asystole, I would have NEVER KNOWN he had this condition. You can test for it at the hospital with TILT TABLE TESTS, which are not easy, and I doubt our kids even tolerate them, and for goodness sakes, do get an echocardiogram to rule out murmors etc. The thing is, this is a conduction disorder, and MERCURY TOXICITY can also cause conduction problems. Also, pay attention to magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium...these are almost ALWAYS OFF in our kids. These can actually cause hearts to fail.

If anyone tells me one more time, autism is from the neck up, I am going to slice them one right on the kisser. Because, I know, it is multisystemic, multifactorial, and is not only caused by the initial vaccine reaction which starts the bullsheeshee, like ryan had, but also due to the fact we have a rampant retrovirus on board in our population, that does not like heavily vaccinated people...or should I say, likes them, because its the perfect host for a retrovirus, having a screwed up immune system.

Sorry for the long wind, but I just feel in my heart this will help someone. That said, I pray for this dear family, that all their suffering will be alleviated. I pray for all our kids who are tossed to the side of society, and whom are DUE an apology/repurations from our government, our officials in the "know", and compensation for the rest of their natural lives to give them support when their parents are gone. I pray for this so heavily, you will never know how much.


Dr. Max Wiznitzer, witness for the "respondent" -- what a jerk.


Congratulations Harry, and thank you for staying in the fight. Compared to what you lost, I know that a verdict like this and even a trillion dollar award probably still seems like a hollow victory.

You've also reminded me today to be thankful that my son "only" has autism.

R.I.P. Elias


Congratulations to the Tembenis family, and thank you for being leaders and for fighting this fight. What a bittersweet victory, but a victory none-the-less. You have faced this terrible tragedy in an amazing way. Condolences on your loss of this sweet beautiful boy.

Anne McElroy Dachel

"Respondent has not overcome Petitioners’ evidence by proving an alternative cause."

Haunting words....

Anne Dachel

Lisa Smith

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for pursuing the case during your grief. it is the only way we will ever get thru to people that there are dangers with vaccines.


I also wanted to say;
The picture of this small child so smiling deserved his life, and may God smite James Cherry!


Kathy Blanco;
I know several months ago you mentioned heart trouble and it was by luck they found it in time!!!!!
What was the symptoms, what made them look!
My son is 24 years old, I too worry that some type of heart problems is in his future.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how have you handled the health insurance for your son????

Kate Whelan

Kathy, hopefully this will set a precedent for other children. That's all we can hope for, and of course, some publicity that the vaccine schedule is not risk-free. We really need to do away with the vaccine court. Cases need to be heard in a timely manner and compensation not delayed.


What a precious, angelic boy. When will this madness end?


How the Tembenises can give others such faith in humanity just by existing-- when what was done to them and to their beloved little boy would destroy faith for most-- is impossible to explain. But to meet the Tembenises is to have them printed on your heart along with the image of Elias forever. I'm so glad they prevailed but know that none of it should ever have happened. Love and blessings to Harry and Gina.

kathy blanco

this ruling will never bring back their son, or my son who also reacted to DPT. He lived, barely. He now has seizures, mitochondrial dysfunction, a heart pacemaker (because of years of AED's). I can't think of one reason why my son doesn't deserve compensation, other than he is now 29 years old, and reacted eleven days after his dpt, not the pharmawhore timeline of three days. If you look on medline, mice almost always react on day eleven. That said, my daughter reacted to MMR and has HF autism. Her descent into autism was a little more cloudy, but within a month, she had diahrreah from hell. She has petit mal seizures and mitochondrial problems as well. I am sorry, but, is there justice for my children, ever? For all our children? Where are our repurations? Where is OUR justice?


It's hard to see anything that resulted from a child's death as a victory, but I hope this brings the Tembenis family some closure and that it brings many families of vaccine-injured children some validation. Mostly, I hope it brings us one step closer to ending the nightmare of vaccine injury.

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