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What you don't know By Dan Olmsted

On the whole, Lisa Marks Smith would rather have had the flu. Instead, the Cincinnati mom of two college-age sons got a mercury-containing flu shot that nearly killed her, led to paralysis, severe neurological problems, 24 days in the hospital – and a check from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that attests to the truth of her story.

Smith has come to see first-hand how carelessly flu shots are administered, how dangerous the mercury that remains in most of them can be, how little public health officials actually seem to care when the worst happens, why the worst may not be so rare after all – even how similar the side effects can be to symptoms of autism.

She talked to Age of Autism about her ordeal, which began in 2005, in the hope of sparing others.


Dan: I thought I’d start by asking you where things stand now. How’s your health? How are you feeling at the moment about everything?

Lisa: The only lingering thing I have at this point is that if I do not take big doses of magnesium, my legs shake. And I mean muscle spasms, Charlie horses, twitches – think Parkinson’s shaking. I do feel my feet again after four years. I need to go shoe shopping because I only own sandals, and it’s cold this winter in Cincinnati, and if you feel your toes you can’t wear sandals in the snow.

Dan: Well, I guess that’s a good problem to have, considering what happened. Just to go over the basics, you got a monetary award from the vaccine injury compensation award program and it was how much?

Lisa: I am not allowed to tell but in all honesty the award would not have covered my medical bills. To me, it’s the validation – they can’t claim they don’t know what’s happening when they’re paying people.

Dan: And of course one thing we hear so much about, and it’s almost a cliché, is that correlation does not equal causation – in other words, "just because you got a flu shot and then got very sick doesn’t mean it caused it." But in this case, correlation was a very strong indication of causation.

Lisa: In my case, my neurologist said straight up, this is what caused it. So it’s very hard for them to say one doesn’t equal the other. You’re walking around, you’re perfectly healthy, you don’t even get colds. You have a flu shot and within two weeks you’re paralyzed, and paralysis is listed as a possible side effect.

Dan: One thing I’ve experienced, spending time with families on our book tour, is I used to think the symptoms of autism occurring immediately after vaccination were very rare, and occasionally when they did occur pretty quickly, that was an important clue. But, man, there is a lot of this – families describing these very close correlations, I guess you might say, between getting a vaccine, getting ill, and then having the onset of these symptoms. My feeling is, how long can this go on? And you must wonder the same thing in the case of the flu shot.

Lisa: I get these constant calls. The lady two houses up has Guillain Barre syndrome [a paralytic reaction] from a flu shot. My old boss, her mother-in-law got Guillain Barre from a flu shot. A woman I used to work with in California, her mom had Guillain Barre from a flu shot.

Dan: And that’s a pretty small universe.

Lisa: Yes, in our little world here in Cincinnati, to know that many people? And that’s what my neurologist even says. She says, "Lisa, it can’t be that rare," because she has five patients with it – "If it’s one in a million," she says, "I don’t have five million patients." One guy’s still at Drake Hospital, which is the long-term care facility here, one man died, one woman’s still in a wheelchair. One of the times I went into see her she said, "Oh my gosh, because of you I looked so smart the other day. They brought this man in, he was shaking, he looked all over again like your case – paralyzed, shaking, you couldn’t touch him, he would just scream. I ran over and said, 'Oh my God, did he just have a flu shot,' and they said 'Yes, two weeks ago, how would you know that?' And everyone said, 'Wow, she’s so good,' and the neurologist said, 'It scared me to death. He was like looking at you all over again.'

"I said, 'How is he?' And she said, 'He’s dead. It killed him. He was older, you were so healthy. Your heart and your body could take it. His couldn’t.'"

Dan: Just for the record, take me back to 2005. You went to get a flu shot at a drug store?

Lisa: Yes, my dad was having knee replacement surgery and I thought – bad plan – I don’t want to get sick. I told my mom, "I’ll stay overnight when he has it so you don’t have to stay at the hospital." So my mom called and told me they were having them at CVS so I thought I’d go up there after my son’s soccer game.

In one way, I was very lucky, because my brother came in when I was in line to get one. Later on, they [the Department of Health and Human Services] said I couldn’t prove I had a shot, because since I had it at CVS it wasn’t in my medical records.

Dan: Didn’t they at least take your name down at the drug store?

Lisa: They did, and I could prove it. But at one point they said, "You can’t prove you had the shot, you don’t have the receipt." And I said, "Well, I was kind of busy being paralyzed. I really wasn’t concerned where the receipt was."

Dan: That’s one thing I wonder about now, when you can get a shot just about anywhere including the airport and you can get it at the big box retailers. What is happening with VAERS and follow-up and statistics?

Lisa: Nothing. Because my brother happened to be there when I got it, it made it harder for them. But originally they said, you can’t get compensation because you can’t prove you had the shot. So people had better hold onto that receipt, because how many people have a witness?

Dan: You got the shot and then …

Lisa: Right away, I knew I didn’t feel right. By Tuesday, my son had his orchestra concert and I called my parents and said, "I don’t feel right. I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel right." I said to my dad, "Don’t come, because I don’t want to give you something before your surgery."

By Friday night, my friend Jackie and I went out to a craft show and I said to her, "I have a tickle in my throat." By Sunday I was so sick, but couldn’t get into the doctors. By Monday I said to my husband, “I think I’m going to die.” He took me to the emergency room. They said I had pneumonia – another hospital later said I absolutely never did have pneumonia. They put me on an antibiotic. I went home. Within a week, I just simply felt bad all day, I was laying on the couch, I couldn’t get up off the couch. And I couldn’t move to go get a phone to call for help. I just had to wait for my son to come home from babysitting to call somebody because I couldn’t move.

Dan: So you went to the hospital …

Lisa: The ambulance then took me to a hospital that doesn’t have a great reputation, but that’s where they took me – I was too sick at that point to argue. They told me there was nothing wrong with me, that all my symptoms were psychogenic in nature and I should just go home and see a therapist.

Dan: What kind of wacky idea is that? I mean even …

Lisa: And I’m paralyzed! A friend of mine who works there came in and said, "Look, I’ve known Lisa 20 years, she’s not crazy." Another friend of mine, a doctor, came in, he said to the neurologist, "Look, she’s my neighbor, she’s perfectly healthy, there’s nothing mentally wrong with her, she’s sick."

Dan: Did you mention the flu shot? Is that why they thought you were crazy?

Lisa: They asked me immediately when I got there if I’d had the flu shot, but with Guillain Barre there’s a protein in your spinal column – that’s why they do the spinal tap – and I never had that protein. I even said to the guy, "Listen, I can’t fake symptoms in my sleep. I shake in my sleep. It wakes me up. My feet stay 'dropped' [pointing down] in my sleep. If I’m holding my feet in that position for whatever reason, pretending, they should come back up when I go to sleep. And they don’t." I said to them, "It scares me that I know that and you don’t."

Dan: And it sounds so much like Desiree Jennings, where she was treated with the attitude, well, she’s a cheerleader, she’s got no brains, she can’t possibly be exhibiting these symptoms from a little old flu shot.

Lisa: Exactly. That’s exactly what they keep telling me, "You should just go home and see a therapist." I said, "I can’t go home and see a therapist because I can’t move."

Dan: [Laughs] I’m sorry to laugh, but it is sort of sick.

Lisa: It was insane. Luckily my brother used to work with the head of this good neurology group here in Cincinnati, and he called him and said, "Send somebody to meet my sister." And he did. The ambulance came and transferred me [to a better hospital]. But the first hospital kept trying to stop them from transferring me – they were saying, "Your insurance won’t pay the bills if you transfer." The insurance company said, "That’s not true. Go."

Now I’m lying there paralyzed, being lifted on to the stretcher, being put into the ambulance to be taken to a second hospital. Here comes the nurse, she’s carrying a shot. She said, "Oh, because you had pneumonia, we’re going to give you a pneunomia vaccine." And me being a cusser when sick, I said, "Are you f-ing crazy? Are you out of your mind? I’m lying here paralyzed, possibly from the flu shot, and you think you’re going to give me another shot." I said, "If I could move, which I can’t, I would sit up and break your f-ing arm." My friend’s going, "Stop it, they already think you’re crazy. You’re not helping." I said, "Which one of us is crazy? It’s not me!"

Dan: So things started getting better once you got to the new hospital?

Lisa: Yes, I got to Christ Hospital and they knew in two hours. I got checked in and the doctor comes in and I say, "I am not crazy," and the doctor says, "Oh, we already know that." I said, "How can you already know that?" And he says, "One blood test. If they had done one blood test – the protein level in your blood when you got to the [first] hospital was 60, and they never rechecked it, which is standard procedure to recheck it every 8 hours. You are now 900. Yours should be below 100. It shows you are very, very sick."

Dan: So what did they do to get you better?

Lisa: They put me on an MS medicine which relaxed the muscle spasms in my leg which then stopped the muscles from destroying themselves.

Dan: How long was your recovery period?

Lisa: I was in the hospital 24 days. You could have two heart transplants, I think, and not stay 24 days. From that point it was just a matter of letting everything grow back, but I call it Barbie feet – foot drop, where it damaged the peroneal nerves in my legs. Not only couldn’t I feel my feet if you touched them, but my heels wouldn’t touch the ground.

So you wonder:  autistic kids toe-walk, and that’s how I walked. Up until last October I couldn’t put my heels on the ground. Even my physical therapists – two big guys – would try to push my feet into place. They couldn’t. So it’s like, OK, how do you know that kid’s peroneal nerve isn’t damaged?

Dan: Now you’ve determined this shot had mercury, right?

Lisa: Yes it did.

Dan: Tell me what your conclusion is about flu shots.

Lisa: I tell them there are safer ways to get it [than with mercury]. But if you’re healthy like I was, I just don’t see it as worth the risk. I was a very healthy person. That should be the definition of irony – you know, you’re very healthy, you get a shot so you don’t get sick, that shot ruins your health.

Dan: Before this happened, I assume you hadn’t paid a lot of attention to vaccine issues and autism?

Lisa: No, unfortunately not.

Dan: What do you think now?

Lisa: I find it scary how little we know about what it does to your body long-term. I find it frightening that the CDC and all these researchers really don’t want to know. Because one of the things even my neurologist had said at one point was, "They should study you, what makes you different that you would have this reaction." But they don’t seem really interested in finding out why. They want to say it’s not this – it’s kind of like fillings in your teeth, they want to say it’s not bad for you because then their liability would be there.

I think unfortunately pharmaceutical companies rule our country to the point you’re not going to know. I guess I’m just really astounded though, at how little is known, how bad the studies are.

Dan: And are you talking about mercury, vaccines?

Lisa: Mercury and vaccines in general. Like this year’s flu shot, where for older people it’s four times stronger. That’s somebody’s theory that that works. It was never tested. You’re the guinea pig. That’s kind of frightening to me.

Dan: Did any of your symptoms besides the toe-walking match reports of what autism is like?

Lisa: I had neurological damage. I had no short-term memory at all. So literally, if you called me and said your dad just died, tomorrow I probably wouldn’t remember that. The other thing that I had was everything was equally loud. So in the background right now, I hear the radio playing, but that doesn’t overwhelm me. But before, I would never have been able to do that, because I would have heard every little noise equally loud.

We were at Ohio State one day at a thing for my son, and I said to my husband, "I wish the aerospace engineer in the back row would quit clipping his fingernails." He’s like, how do you know that? I said, "Because I can hear it. I can hear the lady getting in her purse to get the keys, I can hear what the kid in the front row is saying." We were at one of Matthew’s orchestra concerts one time with my son Nathan sitting next to me, and he said, "What are you doing," and I said, "I wish the kid down on the floor of the middle school would quit saying, What the f---?" I could hear what every individual on the floor was saying as loud as you sitting next to me.

He says, "You know that’s not normal, Mom." And I said, "Yes, I do, because I didn’t used to hear this way."

Dan: Imagine if that is what you heard when you were three years old.

Lisa: That’s what I said to him – "Nathan, this isn’t normal, and I work really hard to block all that out and not to be places that overwhelm my senses, but what if you didn’t know other people didn’t hear this way? The world would be an extremely overwhelming place with all this stimulus going on constantly."

Dan: You could see how that could have a serious downstream effect on a person. It’s not the behavior that’s being triggered initially, it’s the assault on the senses and the confusion that then leads to various kinds of responses.

Lisa: I made my husband take the surround-sound out of the house. We didn’t go to movies where it was really loud. I couldn’t tolerate it. I can still hear some things really loud that I know probably some other people don’t hear. I have a friend who has guardianship over an autistic man, and when I told her what I was experiencing, she said to him, "Richard, Lisa hears everything equally loud." He responded, 'Yes, doesn’t everybody?"

She said "No, they don’t. And it made such sense to her then. They always thought he spied on them. He would be downstairs in the basement. They would be up in their bedroom talking, and he would know what they talked about. And I said, "Well I could hear that. I could be upstairs in my bedroom and hear what people are saying in the basement – with this, not before."

Dan: You could almost call that a savant quality. It’s something that most people can’t do, but yet, who wants it? Who needs it?  Obviously the mind can do all kinds of interesting and weird things but at what price and for what reason? You have to say that your hearing was in a sense better, and that’s kind of amazing, but it was also very destructive of your well-being.

Lisa: I was thinking more like it was a brain thing. My brain couldn’t filter things out …

Dan: Ah, I see …

Lisa: Where normally you filter the things out you want to hear or not hear. For example, as I was telling you this story, I wasn’t hearing the radio playing in the background. But before, I would not have been able to filter it out.

Another thing I had, kind of like a Tourette’s thing but not that intense. If somebody walked by and I was thinking, Wow, her butt’s fat, that came out of my mouth. So while you and I were sitting here discussing the neurological things, I might just go, "Fat butt." Because whatever I was looking at at the time – like right now, I’m looking at a bowl of M&Ms, I might be telling you this story and just go, "Bowl of M&Ms". You’d go, What? And I’d say, "That’s what I was looking at and it just came out."

Dan: I have a friend whose son had celiac disease and Asperger’s. They worked very hard and recovered him from Asperger’s – but then he got Tourette’s. You get the sense that all of this is brain injury manifesting in one way or the other at one time or the other in ways that can’t necessarily be predicted and can’t necessarily be stopped. It’s just horrible.

Lisa: I had mercury in my brain. I had chelation therapy. I had a high mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum level. My body for some reason doesn’t process metal well, so then the shot just put me over the edge.

Dan: So you think the mercury in the shot was a big part of it, not just the vaccine itself?

Lisa: Yes. One of the theories the doctor at Christ speculated was the possibility that mercury is heavier, it could settle at the bottom of the bottle and the nurse didn’t shake it up. So I got a “mercury shot.”

If you’re not allowed to own mercury thermometers because that is so deadly, why are you allowed to inject that into your body? You’re not allowed to play with that in the science lab anymore, but really? It’s in the shots? And most people don’t realize it’s in there. Or they’ll say it’s been removed.

Dan: Or that it’s a trace amount, whatever that means.

Lisa: I don’t care if it’s a trace amount. Would you eat a trace amount of plutonium?

Dan: It just is so astonishing to me that the federal government and the pediatricians said in 1999 that mercury should be phased out of all childhood vaccines, and that just as a general principle reducing mercury exposure as much as possible was a good thing, and then here it comes in these flu shots for infants and pregnant women …

Lisa: All I say to pregnant women is, "When you bought your car seat, didn’t you research it?" And they said, "Of course we did, we bought it after reading Consumer Reports." I tell them they need to read the vaccine insert, too – "not tested for safety and efficacy in pregnant women." If you read that, I doubt you would take it.

I tell people this would be like reading a bad novel or watching a bad Lifetime movie, if it hadn’t happened to me. To have the CDC say I couldn’t prove I had a shot, when I could tell they had my record because they had recorded my vaccine lot number in my file …

Dan: So ultimately, they paid you.

Lisa: Yes, but even then, I’ll never forget I was laying in the hospital, my friend Jackie comes running in and says, "Oh my god, Lisa, they know this happens. I Googled 'flu vaccines reactions,' there’s a whole program that pays you."

They don’t tell people that. And most people don’t know your doctor has no liability.

Dan: It’s amazing when you watch the coverage on TV or the Web from these mainstream outlets, it’s like getting the flu shot is practically a civic duty and protects other people. The idea that any reactions are so rare …

Lisa: I guess whether it’s worth the risk is whether you’re the one that ends up paralyzed. 


 Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.










B Gregory

I had a friend. She was working. The phone rang. She looked positively panicky until she looked at her cell phone. I asked her what was wrong. Her daughter had a serious fish allergy. If she even smells fish, she must be taken to the hospital or she could die. She was one of the reasons I researched the peanut allergy epidemic. What could possibly be causing it? I found the answer. You cannot be allergic to something without first being exposed to it. Scientists have injected animals with food protein and aluminum adjuvant to create food allergies in the animal. Is there food protein in vaccines? I found many patents for adjuvants and culture mediums with food products. No matter how refined an oil can be, there is a trace of food protein. Not every kid gets the food protein in the shot. Just the unlucky ones. How can this be legal? It is. Pharmaceutical companies can "self affirm" GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. GRAS ingredients do not have to be listed on the package insert. Self affirmed GRAS ingredients don't even get submitted to the government and they become a protected trade secret, protected by international trade law. Every food oil known to man was listed in the patents for vaccine adjuvants. Every food known was listed in patents for culture mediums. Only the final culture medium is listed on the package insert.

Tammy Brown

The US government does all it can to prevent paying the vaccine injured. I am a doctor and pharmacist and developed demyelination/optic neuritis within 19 days of my first hepatitis B vaccine. I submitted a claim through VICP and received nothing, zero. A patient of mine, elderly gentleman with a below the knee amputation from GBS from a flu shot received nothing from the USA. "Not a penny, doctor, not one penny" were his exact words. His life was dynamic and he was physically fit until one flu shot destroyed him. Just like one Hepatitis B shot destroyed me. We're just dumped out of society to live out our days on SSD. I'd much rather be performing surgery in the OR than sitting here at a computer with partial vision. We must find a way to highlight the etiology of vaccine injury, and mechanisms of action. There must be a way, via sound medical research to fight back. Is anyone out there interested in starting a B Corporation? We should have wrist bands for vaccine injured like those with other conditions have, sell T Shirts, and fund research to show how dangerous vaccines are. I coordinate with the NVIC for NY and do what I can writing to legislators to help stop more vaccine injuries from happening. We need to do more.

Sandy Lunoe

Thanks to Dan O. and to Lisa M.S. for drawing attention to the Guillain-Barre Syndrome and for the heartrending description of the problems you encountered, Lisa. Sincere wishes for a complete recovery.

Lisa, you are no doubt correct in your observation about GBS not being so rare as authorities will have us believe.
Here are Dr. Lawrence B Palevsky’s comments concerning the statistics for GBS:

In response to Sandy L, “It is often stated that there is normally no higher number of GBS after vaccination than is found in the population as a whole,” this statement is more than dubious.

We are told that vaccine safety studies are designed to evaluate whether or not vaccines contribute to the development of adverse events.

When authorities accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, they closely monitor them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, usually 2-4 weeks.

They then compare the incidence of any reported symptoms in the vaccine study group to the incidence of the reporting of these symptoms in the general population. The incidence of symptoms in the general population is normally referred to as the background rate.

In every vaccine study performed in this way by the vaccine manufacturers, they have come to conclude through their statistical analyses, that the symptoms reported in the study group after vaccination are no higher in incidence than the rate at which these symptoms would occur in the general population.

Therefore, they conclude, the onset of these symptoms in the vaccinated study group is not necessarily due to an adverse reaction to the vaccination(s) being studied.

In other words, the symptoms in the vaccinated group were most likely to have occurred by chance, unrelated to the effects of the vaccines. The next step in the process is to then conclude that the vaccine(s) being studied is(are) safe.

Here’s the problem. The vaccine manufacturers are using background data from the general population; a population that is also vaccinated.

In this type of study design, the investigators are studying a group of vaccinated people and comparing the data to a background population of people just like them, who are also vaccinated.

We can’t conclude anything about the vaccinated population in this type of study design because the data are being compared to themselves, and not to a set of data from a proper unvaccinated control group.

Yet, this is the main type of study design that is used to evaluate vaccine safety.

In order to do a proper study, investigators would need to accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, by monitoring them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, and comparing the incidence of the reported symptoms in the study group to the incidence of these symptoms that are reported in a cohort of people who are demographically similar, and who are unvaccinated.

This is the type of study that would help us to understand the frequency and severity of adverse reactions that could possibly occur in a vaccinated population.

This type of study, however, has never been done by the vaccine manufacturers. Many attempts to set up this type of scientific study have been thwarted by the courts, the vaccine manufacturers, medical organizations, and the ideology that vaccines are nothing other than safe and effective, and appropriately studied with the highest of scientific standards.


Coder Games
That was an a very good description of what happnes.
Symptoms of lipid metabolism problems.
Extreme sleepines
Behavior changes
Irritable mood]
Poor appetite
Enlarged heart
Muscle weakness
Heart failure

Debbie D;
I am so sorry. My daughter is also a nurse and vaccines has made her very sick. She misses a lot of work and she goes sick to work.

Does it not sound like the end of days and the Bible says that if they do not receive the mark they can not buy or sell.


I am a nurse working in a long term care facility. It is a state law and mandatory by the facility to get the flu shot or wear a mask from nov to mar. I dissagree with the policy and am against the flu shot for reasons as noted above. I have been wearing the mask getting plenty of negative reactions. Its very difficult to do my job with the mask making it hard to breath, educate, communicate via person or phone. Yesterday, I was pulled into the office by the don interigated as to why I was wearing the mask and they are trying to find ways to fire me because of my choice. Fortunately the nurse that I am have done nothing wrong to cause termination its my job to be knowledgable in medications delivered. Naturally I reasearch medications like the flu vaccine. There is an incredible amount of reasearch against vaccinations, not just the flu va. I find this extreemly alarming. I find it criminal to be mandatory by state law. I find a mask to be donned for five months abusive and to seek ways to fire me unlawful. How as an american are my rights dissolving?


I also got extremely sick after vaccinations. I had an accident back in 2003 and had to receive few shots because of small injury that bled, 1 cm wide. Doctor told me this is very urgent so he'll need to prescribe immune booster injection as well. So I received tetanus shot, rabies shot and that booster. I got sick within 2-3 weeks and got extremely sick within a year. My health deteriorated extremely. Shakes, blood pressure fluctuations, constant palpitations and tachycardia, vertigo, etc. I had a CAT scan and it revealed that I had some inter cranial bleeding that stopped. I had right side (leg and arm) loss of control, etc. Now I was young so I'm still recovering after many years. Still have problems though. I'm suffering from autism now, but it seems like I had some kind of autism since I was a kid, it just didn't kick in so severely and it wasn't persistent. Now my brain activity is so extreme that I'm noticing everything and I'm not able to process it so I get overwhelmed all the time and it's quite annoying and irritating. I calm myself by being isolated from everything and working constantly. I'm a software developer.

I found out that the immune boosters usually contain aluminum oxide to induce the fast immune system response. Since then I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. And I have occasional severe hypoglycemia attacks, a potential pre-diabetes conditions discovered accidentally while having a blood tested several times due to occasional health issues. I lost a lot of weight, etc.

I've noticed that, since I went fully vegetarian and eating mostly alkaline food, I kinda started feeling better, but it's a long way in front of me.

I thank you very much for making this website and informing people, we need to expose satan and its labs of hell run by its minions who are cunningly and systematically degenerating entire human kind. It's a war.

Susan Godbey

Has anyone considered the fact that Olive Leaf Extract (an herbal medicine readily available OTC), when taken as directed, will stop most flu viruses? It does work, and many medical professionals know of it, but they either cannot or will not advise patients about it. I don't NEED flu shots due to the curative elements in Olive Leaf.


When medical historians look back upon the times in which we lived, who will be remembered and why? From my perspective, there is no doubt who will be remembered. Educate before you vaccinate. The choice is yours to make, and no one elses. It is one of the most important personal choices any of us will ever make.

“View Complete Interview Excerpts with Dr Andrew Moulden and Dr Paul Offit” on May 8, 2009.


“Flu vaccine not ruled out in 2yo’s death” on September 10, 2010.


“Fears Grow As Toddlers Hospitalized From Untrialed Flu Vaccine” on April 24, 2010.



John Fryer Chemist - The common, underlying mechanism for ALL vaccine toxicity, has already been described by Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD. He should be taken VERY seriously. We should REREAD everything that he has written. We should LISTEN to every youtube clip of his. He has been marginalized and labeled a quack by pharma and orthodox medicine. Don't fall for their B.S.! Millions of lives are at stake.

The vaccine industrialists are VERY vulnerable as to whether mass inoculation of the public with "flu" shots potentiates, predisposes, triggers, or causes heart attacks. Of course, uncertain risks of any vaccine have never stopped them in the past. Uncertain risks certainly won't stop them from promoting mass inoculation of the public in the future. There's too much money to be made. The liability waivers, advanced market commitments, and pharma-favorable re-definition of "pandemic" from the WHO, are already in place. Sadly, nothing short of legislative reform or a court ruling will ever stop them.





@ John Fryer Chemist - Yes, you see it! I've noted this pattern of increased incidences of post-vaccination respiratory infections. I have to believe that there are those at the WHO and CDC who have seen it too, but are suppressing it.The VAERS database should be queried for ALL reports of pneumonia for ALL vaccines. I suspect that post-vaccination bronchial infections, pneumonitis, and pneumonias are grossly under-reported to VAERS database.

I am VERY concerned that parenteral injections of aluminum salts and aluminum adjuvants found in the vaccine schedules are causing clots and microembolic phenomena.

Aluminum salts are WIDELY used flocculating agents in industry.

Why did last year’s "pandemic" flu seem to have a somewhat greater predilection for the lungs and pneumonia? Why were there reports from the Ukraine last year regarding a hemorrhagic pneumonic plague? Why were pneumonic flu drills held in Illinois last year? Why do the lungs “light up” in patients with elevated blood aluminum levels on Technetium-99m labeled sulfur colloid scans?

Do pulmonary alveolar macrophages retain aluminum from the vaccine schedules? If so, what additional effect upon pulmonary alveolar macrophages would mercury in the form of thimerosal in the vaccine schedules have? Does aluminum and mercury in the vaccine schedules stimulate inflammatory cytokines? Real questions.

"Lung and renal uptake of technetium Tc 99m sulphur colloid related to disseminated intravascular coagulation "


Ionic aluminum can cause macroaggregation of the colloid particles which are trapped in the pulmonary capillary beds.

"The Recognition and Interpretation of Extrahepatic Uptake of 99mTc Sulfur Colloid in Liver Scanning".


John Fryer Chemist

Worth repeating and news 5 years old was an observation that more than a quarter of people in hospital with respiratory problems had had a flu vaccine in the past few days.

So 3 people in EVERY UK hospital is how many adverse vaccine events? And how many of these are recorded as adverse vaccine events?

But of course we are in a real world where no arguments AGAINST vaccines are entertained even after 1 million dead but previously healthy children also JUST vaccinated.

Dr Andrew Wakefield indicating the termination of a good scientist by those seeking to protect their own back sides and but not little children and the fragile older person.

John Fryer Chemist

What Julie says about mercury settling is a real issue.

But the continuing autism numbers also indicates that the problem may be ANAPHYLACTIC as well as TOXIC.

For allergy or anaphylaxis you only need a small amount to get a big effect and all those mercury free vaccines still have TOO MUCH mercury in them and clearly from the data on autism show the effects CONTINUE almost unabated.

John Fryer Chemist

A comment in the BMJ was pertinent.

Respiratory illnesses and those in UK hospitals.

HOW MANY of these had JUST had a MERCURY vaccine?

The amateur work of one vaccine specialist shows clearly several periods of breathing difficulty after vaccines.

The link to SIDS or sudden infant death such as Harry Clark less than 6 hours after a mercury vaccine is SELF EVIDENT unless you have a MEADOW name and are on committee bound to observe rules of SILENCE on known vaccine harm.


There is a glaring discordance between what pharma and orthodox medicine are promoting with respect to flu vaccination and what is really known about flu vaccine effectiveness and safety.


“No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study” by Heidi Stevenson on December 6, 2010.

“This study is damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry and its minions, the drug testing industry and the medical system that relies on them.”


“Flu shots safe for pregnant women, study finds” by Amy Norton on November 11, 2010.


“AMA, CDC, March of Dimes and others urge pregnant women to get flu shots” on September 15, 2010.


“HHS, Walgreens Partner to Give Free Flu Shots” by Todd Neale on December 17, 2010.



Pharma’s mercury frauds and flu frauds are closely-related to each other and to vaccine “madness”, in general, including all of the vaccines in the vaccine schedules and all mandated inoculations. They are acting in concert. This is all orchestrated. They are using proganda, fear and fraud to control us. Here is a federal U.S. District Court filing, filed August 18, 2010, which tends to support these assertions.



Hugh - “Do we want to revisit that?”

Your question is important and deserves a more detailed reply. We will lessen the likelihood of "revisiting that" if we cease and desist from shooting holes in our natural God-given immune defenses.

We will lessen the likelihood if we cease and desist from digging up diseased corpses to “invent” innovative new potients - under the false flag of “the greater good”.

Hugh - I stand by your right to choose to be inoculated with this sh*t, but please don’t FORCE vaccines and the vaccine schedules on the rest of us.

Thank you. Sincerely, medical freedom advocate.



Hugh, you have to keep in mind that during the 1919 flu there were no antibiotics. Many people proabably died of secondary infections. Today we can deal with that.
I love it! Arriana Huffington, while discussing the details about Afghanistan, (wikileaks), referred to the effect as being "cumulative, not unlike mercury poisoning."


Hugh - “Do we want to revisit that?”

No, I don’t think so.

I would recommend reading the transcript of the english translation of Teresa Forcades i Vila, M.D. (ABIM 1995, 2005), Ph.D. (UB 2004), formerly a practicing Internal Medicine physician, with a PhD in public health, now a Benedictine Nun, in Montserrat Barcelona, who was interviewed 9/23/2009
“Bell Tolling for the Swine Flu”.


I would also recommend a short article titled “Some Thoughts and a Proposal with Regard to ‘Swine Flu’”, September 16, 2009.


Theodora Trudorn

I was at Wal-Mart the other day getting my groceries. I saw a sign promoting getting the flu shot there!! Are these people for real?!?! I about choked when I saw that!!! This is hyper insanity! Even champians of vaccines have got to see how mad this is!!

Since when is it ever advised to get a medical procedure of any kind done outside a doctor's office?!?! How do we know the person administering the shot even know what they are doing?! I have therefore dubbed this Flu Paranoia, and America really needs to assess it's mental health!!

IT IS NOT OK TO ADMINISTER DRUGS IN A RETAIL SHOP OR GROCERY STORE!!! Even the pro-vax people have to agree with that! They are pushing this flu shot to hard, and the result could end up harming numerous amounts of people!


I have been hearing for years the paranoid rantings of anti vaccine people. I have had flu vaccines for years with absolutely no ill effects. Could it be the mercury in some vaccines that is the real culprit? I suspect the answer is yes. I guess many have forgotten or did not know at all about the flu pandemic of 1919 that killed millions. Do we want to revisit that?


I remember the little nurses are precise, reading the instructions, she even had a timer and she shook it for the required time right down to the second.

I too might think maybe we got the bottom of the barrel. Except: Both of my children reacted to the DPT shot. Not just once but ever time, getting worse and worse each time.
I think my husband had not just a tetanus shot but a DPT shot when he was older and he too reacted. All three could not have gotten the bottom of the vial!!!!

It is something else, but as usaually I don't know what?


I noticed here in Cincinnati they are offering pneumonia vaccines at the Walgreens now too.
On a different note I also find your story very similar to the journey with my son. I will never forget how at Christ Hospital the nurse casually gave me a flu vaccine when I was pregnant. Although it was the second vaccine shot when he was a toddler I believe put him over the edge.


I think Julie Obradovic's comment deserves it's own post. This is how I suspect my son got autism. He got the last shot in the vial and ALL the mercury.

Cynthia Cournoyer

"I don't have 5 million patients."

Given that not much more than 20% of the adult population choose the flu shot (was around 40%), it would be interesting for honest-leaning physicians to count their patient load, figure 20% compliance on the vaccine and then count how many they suspect reacted from the flu shot. Then we might come close to a REAL reaction rate.

This number could be alarmingly high! Dan? find that number?

Almost no child receives the MMR ONLY in a doctor visit. We ARE dealing with the synergistic relationship between toxic load and virus exposure. The sooner we stop believing that any vaccine could ever be safe or worth it, the better.

I can't hear about any autoimmune disease and not wonder what the vaccine status of that person is. 30 years ago there was soooo much less illness and chronic conditions. Even IF the fish got more toxic and the IF we are exposed to more pollution, we would still not be so sick, because viruses would not have the easy access to interact with those toxins, if we had no vaccines.


Has anyone looked to see if there is a connection between a person's heavy metals or just mercury levels before they receive a vaccine shot & vaccine injury? More & more people being diagnosed with mercury poisoning due to environmental pollution (i.e. eating too much fish.) I wonder what happens if a person with mercury poisoning happens to get a vaccine shot with an unagitated vial? And what about women who get pregnant and they've been eating a lot of fish and continue to eat it twice a week as recommend? I've often wondered if their newborns aren't already sensitized to mercury so even when trace amounts get shot into muscle tissue with a vaccine the nascent immune system over-reacts, similar to allergic reaction?


Here in Germany, I live in a province that is very low in autism and called Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Occasionally, I tell people this is so because our ancestors decided in 1878 to prohibit lead pipes so the people in this region must be very low in lead. Invariably, people laugh and think I am mad.

Being low in lead is good for your employer since it goes along with a low unemployment rate. Here, it is about 50 percent of the German average, and there are places where it is just about 1 percent. This may have a connection with the Ice Ages:

Two of the Ice Ages are called after small rivers here called Wuerm and Riss, so one might say that this happened during the Riss Ice Age. This is because the ice then stopped at the Riss river.

The place with the lowest unemployment is the town of Biberach on the Riss. Conceivably, the ice (several hundred feet thick) had pushed along a lot of trace elements that are now in the food and drink of the Biberach locals and pushing them out of bed in the morning.

The leadless existence also stimulates inventions, and the number of patent applications here is the highest per capita in the European Union. This may be the source of a generally high income. The local universities are just so-so, but the output is good nonetheless proving that inventions are made by brains and not by machines.

*Voice Control*

Yesterday, Richard Holbrooke died. He was a highly meritorious man, viz the Dayton Agreement that put an end to some of the Balkan Wars. In an interview, he told how he entered into a shouting contest with Serb prime minister Milosevic.

People high in a specific trace element have reduced volume control. Just a minor stimulus makes them raise their voice to a volume not needed by the situation. And some politicians use this to "shout down" their adversaries. The ability to modify our hearing so that we do not hear remote sources or hear them with reduced loudness may have its origin here.

The same ability goes along with good vision: When we see a lion one mile away, it looks small and does not cause fear in a normal person, whereas in a sick person, it might look big and cause terror. Carl Pfeiffer pointed out that Franz Kafka could not scale down distant animals, and they caused terror because they just looked big to him.

Some people also lack a sense of fear which causes admiration in others but may be extremely dangerous to the bearer of that "quality".



Thank you, Dan Olmsted and Lisa Marks Smith!

Knowing that one of my child's vaccines came from a vial that had not been shaken prior to the removal of ealier doses, I wonder how much Hg, Al,... was injected into her.

I also wonder what research has been done on the frequency of dosing variations even when instructions are followed. I would not be surprised if it is almost guaranteed that one, two, or three doses from each vial actually have nearly twice the specified amount of Hg, while other doses contain less.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

As a physician, I spend a fortune on malpractice insurance premiums, which thankfully have never come to use since graduating from med school in 1981. More recently, additional resources have been diverted for the creation of the soon to be mandatory electronic medical records.
Who in his or her right mind has allowed free standing drugstores to deliver Flu-shots to a naive public, while no one is qualified to recognize, let alone handle the unavoidable albeit "rare" or said to be rare complications. Even more appalling is the non-existent documentation of the procedure.
Who....well the vaccine manufacturer with the blessing of a federal institution in Atlanta, and cheering by ecstatic MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES who do not have to pay for a doctor's visit and in many cases do not have to pay for the vaccine as it has not been ordered by a physician.

In this particular case report, once again the injury to the nervous system is not just metal-related, it is an immunologically-mediated central nervous system injury which in this case involves for the very least the spinal cord, causing the TOE WALKING which along with the other symptoms descibed by this unfortunate lady is a sign of spastic weakness.
Guillain-Barre syndrome is due to a similar immunologically mediated reaction to the vaccine, however directed against the peripheral nervous system.

Younger individuals are more likely to experience those side effects than the elderly, because the younger the immune system the more intense the reaction -normal and pathological- to the vaccine.

This is a complicated way of making the point that we as a society overvaccinate our children, this at an increasingly younger age...This december, the CDC was proud to report that "thanks to better education" a greater number of pregnant women are getting the flu-shot. How much younger can one be before getting that first vaccine....The CDC indeed recommends a seasonal AND avian flu vaccine to all pregnant women "during any trimester".

I have never been given a flu shot, and have only rarely recommended the flu shot to individuals older than 65 with bad lungs.
The other reason for the popularity of the flu-shot as a medical procedure is that it has to be readministered year after year. The Influenza virus is the ultimate parasite: it outsmarts our immune system by continuously mutating. Since the current Flu vaccine is manufactured based on what last season's virus might most PROBABLY evolve into...there have been Flu seasons when the vaccine produced for that new season, failed to induce the antibodies that the new mutant would require in order to be neutralized.


I'm sorry. I got a few paragraphs down - to being paralised two weeks later - I simply cannot go on. This brings back my son's reaction to the flu shot. I can't read this. I'm sorry Lisa - I just can't. I'm going to be sick. I'm so sorry. I can't believe this - I really can't read this. I'm so sorry (for everything), but thank you for coming forward.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Dan and Lisa,

Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story. Lisa, I am so thankful you are able to share so vividly what you went through, though I do wish that you (or anyone else, for that matter) never had to suffer in this way.

michael framson

Julie, I seemed to recall at least one study which found the mercury dose (mcg) could vary by as much as 100% depending on the agitation of the vial. Does anyone remember running across that study?

Lyn Travis

My son got his MMR booster shot at age ten and began having neurological issues. We suspect it contained mercury but also believe the virus from the vaccine caused brain and CNS inflammation. He began having problems similar to what Lisa experienced though never paralysis. It was cognitive function difficulties and also his body structure got "off" (left side is not in sync with his right). At puberty his system went into sensory overload and his symptoms got worse. He has been in a fight or flight type reaction to just about everything. We have had all of this confirmed by an MD who has studied viruses and neurology. He is 25 now and we have been working to recover him but the journey has been very difficult.

Julie Obradovic

"One of the theories the doctor at Christ speculated was the possibility that mercury is heavier, it could settle at the bottom of the bottle and the nurse didn’t shake it up. So I got a “mercury shot.” "

How long have people here been theorizing the same thing as this doctor? How many of our children got that "mercury shot", and how hard would it be to simply test a vial of vaccine that hasn't been shaken for mercury content per draw to confirm or deny this theory? What would that take?

Not much, I'm guessing. Such an easy and necessary test to do. It might explain so very much, and at the same time completely invalidate all of the studies that use epidemiology with THEORETICAL and ASSUMED exposure rates that are always constant. How do we actually know a child is getting 12.5mcg per shot per se? We don't. To claim studies prove mercury from vaccines doesn't cause Autism or injury without an accurate exposure rate, not an assumed one, is misleading, plain and simple. And even with an accurate exposure rate of an unshaken vial, it would be impossible to figure out who got what and when. We may truly never know how much more mercury certain children got over others.

Furthermore, we haven't considered the effects of leaving that vial out in light. Thimerosal is bottled in dark glass because of light exacerbating its toxicity, and yet vaccines are bottled in clear glass. Are we to believe no vaccine has ever been left out in the light?

There are so many variables in this situation that could happen outside of the body, to then couple that with the amount of genetic variables inside the body is incomprehensible.

There is no place for mercury in the human body. The precautionary principle must prevail.

michael framson

Lisa: I am not allowed to tell but in all honesty the award would not have covered my medical bills.

I find it strange that the only thing Lisa could not talk about was "the money". I would like to know "the threat" they put on Lisa to not talk about "the money".

"Not allowed to tell" is bull-shit. Tell it to WIKILEAKS, then we will know.


I strongly suspect that post-vaccination bronchitis, pneumonitis, pneumonia, and pancreatitis are not being captured by the VAERS database.

How much more evidence do we need that flu shots not only don’t work, but they are dangerous? Here’s the greatest worry - the spectre of mandated flu inoculations. We are ALL endangered by vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates are crimes against humanity. They deprive us of our fundamental, God-given rights. At least let us pick our poison!

Those of us who don't vaccinate don't want to force our views on anyone - we just want to be left alone without being accused of spreading disease or FORCED to receive vaccinations.

The truth about vaccines and the vaccine schedules has become self-evident. Vaccines are ALL dangerous. Vaccines are impure! This is indisputable.

Our public schools will soon be used as vaccination clinics. Nursing home residents are routinely heavily-vaccinated.

Some of us have such an irrational fear of dis-ease that we are willing to do just about anything, including choosing to be inoculated, serially for a lifetime. These inoculations are a perfect recipe for the “perfect storm”.

We should listen to those who are trying to warn us. Joe Cummins is Professor Emeritus of Genetics at the University of Western Ontario.

“Viruses and Virus Nucleic Acid Contaminate Many Vaccines” by Professor Joe Cummins on December 13, 2010.




Well I wonder if Orac or Skepchick would dare comment on this article. Here we have a certified vaccine-court awarded damages case due to a flu vaccine ( which happened to be a flu shot avec mercury). Some of her symptoms, of which, thankfully she can articulate, sound an awful lot like autism symptoms. And the neurologist confirmed that it was the shot. Skepchick should be ashamed of herself for interfering with the Safemind's PSA.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

To Carol:
Recently I got a letter from our state's epidemiologists saying that my child's symptoms looked like pertussis. They wanted to do a phone interview. Apparently my HMO gave the state our medical information. But my child didn't have pertussis, and was successfully treated for what he did have.
Apparently ANECDOTAL evidence-gathering is fine and dandy if you're with the CDC.


The muscle spasms without magnesium is related to Lyme disease. Lyme bacteria LOVE mercury and become more active in its presence. Lyme bacteria eat magnesium, thus the need for supplementation. Most people are infected with Lyme, but it can be dormant in a healthy person.


I'm liking that her neuro was supportive BUT WHERE ARE THE NEUROLOGISTS IN TERMS OF ADVOCACY for these people, Vaers etc. WHAT ARE THEY DOING????? THEY WITNESS ALL THIS KIND OF DAMAGE AND YET THEY DON'T BAND TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING? They must have some kind of clout. They are specialists and they may not be as beholden to the system as the pediatricians.

Alison MacNeil

Oh the irony, while reading this post this morning my little guy was watching the PBS 'Sid the Science Kid' episode which is a thinly veiled pharma ad for the flu shot. All I could do not to hurl my shoe at the tv.


A fascinating account, especially in light of what my nana suffered (gb) in her mid seventies. Luckily she went on to live to 91 but our family doc definitely told us not to ever, any of us, get a flu shot. That sensory overload info Lisa relayed was fascinating. It makes me even more mindful of cutting noise (even talk) down to a bare minimum when I'm working with kids who are vaccine-damaged, otherwise known as "autistic."

Theodora Trudorn

THis is so close to my own story it is scrrepy the hell out of me! Othe than a dotor's check up, I had nothing foing on all those years aglo, when these spasms hit me out of no where. I know I have diescribed it a few times. It started with my feet swelling largely and them being painful to the slightest touch. Yet my stupid VR coach told me to suck it up and I still had to clean a giant fitness center in the course of 3 hours!!

The next day we all panicked. I was in my apartment and in excructiating pain. My knee caps and my feet had turned purple. Mom mom rushed over thinking it could be a blood clot. Thankfully, it was not.

Wehn taken to the ER by my grandmother, they did an ultra sound in my legs. They told me that the pulse in the arties near my ankles is very faint. And that the veins affected by this were to small and risky to opperate on. I was told I was to young for muscle relaxers and would'nt give me any pain medication of any kind.

They couldn't even tell me what the hell was wrong?! To this day, several years later, no one can tell me what is happeneing to me. How a compltelly healthy young girl just suddenly goies into constant spasms and pain!

When it first started, I remember going on to a bunch of sites. I bout every single vitamin that looked like it would have any kind of helping properties. Anything to promote healthy blood flo.

I speant nearly two years with almost no sleep because the pain was to much. It is a miracle of God that I am still able to walk. Though at times, when the spasms get to rough, I have to go around with a cane.

I have no other explation that those bastard doctors had to have screwed something up durring that buisness. All I expected was a regualr booster shot and then go home.

The spasms travel up into my spine now, and causes what my guy calls, violent, choherent siezures. What looks like a full body siezure but I am entirely conscience and talk to you. I don't know reall. I just know I had one doctors appoint ment and a crazy bYUTH as a job coach and I have not known on esingle moment with out pain.

I don't even know what to do anymore. I do take magnesium in the moring, with fish oil and Vitamin C, Ginko Biloboa,and a B multi-vitamin. I drink 1 glass of pure wine a night, (doctor told me, letterally to do so)and I do the best I can.

We all live our medical nightmares don't we? I don't trust any of them as far as I can throw them anymore. Not with the more information I he about my Dafd before he past. I am sure there are going to be some nuts in here who twll me I'm an idiot.

But when it comes to taking care of MY body and what HEALS and what HARMS it, I think I have a better idea about that than the Almight and Godlike doctor does. So as in alll situations where it seems like I am the only person with any clue and actually gives a damn, I am going to take things into my own hands.

After drinking that 1 glass of Merlot, it is followed by a blend of my own :1/2 chammomile for rest, 1/2 white willow bark for pain, 1/3 Feverfew Tops for inflamation and muscle relaxation, crushed molotonin 1 capsule for inducing sleep, 1/3 teaspoon Valerian Root for sleep.

Put these into a tea difuser and then put in the mugh of boiling water after you set that up. It doesn't take all the pain away, but it does dull it quite a bit and allows for your minor aches and pains to disspate as well. With the wine it dulls it enough that even though the spasms are still there, I can feel them only as a pinching sinsation, which is FAR better than before!!!

It costs far less than going to the doctor, and it has done alot more fo r me! Telling me just, nothing they can do, now go home and just suffer?! And outsiders wonder why we go ot alternative meds? Until you have been there, know what it is like to be in that kind of pain, or watch someone be in it every single day, you will never get it.

And when you do, the the regular people tell you that there is nothing they can do. Qhat are you going to do? Lay down and die?!

Gimme the flu over the flu shot any day

I have copied excerpts of this article into an e-mail, with a link to the article, and sent it to my entire list with the subject line:

Don't get a flu shot til you read this!

I hope all who are reading this will do the same, and ask people to circulate it far and wide.

My question is - why are other drug ads required to list side effects but not advertising for vaccines? We need to push for laws for full disclosure for all vaccines in all promotional material.

When I challenged a pharmacist on the mercury in the flu shot, he said there's more mercury in a glass of water. Such a falsehood would be grounds for him being fired if it was about any other drug. With vaccines, anything goes.


I would bet beyond autism we all have a story. Vaccines are dangerous! My mil was scratched by a dog, forced into her first round of tetanus shots, developed Wegener's, received a flu shot and died...all in the space of a few months. Her never vaccinated parents, ages 88/90 outlived her.

Cindy W,

Please listen to my interview with Lisa Marks Smith here.


Yes Lisa, they are f-ing crazy...

I believe a pneunomia vaccine costs about $50 at a W-Mart.

What is the bill for a pneunomia vaccine when given in an ER setting ??? $250 ???

I would guess part an ER staff is there to "run up a bill" and simply keep track of billing the patient, especilly if they have proper insurance.

Does anyone have a list of typical charges for vaccines in an ER, compared to those given at a doctors office ??



And more people will continue to be injured, as long as public health administrators keep their eyes closed to consumer complaints, and expand a product sales model that looks only forward rather than retrospectively.

AOA fan

So the feds have your name and lot no. of the vaccine in the CVS records, but actually try to claim you didn't get the shot because you didn't have the receipt??????

It's frightening that our own government would stoop so low to deprive us of redress.

Oh, yeah, it's government of, by and for the corporations, the people are irrelevant.


On a related topic, KPBS is running a series about the whooping cough epidemic.

"Our first stories appeared in early September. Nearly two out of three people who got whooping cough in San Diego County were immunized. It raised enough questions for our newsroom to probe deeper and ask the Watchdog Institute at San Diego State for help in collecting state and national data on the epidemic. Was this a trend outside of San Diego and what did it mean?

....We interviewed one of the leading experts on the disease, Dr. Frits Mooi. Mooi believes he knows one of the reasons whooping cough has re-emerged, not just in California, but worldwide. The bacteria has evolved and become less sensitive to the current vaccine. In fact, the new strain of pertussis is more virulent.

'We don’t know how effective the current vaccines are against the new strains,' Mooi said."



Wow. One in a million... right. I wonder if we will ever have true statistics. Until then, those statistics mean nothing to me.

I don't like Russian roulette either...


Here in Israel, just 6 weeks ago, a woman in her 60s got a flu-shot. In a couple of hours she started to feel sick. It was a Thursday. She kept feeling seek through Friday. Saturday morning, her husband woke up to find her dead. The funeral was on Saturday evening.
Her family claims she was perfectly healthy before the shot.
Well, up till now, this is just another correlation/causation story. Who knows if she died because of the flu shot, right?

However, the DoH was quick to declare that this woman's death was UNRELATED to the flu shot. "Flu shots are known to be safe and effective, bla bla..". They couldn't have examined her - it was a Saturday and she was buried about 12 hours after she was declared dead by the paramedics.

Interestingly enough, none of the main news outlets have reported this tragic death. But all of them run a piece yesterday about a guy who supposedly died from the swine flu.

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