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A Message from Autism Biomedical Dietary Expert Karyn Seroussi

Karyn seroussi Lots of people have been asking me what I'm up to lately. Here are some details:

1. Show me the science!

Did you ever have doctors tell you there is no scientific basis for the biomedical treatment of autism? Well guess what: Since 1990 there have been 105 studies linking autism and diet. There have been over 70 studies linking autism to immune and metabolic abnormalities. There have been over 60 studies describing a positive outcome from biomedical treatments. Why don't doctors know this? Because nobody has told them!

Now you can print up and send doctors, teachers, and family members a list of these medical and scientific abstracts at It's long past time for parents and professionals to get on the same page, and treat autism as a medical disorder instead of a genetic, behavioral abnormality.

2. Petition

Recently, a small, badly flawed study by the NIH and the University of Rochester reported that special diets do not demonstrate behavioral improvement in children with autism (HERE). As you can imagine, this conclusion stirred up a good deal of outrage from parents and professionals alike.

We now have 589 signatures on a petition to the National Institutes of Health asking that the United States medical authorities consider the documentation of multiple case studies, scientific studies, clinical experience and parental observations of thousands of patients to be sufficient evidence that special diets can be a useful treatment for some percentage of children with autism, and issue a public statement to that effect. When we reach our goal of 2000 signatures, the petition will be presented to the NIH by myself and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless. You can sign the petition at

Free Autism-Diet e-Book

Part One (the "why and how" section) of Lisa Lewis and Karyn Seroussi's book, "The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders," is now available for free on Kindle. Go to the Kindle Store, search the book title, and select "Download a free sample." This book is a concise yet comprehensive reference guide, and we wrote it to be the long-needed road map for families using dietary interventions. For more information, visit

For a brief list of my favorite links, and to download copy of my Parents Magazine article, visit my website at

With my very best wishes to all,

Karyn Seroussi

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Lorna Reed

Is this where I ask questions. Thank you for your research. Our family has had many health issues I believe related to milk. Have you read The Magnesium Factor by Mildred Seelig?
Your findings alongside hers makes so much sense to me. We are generally, magnesium deficient due to processed foods, milk, sugar, etc.. She has the science behind magnesium deficiency and so many diseases. She suggests were are primarily magnesium deficient. I believe we could have less problems with wheat if we had a more magnesium rich foods with it and small amounts(less animal protein)of meat or milk along with no processed foods with plenty of vegetables and fruit. Thank you for showing so much can be reversible. I am wondering if wheat allergies can reverse with more magnesium and optimal dietary conditions, sunlight and exercise to absorb the magnesium? Maintaining proper Calcium/Magnesium balances may change a lot of disease and help us get and absorb other nutrients better. Mildred Seelig was a doctor that worked a pharmaceutical company first to make drugs and the thing she found was that magnesium was the main thing they were trying to simulate in the drugs but it didn't make money because it was so cheap. She went into magnesium research after that and learned incredible information about disease. Someone that knew Mildred Seelig's work said she knew of a man in Kentucky that was an O.B. doctor and put every patient that was pregnant on 500mg of magnesium a day of any type and none of the patients but one or two that had come to him late in their pregnancies had pre-term births. They were all full term births. He had done it with sheep first and was successful. If you could at least respond to me in e-mail I would appreciate it. It all goes together in my mind. They told me I had peridontal disease but after taking magnesium there are no signs of it or any dental problems. The work you are doing is so crucial and could eliminate so much suffering. Much more seems to be preventable and reversible than we could have ever imagined. Thanks for your work.

Index on Toads


Follow the money. The pharmaceutical industry and the CDC don't want our children better.


All -

This is an incomplete posting at best. At worst, it is purposefully skewed to portray the scientific research to be overwhelmingly supportive of this view point.

The issues around scientific research can be confusing to folks who have no background in study design and statistical analysis. While there are many studies done every year, and some that reach the aforementioned conclusions, the vast majority reach an opposite conclusion. Additionally, the findings in many of the cited studies can not be statistically backed when you dig into the raw data underlying them.

As parents, we are often willing to grasp at solutions based on our emotional desire for a "cure" or a need for a causative effect to bring meaning to an illness. We need to tamp down those emotions and approach the topic without bias. We need to open ourselves to all of the research, not just that which has been cherry picked above.

Follow the overall science and the preponderance of evidence. It will one day lead us to a real understanding and a potential solution.


Lesa Walsh

Hi Karyn! Petition signed!
You know how most of the prime time news shows all have some kind of highlighted "Person Week" segment. It's too bad we couldn't get just one of them to do a "Recovery of the Week" segment. Then all the parents/caregivers of kids who have to some significant degree or completely recovered from Autism, could give their 2-5 minute testimonial about Biomed Intervention. I wonder how many weeks/months/years it would be before they ran out of stories of hope?!?


Karyn - "It's long past time for parents and professionals to get on the same page, and treat autism as a medical disorder instead of a genetic, behavioral abnormality."

Well-stated! I'd like to purchase a copy of your book(s) and learn about biomedical recovery. The testimonials from parents are heart-warming, quite moving, and VERY compelling.

After a lifetime of the vaccine schedules, fluoridated toothpaste, and mercury amalgam dentistry, many of us probably need detoxification, ASAP.


THANK YOU KARYN! Your writing saved my two children from being institutionalized and criminalized. Within a week of following your first book my children went through addiction withdraw and coma awakening. After years of self-health maintenance, both are in remission.
I concur with Ken H; "Thank you for letting them have a life!"
I'm passing on your work to the other families I coach.
PLEASE KEEP writing and helping families.
You are a gift. HUGS!


Is that seriously the best evidence? The first two studies don't make any sense in the context of her thesis.

Kim Spencer

I'll never forget meeting Karyn at an autism conference...I walked up to meet her and immediately started blubbering...she was my first Autism Hero, too. My son was 3 and her book made so much sense. He's 10 now and like another poster's child, is now in mainstreamed 4th grade. I now counsel parents at our pediatrician's office on the biomedical route...our first intervention to discuss is always diet. I'll never forget my son looking at me for the first time after 3 days on the diet...and I want other parents to know that feeling too! Thank you, Karyn!

Kent Heckenlively

Thank you Karen for saving my son Ben from autism.

By the grace of God my hand fell on your book three days after Ben went mute from his 18 month vaccination. I put him on the diet the next day. After seven more days of being mute he said his first word, again! He had started to find his way back to us.

It took him a year to catch up in speech to his peers, and two years for all of his sensory problems to go away, but by that time he was only three and a half years old.

He's ten now, top of his class, and his team just won the end of the season soccer tournament. Thank you for letting him have a life!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

Donna K

Karyn Seroussi is a bonafide hero. She was one of the first to bravely speak out about regressive autism and gastrointestinal disease in the context of vaccine damage. Because of her courage and determination to spread hope and healing through the introduction of a special diet that any mother or father could implement for their suffering children, this mother offered insight and real help and put the pediatric medical community to shame.

Her book was "the guide" to dietary intervention that saved our daughter from her constant gastrointestinal pain and suffering in the beginning of our biomed journey. In 2000, at our first appointment with a DAN doctor he recommended that I buy her book (Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, A Mother's Story of Research & Recovery), along with Lisa Lewis's book (Special Diets for Special Kids), because he knew how powerful Karyn's message was, and that it held the promise of a more timely and effective means to alleviate my child's suffering than any intervention available through any doctor's office at the time.

Karyn Seroussi is one of our heroes in the autism community and I can't stress enough to those new to our community how inspiring and life-changing a read of her book would be to them.

If you're reading this Karyn, I want to chime in with all your other admirers and express how thankful I am for your efforts on behalf of the children and families that you will never know, but who think of you often with grateful hearts and deep respect.


The are a number of university research staff on "standby, waiting for money" create a study to disprove anything & everything the parent of an ASD child says or does.

The goal of this staff is always the same,

No cause, no fault, no cure, no treatments, but please keep sending us money so we can continue to think about the problem so dear to us....


Karyn, you are the greatest.
Big shout out to Karyn Seroussi who was there before Jenny McCarthy brought the diet out of the closet. You've been walking the walk for so many years and I hope to one day be like you.
Thanks for the link, I will share it with my local group who I am easing into the idea of biomedical treatments. Its still, after 6 years of treatments and diet amazes me how much can be done but isn't. Physicians are too busy patting themselves on the back for their new-found ability to even diagnose Autism. 2 steps forward and 1 step back but we'll get there eventually.

Lisa Rupe

Karyn, Is the eBook available in any other format? It's such a great intro, I'd love to see it available to everyone. Thanks for all your work. I remember reading your book over a Christmas visit to family ages ago and not being able to put it down!

JB Handley

Karen's book was what opened the door to biomed for my family, many thanks, and great to hear from you and see you are active and doing great things.

JB Handley

Katie Wright

Thank you Karyn!

Your book was my first step towards understanding what was going on with my very sick child. I learned more about helping Christian and what was wrong with him from your book than from a 3 day hospital stay - he had an MRI, CAT scan, blood tests and EEG....still the physicians had no idea how to interpret the findings.

It irks me to no end when the academic community willfully remains ignorant about the massive amount of positive research between diet and ASD. It is like dealing w/ a 2 yr old. If they don't see it- it doesn't exist- if it did not happen to their child it did not happen. The science is here.

Aimee L

Yours was one of the first books I purchased in the biomedical area and I am so profoundly grateful. I have lent it out and purchased it for many other parents beginning their journey. Thanks for providing a tangible way for us to 'pay it forward'. Your impact cannot even begin to be imagined...thank you.

Jill Mitchell

It is so great to see Karyn Seroussi! When my son regressed into autism at 18 months, Karyn's book was the first one I read. It gave my husband and I so much hope and guidance. I am so grateful to Karyn for sharing her story. My son is eleven now and doing well. He still has a long road, but he is doing so much better because of diet, supplements and therapy. Thank you Karyn Seroussi!!

Susan Kestner

Hi Karyn,

When my twin boys were a few months old, after very premature birth, I asked one of our pediatricians at Georgetown University Medical Center to refer me to a nutritionist, saying "I'd like them to get the best start possible." He refused, saying "I see no pathology there." Guided by that, I did not look further for any nutritional help until both kids had been diagnosed ASD at age 5 and at age 7 I snapped a photo that I looked at later. In the photo, it struck me that they looked sick--deep bags under the eyes, malnourished. I started looking, found your first book, bought it, stayed up all night reading it, and did a casein cleaning of the kitchen the next day. Three days later, one of my kids was able, for the first time, to answer my daily question, "Can you tell me ONE THING that happened at school today?" by telling me all about learning about John Henry. I cannot tell you the joy. (My other child's immediate responses were more subtle--primarily more physical coordination.) I proceeded to the kitchen and did the gluten cleaning. I stayed on GFCF (and other biomed interventions) for 10 years, and then tentatively went off earlier this year, when the kids turned 17. The kids' guts seem to have recovered and we have not seen any regression since then. They have not fully recovered, but are so much better than they were. I am so personally grateful to you for your writing--it got me on the right track.

Susan Kestner

anne tucker

thanks karyn. i read your book when my son was 20 months old, started the diet immediately and had great results that helped resolve most of his gut issues and allergies. he is now 9 and in fourth grade, fully mainstreamed. thanks for writing that book! i can't even think about where he would be now if i had not had that information at the right time...he was a very sick toddler...anyone who has a child with autism w/ allergies or gi issues please, please, please try the diet. best to all, anne


I had profound doubt that the gfcf diet would do anything to help my son who regressed (non-verbal, spent hours stimming, tantrums, terrible constipation, sleep problems, etc) into autism following his 12 month vaccinations. After talking to a physician (with a child on the spectrum) and reading your book Karyn, my wife and I decided to give it a try. WOW! It was the miracle we had been praying for as he responded so amazingly to it. That was ten years ago. My now 12 year old son couldn't be doing better (has even earned blackbelt in taekwondo).

Thank you Karyn!!!!!!


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