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Why Was this PSA Rated X?

Obedience Managing Editor's Note: The next time an AMC theatre hosts an "autism movie" featuring dimmed lights and lowered sound to accommodate the hundreds of autistic children and their families who will attend (not THIS family, we will no longer patronize AMC) I suggest they review the symptoms of mercury poisoning and match them to the behaviors they see in their theatre. You can express your opinion HERE.  We suggest you use your full name and state calmly why you think informed medical choice is important for the safety of AMC patrons and their families.  Thank you.  Kim Stagliano

Here is the message from the Coalition for SafeMinds:

SafeMinds was notified late yesterday afternoon that AMC Theaters has decided to block the SafeMinds Public Service Announcement (PSA) on influenza vaccines with mercury. The PSA alerts parents and pregnant women of the presence of mercury in most influenza vaccines and the ample availability of mercury-free alternatives. The CDC has declined to give a preference for the mercury-free versions, so it is important that the public is aware of its options. AMC's advertising representative had reviewed and approved the PSA to run in AMC cinemas over the Thanksgiving weekend. A small group of vocal vaccine proponents dismissive of mercury concerns learned of the PSA and bombarded the AMC website, leading to the company's decision to prevent its release. SafeMinds thanks its supporters who viewed the PSA and contributed to its efforts to educate the public to avoid unnecessary mercury exposure. Mercury in all forms is dangerous, especially to the developing fetus and infants, as referenced on the PSA website www.safemindsflu.org. SafeMinds will continue its mission to educate the public on this important healthcare topic.

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"To summarize, of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins, 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Even with the tendency for null results not to be reported, it cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins [including thimerosal] and autism: although the question may still be open--in sum, the evidence favors a link."



“The numerous medical studies concerning the issue of whether thimerosal causes autism, performed by medical scientists worldwide, have come down strongly against the petitioners’ contentions. Considering all of the evidence, I find that the petitioners have failed to demonstrate that thimerosal-containing vaccines can contribute to the causation of autism.”


TannersDad Tim Welsh

Timothy Welsh
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Keep being vocal... we will share the message


At least one of the AMC complainers was a Pharma-ho who said he was a ped for MN...when he really a vaccine safety reviewer for Elsevier and Kaiser Permente

Complaint posted on AMC web site:


Person with the same name works as a vaccine safety reviewer for Elsevier and Kaiser-Permente



Jim Thompson

More about Marquee Holdings...

“Marquee Holdings Inc… will be held by the existing shareholders and approximately 40 percent will be held by the former shareholders of Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corporation. Our significant shareholders include: … affiliates of The Carlyle Group (approximately 15 percent.” http://www.spectrumequity.com/news/pressReleases/2006/release_20060126-3.html



Jim Thompson

AMC is currently listed on Wiki as owned by "... an investment vehicle controlled by affiliates of J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC"


JPMorgan could help children and pregnant women by asking AMC to air the Safeminds Public Service Announcement. It looks like they should do some public service work.



When you post your comment on the AMC website, be sure to follow their advice for getting your comment noticed:

"Get emotional! Describe how this topic makes you feel.
Add some detail. One or two paragraphs works best."


Michael framson, you got that right about their Aggressive determination in the pursuit of stupidity. Honestly, I wonder what percentage of David Gorski's blogs are about vaccines- it seems to be around 50%ish. I 'm so glad Jake dug up some info on his role with Sanofi-Aventis, the world's largest vaccine maker.. He seems way too interested in quashing any troubling aspects to vaccines.

Liz W.

Paste links to the Utube ad on the comments on shows playing?...stating as to why it is being posted as well.



Don't fall for that "safe" kind of mercury nonsense. Carefully read this paper: Burbacher et al. 2005. Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to methylmercury or vaccines containing thimerosal.

Here's a link to the abstract and full citation.


michael framson

I am constantly in amazement at such determination by enough people who fervently engage in denial of mercury's harm, and their aggressive nature in pursuit of stupidity.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Use all the tools we have to exploit this abuse of our families that paid to have the PSA shown. This is worst tan air quotes by Sharron Angle. TannerDad Tim

JIm Thompson


"Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children."




That's exactly the point - there is methyl mercury in fish, but ethyl mercury in vaccines.

Let me put it to you this way, would you rather drink a glass of ethanol or methanol? (Here's a hint...one will make you pleasantly buzzed, while the other will kill you)

K Paul Stoller, MD

The WHO will not use any vaccine in that is not licensed in the USA. It is important to them, the Pharmas that control them and the CDC (and the FDA for that matter) to keep THimerosal in the vaccine pipeline cause they simply don't want to retool their infrastructure and get rid of Thimerosal.


Maybe SafeMinds can take the money they didn't spend and give it to the Arizona 5?

Jenny Webster

I would *LIKE* to say "un-fucking-believable!!" --but that wouldn't be true. Nothing is MORE believable.


There is NO ETHYLMERCURY in a tuna fish sandwich. There is Methylmercury. Very different. And pregnant women avoid fish tat contains about .3MG of Hg/gram. each vaccine(assuming the mercury is evenly distributed to all shot)has the same amount of Hg as 3Oz. of fish.

One ingests a tuna fish sandwich. One injects a vaccine. Why would a doctor tell you to avoid eating a tuna fish sandwich, but tell you it's OK to inject it into your arm?

Since when is it bad to warn people about mercury poisoning? Or is it only bad to warn people about mercury poisoning when it's caused by a vaccine?


These comments from those opposing SAFE VACCINES are disturbing. I think AMC has been intimidated by a bunch of uneducated and disturbed individuals. Please leave a sane comment so AMC can see what is going on.



This is crappy, but the message is out anyway. People are staying away from flu shots in droves.

The hospital where I work tried to force employees to get the vaccine or wear a mask around patients. The policy was quietly abandoned when they realized how foolish they would look with half the nurses walking around in masks.

Kathy Blanco

The same people which supply MSG ridden popcorn and candy? The ones who don't care if kids scarf down mercury laiden high fructose corn syrup soda? Plueez, abundanately evident, they don't care about people and their "health". I suggest newspapers and or a commercial on TV. And this time, don't tell us your going to do it, aka sneak attack (yeah, it's that political these days), because all the schills will protest it once they find out.


I got a phone number: (816) 221-4000


Is there a central office fax number? That would be handy. I will go out of my way to go to another theatre instead of AMC.

Maurine Meleck

Curious to know if this will effect all theaters now? Are all following suit.?

Teresa Conrick

I just posted a question so please feel free to add to it, too.


AMC flip flops on Mercury-Free Vaccines?
Why was the PSA from SafeMinds for mercury free shots pulled? It was slated to be shown to thousands of people who could learn that there is an alternative to the flu shots that have mercury -- getting a brand that has no mercury.

That just makes sense! Seems like people have chimed in who must have some conflict because safe vaccines are not anti-vaccine! Who are they and why are they trying to stop the message that safe, mercury-free shots are available? AMC will lose many customers if they pull this PSA.

It just doesn't make sense.


I guess a whole different group of people are going to boycott AMC instead, including me and my family.

I think SafeMinds should sue AMC, because my guess is that it's too late now for SafeMinds to find other theaters for the Thanksgiving week. SafeMinds relied on AMC's agreement to run the ad, and of course stopped looking for other theaters at that point.

I'm willing to contribute to the legal costs if SafeMinds decides to sue AMC.


I don't know how much money was raised but use it to hire an excellent publicist and get some use out of the rejection.

Maybe it's what's playing at the multiplex that's the cause of the problem?


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These advertisments will have to be more sublte, sneaky, under the radar - like that advertisment on Television that I have seen a few times.

The one that says 1 out of 88 children of miltary familes have autism.

Medicine can be hard on the Liver

I so sorry guy! I really could not believe that they would take the money and then run this advertisment. I thought when hell freezes over. We are not in a free society when it comes to vaccines, we never have been.


The "moviegoers" on the AMC website asking for the PSAs to be blocked are unbelievable. Where do these people come from??????

If vaccines are so great and you plan to vaccinate the shit out of your entire family, including your 89 year old grandma and 1 day old baby, what the hell difference does it make to you what SafeMinds says in a PSA before you see the latest Hollywood trash on the big screen?

What a step in the wrong direction. UGH.

Kim Stagliano

Kim's comment on AMC site: The SafeMinds PSA campaign was a health safety message for Americans, old and young. Few Americans know that the flu shot they take likely contains mercury - and that they have choices for alternative flu vaccinations. Americans deserve to make informed, rational decisions based on knowledge,... not fear. Your teams have children, grandparents - who will get 25 mcg of mercury in their flu shot. We hope you will reconsider your decision and run the Safeminds PSAs. Thank you. Kim Stagliano



UnAmerican Multi-Cinema Theaters won't be getting our holiday movie patronage.

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