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What is Wrong with the Gardasil Girls? Bridget's HPV Vaccine Injury Story.

Gardasil girl danger Nov 24, 2010 – Bridget was always a healthy, happy child. She, like most 17 year old girls, had dreams. She was active in sports and loved participating, but being surrounded by children was where she was truly in her element. Her affinity for children was unquestionable. She knew what she was going to do with her life. She would become an elementary school teacher. The responsibility of molding young inquisitive minds was not frightening to her; she looked forward to accepting the challenge.

23 January 2007, Bridget had her first injection of Gardasil together with Hep A and Menactra. On the 4th of April, she got the second Gardasil injection. Then, in July, just a couple of weeks before Bridget was scheduled to get her final Gardasil shot, she contracted pneumonia. The situation became serious enough to rush her to the emergency room.

Bridget became so ill it took oxygen tanks to keep her alive. Her mother thought she was going to lose her. Luckily, this was not the case. Bridget recovered. By the 25th of July, she was well enough to keep her appointment for the third and final Gardasil injection. At this point, her mom thought it might be a good idea to postpone the third injection until Bridget was completely recovered.

When her mom expressed her concern to the doctor, she was assured it would be no problem. Bridget took the final Gardasil injection along with another Hep A shot. Shortly after, Bridget began to exhibit a host of symptoms.

Over a period of time, Bridget began to lose her hair, experience chronic sinus infections, migraines, dizziness and brain fog. She started experiencing unusual weight gain, episodes of dyslexia and severe PMS. By November, she began experiencing menstrual problems. Mysterious symptoms continued to appear.

In December 2008, Bridget was again admitted to the emergency room; this time with vomiting and diarrhea so severe she had become dehydrated. August 2009, Bridget had another trip to the emergency room with the same problem.

By January 2009, it was apparent that something was seriously wrong. Bridget’s family got no answers from the medical community. No one seemed to know what was causing Bridget’s mysterious ailments.

Desperate for answers, Mom turned to the internet to research possibilities. She searched for the symptoms Bridget had been experiencing. Imagine her surprise when most of Bridget’s symptoms appeared on sites discussing menopause. How could this be? Her daughter was only 19! Surely she could not be experiencing menopause!

Hours upon hours of more research, and Bridget’s mom stumbled across a site where people were discussing adverse reactions after Gardasil vaccinations. As she read the horror stories of sudden deaths, seizures and paralysis, she was appalled. Surely, it was not possible that her daughter’s symptoms were linked to a vaccine.

More research, hours and hours of questioning and searching. Bridget and her mother now feel they have the answer. They believe Gardasil has robbed them both of what should have been some of Bridget’s best years—her college life.

In spite of their belief, they still feel like they are among the lucky ones. Bridget was recently told by her physician that she is currently unable to have children (post-menopausal). She has been put on progesterone therapy. But, Bridget is alive; she is able to function. Her life is far from normal, but she still looks forward to the future.

Bridget, despite her medical difficulties has made it to her last semester in college. All of her coursework is complete. She is now a full-time student teacher, working with second grade children. She is still living her dream, in spite of the fact she still has to contend with one ‘mysterious’ ailment after another. Bridget does not know if she will ever be able to have children of her own, but she refuses to allow herself to become ‘one less.’

Go to http://sanevax.org/victims/gardasil-silgard-usa.shtml to read this story and many more.

Please visit our site at http://sanevax.org/.

If you have suffered an adverse event after vaccination and would like your story told, please contact a SANE VAX, INC representative at [email protected].

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THE SANE VAX MISSION is to promote Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information. We believe in science-based medicine.




FDA is every bit as culpable as Merck for Gardasil. They have blood on their hands...lots of it. FDA gave Merck permission to "poison the placebo" with aluminum. This was a willful crime against humanity. They knew exactly what they were doing and why they did it. They should be held accountable.


A coworker has a daughter who is barely 10 years old - clearly not sexually active - and she was advised by her doctor to start the Gardasil series. And she did so. SCARY!


Chloe, HPV dating.com? You have to be kidding me! Pharma probably started it up to help them market their vaccine. I mean seriously there might just as easily be a mono dating site too since mono is endemic in the population. Definitely sounds like a marketing ploy to me.

Theodora Trudorn

As the horror stories continue, this disaster is getting harder and harder to deny!! You can't deny fully healthy (as verified not ONLY by thier parents but thier own medical records) getting deathly sick or dropping dead!!

I have never seen anything quite like this! How people can continue to deny what is before their own eyes is beyond me!! Then again I have had doctors tell me my spasms just came out of nowhere despite the fact I had NEVER had any major medical issues or even so much as a broken bone before!

It's like when I travel around my state presenting on in depth on Asperger's. It's generally to the so called professionals that I present too! The people who are supposed to know about AS already and I have to teach them?!

I thought these people were supposed to be the doctor's and professionals!! What is the world coming to when the paitent knows more than the doctor about the disease?!

Or are they just playing dumb?

Even claiming ignorence, with all the evidence building as more and more girls surrcum (forgive horrible spelling) to this vaccine, THEY HAVE TO KNOW BY NOW what this vaccine is doing to these girls!!!

My God, Toyota has more integrety than these people!! At least they are willing to admit fault when backed into a corner! And speaking of Toyota, where in the hell is the demand from congress for hearings about what is going on with these girls?!


CDC reports that HPV is so common that "at least 50% of sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives." There are more than 40 different types. The HPV counselor on HPVdatings,com said that It is difficult to find love and friendship because of the stigmas unless you are on HPV dating site.


So sorry for what Bridget has had to go through. I hope she gets better and better. Yes, it's interesting, Benedetta, as to why so many girls have a bad time ( really bad) with this vaccine. I don't know if it's a cumulative thing or certain ingredients but I do notice that the doctors seem to cavalierly just give Gardasil along with several other vaccines in many of these situarions like Bridgits' and I'm pretty sure it has only been "safety studied" in combination with one other shot (either hep b or a meningitis vaccine. I keep wondering when the neurologists will speak out about all these terrible scenarios and all the seizing kids these days.

aidan walsh

xmrv will in the end prove not to be any cause of disease.dr. garth nicolson already found the cause(s)well over 10 years ago and to this day the cdc/nih have done absolutely nothing but dismiss cfs/gwi as phycological illnesses. gatrh found mycoplasmas and other pathogens inserted into 45% of the hiv virus envelope. MAN MADE IN A MILITARY LAB... this is why the cdc/nih have and will continue to downplay these and other illnesses as this is all part of their agenda.the u.s. government did the same to black people in georgia,u.s,a. when they on purpose infected these people with syphlis to watch how the disease progressed. they were only interested in the data that followed on medical testing on these individuals. support privately funded research if you want to find answers. atleast dr. garth nicolson speaks the honest truth and the truth will never come from the cdc/nih. they are medical criminals...sincerely and truthful, aidan walsh southampton, u.k. p.s. if the nih showed any good will in these illnesses they would not have stolen $10 million in allocated funding for cfs and used that money on other research projects and last but not least ask yourselves this question! what are the aids drugs now used by cfs patients really fighting against? is it really xmrv or is it 45% of the hiv aids virus??? do not trust the cdc/nih criminals...where did hiv/cfs/gwi originate???

Karen Homer

I agree with all the above comments. When we we all learn before we all suffer!
I think 'big pharma' is the most evil of all types of companies, all to do with profit, nothing to do with health!

Karen Homer

There were no health problems until vaccines. I know this because i have done 20years reasearch I (I have a brain!) into the subject. Homeopathy is the only way to go, this excellent well reasearched medicine which has helped millions of people over the years. People who administer this, unlike "big Pharma" do this for the love of the human race NOT MONEY OR PROFITS!. When will the Government learn. They should make Homeopathy medicine available for us all!


Jim Witte
Oh sue, sue, sue; yes indeed.
Except the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Court Act put a stop to that toooooo.

Pediatricians, and doctors that administer the vaccine are as exempt from any legal actions for giving vaccines and any injuries that result from that vaccines as the pharma companies that makes the vaccines.

So many people do not know that!


Bridget’s state might have had a Gardasil mandate. Vaccine mandates undermine INFORMED CONSENT. FDA effectively gave Merck permission to conduct a massive field trial on the public without informed consent. This is unconscionable.


“Mandating Gardasil: A Gross Infringement On Parental Rights”


“The Tragic Truth behind the Gardasil Nightmare”


“Infertility Concern with Gardasil HPV Vaccine”


Jim Witte

"When her mom expressed her concern to the doctor, she was assured it would be no problem."

That doctor should be sued..


“The global elite has launched a world-wide operation against an unaware population to reduce and control fertility. Vaccines and even staple food crops have been modified to achieve these goals.” Hmmmm.

Check out Bill’s likeness at the first link below. Does he look like someone we should trust with our future? Yikes! Some of us might wish to opt-out of his agenda.

“Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction” by Daniel Taylor on September 4, 2010.




If pharma’s anti-Fertility jabs don’t successfully “optimize” the population, then the GM giants’ glyphosphate-tainted and glyphosate-resistent “food” will. Of course, our inglorious FDA will not require that GM food be labeled as such. Actually, it’s worse than that. FDA will not allow non-GM food to be labeled as such. Now, why would they do that? Hmmmm.

“Argentina’s Roundup Human Tragedy” by Claire Robinson on June 10, 2010.


“GM Soya Fed Rats: Stunted, Dead, or Sterile” by Mae-Wen Ho on November 28, 2006.


“Beyond the Meatrix”. If you haven’t seen this video clip yet, check it out. It’s really a hoot!



Folic acid, long suggested by the OBGYNs as helpful, indeed necessary, for pregnant women, has also been known to reverse low and middle dysplasia. Once a woman shows high displasia, she's likely to get called upon for futher treatment to "prevent" cancer. Don't hear about that from the OBGYNs AFTER the baby is born, do you? Could take away from future business.

Folic acid is helpful for cells that have fast turnover/dividing, etc, like fetal cells, skin cells, and cervical cells.


Bob Moffitt - "Would lower reproduction rates be God's idea .. or .. man's?"

Your rhetorical sentence should be reworked into an affirmative statement. Vaccines are UnGodly. Gardasil is just one of several anti-fertility jabs in the schedule, and there are more in the pipeline. There is a tidal wave of parenteral biologicals coming at us. Oral and nasal biologicals are also fraught with risks. FluMist and Rotavirus vaccines are cases in point.

With FDA watching over the hen house, we can all sleep soundly at night. We live in a Brave New Man-Made World!

Does pharma seeks to morph humanity into non-human/human xenomorphs with the vaccine schedules? Do pharma and the controlling elites seek to "optimize" the population with their anti-Fertility jabs? These measures will NOT be discretionary.

We need to expressly guarantee medical freedom in law. We need to organize now!



How many moms are reading Merck's direct-to-consumer ads about Gardasil? Pharma's DTCA should be outlawed worldwide! To date, the U.S. and New Zealand are the only countries that allow DTCA. The U.S. also "leads" the world in the number of mandated vaccines.


Why don't our elected officials put an end to DTCA in the U.S.? Lives are being destroyed. Lives are being lost. Bridget's injuries are a case in point. Menactra and hep A jabs are also implicated in Bridget's injuries.

"This office thinks it's important to prevent these serious diseases in your preteen or teen."

Where is the evidence that these vaccines are safe or effective? Where is the evidence that these vaccines prevent disease? The public is being willfully misled.



Do you think that if the XMRV virus - they think might be connected to chronic fatigue, autism, prostate cancer and Now BREAST Cancer; is a virus attacking the immune system!- really is what they think it is - Will there then be a XMRV match net?

Or will the XMRV virus just be because the Al adjuvant or the mercury perservative in the vaccine messed up the immune system? AND in that cause we can have a can have a Al/Hg overload dating net site?

How did these young women/girls get through all their vaccines and finally at a late age react to just this vaccine? Bridget was 17! If it is the virus when did she pick it up? What in the heck is going on. I have waited 30 years to find out.

I am thankful this Thanksgiving we are all still here, but I pray to God he will provide us some answers and I want them THIS YEAR!

Bob Moffitt

Early arrival of puberty .. now menopause .. lower sperm counts in males .. on and on.

I am beginning to think it will be much harder for future generations to REPRODUCE at the SAME RATE that previous generations did.

If that proves to be the case:

Would lower reproduction rates be God's idea .. or .. man's?

Elizabeth (Aust)

All of this for a rare cancer, one that would affect 1% of women with no pap testing at all and no Gardasil.
The lucrative industry that has been "created" to fight this rare cancer is extraordinary and so harmful to healthy women.
0.65% of women benefit from smears, 0.35% get false negatives and might be disadvantaged by testing and 99% derive no benefit at all.
This unreliable test however affects lots of healthy women in a negative way - false positives.
ANNUAL testing from teens will send 95% of women for colposcopy and some sort of biopsy in their lifetime, almost all are false positives and amount to over-treatment. Some of these women are left with cervical damage to their once healthy cervix - infertility, miscarriages, high risk pregnancy, premature babies, more c-sections and psych issues.
Two yearly sends 78% of women, 3 yearly - 65% and 5 yearly - 35%-55% (depending on the research)...
Huge over-detection and over-treatment for a rare cancer.
This is a political screening test and doctors profit enormously...the health benefits are confined to a tiny group of women while huge numbers are harmed to some degree - from distress and fear after a false positive to pain, trauma and embarrassment with a cone biopsy - to women left with cervical stenosis and psych issues.

Informed consent is a legal and ethical requirement of all screening tests, but of course, it is ignored for women. We get an exaggerated upside with no risk information and pressure to screen - even coercion is acceptable with some doctors refusing women
the Pill until they screen - highly unethical.

I wouldn't believe a word the Govt or doctors told me about screening or Gardasil - do your own research, there are so many snouts in the trough that we'll never get honest information about screening.
The American well-woman exam is about money as well - our doctors do not recommend them at all, at any age - they are of poor value in an asymptomatic woman and expose her to risk. (more testing, even surgery) They are not a life-saving, important exam for all women, far from it, they are totally unnecessary and harmful.
Dr Joel Sherman's medical privacy blog has the facts - under women's privacy issues Parts 1 to 6 you'll find my references. Look for articles by R. DeMay, Angela Raffle, Prof Baum, Heather Dixon and others.
Do your reading and make an informed decision about testing and preventative exams - be careful accepting your doctor's advice - many/most have a conflict of interest. Dr's in the UK, NZ and Australia are even paid financial incentives when they reach a target for pap tests, but this payment is NOT disclosed to women. (Financial Incentives Legislation and PIP scheme)
be very careful...protect your healthy body.


If only Merck would become "one less."

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