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UK Babies to Receive Six Jabs at Once - Will YOURS?

Rainbow_syringes Read and comment at The Daily Mail HERE. Just think, the more jabs you give at once, the less a doctor or parent can tell which jab may have caused an adverse reaction. Clever, yes? Do you think parents will acquiesce to this onslaught of six vaccines? It doesn't matter how many needles Mum sees, six = six. 

A 'super vaccination' intensive day for babies just after they turn one will involve three injections including the controversial MMR jab.

The chief medical officer has instructed GPs to inoculate children on a same day surgery visit with the practice set to begin by the end of the year as part of a national programme to boost immunity levels.

The jabs will be given in three different limbs and will immunise children from measles, mumps and rubella, two forms of meningitis and an infection that can cause pneumonia.
Primary care trusts in England and Wales last week received the advice with government advisers hoping multiple inoculations will improve the uptake of the MMR vaccine which was previously claimed - though now discredited - to a link to autism.

The decision to immunise all the diseases at once, including MMR will create concern with some parents about the risk of side effects with the added possibility that families will not allow their babies to be inoculated in this way.

The joint committee on vaccination and immunisation who advised the government to combine the jabs said research found no safety issues with families 'expected to increase take-up' of inoculations.

At present children receive a jab against two forms of meningitis at 12 months. A month later they receive the MMR vaccine and a jab for pneumococcal infections, including pneumonia and bronchitis.

The Sunday Times learned that In anticipation to resistance to the changes chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has warned trusts they would have to be prepared to reassure parents.

'Health professionals will need to be ready to reassure parents that combining vaccinations into one appointment and giving three at a time is safe. The fact that MMR is one of these makes no difference because MMR is safe.'

Records show that take-up of the MMR vaccine dropped after 1998 following the autism claims.

Jackie Fletcher who was awarded £90,000 by the Department of Health after her son suffered brain damage following an MMR jab and set up Jabs a support group for families of vaccine-damaged children has voiced concern over the multiple injections.

'Parents need to remember that these vaccines are not compulsory and they must be given a full range of choice about when to have them. If you introduce six elements on one day how do you know which part of the vaccine a child may react to?'

The advisory committee recommends to parents who refuse to have their children inoculated on the one day to have the MMR and PCV13 [which immunises against pneumoccal infections] given first followed by the meningitis vaccines on a  further visit.

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From "across the pond":-

Horrifyingly, the Daily Mail article has recently had the 159+ (mostly negative to the MMR) comments removed with the note that "comments to this article have been closed".

Interestingly, the Daily Mail today (3rd December) has an article on how the MMR uptake in England has increased but is still not as high as in Wales and other parts of the U.K. As you'd expect, the article included the obligatory words "Wakefield" and "discredited".

I feel the heavy hand of the Department of Health (and Heaven alone knows who else) twisting the arm of the Daily Mail's editor but how can this be proved?

Robin Rowlands


As we know too many parents - wrongly cannot believe their GP's would put their careers before their obligations - sadly we in the ' autistic / vaccine damaged ' community know better . . .

Apparently ' debagging ' is greatly feared - within Britain's ' Bullingdon Club ' fraternity - ' Belt and Braces ' quite the fashion . . .

I suppose it is a kind of ' oblique transference ' of what they really fear . . .

Robin Rowlands, Guildford, UK.

John Stone


Very well put analogy.


Abi Abbott

I think Dr's need to consider the cumulative effect of vaccines. think of it like an x-ray...maybe you can justify the benefit outweighing the risk of not having it....but what about 6 x-rays in one day...or 50-100 times in a can they ever test this an prove its not harmful without experimenting on our kids?

Cynthia Cournoyer

As long as there is a choice keep practicing that freedom.

Multiple shots, multiple limbs and even multiple doses are given in the US on a regular basis. The cavalier attitude that it is merely a move to increase uptake without considering any possible ill-effect, is clear proof that it is about compliance and NOT science.

Jim Witte

My cousin just had a baby girl today. C-section, so I they might have induced and then resorted to a C-section. She's a nurse, so she might think a bit about the wisdom of immune overstimulation or know about the Cochrane 2010 flu vaccine efficacy review.. But maybe not.. I wonder if she will go for something like this - what is the most number of shots "routinely" given at once in the US? And *when*?

They said the combination is safe together? Did they actually do a case-control study, and look at kids outcomes for at least 3 years afterwards? Or just play the "Offit card" that kids are (supposedly) fine with each vax individually, so putting 3 shots together is just fine - just put them in different limbs. Like the immune system for each leg and each arm are COMPLETELY separate - it WOULD be nice if the immune system actually were that compartmentalized. And what the HELL was God thinking when he didn't put a BBB over the circumventricular organs?? (pun intended..)


My vet won't even give my dog three shots at one visit!! This is sick!!! I fear for my future grandchildren and am so relieved that I will never bring another child into this world. This is not a free country and we need to put a stop to our choices being taken away from us one by one. This will continue until they dumb down the public so much that we no longer are able to think for ourselved. This is down right dangerous.


OM! malice it is. I don't know of one mum who will watch this being done to their child. Gut spewing...



Jen, "surgery" in Britain means doctor's office/practice. My husband's grandfather was a doctor and his surgery was in his home.

Theodora Trudorn

Not that I live in the UNK but this makes me deeply relieved in the tact I won't b having children for QUITE some time!!!!

Needles to this day terrify me to death, I am not going to sit there and watch anyone inject several of them in one sitting into him/her?! Even if nothing goes wrong, that's a bit excessive and you are scaring that poor little baby to death!!!

Ever hear a baby come in for shots and hear the scareams all the way from th weithgting room! IT'S BLOOD CURDLING!!!! So why would you want to keep doing that to the poor chilcd several more times before they can leave?

Is that me or is that pretty cruel?


Sickening. I just left a comment. The laughable thing is that they actually expect this to increase vaccination compliance. It is an obvious attempt at trying to bully parents into more shots. And what the hell is a one year old "surgery visit?" They got it right it is a kind of surgery. And as mentioned it "muddies the water."


Something eerily similar to what is occurring in the U.K., is occurring in the U.S. Coincidence? I doubt it. This is orchestrated. Follow the money!

A CDC grant funded this pilot study project, in Denver. “If it works, will be used throughout the Country”.


Who owns our bodies? The State? We need a coalition of the willing, of all political persuasions, to lobby our elected officials for laws guaranteeing medical freedom, globally. Loss of medical freedom is a grave threat to everyone.

John Stone

Yes, but Robin the manufacturers can already rely on the Legal Services Commission blocking or screwing up any prosecution: they can't even get it together for prosecution of Merck over Vioxx, so I am not sure how much difference it makes.

However, I suspect the prospect and reality of parents watching their tender off-spring being given three products in different limbs on the orders Prof Davies will create great discomfort, even in the profession.


Dismayed parent - "This is unhinged, and the height of medical irresponsibility."

No kidding! Sadly, this behavior is much worse than just the blind arrogance of preventive medicine. This has the appearance of malice. These are moral entrepeneurs. How do they justify their complete disregard for the Precautionary Principle? How will they justify their conduct to their Creator at the Pearly Gates?


Have these people heads of solid bone?

Or are they just so wrapped up in macro level percentages that they can't see what is happening right in front of them?

This has gone far beyond normal human stupidity; in a few years time when the question is be asked as to how it happened, nobody will be able to explain it.

John Stone

This really the Milgram experiment now, but with real (extra-vulnerable people).

How much can parents stand?

And if you think this is too much, there is much much more on the way:


3 shots? SO? In the US, there isn't a single well-baby visit through 18 months that has 3 or less shots recommended. US babies at 2 months have a recommended 6 shots for 8 diseases, at 3 months: 6 shots for 7 diseases, and at 1 year: a whopping 8 shots for 10 diseases. Looks like UK babes get off easy.

Robin Rowlands

Having so many vaccines on the same day - will prevent the -' vaccine manufacturers '- from being held liable when matters go wrong - as they do . . .

Robin Rowlands - Guildford UK .
From behind the -" black curtain "- of media censorship . . .

Primum Non Nocere

I wonder whether quite a lot of GP practices are going to find this hard to swalllow. It is not only a dreadful idea, parents who see their babies used as pin cushions are going to be highly suspicious.

Dismayed Parent

And it won't be Prof Dame Sally Davies and the UK Department of Health who will have to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong. This is unhinged, and the height of medical irresponsibility.

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