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The Age of Autism Debuts in Australia

AoA aussie From Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill: "The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic" has just been published in Australia by Scribe, an imprint of Penguin Australia. Meanwhile, our tour takes us to balmy Tampa this weekend for a book-signing Saturday and a talk Sunday at the National Autism Association annual gathering. This past weekend we were in Newtown Square, Pa., (see photo) AoA_TACA_PA 1
and Lawrenceville, N.J. Thanks to TACA for sponsoring both events and to everyone who came and shared with us their commitment  to helping kids and ending the autism epidemic.





To Patrons 99:
If you are interested in vaccines down under, try doing an internet search re: vitamin C and SIDS and vaccines and the aborigines. One medical provider saw death rates in infants being vaccinated go from 50% down to about 0 after treating w/vitamin C. Just as intriguing as the vitamin D3/autism connection. Probably not mutually exclusive.

Paul (autism dad)

I will be interested to see if the book sells well here in Australia. I doubt it. The 'mercury causes autism' issue is seen as one of those nasty dangerous alternative thinking ill-informed things that you will find on the internet but should not get sucked-in by it.

Try Googling a few of the Australian autism organisations and you will see every state of Australia has a state body which is incredibly behind on what is happening in the US of A. They are worthless.

In Australia we have a handful of DAN doctors promoting biomed, chelation, GF/CF, etc, but it is 99% dominated by psychologists and 'therapists' and seen as 'behavioural' and caused by genetics. Our son's school has a psychologist a speech therapist, etc, which effectively have all achieved nothing. In our opinion it is all an 'illusion of activity.' It is only by our own research on the evil internet that we have found the DAN protocols and through that we have seen great improvement. (His mercury levels were off the chart prior to this!!!)

All that said, my wife bought the book over the evil internet from the US of A before we realised it would ever be released in Australia. A magnificent effort by its authors. We look forward to volume 2 with a conclusion including Big Pharma's apology for not seeing the epidemic they caused.


Elizabeth - I wish you success on the legal front. Legal action is not an easy road. I wish I could refer you to someone. You deserve a legal remedy for your son's vaccine-induced autism. I am glad to hear that biomedical treatment has helped.

I'm curious as to what the general state of health of the Aboriginal people was like before the invasion by orthodox medicine and the vaccine schedules. Did pharma corrupt their health with their magical pills and potients? Look at what happened to the peoples of the Amazon rain forest, once pharma set up shop on their turf.


Elizabeth (Autism Mum)


I am not very familiar with the "National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases here in Australia.
I have been too busy on my own crusade into gathering sufficient evidence to start a litigation case over here in Australia. So far I have had no success with the Law Companies. They write back with -"there is not yet evidence that a Court would agree proves on the balance of probabilities that vaccines caused my son's condition"
I haven't exhausted every single law company yet, I have aimed just at the larger ones, because they have easier access to the law and better resources.
Being in touch with AoA for over 2 years, Australia is so antiquated when it comes to recognising what is happening in the "Vaccine World".
However I will continue to fight for my 8 year old,Autistic, non-verbal boy who is slowly recovering on the "Biomedical Treatment". Another term not even our politicians are familiar with!
I enjoy reading your postings, keep up the good work!


Too bad that Mark and Dan can't do a little R&R in Australia. They've earned some vacation. Their book is a classic, a tremendous contribution towards understanding the man-made epidemic of vaccine-induced diseases.

btw - it's off-topic, but I believe that both the American and Aussie national soccer teams would have benefited in this year's World Cup from high dose Vitamin D3, as would all professional athletes! I hope that they skipped their "flu" inoculations. Of course, it's a personal choice...theirs to make and no one else's.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Dan and Mark,
Good luck on the book tour. Your book is a major contribution to the honest inquiry of autism etiology. Waiting for the sequel!


Here’s a question for our friends Down Under:

Do you know anything about the “National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Australia”? Do they have any conflicts of interest, such as financial ties to pharma, that should be disclosed? Real questions!

I recently stumbled across this article in pubmed, which argues in support of the concept of “vaccine-preventable” diseases. Thus, I am VERY interested in the Australian perspective on this “research” group. IMO, the pharma-sponsored concept of “vaccine-preventable” disease has never been validated. For that matter, neither has Pasteur’s Germ Theory of disease. IMO, Florence Nightingale’s and Ignac Semmelweiss’ contributions to the practice of medicine have much more support than Pasteur’s. The germ is nothing without the terrain.

“Vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination coverage in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Australia 2003 to 2006"


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