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Please review "Brain Neuro Degeneration via
Mercury" posted on You Tube. Visual evidence
how the neurons and the connections are destroyed. I think the causes for autism and for alzheimers are same - neuro degeneration by toxic ingredients.Mercury,Aluminum,Polysorbates,
Formaldehyde and the list just goes on.They will come up with new poisons to destroy our brain power and turn us into sheeples.
It is not just money,but power and control over the people.


There are some dentist out there that get the dangers of mercury. In Michigan at the dental office we chose - the dentis there put in non mercury fillings. They never said to me we don't like mercury - instead they said that the white fillings were just so much nicer looking. Hmmm, I bet it was more than that- because there were magazines out in the waiting room about health, and at least 40 copies of the Time magazine that featured the little blonde headed autism kid on the front.

Of course these non-mercuy/silver fillings don't last - that is the problem and they dropped out in only a few years.

We finally found a dentist group that we really liked once we moved to back to Kentucky. Very professional, very kind, and very interested in their chosen career. They recently opened up a new office closer to our town, so we went there. We meet the dentists in this extended practice and they are - well- not nice!

I asked a very simple question about what is a mercury filling (always go slow and see is my motto). AND this dentist became very defensive! He said that a mercury/silver filling forms a differnt thing that is very hard, and they last forever! That the other fillings don't last. Well he is right about that, but goodness gracious we are talking about mercury. I am sure that there are lots of products that work better than products we are using, but they are so dangerous that they had to be given up. Hmmmm DDT comes to mind really fast. DDT was good stuff, it would kill every thing, mosquitoes (no more) but if we kept using it there would not have been a bird left, or for that matter US!

Oh, and he almost killed my 83 year old mother too. She had to have a tooth pulled and he crushed it, because he rushed it. He ended up having to pick it out of her gum one piece at time, but that was not the worse he did to her. He also overdosed her on novacaine! That is right - you can get too much of that like everything else. THey had to help her out to her car, she passed out when she got home, the next week she keep falling, she went to the doctor and the lab testssssss show up all kinds of weird things. We were afraid she had liver cancer, or pancreas cancer. She blamed the novacaine, the medical doctor looked at the symtoms of novocaine and -as usual my mother was right.


I nearly died from mercury 'silver' fillings...recently I have received anonymous death threats for wanting to participate in the FDA Hearings in December...the person who left me a message says he is coming for me with a 9mm.....scary that I nearly die from a poison, I finally get a chance to live and tell a story, and now someone who likes what the FDA is doing with mercury to Americans wants to shoot me....wtach out for me fellow Americans!!!!!


Very Suspicious - That's VERY troubling news about the nursing home deaths.

What particular flu jab they were given in the nursing home? Was it the new "super potency" flu jab for seniors? Did the flu jab have an adjuvant? If so, which one? A copy of the package insert would be instructive. It may become difficult to reconstruct the temporal relationship to the index jab, without gathering the data while it's still relatively accessible.

How many of these deaths were reported to VAERS? Was there a signed informed consent by the senior or the person with medical power of attorney? Were autopsies performed? What was the reported cause of death on the death certificates?

Autism Grandma

I sent this out to everyone along with info regarding the Age of Autism book and other related books.

Study Linking Mercury with Alzheimers [Fox News Video]

COMMENT: This isn't exactly "news"... Mercury has been implicated in Alzheimers by previous research for many years. I first read about this 35 years ago and it was "old news" then. Here is a book that was just released on the history of Mercury and it's implication in Alzheimers, Autism, and other neurological disorders. Some classify Alzheimers as the "Autism of the Elderly".

[Below are other books in the same category]

Editorial Reviews

“Olmsted and Blaxill’s devastating account shows how medical and manufacturing interests have mounted an assault on human health for decades and covered their tracks along the way. The Age of Autism is only the latest episode in centuries of crimes against nature but is in many ways the most troubling. Autistic children are the canaries in the coal mine; shame on all of us if we don’t heed their distress call.”- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“The Age of Autism lays out disturbing evidence that mercury from many sources is a major factor in the rise of this tragic epidemic. And vaccines are by no means off the hook. One wonders why doctors who gave children multiple vaccinations loaded with the neurotoxin thimerosal (mercury) didn’t also hand the kids a pack of cigarettes. Make sure your doctor sees a copy of this timely book.”-Dierdre Imus

“A fascinating read that shatters many myths of the very real autism epidemic that is happening before our eyes. Every parent will benefit from Olmsted and Blaxill’s well-researched story of the environmental factors contributing to autism, and perhaps leave with ideas for how to start recovering their child today."-Jenny McCarthy, author of LOUDER THAN WORDS: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism

A fascinating medical detective story that should change the way we think about and investigate environmental toxins and neurological disease. Advocates for the autistic will be both dismayed and gratified, and the rest of us will be unsettled, by this thorough historical and scientific account.”--Gary Greenberg, author of MANUFACTURING DEPRESSION

“THE AGE OF AUTISM is an exquisitely reported examination of not just autism but the silent role mercury has played in epidemics from syphilis-related insanity to Freud’s female hysterics to escalating rates of autoimmune diseases including Crohn’s. Olmsted and Blaxill drill deep into evidence that will shock you, anger you, and leave you with one burning question: why are we still allowing mercury to poison our world, our children, ourselves?” -Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC

The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a
Manmade Epidemic
by Dan Olmsted

Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic
by David Kirby

All I Can Handle: I'm No Mother Teresa: A Life Raising Three Daughters With Autism
by Kim Stagliano

Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The
Truth Behind a Tragedy
by Andrew J. Wakefield

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision...
by Robert Sears

Very Suspicious

FIVE people have died in five weeks in my mother's small nursing home. Flu shots were given five weeks ago.

Amalgam Documentary

In addition to this pooled study, a risk assessment prepared for the December FDA advisory committee meeting on dental amalgam risks, examines U.S. public exposure to mercury and suggests that amalgam fillings expose 122.3 million Americans to quantities of mercury in excess of the safe dose level established by the California Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. This reference exposure level is accepted by other government agencies for public protection.

A little backstory for you...

For 33 years the FDA dodged properly classifying dental amalgam. The FDA lost a 2007 lawsuit which forced them to classify, but the final rule of the classification was a huge disappointment as it declared the mercury released from amalgam fillings to be safe for anyone and everyone, without regard to age, reproductive status, or any of the known factors that make a person unusually susceptible to the effects of mercury exposure. Although purporting to be a ‘risk assessment’, the documentation was nothing of the sort as it did not comply with the standards of practice endorsed and espoused by the professional risk assessment community. The lawyers for The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a scientific organization made up of dental, medical and research professionals, wrote a petition for reconsideration. This petition pointed out the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and flawed science the FDA relied upon and urged them to reconsider their ruling. In addition, the petition for reconsideration lays out a multitude of adverse health effects, including many of the major neurological illnesses, due to exposure to mercury vapor . The FDA has scheduled a new dental products panel meeting this December (14th & 15th) specifically to further investigate and re-evaluate the issues brought up in the petition for reconsideration.


God Bless Fox News for they have been fair and balanced in their coverage of the mercury-vaccine-autism horror unlike much of the other media which acts as a shill for big pharma 99.9% of the time.


I've been telling my cousin this for a few years. I wanted my aunt to be tested for metals and yeast since she started going all dimentia on us. They thought I was crazy.... funny..... not so funny thing about her case is that she has been on antibiotics for a few years due to bronchitus. I hope they start to believe me now before it is totally too late.

Autism Dad In Pa

"OMG, I feel myself morphing into a conservative Republican when I've been a liberal Democrat for as long as I can remember. Help me............."

Carol....don't worry! Its alright over here on the other side. Just walk toward the light. We will help you when you cross over. Here's a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Hee hee... I couldn't resist! ;o)


@ Paul Jaep - Very interesting comment! Thank you for sharing it.

If your theory is correct, wouldn't that necessitate that every person stricken with autism would have to have altered GI flora as a necessary condition for development of autism? How do you know which came first? Heavy metal retention or altered gut flora? Do ALL autistics have altered gut flora? Is altered gut flora without heavy metal exposure/retention a sufficient cause of autism?

What effect on GI excretion of metals does chlorella, unprocessed whey protein, glutathione precursors, S-adenosyl methionine precursors, probiotics, and colloidal silver have? Colloidal silver is thought to have pronounced antimicrobial properties against hundreds of different "germs". What about urinary routes of metal excretion? What effect does fluoridated water/toothpaste have on metal excretion?

Does the electrostatic or zeta potential (ZP) of our blood have any effect on GI flora? I recall reading somewhere that raising the ZP of our blood makes chelation treatment more effective. How do you know that metal retention is not simply due to an unhealthy state wherein the ZP of our blood is lowered independent of our GI flora?

Is there any relationship between metal excretion, antibiotic use, and development of multi-drug resistent infections?

If your theory is correct, might then simply restoring and maintaining "healthy" GI flora prevent and/or treat autism and many of the vaccine-induced diseases? If your theory is correct, shouldn't we leave our "germs" alone by avoiding antibiotics specifically, and avoiding xenobiotics generally?

You sound like you might be a naturopath? Doesn't your theory run counter to the interests of pharma and orthodox medicine?

Jim Witte

".. Alzheimer's-like symptoms.." sound familiar?

Jim Witte

Okay.. When is FOX going to call for widespread testing of HBOT and/or progesterone to see if it actually does improve Alzheimer's/age-dementia? When will this country (and world) realize that if we don't do something about these problems (autism, Alzheimer's, diabetes, peanut allergy, etc), we're going to be buried alive in debt?

~ Hugh JiDette 2012!

Paul Jaep

I've just posted this on another forum,it's fairly conclusive that acquired metals [xenobiotics] are a symptom not a cause of autism

Paul Jaep • Altered gut flora causes autism ..sounds simplistic but its a fact ..i explain the mechanism in my site's worth noting that the oft quoted metal poisoning is a consequence of altered gut flora ..we need normal flora to metabolise metals and other inappropriate substances in the body [xenobiotics] from my site "This study shouts the cause of autism as altered gut flora..” Antibiotic use is known to almost completely inhibit excretion of mercury in rats due to alteration of gut flora”
Mercury, lead, and zinc in baby teeth of children with autism versus controls.

My site


Carol posted "The heavy metal evaporates at room temperature, turns into a gas, enters the body, crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets trapped inside the brain, where it accumulates over time".

Evaporates like from old carpets? OR maybe when they clean the carpets?

That was the on going theory for Kawasaki disease. The disease came on after some one had cleaned a carpet and the kid played on it.

Never beleived that since there was no cleaning of carpets around my duaghter - just that darn DPT shot that kept her sick for six whole weeks untill she subcombed to full blown Kawasakis/


I wonder if a significant number of epidemiological studies to refute that Hg and Al in vaccination cause Alzheimers will now be churned out?

In a way I hope they attempt it, because I don't think it would pacify the majority of adults who are now increasingly at risk for these "genetic" conditions of neurological regression. This makes the link between repeatedly injected neurotoxins in an infant population and increased neurological damage in the same population look ever more like something we should have connected and ended yesterday.


As we get further into the unsuccessful hype of flu season, the price seems to be coming down on the vaccines.

The schools are now giving them away for free, some flu mist and some shots, that I am sure contain Thimerosal. I would suppose there will be little if any mercury free shots available.

They then send out another group of nurses to march up and down the halls of the nursing homes and daycares...

Again, we need Dr. Nancy and Dr. Offit to each shoot up a multi-10-dose vial to "calm fears" on the Today Show...

Birgit Calhoun

Actually, if you can trust Dr. Jane Hightower, the safe level was concocted retro-actively by testing people who had been poisoned by seed grain coated with an ethyl mercury preservative in Iraq in the 1970s.

Dr. Hightower is an expert on mercury poisoning from fish.

Adam M

I'm shocked. The dr actually admitted it on national television. She is full of BS though about not knowing how much is dangerous : EPA guideline = 0.1 mcg /kg/day. 1 flu shot has 25 mcg . You would have to way 550 lbs to have this exposure considered safe. That guideline was determined through studies of people eating mercury contaminated fish not injecting it into their bodies or inhaling the vapors off their fillings for several decades.


My vote for Time's Man of the Year, author of a little known book called Amalgam Illness: Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler!

In my dreams...


"Research suggests mercury linked to dementia

November 17, 2010

New research by Northeastern University professor Richard Deth and academic colleagues in Germany suggests that long-term exposure to mercury may produce Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in people.

Deth also discovered a probable biological mechanism through which mercury can destroy neurological brain function in humans.

The findings were reported this month in a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The team of researchers conducted a literature review of more than 100 experimental and clinical studies on mercury exposure in cell models, animals and humans. They found that animals exposed to mercury exhibited many of the pathological changes associated with the Alzheimer’s disease, including memory loss, poor cognitive performance and confusion.

The researchers don’t have enough evidence to conclude that mercury exposure definitely causes these symptoms in humans, but data indicates a need to restrict exposure as a precautionary measure.

“Mercury is clearly contributing to neurological problems, whose rate is increasing in parallel with rising levels of mercury,” said Deth, a professor of pharmacology in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. “It seems that the two are tied together.”

Mercury, one of the most toxic natural substances, is found in some species of food fish, in amalgam dental fillings and in energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs [and in vaccines]. Mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants enter the food chain.

The heavy metal evaporates at room temperature, turns into a gas, enters the body, crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets trapped inside the brain, where it accumulates over time.

Deth found that mercury exposure impairs cognitive function by reducing the efficacy of selenium, an antioxidant that helps keep the brain healthy by suppressing damaging chemical reactions in humans.

Mercury binds to selenium, said Deth, promoting “oxidative stress” and decreasing the amount of available antioxidants. Nerves stop functioning normally, cognitive impairment sets in and cells die.

Deth’s coauthors on the paper, titled “Does Inorganic Mercury Play a Role in Alzheimer’s Disease? A Systematic Review and an Integrated Molecular Mechanism,” include colleagues from the Institute of Transcultural Health Studies, at the European University Viadrina, the European Office of the Samueli Institute, and the Department of Environmental and Integrative Medicine, Konstanz, all in Germany."

mercury damage is real

What will really be sad is when the moronic parents, who are still shooting their kids up with vaccines (as well as themselves with flu shots) because they worship Offit and company, are all in nursing homes in 20 years and their adult autistic children are left to be abused and dumped in some horrid residential home.


Maybe the whole chelation thing will not be scoffed at so much in the near future. The latest tests show that my uncle's brain has shrunk. He had tons of mercury amalgams and lots of flu shots. He is such a sweetheart. I wish scientists, medical profession had more integrity - naive, I know.


OMG, I feel myself morphing into a conservative Republican when I've been a liberal Democrat for as long as I can remember. Help me....................


Dr Haley has been saying this for years. I've been trying to convince my stubborn mother-in-law of this for 10 years. Maybe now she'll listen.

I was at my husband's family reunion over the summer and made the comment "Dr (town dentist) is responsible for filling up the town's nursing homes with his amalgam fillings." I got nothing but shocked looks. Too bad, my husband's family is full of alzheimers, bipolar, epilepsy,etc. They have been warned. Hope they save up for the nursing home bills.


She has been doing these reports every Saturday for the last six months. God Bless her heart! She has three children all under the age of five.

My husband listened to this and wanted to know what happened to the alumiunium found in alizeheimer's brains.

Making people dread putting on deorderant, cut back on baking powder, misery drinking from coke cans, and cooking in aluminium pans????

Oh, that is right! IT IS ALSO FOUND IN VACCINES!

Get those flu shots you bunch of old people, but don't boil that egg in alumiunium pans, - eat that egg with a flat biscuit, as you stay home on hot days when you migh sweat.


I noticed that too-- who is this correspondent??

As far as the topic, I am again so thankful is it even being aired at all. I hope we can continue this trend!!!

But I also think, "No shit, Sherlock."


My mother had alzheimer's. The only clear exposure to mercury was her dental fillings.


Hello Age of Autism

Have you noticed that Fox News BURIES the reports from this correspondent, her name is not even mentioned on the report, nor shown in writing in screen.

Search the Fox News website for this story. I have been searching for about 20 mins and there is no reference under any key wrods- mercury, dementia, etc

Call them out on it!!!! "Intrepid journalist work on ASD/Mercury BURIED by Newscorp...!!!!" Great headline for tomorrow morning....

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