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Sponsor a SafeMinds Flu Shot Safety Video at Major Market Movie Theatres

Screen Help us spread the word about the danger of flu shots with mercury

SafeMinds would like to run the 30-second public service announcement below in select movie theaters around the country during Thanksgiving, the biggest movie attendance week of the year.  We could reach a lot of families that way - but we need your help to make it happen.    


Click here to view video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvUwogfh9eY

This is how much it costs to run at movie theatres in some of the major markets at every movie screening, in select theaters, for one week at Thanksgiving: 

*  25 screens in New York for $1,560

*  25 screens in Los Angeles for $1,560

*  19 screens in Boston for $1,000

*  16 screens in Atlanta for $850

Help us make it happen!

Theaters require a one week minimum showing, therefore donations may be pool or shifted to other cities.



What a load.....


Taximom, I totally agree with you-right on target.


I kept thinking last night, the biggest impact anything has had on getting the publics attention on this matter was the full page ad Generation Rescue took out in USA Today, I think last year. More people came to question me after that than anything I offered. The second was Jenny McCarthy on Oprah, and the third was Jenny on Larry King Live in spring of 08. It's like the American Public is so consumer driven we have to have it either in mass media or advertising before anyone pays attention.
I really think we will have to continue to fight Pharma advertising with our own advertising. I will help in any way I can! Can't wait! It's on like Donkey Kong!

michael framson

Thanks Safe Minds. You've made my week!

Lisa @ TACA

I'm in too. Great job Safe Minds.

Alison MacNeil

I donated and if I see one of these run in a Boston theatre I just might start jumping up and down and whooping like the tinfoil wearing wackjob I'm fast becoming. Big plug for the Safeminds Flu shot info brochures too. I just casually left a few on the counter next to the huge 'Flu Shots Here' sign at the pharmacy at Target in Watertown, MA the other day. Felt great.


This is a great idea. I'm donating and I'd like to sponsor it in my area as well.


Thanks for the link, RAJ - doesn't bode well for the arseholes that pushed for that vacc. I wonder when mainstream will pick it up????
Well, I can hope, can't I?

Teresa Conrick

Love this idea! I'm with you all and donating too! Every amount helps.

I'm sponsoring at a local theater =)
Pass the popcorn! Thank you, SafeMinds!


I just donated and love love love this idea!!! I have always felt that the answer to getting the word out there lies within ourselves. We will do without a little thing or two this weekend to be able to do this. I hope everyone gets on board and I agree that it is a really great start. Not long ago I convinced my husband's doctor to come with us to the next DAN! conference and when we left, I said next time we should woo him with some calenders and pens!!! lol-joking aside, that's what it takes one doctor, person, movie screen, vaccine at a time. Taximom, I love your scenario and think that if we ban together enough (and find the funding) we can pull it off too:)


I am torn.

I kind of agree that baby steps are the only steps that work.

But I would much rather have seen something like:

"Did you know that there have been 1297 cases of vaccine-caused brain damage where it was actually ADMITTED that the vaccines caused the brain damage?"

"Did you know that in 1996, more infants DIED from the hepatitis B shot than the combined national total of reported CASES of hepatitis B in all children under 14?"

"Did you know that you are ALLOWED to research and question the vaccines that are injected into your baby's body?"

"Did you know that the companies who make those vaccines have blanket protection against any and all liability, even if they cause death? And that every study that supposedly says that they are safe was actually produced by the company that profits from it?"

"Did you know that you are allowed to say no to any and all vaccines, and in most states, you are still legally allowed to send your child to school?"

(Cut to picture of young woman in front of flapping autistic child, or in front of gravestone.)

Young woman: "I wish I had known."


I would love to donate. It would be worth every penny, but didn't most people already get their flu shot this year? I do not get one and warn everyone I know about the dangers of the flu shot and all other "shots".


Just bought a showing.

Mark Blaxill

Just made a donation for 25 screens as well. I hope mine can run in Boston!


I'm in for a week!

Jenny mccarthy

I Just donated to run on 25 screens also!


I just donated. Thanks for the opportunity to live in a small (maybe not so small) way my "anti-Hg-billboards-across-the-country" fantasy. Hope this causes some to at least think twice and others to look into vaccination more than that.

JB Handley

Just donated to run on 25 screens - fantastic idea.

JB Handley

dan olmsted

i think big pharma and the public health establishment have given us a "gift," horrible as it is, by keeping thimerosal in flu shots. it's happening now, and so it's a good sharp target to go after. i think safeminds' approach is smart and right on the money.

Donna L.

This is an excellent idea! Thank you Safeminds - I'm in!

Maurine Meleck

I just love this and also just donated. A great idea!
Last week while picking up a med for Joshua at the pharmacy-a woman about 60ish- was filling out a sheet for the flu shot. Every part of her body was shaking(Parkinsons--some form of palsey?-definitely neurological).
She asked the pharm technician(I call them beauty school drop-outs) if she thought it would be ok if she got the shot as she has a health condition). The tech told her she didn't think it would be a problem altho it might be better to ask the nurse doing the jab(she didn't say jab tho). At this point my gut was spitting like my power juicer without the lid on. I made some comments about Joshua's med and vaccine injury(the best I could do). You don't want to know the ending to this story so I leave it blank.
Go Safe Minds and G-- help the lady with the shakes.



This is great! Think how much advertising Pharma does? If we can get a foothold in just to give parents pause- we've done good. I am all over this!


Age of Autism has been advocating for a study that compares vaccinated to nonvaccinated populations.

The first study of this kind has just been published and found that in males who were vaccinated with the hepatitus vaccine in the first month of life had a threefold higher risk of being diagnosed with autism than nonvaccinated male newborns.



Hey, it's a good start-just bought one showing.

Not an MD

@ Kim - I understand how you feel, and you must do (or not do) whatever you feel you must. We must all stay within our comfort zones. I do not fault you, or question you, or judge you at all. You are entitled to your opinion on this matter (and all others).

I personally feel a bit differently - that the only way to get through to any larger audience is through baby steps. People are so thoroughly indoctrinated by doctors and everyone around them to accept every vaccine as perfect and wholesome. I believe that only by questioning one aspect of a single vaccine is anyone even likely to give another thought to the other shots and the other dangerous ingredients they contain.

I remember my watershed moment at a Ruby Tuesday's eating lunch with a friend. We were eating turkey burgers when she asked me what I was going to do about all the other shots (beyond the 2nd MMR which I had just thoroughly researched and rejected) for my children. It was at that moment, and only at that moment, that I was able to have the painful epiphany that they were all bad for my children's health. As we all know, it is a huge moment when we cross from vaccine believers to vaccine rejectors, unless, of course, we were lucky enough to be told the truth from an osteopath, or homeopath, or chiropractor before our children could be harmed. I donated, and I am glad that I did. It is my holiday present to myself.

Kim Stagliano

My guess is that America's have the FLU shot on their radar screen given the retail push - it makes sense and is something IMMEDIATE. Not every theatre goer is thinking of the ped vaccine schedule - it's far too broad a topic for a 30 second spot. This campaign is REALLY important. Thanks.



I love Safeminds and I love this concept of advertising in theaters for HP, but if we've got the audience, why just advocate finding thimerosal-free (WITH trace amounts) flu shots? I'd donate if it were a more broad message about childhood vaccines. Sorry.


I just donated $62.50 - can you match me, double me, halve me, any amount helps!


Not an MD

Bravo! Considering all the Gardasil promo ads I had to gag at and watch at my local movie theater a couple of years ago, I think this is a great idea. All's fair in love and war, right?

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