The Raw Reality of the Autism Omnibus Program: Rebecca Estepp Speaks Out
AAP’s Errol R. Alden, MD: The Worst CEO in America, Looking to Target “Vaccine Opponents” and “Celebrities”

SafeMinds Video on the Autism Vaccines Drumbeat

It's Election Day and we want a fresh start with our legislators. We at SafeMinds are also making a fresh start with our approach to the story of autism and vaccines. Welcome to the Inauguration of our Whole Story campaign! For too long, the media has misrepresented or oversimplified the science surrounding the autism and vaccines controversy. Our concerns do not fit neatly into a "sound bite world." So, we are going to work towards explaining this story in clearly understandable, user-friendly chunks in the hopes that it is a compelling story that people will share. This is our first Whole Story video entitled, "Except When They Do." you find it compelling, we hope that you will share it with as many people as you can - your friends, your family, your co-workers and your newly-elected representatives - so that we all really can have a fresh start. Please send out this link via e-mail, facebook or twitter: HERE. Please forward this video to all who may be interested. We appreciate your time, helping to set the record straight.




It is nice that you get a thumbnail of other video clips at the bottom of the screen after watching the first one.

Many I had not seen before...

Not to make more work for someone...

but would there be a way to thumbnail a few dozen (or maybe a few hundred) clips from AoA ???


Mitochondrial DNA mutations in the human population are not rare in fact they are very common.. it's estimated 1 in 200 carry a mitochondrial muations that pre-disposs an individual to disease. How many of our kids have hidden MtDNA mutations that were aggravated by vaccines resulting in a neuro immune diesease (autism)? 1 in 200? more?

Mitochondrial disease on the other hand is rare.

Here's are two articles worth reading:

Large reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations identified in humans

"Researchers at the University of Newcastle, England, and the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech in the United States have revealed a large reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations present in the general population. Clinical analysis of blood samples from almost 3,000 infants born in north Cumbria, England, showed that at least 1 in 200 individuals in the general public harbor mitochondrial DNA mutations that may lead to disease."

read more:

Has Your Child with Autistic Symptoms Been Properly Screened for a Subset
of Mitochondrial Disease Known as
OXPHOS? …Probably Not.

Autism secondary to mitochondrial
disease (AMD) was once thought to be
rare. However, several recent research
articles suggest there is a cohort of
ASD children with underlying mitochondrial
disease. Some geneticists believe that the rate of mitochondrial disease may be as high as 1 in 200 live births,and the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) states that every 30 minutes a child is born who will develop a mitochondrial disease by age 10.2

read full article here:


This is a great video! The ONLY thing I wish it included was more explanation of the "rare" mitochondrial disorder. A quick google search of mercury & mitochondria will show ample evidence that mercury and other heavy metals, can and DO cause mitochondrial disorders. Hannah Poling was not tested for her "rare mitochondrial disorder" before her vaccine injury!! It's an assumption to assert that this condition existed before being vaccinated. There is a YouTube video of Hannah and her family on GMA where Mr Poling talks about this. I do want to share this video, but feel I need to explain the mitochondrial disorder assumption to those I share it with. Otherwise, they may just think that some "rare" something was wrong with the children who are now autistic, and not realize the danger to their own children.


Rita said: "kids are affected, while some kids scathe unaffected."

I think the reason some kids are affected while others are not is this - some kids have hidden mitochondrial DNA defects or mutations or vulnerabilites in their mitochondria that make them more vulnerable to disease triggered by stressors in the environment. Stress can trigger a mito dysfunction which starts the onset of disease.

Enter the Human Genome and Mito map projects where researchers are busy cataloguing every Mitochondrial dna defect known to man. Why? because they will have a database with all the defects that pre-dispose the human population to disease.

What is the master plan for the genetic information?? cures for these diseases? no. The goal: genetic screening with the intent of elimating the mtDNA defects from the human gene pool. If you elimiate the genetic defect/vulernabilty then you eliminate the disease potential in the human species..

where do vacccines come in? vaccines provoke a powerful immune reponse causing the disease to manifest itself making a person with defective MtDNA easy to identify.

The MtDNA diseases may manifest as autism, cancer, MS, ALS, Alzhiemers, bipolar disorder.. ever wonder why these diseaes are skyrocketing?? All are linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

so what we're seeing is scientific extremism with our kids as the guinea pigs..insane yes!! yet, it explains so much.


Cant even agree more. Some kids are affected, while some kids scathe unaffected. I think it is up to the AAP and the medical industry to be honest, and identify the kids at risk, prior to mass vaccination of each and every kid!
my son was vaccine injured in 1994. He remains significantly brain injured, needing care the rest of his life. We are one of the MANY who couldnt even get our day in to the impossible regualtions banning any one from suing.


barbaraj - "Our children would be better off if we could place them on the endangered species list."

It's YOUR insightful comment! Bravo! It's so VERY TRUE. This is positively frightening. Should the public at large and MSM be concerned? The media are VERY complicit in suppressing this truth.


Jen - "Loved it and I do agree that children should pretty much be on an endangered species list."

Well said, Jen. The polar bears and transsexual fish will probably be the next species to go extinct. Who's next?

Pharma considers our bodies to be “toxic waste dumps” with an unlimited capacity.


since there seems to be no end to the growing list of mandated vaccines

shouldnt we somehow be providing info to parents about WHAT to do if vaccine injuried?

Specifically I mean inform them on the kinds of kinds of scans, kinds of test, etc to get to help them with proof of brain damage for the vaccine court

Dan E. Burns

Thank you.


Nice work, Safe Minds!


Exactly right Barbaraj!!

But then again, if you caused a 6,000% increase in autism, wouldn't you try to deny it?


This is one of the strongest pieces of communication showing the vaccine/autism link. Everyone should create an e-mail and send it to their personal e-mail list, including a link to this video, and asking people to continue circulating it.


Loved it and I do agree that children should pretty much be on an endangered species list.


attention equal to a frog...

I believe there was such honesty in science, going back to Rachel Carson..yet from that point in history until this current time, greedy corporations showed us just who is all powerful. It didn't start with vaccines and children, we knew we were in trouble with spraying of the NW, with the poisonings of Love Canal and Times Beach, and the last twenty years of the push for the death of every dandelion in this country( which continues) without concern for the children developing leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancers. We are as a country very accepting of false information on the safety of "products", we don't want to be ignorant consumers, so they willingly provide us with "bought and paid for" packaged "science" and we shut up. Just a few short years ago when Monsanto sent dioxin contaminated phenol to L&F lysol, we happily sprayed it around our babies, all the while they quietly removed it, not notifying or recalling, now J&J is suggesting the chemical causing their recall is really not a problem..of course this is just small example of the power that seems to be the right of huge drug and chemical companies, yet it isn't just a few that leaked into our news, it's daily, oopses, that are covered up or "studied and found to be safe". Thimerosal will at some point be noted in history as causing horrific neurological damage to a generation, followed likely by flouride and it's effects on the pineal gland, and many, many similar stories will emerge. Instead, however, of being mistakes, some of these will be considered crimes of greed and power, where good science wasn't missing, it was hidden.


Our children would be better off if we could place them on the endangered species list. Lord we jumped on saving the bald eagle faster and more efficiently. While it's nice to have all of these small groups' efforts, they do not have the power to force change. One message we may want to "take home" on election day, is "the power and the money usually win"..what do they win? more power..more money.. Where will this little video go, will the three big networks carry it? Of course not..paid for American media will NOT allow it. Paid for USA "science" will not alow it. I am all for putting the children on the endangered species list where they "may" get the attention of a frog.

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