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Study Linking Mercury with Alzheimers Coming Out

Read an Excerpt and Win A Signed Copy of The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) Win a signed copy of Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic by leaving a comment on this post. Make sure you fill in the email field with your proper email address.

Also, Google Books has posted the Foreward, Introduction and part of Chapter One of "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic." Read what David Kirby says about it, how we came developed our ideas and discoveries, and why The Age of Syphilis is where it all began. Then buy the book and share the evidence with people who can help us bring The Age of Autism to an end. Click HERE to begin reading. Good luck in the contest!



I can't find the book in my book store. Please pick me!

Simon's OT mom

I would REALLY like to win this book!

Heather White

I'm loving this book!


Pick me! Pick me! I have a copy, but would gladly give my old copy away for a signed one!

Autism Dad In Pa

Add me to this list of entrants to win a great book.


If I win, I promise to donate the copy I already purchased to our public library. That ought to raise some small town eyebrows.


Tyco Brahe exhumed to examine level of mercury.... another iatrogenic death?


I would love to win this copy so I can give my copy to my child's doctor! I'm tired of him trying to force vaccines on my newborn when my oldest has autism.


Would love to have a copy and share it!!


I would LOVE to win this one too!


I would also love to be entered to win a copy! Thanks!


what a facinating read..pick me!!i love you guys

Ann Morrow


"Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." - Friedrich Nietzsche

..While I run around after 2 teenagers with little time to read, my husband is diligently reading through A o A and learning a lot. Thanks to the authors for their contribution to the history of autism. Let's hope to change a few convictions.


I already have the book. It is very readable and is chock-full of fascinating information. But what i DON'T have is a signed copy. PICK ME -- PICK ME!

Carolyn M

Please enter me to win a copy!


I have already decided to purchase copies for family members for Christmas presents. I love the idea someone already posted by Jacqueline Gautier about donating a won copy to the local public library, and that's what I will do if I win one. I hope everyone else follows that marvelous idea--let's share this with as many people as possible!!!


Fascinating! I would love to read the rest of the book.


I would love to win this. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Pat DeLorenzo

I'm in! Been studying on Autism and many other environmental and physical factors for a long time. The brain is over 80% water. Alkaline Ionized water is highly antioxidant, detoxifying, hydrating and the alkalinity in it helps reduce oxidative stress. We had no idea tap and most bottled waters were Acidic and loaded with free radicals. Ionized water has greatly helped our daughter with her Autism and also Epilepsy.

I hope the authors contact me direct, I want to share some detailed info specific to the brain and water with you.


Please enter me to win a copy!

Nicole Wallace

I have not yet read the book but I saw the presentation at NAC and the story is fascinating. You have to wonder why no one considered the coincidences(until Dan Olmstead and Mark Blaxill) of the highly educated parents of ASD children and how mercury was linked to their careers. Most of us know we were suppose to limit tuna and other fish when we were pregnant because of mercury content. Some of us know that mercury was used years ago to treat many medical ailments like syphilis. Some of us know power plants are spewing mercury into our air. Now many of us know mercury was in our kids vaccinations and is still in flu shots. Still there is so much more to learn. At least for me, this is well-researched history lesson and an incredible story. Thanks for writing this book. I wish the authors much success and hope the word is spread far and wide.


For a couple years, I couldn't read much about vaccines, mercury, or autism other than what was on the listservs in a frantic rush to get my son better. I was literally heartsick; that this had been DONE to my son by his doctor, our government agencies, Pharma, and worst of all, ME.

After nearly two years of removing the mercury that disabled my son, I am strong enough now to learn about the beast that nearly destroyed my family.

I hope you'll share a copy with me. ;-)

Jacqueline Gauthier

I have a copy, but I will donate mine to the public library in Logan Utah if you send me a signed one! ;)


As a chemist with 27 years of experience evaluating material for mercury and other toxic metals, I must congratulate Dan and Mark on this great book. It is very accurate, greatly researched and like EOH, complete with scientific references. I have learned more from this book than anything else I've read in the last 3 decades (although EOH is not that far behind). After reading hundreds of published, peer reviewed papers on the toxicokinetics of mercury, this book has put together many of the missing pieces in the puzzle. Thanks Dan and Mark. Now let's distribute far and wide!

Donna K

I would be thrilled to win a signed copy of this book. It would be an unique and invaluable addition to my home library, placed next to history books yet to be written that acknowledge their contribution to saving future generations from the suffering of centuries of ignorance and arrogance. What a legacy these two men will leave, not only for their families, but for the world.


I'd love a copy!

Adam M

from my face book pg.
Amazing book. Not only do they lay out the over whelming evidence that the introduction of ethylmercury containing products like thimerosal containing vaccines coincided with the first cases of autism and the expansion of mercury containing vaccines in the 1990's caused the explosion in autism rates (and other learning disabilities) but they show us how mercury in medicine has a long track record of causing damage and disease starting with syphilis. This is in spite of the fact that the potent neurotoxicity mercury has been known for literally centuries. And still to this very day pregnant women and children are encouraged to get an annual flu shot containing more mercury (25mcg) than would be considered safe for a 550 lb. adult to eat much less inject directly into the blood stream. And hypocritically they will warn mothers-to-be and nursing women not to eat mercury contaminated fish because it very likely will damage their baby. The only way this is going to change is for health care consumers to become educated and then market forces will do the rest. There is far to much money and ego invested by the medical/pharmaceutical complex to trust them to mend their ways. This book is a great place to start that education.

Kim Davis

I'd love to win a copy.


I already have two copies but I wanted to see if you guys saw the piece on FOX News about mercury causing alzheimers. Alison Camerotto (spelling?) again. Amalgams fillings, vaccines and fish were all mentioned.

Jessica Weissberg

Thank you to Age of Autism for teaching me so much in the short time I have been reading it.
I believe my son's first strike was the mercury-filled flu shot I received in my first trimester. We are still working on fixing him!


I would love to win this book.

I'm a military vet damaged by vaccines (including anthrax - 35 mcg of thimerosal per dose!).

Susan in TX

I'm a full-time student seeking an LPC degree with the goal of counseling families with special-needs children. Also a working single mom of two boys on the spectrum. PLEASE, please, please send me a copy of your book! I want to be the best resource I can be for others.


I've been saving a space on my bookshelf next to Callous Disregard for this!

Heather Zelikov

I wanna win!! : )


My hi-functioning nephew fixated on our plans to do a pirate treasure-hunt while on a beach trip. I heard about it non-stop for days.It was always on his mind.

Then the hunt finally started and his treasure was buried in the sand. He had no idea how to dig in the sand with his hands to find the treasure. He couldn't hold his hands the right way to dig in and tear into the sand.

It was almost as if his hands and arms were partially paralyzed and could not obey his thoughts and commands.

I've never forgotten that scene and how heartbreaking it was to watch. The treasure hunt was upon him and yet he could not perform.

After reading AoA, I am certain this young man like so many others has a mild form of injected mercury- induced paralysis (also known as sensory integration disorder) from his overload of thimerosal containing vaccines.

Great book.Don't need a copy but wanted to post since you asked.


I already have two copies, but I'd REALLY like to win a signed copy. Signed copies will be collectibles, one day soon.

Anyone who has studied data before, and learned to recognize patterns in data, cannot help but conclude, after reading The Age of Autism by Olmsted and Blaxill, that there is now a man-made epidemic of vaccine-induced diseases. It is the first and, prayerfully, last holocaust of the 21st century.


Will I be lucky to get the book free? I want to test my luck.


I have a copy and 4 already wrapped for Christmas presents. But I do want to say this is a great read, truly! Not just because it is relevant to my interests- reminds me of "Evidence of Harm"- so shocking you can't easily put it down. Thanks Mark and Dan!! (I’ll take a signed copy- and give my other one to my school’s teacher library!) :)


Please sign me up!


Oh pleaseeeeee let me win this book as I can't afford to purchase it!!! Recovery and lay off's just don't mix! But hey on the bright side...I graduate with a NEW degree in 3 and 1/2 months!

Maurine Meleck

I read it already, but would love to give a copy to the library or to Joshua's Middle School teachers. Thanks. I also don't have a signed one.


Thank you for writing this book.


sign me up!

Steph M

I have it posted on my local message board.


I would love this.

Sonja Lopez

Cannot wait to share it with friends and family. Thank you Dan and Mark.

Maui Family

You can be assured that we will be sharing this book with everyone involved in helping recover our little boy. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Jen in TX

For someone who acknowledges that concerns about Tylenol are "valid and important," (remember our email exchange, Mark?) upon searching the book, I sure don't see much mention of it, except for one reference to a set of twins receiving a load of vaccines + tylenol, with one of them regressing afterwards.

It seems to me that if you really felt that Tylenol concerns were indeed "valid and important" you would see fit to warn your readers about it.

Perhaps there are other mentions that just aren't showing up in the search results?


(If this comment gets deleted, am I still entered for a chance to win the book, or are only *approved* comments entered?) ;)


I cannot wait to dig into this book over the holidays!

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