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Pass the Popcorn but HOLD THE MERCURY! Safeminds Theatre PSA Campaign


Here is the material data sheet for Thimerosal - a KNOWN poison: Download Thimerosal Data sheet

Managing Editor's Note: Join us in funding Public Service Announcements for theatres in NY and LA featuring Lyn Redwood's message about flu shots. Just $8.91 can help. More if possible. JB Handley, Mark Blaxill and Jenny McCarthy have funded 25 screens. I donated $62.50. My husband donated on his own (that movie is a ROMANCE!) and loads of commenters and FB fans have donated. It's fantastic!  Again, every amount helps - can you spare $8 and change? Click here to sponsor the video on one screen for a day

Spread the word about the danger of flu shots with mercury!

SafeMinds would like to run the 30-second public service announcement below in select movie theaters around the country during Thanksgiving, the biggest movie attendance week of the year.  We could reach a lot of families that way - but we need your help to make it happen.    


Click here to view video -

This is how much it costs to run at movie theatres in some of the major markets at every movie screening, in select theaters, for one week at Thanksgiving: 

*  25 screens in New York for $1,560

*  25 screens in Los Angeles for $1,560

*  19 screens in Boston for $1,000

*  16 screens in Atlanta for $850

Help us make it happen!

Theaters require a one week minimum showing, therefore donations may be pool or shifted to other cities.



Very disappointed to read that AMC theaters will not run the PSA (see the first comment below the article above). Is this true? If described accurately on autismnewsbeat's site, this is shocking. Censorship based upon complete misrepresentation of what the PSA actually says.

I think we should consider a petition/boycott of AMC ouselves.


"The risk of schizophrenia was increased 7-fold for influenza exposure during the first trimester. There was no increased risk of schizophrenia with influenza during the second or third trimester. With the use of a broader gestational period of influenza exposure—early to midpregnancy—the risk of schizophrenia was increased 3-fold."

"It isn't clear yet whether influenza vaccination during pregnancy could be helpful or harmful,” Brown added.“ One needs to weigh the benefit of protecting the woman and fetus from influenza against the potential risk of a vaccine-induced antibody elevation that could conceivably predispose to schizophrenia.”

The schizophrenia in the child won't even show up for 20 or 25 years.

Katie Weisman

Hi Jimsonia,
And anyone else who is interested. If you can make this happen locally through your work or connections, e-mail us (through our website) to let us know and we'll do our best to get you a copy.
Katie Weisman


I'm projectionist at a small 3-screen theatre in Eastern Oregon. PSA would be seen by perhaps 3,000 people in one week. Should I try to make this happen here, or would it be better to just kick in 9 bucks so that four times that number see it in LA or NYC?


Let's run some in the Raleigh-Durham area, home of Merck, Glaxo, Pfizer, Novartis in fact four of the top-5 vaccine manufacturers have set up shop in North Carolina--and at least 15 are developing or making vaccines.

Hell send me a DVD of the spot and I'll stand outside and show it in the parking lot with Ben's portable DVD player.

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