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National Autism Association Conference Hosts Talina

Last night the NAA hosted a Life's a Beach dinner on the cool sand of St. Pete beach. True to their mission of hope and metamorphosis for families, they present this beautiful young woman named Talina, who sang like an angel. And they paid tribute to Jo Pike, keeping the angel theme alive and in everyone's heart.
TalinaWorld is her website.


Autism Grandma

Re: Post by: Lou Toscano

Hi Lou,

You must be the proudest Dad in the world. Please inform us here at AoA more about your daughter's journey through recovery. We would all love to know more. I checked out the website and watched the other videos. Talina is an amazing talent and the words to her song "Thank You" are truly inspirational!!!

I sent this email out to everybody [below]. I couldn't figure out a few of the phrases so please fill in the blanks for us. Hopefully I got most of the wording correct, but please correct anything that is not right.

This is what autism recovery looks like...
12 year old Talina Toscano sings:

"Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself"

This brilliant girl re-wrote the words to Sly and the Family Stones original "Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself".

Here's her INSPIRATIONAL lyrics [but there are a few phrases that I can't figure out from listening]

Oh yeah Oh yeah
_____________ to what they say
I wish that they would go away
Maybe one day this will come true
As I am or who I am
You can change the master plan
If only everyone could understand like you

Who I truly am
Hit the wires [?] and sometimes fallin' in
And who I have to perform to this society
To end up to be the free spirit I was meant to be

I want to thank you for letting me be myself again
I want to thank you for letting me be myself again

Just like everyone, my dreams are beating like a drum
But don't you know that aspirations feed in my soul
Gonna touch the sky
You don't need to wonder why
Nothings gonna keep me away from my goal

__________the direction I choose
Let the crowd go and they will [stand or fall] [?]
Making my own path is all I've ever known
Just me and you, and you have shown me [to stand alone] [?]

I want to thank you for letting me be myself again
I want to thank you for letting me be myself again

In everything you let me be
You lift me up and set me freee
And now I'm staying true to myself
And I don't have to be someone else

It's not as simple as it seems
I can only be me
You want to be the ultimate force
Just let nature take it's course

I want to thank you for letting me be myself again
I want to thank you for letting me be myself again

I think I've found my special place
It feels like I'm in outer space
Come with me and you will see
How special life can truly be

I want to thank you for letting me be myself again

Download Single Here: [$1.19]

OR: Talina is on iTunes! Just search "Talina Thank You" to download her song onto your Ipod. You can also purchase it at CDBaby

20% of the proceeds of the sales from Talina's songs and products will go towards non-profit organizations that support Autism awareness.

ARTICLE HERE: "Suffern girl sings for autism awareness"

Lou Toscano

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about Talina. To answer a few questions, we met the Miracle Kids in Cali at Holly's event in April, that was the first time we had met. We were not involved in their project. We've since become friends with some of the families and organizers.

It is also amazing how far Talina has come developmentally. If you read her bio on the website it will give you a sense of her accomplishments. Speech at an early age was mostly echolalia and she was in the most restrictive class in EI.

On january 10, talina, The miracle kids and other talented kids with autism will be in a very special live show called "The Genius of Autism" in NY. We'll have details on the website as we get closer.

God bless all of you!!

Jacey Capurso

What a great night at NAA and Taliba rocked the house (or rather "the beach"). She is such an inspiration but moreover she is a great entertainer!!! She will undoubtedly go far with her talent.
Thank you Talina for keeping us moms dancing all night and now we can all say in years to come "I saw her perform way back when!"


I am amazed by this 11 year old's talent! Go Talina!

Also on her website, in the picture named "The Miracle Kids at Hollyrod" it appears that one of the higher functioning kids in the HBO movie Autism the Musical is in that pic.

I wonder if Talina worked with the musical autism mom who helped make that movie? Anyone know?


Amazing! Did she detox or is she just mild on the spectrum? How did she do it? If she is recovered, I would like to know the before and after, because it's miraculous!

Jake Crosby


Not an MD

I am humbled by what this young girl has accomplished. To have the wherewithal to go on stage in front of so many people and perform so well (what a voice, too!) is quite amazing. I am so happy for her. She is quite an inspiration. I hope she writes a book about her life experiences. I would love to read it.

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