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Is Paul Offit's Wife Internet Troll/Autism Father "Sullivan"?

Troll_medical_handpuppet Is Dr. Bonnie Offit masquerading on the web as an autism parent and prolific blogger named “Sullivan”?

By J.B. Handley

Bonnie Offit, a pediatrician, tours the autism Web sites late at night after her husband goes to sleep. "He's not the man they've created an enemy out of," she says. She wishes his critics knew him the way she does—a gentle, sweet, salt-of-the-earth guy. "What I've learned in all this is to stick to the truth, talk about the science," says Paul Offit. "It's not about me, it's about the data." Above all else, it's about doing right by the children.

* Newsweek Magazine October 25, 2008

When it comes to her husband’s welfare, Bonnie Offit is fiercely protective. A pediatrician with a thriving group practice, she still makes time to monitor the blogosphere. (Her husband refuses to read the attacks.) She wants to believe that if you “keep your finger on the pulse,” as she puts it, you can keep your loved ones safe.

* Wired Magazine, November 2009

The press has been very clear because Bonnie Offit has told them: she takes the time to watch the blogosphere, monitoring the pulse of those against her husband. Yet, for all the time Ms. Offit reportedly spends on the web, I can’t find a single comment or post in her name. Unless of course she calls herself “Sullivan,” and then everything makes perfect sense.

Background: Bonnie Offit

Dr. Bonnie Offit is a pediatrician at Pediatric & Adolescent Care, Haverford  Pediatric and Adolescent Care Haverford , a division of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her practice has one of the most draconian pro-vaccination policies I have ever seen, and includes the following statements:

“We firmly believe in both the effectiveness and safety of the currently recommended vaccines for children and adolescents…We firmly believe that vaccinating children may be the single most important intervention we perform as health care providers…Again there is plenty of research to reassure us that giving multiple vaccines at once, though stressful, is not overwhelming to the immune system of any aged child…Finally, if you should refuse a recommended vaccine or delay vaccinations despite our efforts we will ask you to find another health care provider who shares your views.”

Of course, Dr. Bonnie Offit is also the wife of Dr. Paul Offit, a person who many in our community, myself included, consider to be a self-interested, wildly-conflicted, one-sided blowhard who will do or say anything to protect a vaccine schedule that has generated millions for him (and his wife). He is the de facto spokesperson for the other side, be it CDC, AAP, or Big Pharma, and AoA has demonstrated that he has both voted himself rich by adding his own vaccine to our kid’s schedule and never never treated treated a child with autism, despite inserting himself into our debate as some sort of expert.

Background: “Sullivan”

“Sullivan” is a prolific, anonymous blogger. In the last few years, Sullivan has essentially hijacked a website, LeftBrainRightBrain --a site that used to be dedicated to the concept of “Neurodiversity.” Sullivan’s subject matter, in dozens of blog posts, is the vaccine-autism controversy, and really nothing else. Sullivan is also a prolific commenter, both in the blog posts written by Sullivan and in other forums.

I first came across the name Sullivan after I appeared on the TV show “The Doctors” because this Sullivan character was absolutely dominating the discussion boards about the show, as you can see for yourself HERE. In fact, Sullivan has posted comments at The Doctors website an amazing 223 times, as I learned from reading Sullivan’s profile on The Doctors website HERE.

Sullivan’s profile from The Doctors:

“I am the parent of a child with autism. I follow autism science and politics closely, and have spent many long hours looking into claims about what causes autism and what can treat autism. As a parent, I have to look at these claims very seriously and with an open mind--my kid depends on it.

Unfortunately, the autism world is filled with people with false claims of causes and treatments.

While much of my blogging time is taken up combatting false claims about causes and treatments, my main concern is to create a better world for all people, but especially for people with disabilities. Autism is a great challenge. People with autism deserve respect and support.” 

From the profile and post above we gather three things: Sullivan is a man, a layperson (rather than a doctor or scientist) who has spent long hours looking into the vaccine-autism connection, and is also a parent of a child with autism. A perfect cast if you will: a parent just like you and me, with their own autistic child and their own opinions, borne of long hours of research.

Sullivan: Not a man, probably not a layperson, probably not a parent of an autistic child

Before I present evidence that Sullivan is actually Bonnie Offit, let’s look at the evidence that Sullivan isn’t who Sullivan claims to be. Commenting at the Squidalicious blog, Liz Ditz, another blogger, made the following comment:

Sullivan (who, like you, I know in real life) writing at Left Brain Right Brain, links to this post Two of her points I found particularly important:

 #4 -- the lag in diagnosis & treatment for African American, Asian and Hispanic children 

#7 -- There are many adults with autism, some diagnosed in adulthood. (6:04 PM)

If you read the above post again closely, you’ll see 2 things: 1) Liz Ditz claims to know Sullivan personally, and 2) Liz Ditz refers to Sullivan as “her.”

Conclusion: Sullivan claims to be a man, and is actually a woman. Anyone who reads dozens of Sullivan’s posts, as I have, would probably reach the same conclusion. It’s hard to hide your gender when you write, much as it’s hard to hide your nationality (Sullivan is clearly an American, too).

Sullivan also claims to be a layperson. If you read many of Sullivan’s posts, you’ll quickly see you are dealing with a person who is smart, organized in their thinking, and extremely facile with complex medical terminology. One example:

“Kev,all mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited. There is one case in the literature of someone inheriting the mDNA from a father, but it is called, “the exception that proves the rule”.

Mitochondrial disorders are not caused always by mDNA. The mitochondria processes material which is determined both by mDNA and nuclear (nDNA). So, if the cell is creating proteins that are incorrect for the needs of the mitochondria, the mitochondria will malfunction.”

This is just one of hundreds of examples. Sullivan writes with great clarity and ease on very complex medical and scientific processes and cites published medical research ad nauseum.

Conclusion: Is Sullivan a layperson with a remarkable gift for explaining complex medical and scientific issues? I highly doubt it.

The final point is, admittedly, the hardest to refute. Sullivan claims to be the parent of a child with autism. Is she? Here’s what I know:

* I have yet to see a single post where Sullivan mentions her autistic child in any material way or reveals anything about the pain of caring for an affected child.

* What parent of an autistic child would write, “my main concern is to create a better world for all people, but especially for people with disabilities. Autism is a great challenge. People with autism deserve respect and support”? Give me a break! A real parent would only have one main concern, the concern we all share: giving our own child the best possible life!

Does the evidence show that Sullivan is actually a woman, a doctor/scientist, and not a parent of an autistic child? I’ll let you be the judge.

Is Sullivan actually Bonnie Offit?

Let me be clear: I have circumstantial evidence that points to Bonnie Offit being Sullivan. I will spell out what I have, and let you be the judge.

Evidence #1: Sullivan brings up and protects Offit at every turn

I ran into Sullivan again, after my appearance on PBS’ Frontline, once again going out of her way to comment about me. Check out this dialogue:

Sullivan: JB Handley in his own words: "With less than a half-dozen full time activists, annual budgets of six figures or less, and umpteen thousand courageous, undaunted, and selfless volunteer parents, our community, held together with duct tape and bailing wire, is in the early to middle stages of bringing the U.S. vaccine program to its knees." That's his goal. To bring the vaccine program to its knees. It really is a war on vaccines. Kids like mine need advocates who will do something valuable, not work to hurt children like Mr Handley.

Compassionmom: Do you think he declared war because vaccines caused his son to have a lifelong neurological disability? Seems like a decent reason.

Sullivan: I don't know why JB Handley does the things he does. I just know he does things that are dangerous. He is quite capable of, how does he say it, expanding and exaggerating the truth. Take a read of his pseudo paper on childhood mortality and vaccines. It is a case study in misusing facts.

Compassionmom: Reading his actual quote, he seems to be implying that until the program is brought to its knees, no one will compromise? He's probably right.

Sullivan: He is saying that his community is working to crash the vaccine program

Sullivan: CompassionMom, are you aware that the number of people who filed with the vaccine court claiming autism as vaccine injury has dropped off dramatically? At the peak, 2,700 families filed in one year. Last year only 11 families. Sure, many people follow JB Handley. But his day has past.
Sullivan: Many people believed him when he said that autism was merely a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning and all you had to do was chelate for 2 years. Many years later here we are--JB Handley was clearly wrong. I haven't seen his apology

Compassionmom: And, many of us parents side with JB. There, are we any better off. Sullivan, you appear to follow JB like some kind of stalker, no?

Sullivan: CompassionMom, that would be "no". Would you call JB a stalker for his obsession with Paul Offit?

I remember reading this exchange at the time and thinking what an odd non-sequitor Sullivan added to the conversation by bringing up Paul Offit. It makes more sense now.

Later, Sullivan went out her way to drop a huge shout-out, probably to her own husband:

Sullivan: This autism parent offers his gratitude to Dr. Offit for his efforts to correct the misinformation that is causing so much harm to the autism communities

How many random fathers of children with autism feel compelled to give Paul Offit a shout-out? He’s not even an autism doctor.

Evidence #2: Sullivan is in communication with Paul Offit, with great insight

Here’s an exchange between Sullivan and our very own Jake Crosby at the LBRB Blog:

Jake Crosby: Paul Offit, if you are reading this, I would really appreciate a straightforward answer to the question I sent to you via email.

Sullivan: Jake Crosby, in my experience, Dr. Offit doesn’t read blogs.

Jake Crosby: He doesn’t? [Jake offers a link where Offit is clearly in the blog mix] HERE

Sullivan: I’m aware of that comment, Mr Crosby. Can you find a second? I am not aware of any others. I am aware that when I have mentioned blogs in emails to Dr. Offit and he was unaware of them. I have been known to bring some to his attention that were particularly bad. I don’t expect or have any experience that he reads lbrb.

Why does the random father of a child with autism have such a great take on Paul Offit’s computer viewing habits?

Evidence #3: Sullivan has spent considerable time clarifying how much money Paul Offit made from the Rotavirus vaccine, with remarkable insight and detail.

Sullivan writes:

“I have repeatedly discussed Paul Offit’s patent situation. When I pointed out to Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted that they made some very large mistakes and that those were easily confirmed (which begs the question as to why an intellectual property expert and an investigative reporter couldn’t find the information in the first place) I was basically informed that the incorrect information would remain in place until such time as Paul Offit met their demands.”

I asked Mark and Dan about Sullivan. Mark Blaxill noted that Sullivan, “seemed to have an unusually good knowledge of Offit’s finances as well as terrific research skills in finding old CHOP policies.”

Here’s an email Sullivan wrote to Mark & Dan:

Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 7:24 PM

To: Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill

Subject: Your calculation of Dr. Offit's royalty payout from CHOP

Mr. Olmsted, Mr. Blaxill,
I am sure you are interested in accuracy whenever possible in your blog posts.  I assume you want to know and want to correct errors.

In a recent post of yours, you estimated the royalty payment for Dr. Paul Offit from CHOP's sale of it's rights to the rotavirus vaccine Dr. Offit, Dr. Plotkin and Dr. Clark invented. Your post makes an estimate that is markedly higher than the real number.  This is in large part to two errors you made.
First, the Patent and Intellectual Property Policy you used is incorrect. You rightly note that this is a new policy and that the rotavirus patent was likely covered by a previous policy. The details of the previous policy are included in this document, which can be easily found with the following google search:

Patent and Intellectual Property Policy

Using the older policy and the $182M reported as the payment CHOP received for their patent, you can calculate an inventors share of $18,550,000.

The second mistake in your estimation is in assuming that Dr. Plotkin and Dr. Clark. did not share in the CHOP inventor share.  This is incorrect.  Again, a quick google search will demonstrate that Dr. Plotkin and Dr. Clark were, indeed, CHOP faculty. Therefore, the $18,550,000 is divided by 3, resulting in an inventor share of $6,183,333.

The CHOP 2006 annual report page 42 clearly states that Dr. Plotkin and Dr. Plotkin were part of the CHOP team that invented the vaccine.  Other pages on the CHOP site note that Doctors Plotkin and Clark were, indeed, faculty there.

I have already emailed Dr. Offit to check that this is an accurate representation of the facts, and he confirmed this.
I look forward to seeing how you make use of these corrections.

[Author’s note: Dan & Mark made an update to their first report, a detailed analysis of Offit’s patent royalties called Counting Offit’s Millions HERE. This revision incorporated the new information Sullivan provided them. Unfortunately for Sullivan, this new information didn’t make Offit any less less rich, it actually showed that Offit was sharing income from another royalty deal that gave him on ongoing interest in Merck’s Rotateq revenues, a crucial piece of the puzzle Sullivan withheld from her attempted “correction.” Mark and Dan had a brief exchange with “Sullivan” who, despite repeated requests from Mark, refused to disclose her true identity.].

Why does the random father of a child with autism, a layperson, care so much that the exact number of millions Paul Offit made be clarified? So he’s a multi-millionaire, not a multi-multi-millionaire? What’s in it for Sullivan?

Evidence #4: When Barbara Loe Fisher sued Paul Offit, Sullivan didn’t even mention the case until the suit had been dismissed, despite the fact that Orac (a blogger who Sullivan cites frequently) had discussed the case 3 months prior.

When Barbara Loe Fischer sued Paul Offit for libel, Dr. David Gorski, aka “Orac” was quick to discuss the suit in January 2010.

When did Sullivan, a nearly religious chonicler of all things autism first discuss this case? In March 2010, three months later, THE DAY THE SUIT WAS DISMISSED. Why was there such a time delay on a topic—anything to do with Paul Offit—that Sullivan is so quick to discuss?

Evidence #5: Sullivan knows what’s in Paul Offit’s new book, Deadly Choices, even though it hasn’t been released yet

Sullivan writes:

While the word “autism” doesn’t appear at all on the page for the book, it will come as no surprise that the autism/vaccine parent groups play a prominent role in the book’s discussion of the modern anti-vaccine movement.

Dr. Offit’s books get read. By important people. I have little doubt this one will too.
As I said with my discussion of Panic Virus, there is no joy in realizing that some of the vocal autism-parent groups are being chronicled in this way. There is, however, relief that books such as these signal that perhaps the worst is over. The public and the press are no longer giving the idea of the vaccine-induced-autism-epidemic the credibility it enjoyed only a year or two ago.

The book isn’t out until January? Why does Sullivan already know what’s in it?

Evidence #6: If it has to do with Offit, Sullivan will defend the most arcane of topics (especially the Rotavirus vaccine)

In a post titled “Storm in a Teacup, “ Sullivan goes out of her way to defend Paul Offit’s rotavirus vaccine, after it was determined that the vaccine contained a pig virus:

“We have to start getting over our collective heebie-jeebies every time something perfectly safe is found in a vaccine and start realising that the people who are advocating that we do have an attack of the heebie-jeebies are those who have a single item agenda – promoting anti-vaccineism.”

Why does this random father of an autistic child give a crap that they found pig virus in the rotavirus vaccine?

Evidence #7: Sullivan is obsessed with the same topics that obsess Paul Offit

Take a tour of LeftBrainRightBrain’s blog. What does Sullivan, a layperson father of a child with autism write about? Hannah Poling, Barbara Loe Fisher, Andy Wakefield, Generation Rescue, and Jenny McCarthy. Anything that exonerates vaccines from causing autism, and anything Paul Offit.

Paul Offit could not have asked for a better random father to come along out of nowhere:

* a father with a child with autism

* a father with a child with autism with remarkable ease at dissecting complex medical topics and forming the same exact arcane one-sided arguments that Paul Offit makes

* a father interested in topics, almost exclusively, that impact Paul Offit and his legacy

Check out this absurd fax signed by “Autism Parent” that Sullivan sent to Katie Couric, definding all things Paul Offit:

“It is with great dismay that I, a parent of a young child with autism, have watched the ongoing series on autism by Sharyl Attkisson. This series’s angle was illustrated in her interview with Dr. Healy, which was tainted by the unfounded statement, “There is a completely expressed concern that they don’t want to pursue a hypothesis because that hypothesis could be damaging to the public health community at large by scaring people.” I feel a good journalist would have asked for Dr. Healy to support this statement. Given the stakes involved, that would be the minimum required before airing it. I expect you will not be surprised that I also have concerns over the recent piece questioning the independence of vocal supporters of vaccines. In particular, the part discussing Dr. Paul Offit was lacking in facts and in real analysis of those facts…Given these facts, what we have is a scientist who has over 25 years’ experience researching vaccines and infectious diseases, and has no financial conflicts of interest in the present or future. Isn’t this exactly what we want in a spokesperson?”

You know, I’m starting to hope this is Bonnie Offit, because if it isn’t we have one really, really troubled father on our hands. Get a life, father of a child with autism, Paul Offit is not going to help your child…unless Paul Offit is the father of your children, and then, once again, it all makes sense.

(One small point: I’ve read Sullivan elsewhere explain that her children were born before the year 2000…so how young is your child, Sullivan?)


AoA’ers, please look into this, do your own research, and share it. I believe there is compelling evidence to implicate Bonnie Offit as the blogger known as Sullivan. If true, then Bonnie Offit:

* Is posing as a parent of a child with autism to engender sympathy and credibility for her point of view. This is dishonest and, well, absolutely reprehensible. In fact, I’d even call it disgusting--Offit’s wife is pretending to be one of us!

* Is writing under false pretenses to provide support for topics that protect her husband’s legacy, confusing the reader who is unaware of the biases and conflicts she is bringing to her writing.

* Wagging the dog, if you will, by trying to steer the debate on the Web as a neutral party when, in fact, she and her husband are major players in the whole debate – it is wildly fraudulent. Recently, she is spending her blogging time attempting to declare that this debate is over, perhaps hoping it will be if she says it enough times.

So many questions emerge if Bonnie Offit is Sullivan. How much of Paul Offit’s upcoming book is written by Paul Offit? As an inside joke, does he thank “Sullivan” in his acknowledgements? Will the book’s writing style and Sullivan’s writing style be eerily similar? Is Sullivan the thoughts and words of Bonnie Offit, Paul Offit, or both?

Does the evidence I have presented prove anything? Again, I’ll let the reader decide, and either add to or challenge my argument.

I’m personally convinced, I think Bonnie Offit is Sullivan.

I don’t think a father of a child with autism exists who would devote himself to the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours it would take to compile Sullivan’s body of work on the web, a work so completely dedicated to topics that impact Paul Offit. In fact, the only person capable of doing this, I would argue, is Paul Offit or his Pediatrician wife.

Bonnie spends an inordinate amount of time blogging, she herself admits this. Yet, we can’t find anything she has written anywhere on the web. Or can we?

Bonnie, you have every right to have an opinion. You have every right to defend your husband’s legacy. But, for goodness’ sake, have the decency to do it honestly, openly, courageously, just like the rest of us do, the real parents of kids with autism, the people who are actually suffering in this whole debate. You’re not suffering--you have two healthy kids and a few million in the bank.

I know for certain Bonnie Offit does seek to defend her husband’s legacy, as this recorded recorded message (this is a .wav file) from Bonnie Offit demonstrates. As you can hear, she’s asking someone to take the website down, because it damages her husband.

Bonnie Offit, or Sullivan for that matter, I have a simple offer:

If you can produce a dad with a child with autism with a remarkable grasp of the medical and scientific literature who blogs under the name Sullivan, a man who has an inordinate grasp of the details of your husband’s patents, lawsuits, published studies, and web habits, I will make sure that the website is given to you and your husband for good.

In fact, if you can produce this father, I promise to never, ever publicly write about or utter the name “Paul Offit” again.

I’m waiting, Bonnie, and I have a funny feeling I will be waiting a very long time.

Author’s Note: I emailed Sullivan to ask him/her to respond to this story and/or call me on my cell. I have not heard back.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



Say this one hundred times: "Must use weasel words."

Apologize if necessary. Do not give up domain name.

Genny GC

Judging from the Doctors link this "sullivan" character looks like your ordinary run-of-the-mill pharma-troll. will have to update their list!

Erik Nanstiel

The Neuro-denuded blogs (lbrb and others) are abuzz over this... since Offit has a good level of plausible deniability over whether she blogs as "Sullivan," JB's post is being devoured like low-hanging fruit for the rabid scavangers of neurodiversity.

Did JB get this wrong? Was it a misstep? It shouldn't matter. He's usually right on the money with everything he posts... and whether Bonnie Offit blogs under pseudonyms, or not, I see this post more of an exploration of how desperate neurodiversity has become... and what industry shills may or may not be willing to do to spin-doctor their public image.

Neurodiversity belongs to big pharma. I've never seen more rabid defense of the vaccine industry than from these "parents" who should probably, if anything, be ambivalent about the vaccine safety debate. Instead, they defend the industry with every ounce of their strength. And they defend folks like Paul Offit, who only cares about his financial interests... he could give a s-it about them. Or us.

Sick of Pharmawhores

Talk about kicking a hornet's nest! Good job JB.

Sure wish we could find the money trail from the drug companies to all these prolific "vaccines have nothing to do with autism" bloggers.

Kathy Blanco

The inside scoop in my experience is, that anyone who supports vaccinations, are not soley supporting them on their merit, rather, on their ability to fetch them an income, save face, save job, or save perceptions. When one looks at the evidences, vaccines have never saved us from childhood "innocuous" diseases, NEVEEEER. They have actually caused new epidemics of autoimmunity against brain tissue with related toxicity issues and long term virulent persistence of viruses. Most who proclaim their child didn't cause autism, I can believe...because autism isn't always caused by a vaccine, sometimes, it's an in utero virus/bacteria or toxin or deficiency in mother. But, I know vaccines TRIGGER all of those "hits", and it can't be good to immune derrange someone who has no immune and metabolic capital. I look at autism as a perfect storm, many things coming together at once on top of one another, aka, there is many ways to damage neurons. Common triggers are felt across this wide path of autism, the most common being that "darn vaccine". For me, I had kids with obvious immune/metabolic reactions to vaccines, and they prove out in testing them extensively. They also had other hits, so called. These in combination, create autism. When one doesn't do those tests, you can attribute autism to many things and make either very educated and or scinetifically based assumptions based on symptoms and testing. To assume vaccines don't harm, at all, at any given time, is unscientific, and a lie. Anyone who "spends their days and nights" worrying about this perception of safety, in my opinion, are up there with the ENRON executives who screwed many families over and over. They will have to answer to a higher power one day. I truly don't feel that anyone with the proper understanding of mechanism of damage can deny it doesn't damage. Going against nature and injecting known toxins that damage neurons/shrivel them and inflamme them via an incorrect immune response, as well as virulent neutropic viruses/contaminations into the bloodstream which cause molecular mimicry, (the most unnatural route where they exist and not through mucousal immunity), is a stupid idea from the get go and an obvious witches brew. Don't let those bloggers get in front of your mission to talk to one more mom about what happened to you and your family. I haven't, and I won't stop, and they can't stop our mission to everyday talk to a new mother. This is what they fear. This is why they exist. They know truth cuts as a two edged sword, they surely feel it now. People are questioning the flu/gardasil vaccine this year (HURRAH!). I went into Walgreens yesterday, to be approached right at the door, to get our flu shots. I had my vaccination education card right in front of her, and told her, if you really did your homework, you would be ashamed of your job and wouldn't sleep at night, and walked away while pushing my card on her table. Visualize the look people...shock, awe...what? Yeah, I live for that. I live for a mom with the deer and headlights look and walking away confident she can have healthy children in spite of what her doctor "tells her". God did not give us the spirit of fear. That's what vaccines are, the spirit of fear.

Craig Willoughby

Not a happy day for the Offits, nowhere in my comments have I said that anyone was stalking Sullivan or Bonnie Offit. I never made that accusation, so I would appreciate it if you refrained from making that claim.

What I am saying is that I think this article is wrong, both in tone and in fact. If you disagree, that is certainly your right. But I felt I should express my disagreement and also explain why.

Jeff C.

So Sullivan has long blogged anonymously. Suddenly his/her allies are ready to out him as Matt Carey within a few hours of a single post? Nice friends.

Or, JB is right and this is BS. Pass the popcorn, this should be good.


Easy to dummy down that smart'n up!

He, She, It-

There looks to be enough evidence and writing styles showing that "Sullivan" may be "code" for Bonnie and possibly a few other Offit wannabes who help her out. Kev's skype scenario disproves nothing except to show the collusion of profiteers. Yep, let's skype and talk about our "kids" and those darn AoA folks. HA!

J.B.'s email to Sullivan put out an apb to the offit wackosphere and they are on HIGH ALERT! They are crawling out of the woodwork!

The icing on the wackosphere cake:

"The book isn’t out until January? Why does Sullivan already know what’s in it?"

How about it Sullivan??

Not a happy day for the Offits

Incredible. Here's more evidence:

On his own website,, Offit cites about 20 blogs that report on him favorably. Not one of those blogs is LBRB. Why would that one be excluded, and so many others included that report on him to a much lesser degree? Why not include LBRB's blog with its many detailed posts about him?

Leitch's attempt at damage control relies on us taking his word as to Sullivan's gender. Why should we, when his blog is filled with mistruths? He seems very worried, to have posted a comment on this article. I wonder what Liz Ditz will say, after making a point of knowing Sullivan personally.

People do have a right to blog anonymously, but they don't have a right to pose as the exact opposite of who they truly are, misrepresenting the very people they are challenging - in this case, autism parents. For a doctor to do so (who is married to the doctor leading the national campaign to defend the vaccine program) would be the height of unethical. I think you are letting your own personal experience with a stalker color your views here. JB Handley and all of us have a right and an obligation to critically examine everything written by and about Paul Offit. To do so is not "stalking." See the legal definition of cyberstalking here:

Norton and Socrates,
Where's your evidence? Even if Matthew Carey has blogged as Sullivan as you say, that doesn't mean several aren't blogging under the same name. Bonnie Offit, MD seems to be one of them.


Ohhh Craig;
I really like your blogs, you are really insightful.

But this time you are so wrong!

How many times have you listened to a debate and because there is so much deceitfullnes - out right lies- the truth gets buried? You walk away not any wiser, just more confused?

If JB Handley realiazed who someone is that is mudding the waters it is not only his right, but it is his (insert whatever profanity you like) duty to humanity to expose it.

Truth illuminates, although it may be so bright as to hurt your eyes for awhile.

How many times has the federal government put people in prison just for Flibbing????

Kev: Don't know you, but when you have conversation - do you mean on the phone actually hearing a male's voice?
Because women are very good potraying themselves as men. I have lived in a man's world for a long time. I can talk cattle, horses, trucks, farming, as good as any man. I could pass as a man, on a blog.

I am sure a female pediatrician has been in a male's world long enough to do the same.

Another good example is:

J.K. Rowling author to Harry Potter series; she did very well telling a male's point of view.

And Socrates (a real journalist- so you say) I went to your link and all I saw wasssss somebody called themselves Matt or what ever - not really good proof for a real journalist.

Kev Leitch


The day I worry about my 'credit rating' on here will be the day I stop blogging :)

I'm entirely uncaring about what you believe or don't believe, I just find this whole thing hysterically funny. If you knew Bonnie, oops, Sully like I do you would too :)

Oh and for the person who thinks we're breaking GN's TOS - go ahead and report us if you want to :)

Liz Ditz

Dear Mr. Handley,

You have built an astonishing cloud castle -- but it is all fantasy. If you'd bothered to email me I would have set you straight.

Perhaps my poorly-constructed sentence

Two of her points I found particularly important:

sent you down the garden path. The reference to "her" was unclear; I meant to refer to Holly Robinson Peete. I should have written

Two of Peete's points I found particularly important:

but the alliteration clanged on my ear.

Yes, I know Sullivan in real life. I met him through blogging. If I'm remembering correctly, it was through an interchange on Kev Leitch's blog, in which it was revealed we both lived on the San Francisco peninsula. Sullivan lives not far from me; he's been to my house, and I've shared a few meals with him. Yes, he has a child with autism.

I have never met either Paul Offit MD or Bonnie Offit MD, although I have exchanged emails with Paul Offit MD

Why blog under a pseudonym? I have discussed this question with Sullivan face-to-face. Sullivan wants to protect his family's privacy.

Erik Nanstiel

Since I trust the neurodiversity advocates as much as I do a hungry shark not to attack meat... I would expect that IF Bonnie Offit were really Sullivan... they'd all jump in to protect her identity. What a blow to her credibility such a revelation would prove.

That said, JB gets me thinking... circumstantial, yes... but he's a shrewd guy and has been following these blogs for YEARS. I'm unconvinced either way... but tend to side with JB's observations until proof to the contrary should surface.



At a company training event years ago, the speaker gave a very heartfelt albeit off topic bit of advice:

"Be truthful in all that you do. Don't ever lie...DO YOU KNOW WHY?!...because if you choose to lie and deceive you have to have an incredible, impeccable and flawless memory. If you slip even the slightest bit you will be caught in your lie and forever be known as a liar. To keep the lie alive and going you have to carry it out PERFECTly and perpetually."

As they say and everyone can agree, "nobody's perfect."

Holly M.

I wonder if her Haverford practice is all that successful. Haverford is on the Main Line, with that I would assume some pretty educated parents. As a new generation of parents come along hopefully they will stay away from her "CHOP Shop." We have one across the river and educated parents are staying far far away. It's beautiful.

John Stone


Look, if you come on here and say Sullivan is a man because you spoke to him on Skype, when actually you have lots of other access to his/her identity, this is only whimsy.

Why should anyone pay attention to you unless you provide some evidence of what you say. Your credit rating here is not good.

Lisa Smith

I agree with you Sullivan should be honest about any conflicts and give full disclosure. I always start out by saying I was damaged by a flu vaccine (and the vaccine court agreed) this way people know why I feel the way I do. Full disclosure from people who defend vaccines and the Pharmaceutical Industry is all I am looking for.



Interesting hypothesis. However, I have to disagree with the following:

"If you read many of Sullivan’s posts, you’ll quickly see you are dealing with a person who is smart, organized in their thinking, and extremely facile with complex medical terminology."

I've never found the vast majority Sullivan's posts to be particularly well organized or logical. In fact, if he/she is a Ped, I would be concerned for his/her patients. Just IMO.

Katie Wright

Amazing work JB!
This really makes sense. Who on earth would have such detailed information on Offit's finances, his personal travails, his book galleys...

But it is "Sullivan"'s hyper defensiveness that is the giveaway. This is how a parent would defend their child (their relationship sounds emeshed and a little scary) - totally unconditionally- this is not about "the science" at all it is a transparent attempt to rehabilitate Offit's reputation and promote book sales.

Poor Bonnie- this must be an all consuming obsession.

I feel most sorry for her patients! Bonnie cannot have time for anything else, I bet she is thinking about this 24/7.

Craig Willoughby

I disagree, John.

Personally, I feel that these accusations are a bit unfounded and, to be frank, quite ridiculous. This is not in any way meant to be disrespectful, but seeing this type of behavior from people I once held in high esteem is troubling.

I'm sorry, I just have a hard time condoning this behavior.

Norton Gunthorpe

Sorry to scoop you old boy, but the cat's out of the bag (not that it was ever in it).


If Sullivan and Paul Offit are married, does that make Rahul Parikh their monster-child?

Maybe this connection is even more intimate and Paul Offit is (at least sometimes) "Sullivan."

For what it's worth, I often wonder if Paul Offit is a spook. I hope he isn't paid by the hour.

(Great read, by the way.)

Cindy Stolten

Sullivan: CompassionMom, are you aware that the number of people who filed with the vaccine court claiming autism as vaccine injury has dropped off dramatically? At the peak, 2,700 families filed in one year. Last year only 11 families. Sure, many people follow JB Handley. But his day has past.

Gee, I wonder why there were only 11 claims last year? Autism diagnosis death in "United States Court of Federal Claims". It is widely known if you have any chance to win a claim don't utter the word "autism".

The above comment insulting JB on Sullivan's part "is" a case of "misusing facts".

Socrates (a real journalist)

Sorry to burst your bubble but "Sullivan" is Matthew Carey, husband of Pandora Carey.

See here


is it fair to list your site on google news when a significant output is anonymous.
doesn't this break the googles news T.O.S

de list your site ,, its not news


Very interesting . . . thanks.

Kev Leitch

John - reading comprehension #fail I'm afraid. I said my Skype chats were proof that Sully is who he says he is. I know an awful lot more about Sully such as real name, address (I'll be sending him and his family an Xmas card this year) etc etc that I won't be sharing with anyone :)

Maurine Meleck

Way to go, Sherlock. This would make a great chapter of a book.

John Stone


I don't agree with you. I understand also why people post anonymously. The problem keeps on occuring when people who post anonymously also claim some kind of specific status which they may not have. For instance, if someone claims to be an autism parent when they are not, or not to be doctor when they are.

I think it is not only right to be cautious about the status of what you are being told but also to comment on it. JB points to a lot of the things which have been said, and particularly on behalf or about Paul Offit. I think we should bear these in mind, and he wasn't wrong to draw our attention to them.


Jim Thompson

“Evidence #4…When did Sullivan, a nearly religious chonicler of all things autism first discuss this case? In March 2010, three months later, THE DAY THE SUIT WAS DISMISSED. Why was there such a time delay on a topic—anything to do with Paul Offit—that Sullivan is so quick to discuss?”

And all of this seems to be too MUCH of a coincidence to be a coincidence. And any façade of a being a parent of an autistic child crosses an ethical and moral line!

Craig Willoughby

JB, respectfully, I have to say that I disagree with you. This post seems like nothing by a smear campaign against Sullivan/Bonnie Offit, and I question the relevance and reason for doing this. Being someone who has a creepy internet stalker chasing me around, I can understand why people like Sullivan choose to use anonymous pseudonyms to post.

Sorry, you guys may not agree with me, but that's how I see it. I hate to say this, but I've lost a bit of respect for you, J.B.

John Stone


Interesting. On your present admission you are allowing someone to blog (not merely comment) on your site without establishing who they are. You say you've talked to man on Skype and that's proof. What a very odd state of affairs. And Liz Ditz doesn't seem to agree.

I think everyone should be aware how you personally intervened in the Poling case before accepting your word about anything.

So you've talked to a man on Skype? Don't you think you ought to be a little more careful before you offer your site services unknown persons?

Not an MD

Thanks for the laughs this morning, JB. I honestly don't have the time to research who "Sullivan" is, but I will say that if "Sullivan" is Dr. Bonnie Offit, she has a right to her opinions, as do the rest of us. It is disingenuous of her to blog the way she does, if it is her doing this, but many of us are savvy enough to know that there are many bloggers with a pharmaceutical agenda who do the same, with apparently all the time in the world to blog.

I don't care what Bonnie, or her husband think. What I do care about is Offit's power to make public health decisions for the rest of us-- people he does not even know, much less care about. He does not know our personal medical histories, nor our allergies. The whole concept of a one size fits all public health policy is about to fall flat on its face. Gardasil and Cervarix will likely push it over the edge, along with the flu shot mandates for health care workers. I am sure the pharma industrial complex hopes mandatory flu shot policies will spill over and lead to mandatory "health" policies for all workers at corporations as well. Why are doctors and pharma so interested in money and that they would piss on the Constitution, and on personal rights? How obviously and sickeningly corrupt is this whole public health agenda? That we must fight for the right to "own" our own blood streams is insane. There are so many who would sell our rights to make informed medical decisions, and who would promote forced medicine for a dollar. This practice must be stopped as must the revolving door between pharma and public health. We must be allowed to live freely and feel secure. Our bodies are not for sale to anyone, nor to any corporation.

Kev Leitch

Oh dear...LOL...I don't know if Sully will take up the challenge you present JB but I will tell you one thing and I swear to you on the lives of my own kids its true: Sully is definitely a man - I've had Skype conversations with him.


Whatever the case, and whoever she is, as a person with autism (Asperger's), I don't see Sullivan treating any person with autism with any respect whatsoever. Nor the long-suffering parents fighting tooth and nail to help alleviate their children's suffering and get their bodies working how they should do so they can regain some semblance of a normal life.

Particularly in the face of such compelling evidence for toxicity and impaired detoxification pathways, malfunctioning immune systems, and GI problems being such huge factors in its aetiology - and that more and more is emerging every month. And that vaccines are one of the keys to that, as has been proven time and again.

The only 'respect' being shown to anybody is to Paul Offitt - who is doing far more harm to us [the community of autistic persons, parents, and healthcare professionals working to heal] - than most people could dream.

That this person is using myself and all the other millions of affected people out there as a scapegoat for these kinds of tirades is all kinds of wrong. And I find it pretty offensive, really.

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