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Holiday Cooking Tips from Cook It Allergy Free

Cook it allergy free Kim Maes runs a wonderful, colorful, useful site called "Cook it Allergy Free" that is a blast to read and loaded with hint and tips for keeping your family safe and happily well fed despite food allergies.  She ran a killer series for Thanksgiving - it's not too late to learn a tip or two. Called The Ultimate Thanksgiving Prep Guide, here's a taste to get you started. Click the link to see the entire series. She's onto Holiday cookies now, so check out her blog HERE.

Recipe cards flying, magazines being dog-eared, recipes from favorite bloggers being bookmarked.  Yes. It is my favorite time of year again. Thanksgiving preparation is in full effect.

And, yes, once again I am the host of this fabulous family-and-friend-centered food event.  It is the one holiday meal that I request as my responsibility every year.  And this marks the eighth consecutive year that I have hosted and the eighth consecutive year that I have that same feeling of excitement as the planning commences.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I have this baby down.  I am not up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving morning. I am not running around like a mad-woman while the rest of the family is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I am not wondering if the turkey is over-done or if I can get the potatoes mashed before the turkey needs carving.

Why? Because I made a plan years ago.  And (here is the kicker)…I STICK TO IT.

Well, most of the time. Except the year that my husband got a little ambitious in the traditional Thanksgiving morning father-and-son flag football game and ended up with a ruptured triceps tendon and a torn posterior shoulder capsule (requiring a long surgery that involved lots of metal). Spending time in the hospital that Thanksgiving morning put a major kink in my mojo that year. But the rest of the time? …I am on the ball...



Carol, Simply...Gluten-free

I am so happy to see Kim featured here - she is a genius and a wonderful person to boot! Thanks for bringing attention to her and her app.


I love Kim's site. There is a lot of great info there and whenever I visit I always smile. Never underestimate a good smile.

Ali @ NourishingMeals

I am so happy to see Kim's site featured here. I read and thoroughly enjoyed her Holiday Prep Series. I am so impressed by her level of organization and amazing gluten-free recipes. :)

Stephanie - Wasabimon

Kim, I want to come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving! My family looks at me funny when I offer to cook - it's that "we're not eating your weird gluten free food" look. Meh.

Alisa Cooks

Thanks for featuring this! I love her ideas - definitely simple and family-friendly.


Kim's Cook It Allergy Free site is one of the best resources for cooking allergy free on the net. She is well-informed, witty, and has the finger on the pulse of what families need in order to cook and bake for people with allergies. She is a must-read, not to mention her fantastic Thanksgiving series! You rock Kim!!!


Nancy @SensitivePantry

Kim's concept is so practical and can be utilized for any kind of holiday entertaining. Cook It Allergy Free is a wonderfully informative and fun site to visit. And, of course, the iPhone/iPad app is innovative and so very helpful for anyone who needs to use substitutes for the common allergens. Thanks for sharing Kim's Thanksgiving Prep Guide.

Wendy @ Celiacs in the House

So happy to see Kim from Cook It Allergy Free featured here. She is such a great resource for the GF and allergy community. Her Thanksgiving and holiday tips should keep everyone well-fed and happy during the holidays and her recipes are wonderful. Try the Banana Cranberry muffins or her Pumpkin Ale Chili.


Great to see Kim and Cook It Allergy Free featured here. I love her site and her app. Lots of great recipes to try. And the Thanksgiving Prep guide has many, many great tips. I am looking forward to implementing some of them. The nice thing is, it works great for any large gathering you are planning, such as Christmas time coming up.


I love Kim's website it is chock full of delightful and useful info!

Heidi @Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

Kim, you have the best tips and I am learning so much from you!

Thank you for making my Thanksgiving planning go much smoother this year, I am excited to actually watch the parade!

Shirley @ gfe

How wonderful to see Kim Maes and her wonderful Cook IT Allergy Free site featured here! I love visiting her blog and her Thanksgiving series has been a godsend for so many. Like you said, even though it's late in the game for this Thanksgiving, one can still benefit from Kim's tips, recipes, and positive attitude! I'm over at Kim's site all the time because there's something there of value all year long. :-) Her allergen-free recipes and photos are amazing. Last, I never "covet" iPhones, but her iPhone app makes me want to get one ... or at least an iPad so I can use the app. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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