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Friday: IACC Subcommittee for Planning the Annual Strategic Plan Updating Process

Red phone Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) Subcommittee for Planning the Annual Strategic Plan Updating Process

Please join us for an IACC Subcommittee for Planning the Annual Strategic Plan Updating Process meeting that will take place on Friday, November 19, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ET in Rockville, MD.  Onsite registration will begin at 7:30a.m.

Conference Call Access
USA/Canada Phone Number: 888-848-6715
Access code: 5341736

Agenda: The subcommittee will discuss plans for updating the IACC Strategic Plan for ASD Research.

Meeting location:
The Neuroscience Center
6001 Executive Boulevard
Conference Room 8120
Rockville, Maryland 20852

The meeting will be open to the public and pre-registration is recommended. Seating will be limited to the room capacity and seats will be on a first come, first served basis, with expedited check-in for those who are pre-registered. 

The meeting will be remotely accessible through a webinar and conference call.  Members of the public who participate using the conference call phone number will be able to listen to the meeting, but will not be heard.

Conference Call Access
USA/Canada Phone Number: 888-848-6715
Access code: 5341736

Individuals who participate using this service and who need special assistance, such as captioning of the conference call or other reasonable accommodations, should submit a request to the contact person listed above at least seven days prior to the meeting.  If you experience any technical problems with the conference call, please-mail [email protected].

Webinar Access:

If you experience any technical problems with the web presentation tool, please contact GoToWebinar at (800) 263-6317. 

Please visit the IACC Events page for the latest information about the meeting, including registration, remote access information, the agenda and information about other upcoming IACC events.

Contact Person for this meeting is:

Ms. Lina Perez
Office of Autism Research Coordination
National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
6001 Executive Boulevard, NSC
Room 8185a
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-443-6040
E-mail: [email protected]





Thanks Katie for telling us about Insel standing up to the CDC.


The response by 'Disgusted' said, "US-GAO, is the IACC on your hit list yet?"

I agree, and then some.

Maybe if everyone wrote a letter, a real letter not an e-mail, telling various members of Congress to just do away with this useless subcommittee -- maybe the country could save some money.

Maybe, for once, the 'other side' like ORAC a/k/a Gorski and others might agree.

Those meetings are HUGE waste of time and money. In the beginning, they got everyone's hopes up, that maybe some real progress might happen. Some day.

It's not happening. Shut the damn thing down.

Katie Wright

"I have gotten more done in 20 minutes that these people have gotten done in 10 yrs."

Kim if that isn't the comment of the week I don't know what is.

Still thank you as always to Lyn. Thank you to Susan Daniels for making these meetings accessible to the public. And you will not believe this but Insel stood up to CDC and NIEHS incompetence re: ignoring Somali cluster.

David Armstong, Linda Birnbaum, Cindy Lawler, Coleen Boyle, Walter K., Van Dyke, .....behave as if they would rather be anyplace but there working on any issue in the world except autism.


How about this for a need in the future; you know once a parent is gone, or maybe just wore out:

A higher functioning PDD-NOS needs to be pushed to go to work, school, everyday needs, doing the things everyday maintenance on the farm, and house? ANd when to push, esp if they are sick and have epilepsy.

There is more to it than just being capable - our children now grown someone is going to have to figure out-- now to be there to push them.

I am not going to live forever, and I should not have to spend my last days on earth pushing to get my son to do what he needs to do because the medical professionals sitting somewhere up on a high mountian top in an evil castle decided for us surfs what vaccine policy was needed regardless if it injuried people.

If not me or my husband fighting to get our son out of his room away from video games, and (he is sick with sinus a lot) but still we all go on if a little ill. I foresee medical professionals condemming homes that have rats, hoarders, self imposed prisoners in their own homes in the future.

Kathy Blanco

planning to have a plan, great...just what we need. We need help now, recognition now, contentions now, observations now, research now, not planning to, kind of looking at it and updating nothing but blah blah blah blah blah. This is a crisis of major proportions. Adhd/DD/seizures and Autism is robbing our kids of their futures, and being contributing citizens. The real world of autism is right here in my home. I need better insurance coverage, supports, more respite, better schooling and training, better research (not funding NIH or CDC), screening kids who should not be vaccinated, wider exemptions, better birthing methods, and looking at retroviruses, viruses, bacteria, fungi, vaccines in total and toxins as causal to autism. Get off your bum and do it damn it! To do any less, then, I consider your committee is a bridge going nowhere.


Lyn Redwood just brought up the fact that we need to figure out and track functioning levels so that we will know, for example, how many group homes we will need or how many could live independently. Ari Neehman and someone else both said No. That all autism is being combined. Ari, I realize that you can communicate your needs very well, but a person who is completely non verbal/severe will need 24 hours a day care because they do NOT have your funtioning level. Of Course we need that data!!! Thank you Lyn.


Disgusted- I've been to a couple of these meetings and- yes- they really do meet to plan the meeting to make the plan for the plan, and we all know how useful the plan is...

Alison MacNeil

I have gotten more done in the 20 minutes I've been up this morning than these people have gotten done in 10 years.


This meeting is for the IACC Subcommittee for:

"Planning the Annual Strategic Plan Updating Process"

Seriously? They are meeting to plan how to update the planning process? WTF!!! Are these people accomplishing anything besides just getting together to do absolutely nothing??? Where's the accountability for this nonsense waste of time and taxpayers money?

US-GAO, is the IACC on your hit list yet? It may be time to investigate. This is ridiculous!

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