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Katie Wright: Autism Research at NIEHS Opposite of DoD?

Arizona 5: Children Removed from Home in Autism Case

First they came "...five children from one family taken into “care” and presented with less than 4 weeks to mount a proper legal defense."

The Autism File Global
would like to bring the plight of one Arizona family to your attention.  It is a plight that looms for many if we do not act, joining as a community. The Autism File Global is raising a legal aid fund to ensure that, at the very least, this family has access to the process of justice. Please visit our campaign on The Autism File Global website – Autism File – and click on the Arizona 5 icon. Every single dollar counts.

We would like to hear your story too. If you have suffered a similar injustice – particularly if you have prevailed against such injustice – we would like to receive your story.  

In recorded history, few groups of people have had to suffer the misunderstanding, prejudice, and wrath of an affronted professional vanity as have those with autism and their families. One of the more extreme examples of this is the allegation of child abuse in the form of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy by a medical profession seeking to displace blame for its own failings. It is particularly sad when this allegation – of a now largely discredited diagnostic label – is made of parents for their use of physician-directed medical intervention that has improved their child’s health and quality of life. This sadness is compounded by the fact that the child’s improvement means that their formal diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder is no longer applicable, having been revised to developmental delay. Sadness turns to frustration as the system seeks to interpret this clinical improvement as evidence that the child never did, in fact, have autism in the first place – the parents somehow fooled the diagnosing physician. And frustration erupts into an anger honed to such an edge that it would fell the granite pillars of this “just” system as the child is taken from his parents, his treatment stopped, his special diet substituted for slops, and vaccine catch-up prescribed by order of the State. Now take this affront to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and multiply it by a factor of five – five children from one family taken into “care” and presented with less than 4 weeks to mount a proper legal defense against the might and resources of the State. As a parent, will you lie in fear, waiting for that knock on your door? As a relative or friend of the autism community, will you stand idly by?

We repeat, The Autism File Global would like to bring the plight of one Arizona family to your attention.  It is a plight that looms for many if we do not act, joining as a community. The Autism File Global is raising a legal aid fund to ensure that, at the very least, this family has access to the process of justice. Please visit our campaign on The Autism File Global website – Autism File – and click on the Arizona 5 icon. Every single dollar counts.

We would like to hear your story too. If you have suffered a similar injustice – particularly if you have prevailed against such injustice – we would like to receive your story.   



Cheri Stone

This is the book that was eventually written about the family: https://www.amazon.com/Waging-War-Autistic-Child-Munchausen/dp/1616086149/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


I realize this comment is old, however, I cannot believe the lack of insight people like, Michel Hausser , have concerning the issues we face as Americans dealing with a corrupt Government. I have read case after case recently that are clearly in violation of a parents constitutional rights.. And they do NOT constitue as abuse ! It's unbelievable what parents endure at the hands of cps.
I read a story last night about a Sara Johnson ( her case is extremely public) who lost her children after expressing concerns about her inability to bond with one of her children! She has now lost four children because she has suffered trauma in her past and she had the gall to express her concerns about bonding with one of her children who appears to have Autism. If you are completely ignorant to Autism, you might think this is the parents fault. However, many children with Autism are difficult to bond with, as they suffer sensory issues and do not like to be touched.. Hugging, cuddling.. You know, the things that help you bond with your child, are not a part of the relationship. In this case, Sara shared her concerns, someone called cps, and cps used her concerns to kidnap her children. They also used her past traumas as reason to have concern for the children. They even had a psychologist say she was "well on her way" to developing a personality disorder. Well on her way? Well, I'm sure if they continue to torture the young mother, she might even give them a nervous breakdown, I'm just wondering when bonding difficulty became reason to kidnap someone's child? Is that abuse? I don't think so.. Just like I don't think she would have expressed those concerns if she wasn't trying to bond with her son. They used this one comment to make it seem she isn't trying, doesn't care about her children and she must have mental problems, right? Crazy!
Also, you should read the story of the Texas family who adopted a severely abused relatives child? The child passed away suddenly and without warning.. Turns out the 4 year old had HIV and cps along with the hospital kept this information from the adoptive parents because they were only Foster parents at the time he tested positive. After adoption, those records should have been made available to the family so they could properly care for the 4 year old. They were not! In fact, there should be laws in place to make medical records available to foster parents.. Not only is that in the best interest of the child's health and safety, but the parents as well. After the young boy passed, the parents were accused of causing his death- malnutrition - although the original autopsy showed food and water in his body at time of death.. The family's 7 other children were placed in abusive foster homes and the parents were charged with the death. It took a year before someone in the medical field stepped forward to reveal the setup of this family by DHS. They had encouraged this person to lie on documents about cause of death to help get a conviction. A year later, the kids have returned home to their parents and DHS has been exposed. They've decided not to sue.. I can't post all of the details, so please look up Angela and David cook of Texas.. This story opened my eyes to a very disturbing and corrupt DHS. Personally, I've never had to deal with cps, thank God,, but I see that it could happen to anyone.

Lastly, it's ridiculous to say people with mental illness do not know they're mentally ill. If that were true, would anyone seek treatment? Ridiculous statement Michel. Even if it were true, cps should help the family seek help for those children and reunite them after the parents have sought treatment. Not sale them to a new family! People who suffer mental illness shouldn't be made afraid to seek treatment, and if you read the story I just posted that is the message they're sending. If you had a past trauma, or seek help for a current one, we will take your children! That is evil exploitation and they're putting kids in danger by sending such an asinine message to Americans, People with anxiety and or depression can raise their children. Stop sending such a stupid message to the public, as that is going to out children of untreated parents with mental illness at risk.

Michel Hausser

The truth is there are a lot of sick in the head women and men who become parents in this country and the work of people who see child abuse even though the parent's cannot see they are doing it because they are so mentally ill and sociopathic is important. A lot of parents jump onto the band wagon of research for one pediatric mental illness or another. But, the truth is 30 and 40 years ago the prevalence of these disorder was low and the belief was none of them were genetic. As it stands, there is no working genetic model for a psychiatric disorder. This implies that the phenomena of parental child abuse and neglect that was seen as the main culprit in most mental illness for majority of history is still the best explanation. And in a nation of psychopaths and sociopaths like the United States there is very little to trust to be granted to adults who have metaphorical smoke coming from their houses and people accusing them of abuse. Child abuse like rape in this country is high and higher than the amount that is reported. And especially child abuse is a heavily conspired to cover up type of phenomenon because the Zeitgeist of America is still entails that children are property of their parents or adult guardians to be used by them as they see fit and not believed when they speak against their parents.

So, to the women above who talk about their struggles with someone saying they have Münchhausen's by Proxy I would like to say get help. You're mind is sick and you don't know what you do because your narcissism is so great.


shauna - "...you can see she works and has done lectures and research for a few different companies".

Why am I not the least bit surprised?

So the Arizona executive and judicial branches allow Bursch to effectively practice "psychology" without an Arizona license.

Why am I not the least bit surprised?

Something is seriously wrong in Arizona!


The “diagnosis” of MSbP is on even shakier ground than the “diagnosis” of SBS. Why are the United States and the United Kingdom in the forefront of such questionable practices? Hmmmm.

“Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis On Shaky Ground” by Viera Scheibner, PhD in 2001.


“An epidemic of accusations against parents and baby sitters of Shaken Baby Syndrome is sweeping the developed world. The United States and the United Kingdom are in the forefront of such questionable practice. Brain (mainly subdural, less often subarachnoid) and retinal haemorrhages, retinal detachments, and rib and other bone ‘fractures’ are considered pathognomic. However, the reality of these injuries is very different and well documented: the vast majority occur after the administration of childhood vaccines and a minority of cases are due to documented birth injuries and pre-eclamptic and eclamptic states of the mothers.”


@ Carol and @ shauna - “Gastrointestinal Features of Pediatric Illness Falsification” is just one of the articles authored by Dr Bursch. See also an article titled, “Discriminating Pediatric Condition Falsification from Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction in Toddlers”

“These results suggest that a diagnosis of pediatric condition falsification may be suspected in toddlers presenting with a phenotype for enteric neuromuscular disorders by features in the clinical history, symptoms, and signs.”


See also an article titled, “Forensic Assessment of Illness Falsification, Munchausen by Proxy, and Factitious Disorder, NOS”


“The purpose of this article is to propose guidelines for the evaluation of possible Munchausen by proxy child abuse for the court systems.”

“This article presents guidelines for gathering pertinent data, analyzing records, and evaluating psychological testing for forensic evaluations when the questions for the evaluation are the following: (a) Is there evidence that child abuse did occur? (b) Does the alleged perpetrator meet criteria for factitious disorder, NOS (or factitious disorder by proxy)? and (c) What management and treatment recommendations should be made?”

Is this part of an orchestrated obfuscation campaign by pharma to define the gastrointestinal pathology frequently seen in ASD kids, as being disease falsification by one or both parents? Has pharma somehow induced Arizona CPS and Arizona public schools to become involved in their scheme? So, when did psychologists begin acting as “expert” witnesses in Arizona’s court of law? Why are these proceedings apparently shrouded in secrecy?

Why has Offit not been tried by the courts for his role in Offit’s disease?


So, if I understand this scenario correctly, any family with an ASD child who suffers from a functional disorder of the gut, automatically becomes suspects in an MSbP proceeding by Arizona CPS? I’m not an attorney, but it does appear that the exercise of Arizona CPS’s discretion was both intentionally discriminatory and arbitrary. It appears that ASD families are being targeted by Arizona CPS for an invidious reason, and that Arizona CPS was motivated by a “discriminatory purpose”, and that Arizona CPS selected or reaffirmed a particular course of action at least in part ‘because of’, not merely ‘in spite of’, it adverse effects upon an identifiable class-of-one.


Oh Mary;
Don't even bother going back to her. She is a heartless "you know what"!

She wants big things going on, and is looking for trouble. She cares not for you or what would happen to your child if you found yourself in a pickle.

Abused kids don't have little bruises on them. They have cigarette burns, old and many fracture scars, and they don't pay out 150 dollars to OT.


@ Carol - are there any other links to Dr Bursch's "research" publication(s)? A psychologist? Good grief! This is unbelievable. Were any financial disclosures cited in the article? Hmmmm.

Generally speaking, Pharma would like nothing better than to turn society into a psychologically-infirm, Nanny State, where all citizens are become pathologically dependent upon the State and Pharma for their "health", and many citizens are "diagnosed" as somehow being diseased, therefore in need of pharma's toxic pills and potients.

This article, and articles of this ilk, need to be thoroughly analyzed, deconstructed, and exposed for what they really are. Not yet having read this article, I'm not prepared to comment on it's veracity. A more readily-accessible link to the article would help.


Assuming it's Dr. Bursch who is involved in this, she's a psychologist. Here's her article "Gastrointestinal Features of Pediatric Illness Falsification":


Mary - "Parents watchout, you are being witchunted."

Well said. Many SIDS parents are wrongfully accused of SBS and a number have been wrongfully incarcerated. The horror!

IMO, many if not most SID cases are acute and subacute vaccine-induced deaths, which are rarely, if ever, documented as such. Dr Viera Scheibner is an authority on this topic.

"There are some who believe that some cases of SIDS are related to DTaP shots."



shauna - yes, litigation is VERY expensive and there is no guarantee that you will prevail in court after it's concluded. The one certainty is the legal bills, billable hours and court costs. There are vast differences in legal competencies between law firms.

I wonder if there is precedent for bringing a Constitutional cause of action as a Class Action, for example, against Arizona CPS and other named defendants? These are questions for an attorney.


This is something that all parents should be aware of. 8 years ago, when my ASD was 3 years old, his balance was so poor he couldn't walk across the room without hitting a wall or tripping over his feet. One day when I was at his OT's office (that I paid $150.00 an hour out of pocket) asked me where he got a small bruise on his knee. I nonchalanctly said "God only knows, you know he can't walk across the room without falling down." She very seriously said "I have to ask and report any bruises because disabled children are frequently abused." I was stunned and got so paranoid I started documenting every time he fell down so I would never be caught off guard again. Parents watchout, you are being witchunted.


Shauna -

I don't believe that it's just APS of Arizona that has a "problem". It's the state of Arizona itself. Without going into specifics, my wife and I learned firsthand of some serious defects in at least two branches of Arizona government which were present a decade ago. These "defects" go to the basis of Our Federalism and whose law prevails. The memories are very painful. SCOTUS was apprised of the entire saga. It's all in the public domain, as are all legal proceedings. But now this...your families' and the Arizona 5's experiences. It's as if the Arizona executive and judicial branches are reading from a "different" playbook than the rest of the Country. Civil rights are being trampled in Arizona. There is something VERY wrong in Arizona. The court of public opinion should weigh-in. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


shauna - my wife and I were victims of State Action and Constitutional Due Process violation in Arizona. I appealed it all the way to the SCOTUS, and came up empty. Of course, the fact pattern is different, but the State Action, by State Actors acting in concert in Arizona, bears definite similarity. I'll ask once again, what's wrong with Arizona? We alleged Constitutional right deprivations under the Fourteenth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments. Pharma was closely "involved"...go figure! The legal pleadings and court rulings are now all in the public domain. The proceedings dragged on for nearly a decade.


shauna - I read your account of the events. It is very chilling! How could this happen?


I’m not an attorney or a psychiatrist, but I am concerned that you may be the victim of concerted acts, State Action, in Arizona in violation of 42 USC Section 1983. It appears as though there has been an egregious Constitutional Due Process violation. Though there is never a guarantee that a legal remedy exists, in a proper test case, an injury might be appealable all the way to the SCOTUS. Have you contacted the ACLU? Have you sought the advice and counsel of a Constitutional law firm?

“In most legal jurisdictions, doctors are only allowed to give evidence in regard to whether the child is being harmed. They are not allowed to give evidence in regard to the motive. Australia and the UK have established the legal precedent that MSbP does not exist as a medico-legal entity.”


I believe that the risk here is great that profound violations of your Constitutional rights have taken place, e.g. Fourteenth Amendment Due Process.

One hates to infer malice, but there is an appearance of impropriety by CPS in Arizona that I find VERY troubling. Australia and the UK have got it right. MSbP does not exist as a medico-legal entity. MSbP sounds like a convenient excuse for State Action. Does CPS in Arizona, or their “experts”, have financial relationships with pharma? Have there been any transfers of value between pharma and CPS of Arizona? Was any of the “medical” literature describing MSbP “ghost-written” by pharma?


Do any of the so-called expert witnesses have financial disclosures that were not made? Any financial relationship with pharma MUST be disclosed. Why was there no federal injunction? 42 USC Section 1983 violations are “expressly authorized” exceptions to the Anti-Injunction Act. The U.S. Attorney’s office should be involved. If not, WHY NOT? Is there a class of victims in Arizona, who might join in a common legal cause of action?

So-called MSbP has certain similarity to SBS and SUID. The vaccination records are of considerable importance. They should be admissible evidence. As for whether you have legal standing to appeal this most profound of coercive actions by the State - NO DOUBT, at least from my non-attorney perspective.

Karen S.


I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You're very brave for not letting them push you around.

So their "reason" for issuing the gag order is what? That it's to protect the children?


Are all states this onerous as far as CPS "bad" acts are concerned? or is it something "peculiar" with AZ?

Autism Grandma - "Another shocking fact is that if a child dies from a vaccine reaction the parents are at risk of being charged with "shaken baby syndrome" and then sent to prison on a murder conviction." So VERY TRUE! It's a completely evil, vile, corrupt system. It's a damned if you don't, doubly damned if you do, system.

Karen S.

What is the legal justification for issuing a gag order in a case like this, and how can the family's lawyer fight to get it lifted?

Theodora Trudorn

I have had my services taken away because I have been deemed to 'High Fuctioning'!! You don't want to know how hard it has been to get back on my feet. And the only reason why I have is because my mom had to basically take over the role that my CI (community integrator aka staff) use to provide!!!

Granted all I need was someone there once a week to make sure I was keeping up with my schedule and making sure I was getting everything done. But when those services were gone, I spiralled downward. I had to deal with spraying male cats alone (no idea how to handle taking care of that!!), try to keep on schedule even though without anyone to account to that is near impossible, and the apartment went to well, I bet you can guess!!

It's been in the past month since my mom began to come over once a week to inspect the place and keep up on that that I have finally began to turn all of it around!! And all of this happened because I don't appear like I have anything wrong with me!! I'm EXAGGERATING IT!!!! I'm making it worse than it is!!!!!!!

They wouldn't even CONSIDER that I was on the spectrum when I was a kid!! My IQ was to high, so I coudln't possibly have anything wrong!! I just didn't have any emotions and should be thrown in to therapy!! I'll never forget that!! Between mainstream doctors and teachers with NO training in autism, it's a wonder I do as well as I do!!

Even now, I get told that what happened in the spiral was my PTSD kicking in and that I needed more therapy to get back on my feet. Are you kidding me?!?! Something tells me if I would have been diagnosed correctly when I was younger, they would have tried to persecute my mom too! Instead they diagnosed me with ADD and stuffed ritalin down my throat, causing me to have heart and stomach issues to this day!!

I have no doubt this can happen. The states don't WANT to believe. And they don't want to think that autism can get better under any treatment that they don't APPROVE of!!

But for those who were there with us in the beginning, who watched this little girl who went through the nightmares that caused her PTSD along with dealing with AS, watched as sensory issues caused her to do self harm, watched the continous violent melt downs, and the constant sense of lonliness because no one would be her friend; they have seen her bloom!

Because I finally got the RIGHT help!! Because I dropped ritalin and aderal and zoloft (on which I was on 100 mg!!)and started taking the herbs I had studied in my fascination (Ginko Bilaboa, St. John's Wort *which I took for detox to get the zoloft and aderal out of my system*, Multi-B Vitamin, I started to change!!

My loose leaf morning teas with th chammomile and elethero root bring down my anxiety and calm my hyper sensitivity so that my sensory issues do not torture me anymore. The Ginko Biloboa helps me focus and stay on task. The B-Vtiamins help with just about everything!!

And the improovment in the last few years made people think I was EXAGGERATING all along!! Blamed my mother for not being there, for you know, going to work to put FOOD ON THE TABLE!!!

Alright, forgive the long rant. It's just people don't like this don't know what it is like to be on the spectrum!! They have no idea to travel the path that I have, how I went from living in Dante's 9th Circle to reaching back to Earth!! That to those like me, I don't care how I improove! I know what has gotten me results! Period! And just because I have gotten results doesn't mean I still don't need help!!

I had, have, and will probably always have AS. My recovery rate, especially with how late I was diagnosed, has been amazing, but I have a long way to go! Listening to you all and how you are recovering and have recovered your kids continues to give me hope! I'll be damned before I let any of these bastards take that struggle away from me and my mother, who works so hard for all of us, because they don't want to admit that homeopathy works!!!

*rant over* Sorry about all that! Still, I do like to hear from you all. Does anyone of you moms have suggestions for us on how to help me stay on track when she can't be there? It would be a HUGE help!!

I am sucessful in work, I would like to be so in personal life. I think that is the story for most of us Aspies!

Susan Sunseri

This is a true story. Most of us in the AZ autism community know about it and know the family. There are gag orders and many other scare tactics in place to keep people from revealing too much info. The reason it's gone public at all is that the kids were taken into custody around the same weekend that Dr. Wakefield was in AZ for a book signing, so it was announced at the event (before the gag order was in place). Dr. Wakefield is a supporter of this family, hence the info posted on the Autism Files: http://autismfile.com/arizona5/
This could happen to anyone with a child with autism or any other chronic medical condition and it's virtually impossible to defend yourself once you are accused since MSBP is not even a real diagnosis. This is such a problem for autism families that the ARI commissioned for Bill Long, esq. to write a 41 page document on what MSBP is and what it is not to help families defend themselves. Keep this family in your prayers. This has been devastating to the parents and especially the kids.

Tara Marshall

The story is real, I know the family. They live in Northern AZ, and they do have 5 kids who were on the spectrum early in their lives. Following diet, vitamins, and HBOT, 3/5 were high-functioning enough to lose their diagnosis. 1 of the remaining two was more HFA, and the other, diagnosed with both CP and autism, retained both diagnoses, but did gain some verbal ability.

I cannot say much more than that, because I used to occasionally work with the family as a Respite Care Provider when they visited the Phoenix Metro Area.

This said, I am also on the Autism Spectrum, and if anyone wants to know that dietary changes can have a positive impact on our functionality, I am a case in point.

Concerned Mom

Autism Grandma,
You quoted my post and it would have been even better if you had actually read it. I said, "THIS sounds very fishy..." And the reason I said THIS sounds very fishy is because there seemed to be a lack of information about THIS particular family and their story on the website asking for donations to help them. I never said nor did I imply that this sort of thing never happens. I'm well-aware that this kind of tragedy happens to many families... and not just autism families but all kinds of good families. So I don't need YOU to tell me anything about it. Next time read, absorb the context, and hold off on the snap judgments.

Teri Arranga

In the light of a judicial gagging order - standard for CPS cases - further details are not available right now. Follow the story on autismfile.com for updates.

Autism Grandma

Re: "This sounds very fishy. I'd stay far away from this until more substantial proof comes to light that this situation does indeed exist."

Posted by: Concerned Mom

Until this kind of situation happened to us, we could have never imagined that this was possible. In researching online I have discovered that medical authorities have used Child Protective Services many times in order to achieve their own agendas. They threaten removal of the child if you don't comply with their demands, and they persecute "maverick" parents as an example to prevent other parents from "getting any ideas" about refusing vaccines or utilizing alternative therapies. These are Nazi control tactics and are carried out in direct opposition to our constitutional rights. Living in America and believing that we have "freedoms endowed and protected by the constitution", this kind of story must sound "unbelievable" to some people, but I am here to tell you that it not only happened to us, but it has happened to MANY OTHER PEOPLE.

Another shocking fact is that if a child dies from a vaccine reaction the parents are at risk of being charged with "shaken baby syndrome" and then sent to prison on a murder conviction.

Coincidentally I just posted a condensed version of our own story yesterday on AoA here:



I live in AZ and I have recently assisted a friend in successfully preventing CPS from force-vaccinating her son. I have a document - an acceptance of responsibility document - that they refused to sign and the judge refused to sign and refused to order the CPS appointed physician to sign...and he upheld the mother's no vax instruction, even though child was in CPS custody at the time. So that document may be helpful to these parents. Please tell me where to send it or how to deliver it to them.

Jenny Webster

Is there a link to a story for more info?
I am not really seeing any info.

If what is being said is true, I will support them, but --right now I have no idea what this is about.

Concerned Mom

This sounds very fishy. I'd stay far away from this until more substantial proof comes to light that this situation does indeed exist.

lj goes

I am thoroughly done. Just read Ginger, now reading this. I cannot take it anymore. I mean it. I really, really mean it. How many more children will be lost, sacrificed, destroyed, killed. Does anyone get that the very existence of a VACCINE COURT NEGATES THE CLAIM THAT VACCINES ARE SAFE?!??!!? Where are the reasonable people? Why are the maniacal heretics RUNNING THE LEGAL AND MEDICAL SYSTEMS. And why must thsi family suffer for the ignoraces of others? This is a horrible day and I am sick for them. Donating and praying someone will do the same when they come for our boy.


This fact pattern is sufficiently strange and outrageous that it might just be true! If the U.S. Attorney is involved, as they should be in a case where federal civil rights are involved, there might easily be a gag order. There really ought to be an injunction, and frankly imo (non-attorney), there ought to be grand jury indictments. The issue of vaccine mandates goes to the heart of our democracy! Either we are a free country, or we aren't.

What's going on in Arizona? Here's a link to a similar case, also out of Arizona:

“Mom alleges Gilbert school abused autistic daughter, 5" by Emily Gersema on May 12, 2010.


“Her case is the fifth federal civil rights complaint filed against the district since August. Federal officials so far have refused to release to the The Arizona Republic information about the ongoing investigations.”


Wow! IMO (non-attorney), these are fundamental violations of God-given, enumerated and unenumerated Constitutional rights. They violate the First, Fifth, Fourteenth, and Ninth Amendments. There was coercive STATE ACTION in Arizona. There was no due process. There was no equal protection of law under the imminent risk of injury and clear and present danger theories. There was no equal treatment under law under the Ninth Amendment.

Would the ACLU be able to help here? There might be a Constitutional law test case here. These crimes put us ALL at risk. This is still a free country, isn't it?


I am very uncomfortable with this - there is no other reference than post that originate with Autism File Global... and we've been scammed before! (I remember a bogus fund to help autistic victims of 9/11... about as venal as it could get!) Heaven's knows we have more than enough demands on our cash; while funding a good cause is, indeed, a good cause, well: this is the sort of case the ABA pro-bono's live for, as well as law schools. And any action would start with a stay...


It says click to learn more but when I do it just says they were taken away but doesn't give enough details for me to form an opinion. How do I know there wasn't some valid reason they were taken such as abuse, neglect, etc without more specific details from both sides?

Since they are asking for money to fund this campaign I think it is justifiable to expect more info before donating. I got the impression that this is time sensitive, so that may be part of it too. Maybe they just want to get the trust set up as quickly as possible, which I can understand.

If Polly is right then this is scary as hell. I'm witholding opinion until more details come forth though.

funny onesies

I donated. I hope that some of the more powerful members of our community will step up and help this family. In essence, if your child's condition improves (and you are pursuing any alternative therapies or treatments), you are at risk of being labelled with Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy and of being accused of child abuse. And I am sure that the "Vineland (VABS) Assessment" comes into play with the accusation that "the parents somehow fooled the diagnosing physician".

It is truly frightening and threatens us all.



My understanding is that there are various gag orders in place preventing any meaningful distribution of information. On the bright side, at least Matt Lauer types can't spin it against the family.

Not an MD

Arizona allows for philosophical exemptions to vaccination in addition to medical and religious exemptions. This should definitely not be happening in Arizona. This family needs to get the media involved ASAP.

Ditto what MelissaD wrote, too. Where is the coverage of this outrageous situation? Five children forcefully taken and no media coverage, not even the name of the family fighting to get their children back on the Autism File link provided? Very strange.


Linda Souza from Oceanside Ca has autism and has had her 2 daughters taken from her by CPS. I'm not sure why but I've been friends with Linda on FB for a couple of years now and she has been homeless at one time trying to fight this and I believe is now living with her parents. One of her status updates on FB the other day...
"My last posting here on FB as Dolly & whoever needs to question the truth to my story well it is ALL absolutely true~!! I have tried the ACLU,the media,newspapers,Ellen,Dr.Phil,20/20,Nightline,Dateline I all wrote to myself with no help at all and all you post good remarks on my page but HAVE YOU really done anything to help me & my girls ? I given the director's add, etc..remember about the village it takes ?"
Well, Linda, I'm still trying to help you!
She's a good mom that just wants her girls back. There were no complaints filed against Linda with CPS and I have no idea why they took her girls. Linda may have autism but she loves her girls and raised them just fine (for years) until CPS stepped in for apparently no reason. She needs help. If anyone can offer her assistance please contact her on FB.


I can't send much but I will send something partly due to how pissed off I am from hearing autismgrandma's story. What is this? Don't we live in free countries (Canada and USA?).


Are any of the Arizona media outlets covering this story? I wanted to read more about this family's plight but could not find any newspaper/TV stories about it? Are there any links like that?

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