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Dr. Errol Alden, CEO of the AAP, has a Nephew with Autism

Justone Dr. Errol Alden, CEO of the AAP, has a nephew with autism

By J.B. Handley

Yes, I knew, prior to writing yesterday’s post about the CEO of the AAP--Dr. Errol Alden--that he had a nephew on the spectrum. Since the information wasn’t public, I didn’t mention it. Then, the father of Dr. Alden’s nephew chose to post at AoA and here is what he said:

“Errol Alden is my brother-in-law and there could not be a more caring, selfless, knowledgeable person in that Chair.
My son is on the spectrum. 
I saw Jenny McCarthy ripping at the AAP on Larry King several years ago and sent an email to her via TACA saying that her caustic posturing wasn't helping relations between the biomed MD's and traditional pediatricians. 
To my surprise, TACA contacted me right back at which point I was able to put DAN's main spokesperson at the time, Stan Kurtz, and Errol in concert over including the biomed world in the AAP's recommendations as well as pooling research, etc.
Things were proceeding quite well when suddenly Stan had to leave DAN and then he joined G.R. Jenny's continual national attacks brought so much heat on Errol from the AAP's constituency that he had to back away from the whole process. G.R.'s belligerence ruined a very likely alliance and who suffers? the kids! Nice work G.R.! We were very close to having an acknowledged presence of the Biomed community with the AAP - I guess anger and publicity are more important.
P.S. - your money facts are all skewed.”

- Paul Robinson

My first reaction to his post? I said to myself, “I’m sorry, is the AAP f-ing North Korea? If we get the Dear Leader’s nose bent out of joint he runs for the hills?”

Find your spine or get out of the way.

Paul Robinson, the only victims in this fight are the children. If you don’t understand why we’re so mad, you’re no help to us anyway. Your misdirection of blame is absurd. As Jim Carrey so perfectly said, and I will repeat it in all caps so you don’t miss it:


And, if biomed is part of the solution, let’s all get moving. Today.

By the way, in trying to be moderately civil, I didn’t mention something else about your brother-in-law, something that drives me nuts, and that’s his choice to be a published author of this study right HERE:

Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy: A Case-Control Study

The CEO of the AAP co-authors a study saying Wakefield was wrong? This is a guy we can work with?

Unfortunately, I believe Dr. Alden’s constituency—pediatricians—are the primary problem and cause of our autism epidemic. In my opinion, our community has been giving your brother-in-law and other AAP pediatricians a hall pass for far too long.

As I have said before, if a doctor sticks six vaccines into a child while the child is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and Tylenol for a cold, he’s not a doctor, he’s a criminal, and should be hauled into jail on the spot for assault and battery. If the child also happens to have eczema, long-term diarrhea, and has missed a milestone or two, perhaps the charge should be attempted murder. As we all know, pediatricians do just this and more every day. If my son’s pediatrician had been more careful, better informed of warning signs, less close-minded, and less AAP-party line in his approach to pediatrics, I genuinely believe my son never would have regressed into autism.

What is your brother-in-law doing to address this recurring PROBLEM?

I’ve met many Pediatricians who actually belong to the AAP, but have chosen a much safer and more deliberate route to practicing pediatrics: they give fewer vaccines, they prescribe fewer or no antibiotics, they don’t throw Tylenol at every ailment, they stop vaccinating if a child develops eczema or an allergy after a vaccine or has any other reaction, they don’t give vaccines like Hep B unless the mom has Hepatitis B herself and shy away from useless flu shots. They listen to parents. They practice the precautionary principle – where are the AAP publications encouraging this approach?

Recently, the AAP has begun advocating “firing” parents who don’t conform to the CDC’s overloaded vaccine schedule, the schedule with 36 vaccines on it, almost double the average of 30 other first world countries--the schedule that has never been tested for combination risk.

So, your brother-in-law’s organization advocates “firing” parents who want to be more cautious with their babies?

Paul, perhaps you can pass this on to your brother-in-law, since it all happened at the hands of AAP dues-paying members. In no particular order, here are some of the horrible mistakes I believe my son’s AAP pediatricians made that led him to develop autism:

1. They gave him multiple vaccines at every well-baby visit

2. In two years, they allowed him to get 12 rounds of antibiotics, including one round for 6 straight weeks

3. They vaccinated right through any and all rounds of antibiotics

4. They encouraged us to give him Tylenol immediately after vaccine appointments

5. When he developed eczema immediately after his first DTaP shot at 2 months old, they prescribed Cortisol and kept on vaccinating

6. They never drew any line between his constant diarrhea, eczema, extreme lethargy, and food allergies. He would come into their waiting room, leaning on furniture to ease the pain in his belly, and the doctors paid it no heed at all

7. When my son was 14 months old and we expressed concern about many missed milestones, they told us he was fine, costing us valuable time

In short, my AAP pediatricians were clueless and reckless, and, I believe, helped push my son over a cliff. By not being more on their game and understanding the full implications of every choice they made and by being ignorant to all the red flags my son’s symptoms should have sent up, I believe they caused his autism.

Paul, do you believe the same things I believe? If you do, you haven’t done enough to effect change. There is a moral duty that binds those of us in a position to help: we HAVE to help, for the sake of all the kids. Lisa Ackerman, the President of TACA, was diplomatic enough to respond to your comment at AoA, here is what she said:

“Paul & I had a very collaborative and wonderful email exchange full of ideas & good efforts in 2008. I still have the email exchange. From those efforts, we had Carol Berkowitz from the AAP at DAN in 2008. It was fantastic. Amazing! Hopeful.

This conversation is appropriate the day after the elections. We have to drive change for children and their families - regardless of the party affiliation. If the AAP did not have success one route - take another route. Don't ignore the problem.

Paul- invite the folks back to the table. Utilize ARI for that conversation. Co-morbid features tend to come with autism. A lot of kids with autism are sick. Just think if treatments were made available how many kids would have a better life!

Focus: Solutions

Whats happened in the past is the past. Answers are needed for the children suffering.”

Respectfully -
Lisa Ackerman – TACA

In our community, there are plenty of moderate voices, you don’t have to look very hard. My own guess is that your extremely well-paid brother-in-law was never particularly interested in how we have been helping our kids and why we have so much autism. If he was, he’d have found the moderate voices and forged ahead, and we’d all be in a different place right now.

Author’s note:

2 things:

1.   I borrow from other things I have written, so some of my words may seem familiar because they are. Sometimes I feel like I’ve said all I have to say--so I say it again!

2.   Paul Robinson claimed my “money facts were skewed.” We included a copy of the AAP’s 990 in my post, and anyone can confirm that every number I reported in my post is clearly printed in the AAP’s 2008 990 HERE Mr. Robinson should feel free to provide support for his comment, I stand by every number as factual and supportable.

JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.







Go straight after that dentist. She is a lazy cow. Get the filling removed and give her the bill as someone else suggested, and take her small claims court if she refuses to pay. These stupid people need to start being responsible for their wrong doings. How dare she think that is fine and dandy without consent.


Meanwhile as the head of the AAP sulks because ---- some kind of neigotiations or talks fell through????

My husband on his low carb diet, and lots of supplements have blown his pulmologists away with excitment.

They are asking him what he has done differently in the last year to get his oxygen levels - not just sitting back to normal, but a recent sleep test showed he no longer needed oxygen while he sleeps.

They are asking us what we are doing different.

These are men that face every day people gasping for oxygen and not far from death and here is one that has turned it all around.

"First Do No Harm" blogged here that peds would some day no longer exist. That is correct! People will often wonder why we ever took our children to a specialist.

Did we think they were something besides a human being?

I can tell you right now that my children's peds did not think of them as humans, but something lower. I have had vets show more concern, patients, compassion, bed side manner towards cats and dogs than these guys did to my kids.


OMG! Sarah, "Designer Babies". This is frightening. Is this the direction that orthodox medicine is heading in? Please, say it isn't so. I pray that We the People would never let something like this take place. It offends God, our Creator. He may have something to say about this.

Designer babies! This is a moral outrage! This is totally Un-godly! This is the “fruit” of pharma gone-wild. I’m appalled! This is so sick! Social Darwinism has COMPLETELY replaced “survival of the fittest".

Who will be the ghouls making these life and death decisions? Steinberg has made the Faustian bargain...his soul is missing. This is the far and away the most sad, sorry, disheartening “technology” that I’ve ever heard of. I am outraged. This is horrific!

dental goes mental

"the dentist came out and actually had the nerve to tell me that for the last hour she had been wrangling in my son's mouth and "had "to put in a mercury filling. (something about too much saliva to get in a composite)!"

See a qualified mercury-free dentist who knows how to remove amalgam fillings safely, and have that filling removed ASAP.
See list of dentists here: http://www.toxicteeth.org/dentistsdoctorsproducts.cfm
Send the bill to the dentist who put the amalgam filling in without your consent. She's obviously incompetent. Most dentists are now practicing mercury-free dentistry, and they manage to work around saliva.

Thank you for smoking out the brother-in-law to share with us the real reason the AAP hasn't adopted biomedical treatments for autistic children: they don't like Jenny McCarthy.

Science based what?

Diane Hunter

Thank you, J.B. for standing strong and unyielding to fear and intimidation. You write with clarity and passion and shine as a beacon for our community of parents unwilling to hand over our authority.

I believe that as we unite to show the world the truth, more will choose to hear and see. For those that choose not to see I refuse to give up hope that one day they will dig out from under their deep, layered beliefs and listen to what our children are telling us with their bodies and their behaviors.

The greater the injustice, the louder the uproar. Mess with our children and they get to hear from a growing population of motivated momma and papa grizzlies.


Designer babies-selecting out embryos that are disease free

CNN Story.. the future is now



p.s. I'm going to mix a rather strong drink right now for myself and I'm open to any nutritional suggestions re. my son's shiny new acquisition. I give him d drops and fish oil daily -maybe some extra vit C would be good too?


God in heaven, what a day... I had to sit a long time in the dentist office since my son had a tooth that needed a big filling. So to pass the time I was reading a women's magazine, "Chatelaine."(Nov issue). The whole magazine seemed like a huge pharma advert but anyways, there was one article that stood out called, "Is Clean Making Us Sick?"
"Consider this- in some Western countries allergies have risen 200% in the last 3 decades...however they remain low in countries where keeping everything gleaming clean is less of an obsession...it's not just allergies, either. Multiple Sclerosis, Juvenile Diabetes and other auto-immune diseases are all othe the rise- and researchers speculate that our need for clean may be part of the reason."
So, um o.k., the reason for all these auto-immune problems happening in say, the U.S. and Canada is because of the hygiene hypothesis - it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that those countries with obsessive cleaning behaviours also have an obsession with vaccination.
Do they think we're stupid? Also, if it were true that more exposure to germs made you stronger then wouldn't we have LESS childhood problems thanks to all these wonderful and necessary vaccines?
Anyways, to top it all off, the dentist came out and actually had the nerve to tell me that for the last hour she had been wrangling in my son's mouth and "had "to put in a mercury filling. (something about too much saliva to get in a composite)! I told her she should have asked me and not to ever do it again. I have been one of those parents to avoid most vaccines and now this happens...
My hat is off to all you other parents (some of whom may have had tender hearts to start off) because it is hard to be an educated consumer and sometimes even a bi#$%. Now I know why I struggled with social anxiety for many years rather than risk not being liked but kids will really bring out the fight in you.


It's about using positive and negative eugenics.. if you watch the BBC documentary on "Modern Eugencis" that I linked to you'll understand the mindset.

Through immunizations, they are destabilizing the human immune system causing a dysfunction which can trigger the onset of a disease in the host. a slow kill. They are also collecting and cataloguing the DNA of these doomed patients so that they'll have an inventory of all the DNA defects that pre-dispose the human population to disease. They will use that genetic information to eradicate the defects from the gene pool via genetic screening, IVF, abortion. You see, if you eliminate the genetic defects, theoretically you'll eliminate the disease potential in the population.

What they're doing is playing god and whenever man plays god, of course, there's trouble.

Even as I write this it all sounds so insane but these people are insane.. they are scientific extremist w/ an agenda. The bio technology to carry out this agenda is there and they have access to it.

I see a "Gattaca" scenario in the future

GATTACA Clip - Embryo Selection





Jim Witte

>believe that it is justfiable to use eugenics to wipe out disease in the human population. That eugencis, removing genes that pre-dispose us to disease, is a good thing.

Maybe - except the way they seem to be going about it - let chronic diseases wipe out everyone susceptible genetically to immune overload from vaccines.. They're going to be in for a nasty surprise - they're won't be anyone left!

Unless they figure our how to use genetic engineering to rewrite our immune system (and everything else connected to it - which is everything) - this will never happen. And I don't think we're going to be at the level of the Star Trek TNG episode "Unnatural Selection" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_(Star_Trek:_The_Next_Generation) for a LONG time - much longer than the 400 years from now to the time period of TNG. More like 4000 years. Maybe.


JenB - good analogy! The plane is in a nose-dive. Just another random bit of misfortune for the masses? I doubt it.

There is no randomness, chance, or coincidence about the vaccine schedules, mandated vaccines, and myths of "vaccine-preventable” diseases and vaccine-induced herd “immunity”. We are being systematically poisoned by the vaccine schedules and mandated vaccines.


These events are orchestrated. They are acting in concert. It’s insidious! We are all victims of the pharma cartel. Pharma and the GMO giants are the global puppetmasters.

“Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction” by Daniel Taylor on September 4, 2010.


“Three Articles for Mass-Distribution: Rockefeller Depopulation Plans Exposed” by Jurriaan Maessen on August 31, 2010.


“US Life Expectancy Slips to 49th in World: Too Much Modern Healthcare?” by Heidi Stevenson on October 18, 2010.


“Childhood Vaccinations Hoax - Not Effective and at Worst, Harmful” by Heidi Stevenson


The Social Responsibility argument and the "for the greater good" arguments are used to strong-arm the public and deprive us of our natural God-given right to medical freedom. The time is at hand for the people to DEMAND a new Amendment to the Constitution along the lines proposed by Dr. Benjamin Rush. We MUST put medical freedom into the Constitution.

Tony Bateson

JB you are right, just keep on saying it. There is no autism without vaccination!
That's it, there's no more to say. There is no autism without vaccination.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


the AAP et al have had ample opportunity to change course and haven't instead they've created united front. why?

There are too many chronically sick people to count, yet the medical establishment still focuses on vaccinating against infectious disease which are in decline. Why?

To really understand what is happening you have to understand the mindset at the top. That this rise in chronic illness is result of a larger global eugenics plan to wipe our chronic diease from the population only the underlings aren't seeing the big picture...

There are powerful people who believe that it is justfiable to use eugenics to wipe out disease in the human population. That eugencis, removing genes that pre-dispose us to disease, is a good thing. Executing such a plan comes with sacrifice. To get insight into the mindset, watch this presentation by the BBC on the Human Genome project:

Human Genome Project? good or bad? BBC series watch parts 1-8


This clip is much more sensational but this is a collage of news reports during H1N1: Big Pharma(1/2)Modern Eugenics,Big Money,Big Control



Not much substance in this comment, just the need to vent...

Before I married into a rather "medical" family, I thought that might be a benefical situation, but it's turned out to be a rather big downside. I experience the results of the just understated downside daily at home, but...

I also cannot go out in public and meet new people, especially young people around the ages of my daughters, without learning that the person deals with, or has someone in their family who deals with a learning disability or autoimmune condition, asthma, allergies or food intolerances.

This is also "rather" hard for me to deal with. I knew nothing like this when I was my children's ages, and I can't fathom exactly how the members of the AAP (and some other people I'm trying hard to understand) keep themselves seemingly functionally oblivious to all this (mostly) immune dysfunction and not radically see the need to change course!

It's like they have taken off for the desirable destination of Optimal Health in the newly developed airliner dubbed the U.S. Vaccine Program now flying for "We Make No Connections or Stopovers and We Accelerate Until We Land!" Skies the Limit Vaccine Airlines, upgraded and modified multiple times in fast-tracked fashion from the incomplete and not-perfectly-objective data of older vaccination models, and the turbulence they are experiencing is not something they just need to ride out until they get a pilot who can figure out the "optimum turbulence penetration speed," but it's the plane itself needing to reverse or change course for the nearest airport for a major maintenance overhaul (or probably a permanent grounding) before completely coming apart at its seams.

Not a perfect analogy, though. It's more like they've loaded all our kids onto planes like that for two decades now and the planes are flown by ground control with no one officially checking up or reporting on the actual landing conditions (except us "unschooled" parents and a few "renegade" pilots and reporters). Jenny McCarthy's son was born approximately 2004. I think Jenny was as "polite" as ALL of us needed her to be.



Nice post JB. The tax return was great.

Robinsons brother is not about to give up that chunk of cheddar for his nephew or anybody else. He gets paid a lot of money for him to just go along with the program. Typical pediatrician, not very smart, absolutely no backbone, and assumes an Ostrich like posture at the mere suggestion of being wrong about vaccines.

Pediatricians and psychiatrist are the least respected group of physicians in medicine for obvious reasons- they're STUPID

As far as the AAP goes when this gets broken open finally, and it will, the AAP will be completely disbanded and renamed to the NAP and get exploited all over again.

I for one will be calling for the members and the leadership of AAP to be prosecuted and executed for crimes against the United States and the world.



@autism grandma... your story is horrific. The people who did this need to be sued for negligence. All of them. I'm sorry you all had to go through that. Where do you live? What state?

Jim Witte

I'm watching Criminal Minds right now, and I can just hear David Rossi reading this in my head..

Autism Grandma

MY GRANDSON IS AUTISTIC DUE TO THE FACT THAT HE WAS FORCIBLY GIVEN 27 VACCINES WITHIN 6 MONTHS, UNDER THREAT OF LOSS OF CUSTODY. He was given NINE vaccines each at 3 separate events. It is a miracle that he even survived this. By the time that we got an attorney and the vaccines were stopped, it was too late to prevent the Autism, but thankfully not too late to save his life.

Thank God for Defeat Autism Now and Thank God for the Internet. Staying up researching until 3AM so many nights has been well worth the loss of sleep to get the ANSWERS.

The tactics that are employed by the medical system are HORRENDOUS. My grandson had ongoing intestinal inflammation, malabsorption, allergies, asthma and excema since birth. Two medical doctors who also practice natural medicine advised us not to get my daughter's son vaccinated until after age 2, and then only one vaccine at a time. At the hospital when my daughter refused the Hepatitis B, which is insanely given within 24 hours of birth, a male pediatrician entered her room and proceeded to scream abuses at her, but she still held her ground.

Later at age 6 months when he was hospitalized, the hospital staff doctors refused to recognize the previous doctors' diagnosis and demanded compliance with the vaccines under threat of loss of custody due to "Child Neglect" and "Medical Neglect". She was reported to Child Protective Services who then investigated me also based on the hospital doctors' claim that I had influenced my daughter to refuse the vaccines, and that I had influenced my daughter to give the baby nutritional products which were "not prescribed by a doctor", including vitamins and probiotics, which they claimed (unbelieveably) were in the category of "drugs", thereby setting me up for charges of "practicing medicine without a license".

Due to these accusations, Child Protective Services was assigned to supervise my daughter and to insure that she left my house immediately. She had moved back in with me when she was pregnant and I was helping her to take care of her baby, and now she had to move in with her boyfriend's parents into a tiny bedroom, with no help from any of them regarding child care. She owned a business, but she had to hire another person to do her work because she had no one to help her care for her very sick child. She was forbidden to allow me to have any access to her son, again under threat of losing her son to placement in Foster Care. She was SCARED TO DEATH. I explained to her that she would lose ALL of her rights regarding medical treatment if her son was placed in Foster Care.

But she was still placed under the supervision of a hospital staff pediatrician, so she was in a continual battle to resist multiple vaccines. Every time that they administered the vaccines, they assured her that they were only giving two vaccines, one in each leg, which she witnessed. She adamantly voiced her objection to more than ONE, however she felt that it was a necessary compromise to agree to TWO vaccines in order to prevent the risk of loss of custody. Her son's health issues made us both afraid of him being in foster care for even one day.

After the case against us was finally dismissed with assistance from our lawyer, my daughter was able to escape from the hospital staff pediatrician and return her son's care to his previous doctors. When she requested the medical records and I saw the Vaccine Record, I almost fainted when I recognized that this sick little infant was given NINE doses of vaccines each time, and not TWO. They had given him 4-5 multiple vaccine doses in each injection, knowing full well that my daughter would not realize this. They took full advantage of her youth and inexperience, and willfully deceived her to accomplish their own indoctrinated agenda. This was when I fully realized that it was a MIRACLE that this little baby was even still ALIVE, and I thank God for that.

It was his last doses of vaccines that finally pushed him over the cliff into major life threatening reactions and Autism. (Yes this was his LAST vaccines because over our dead bodies will he get any more) Although the damage was being done by the vaccines all along the way, it was difficult to determine because of his ongoing health issues that existed prior to the vaccines. However, he had developed a very high fever immediately after the second set, whereby my daughter called the Vaccine Hotline and was informed by a nurse, "Don't worry, this is normal". She did not accept that this was "normal" and on the next scheduled appointment for vaccines, she informed the doctor that her baby had not recovered fully from the previous vaccines, and that she did not want any more vaccines until he was no longer sick. The doctor treated her with contempt and refused to wait on the vaccines, knowing that he had the power over her due to Child Protective Services and the hospital's authority over her. When she objected further, he then told her that her baby was "only getting the Chicken Pox vaccine" and that it was "ridiculous to fear that it would hurt him". He also flaunted his authority over her when he loudly exclaimed, "You know that he has to get caught up on his vaccines!!!" She told me afterwards that she had an overpowering "sense of dread", but that her fears regarding losing custody overwhelmed her "gut feelings" to take her child out of there. She regrets not taking her child out of that doctor's office every single day now.

Thankfully, my daughter was able to move back in with me again after we escaped from the Nazi Medical System. And I am very grateful that I can help her to take care of my grandson again, and very thankful especially that this precious little boy is responding to the Defeat Autism Now related therapies. Today, 3 years later, he is night and day compared to the horrible condition he was in previously. He just finally started talking again in the last 6 months, and it was worth all of the efforts to achieve this.

NO there is no such thing as a "safe vaccine" and HELL NO there is no such thing as safe multiple doses. If we could even prevent the vaccines until age 2, or even stop the doctors from giving vaccines to children who are sick already, that would be a miracle because it is already recognized in the medical system as being contraindicated, and yet they are still doing it all day long. They don't even follow the few policies that are already in place, and they still refuse to even remove the mercury from the flu vaccines.

The AAP and the majority of pediatricians continue to believe and act like they are "GOD", however they will all inevitably have a rude awakening when the truth about the vaccines finally emerges...and I pray every day that this happens soon, but even if we are all dead before this finally occurs, the gods of medicine will be called into Judgment before the True God and when they offer up their various excuses I can imagine the Almighty saying: "You mean to tell me that you had time to go golfing, but you didn't bother to even research the facts about these vaccines that poisoned my precious innocent children???!!!!"

Julie Leonardo

Jen, as far as I understand, the Tylenol drops your glutathione levels, which is one of the pathways to detoxing your body. When the Tylenol is given at the same time as the vaccine and reduces the glutathione, your child is less capable of processing the toxins and becomes overloaded. That is why acetaminophen is something to avoid when vaccinating.


One of my brother-in-laws is an Amanda Peet. My sister-in-law and one of my sisters put Amanda Peet to shame (they out-screech her). My other sister is Amanda Peet-light. My second brother-law is just silent.

At least, I am not an Amanda Peet.

JB - reading the litany of things done to your child was making me squirm, squint my eyes, etc. - right in the middle of reading it. I'm so terribly sorry.

Heidi N


I understand your view, but I have two comments for you. One, ridding disabling symptoms in children is not something that should be halted because of personality conflict. It's like saying, I don't like the way you talk, so I am going to punish millions of children. Please prioritize the children over disagreements on how to communicate views. I do understand your point though - that outsiders need to follow the rules of the current system and wait patiently in order to get listened to. But, you see, this is not a good system. Two, is your son recovered, and if not, how about getting some free advice from some of the many parents who have recovered theirs? I recovered mine, and enjoy helping others. Look, truth is, we saw our kids fall into symptoms, we see our kids lose symptoms, and we learned that their immune system's are damaged along the way. We just want this epidemic to end.


Acetaminophen is not an anti-inflamatory drug like asprin.

When a vaccine is given -an inferior drug is given just for pain - acetaminophen-and not a sure enough anti-inflammatory drug like asprin which is really what is needed.

Inflammatory disease is part of this autism stuff after all.

My daughter had Kawasakis at a time when the only treatment was asprin. She had mega doses of asprin during her two week hosptial stay and then they reduced it to two asprins a day for a year. She had no heart involvment and did pretty good.

I often wondered if I had given her asprin after her DPT shot that perhaps she would have not had Kawasakis at all???

I often wondered if I had given my son asprin instead - he would not have had his stroke????

I do know that the peds tripled the recommended dose of tylenol to try to keep down my son's temperature that came with seizures. He did develop asthma, that went away when I gave up the tylenol.

So I had a sick kid running high fevers, for days going into weeks - twice!!!! Tylenol did not help at all, even tripleing the recommended dose, he was still having seizures and on top of that asthma.


firstdonoharm: maybe AAP stands for autism acceleration program.


"so much heat on Errol from the AAP's constituency "

the constituency being the vaccine manufacturers?


I live very close to the AAP, my neighbor is the former spokesperson. One evening she was in my living room, I brought up my son's heavy metal toxicity and immune damage. Her comment was "we will NEVER compromise the vaccine program". My son is 'recovered', getting mostly A's in high school, thanks to chelation, I.V. glutathione, and our wonderful DAN doctor. Would love to share his medical records with you, Dr. Alden; I'm just down the road!


As presented by Mr. Alden's brother-in-law, the AAP's behavior is analagous to a person refusing to throw life savers to drowning children simply because the children's parents became agitated.

Mark Blaxill

@Jen in TX,
Why would a combination of MMR and Tylenol be relevant? Because a published study suggested the interaction of MMR exposure and Tylenol increased autism risk. Please keep your comments respectful.

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) use, measles-mumps-rubella vaccination, and autistic disorder: the results of a parent survey.

Autism. 2008 May;12(3):293-307.

Schultz ST, Klonoff-Cohen HS, Wingard DL, Akshoomoff NA, Macera CA, Ji M.
University of California San Diego, USA. [email protected]

The present study was performed to determine whether acetaminophen (paracetamol) use after the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination could be associated with autistic disorder. This case-control study used the results of an online parental survey conducted from 16 July 2005 to 30 January 2006, consisting of 83 children with autistic disorder and 80 control children. Acetaminophen use after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination was significantly associated with autistic disorder when considering children 5 years of age or less (OR 6.11, 95% CI 1.42-26.3), after limiting cases to children with regression in development (OR 3.97, 95% CI 1.11-14.3), and when considering only children who had post-vaccination sequelae (OR 8.23, 95% CI 1.56-43.3), adjusting for age, gender, mother's ethnicity, and the presence of illness concurrent with measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. Ibuprofen use after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination was not associated with autistic disorder. This preliminary study found that acetaminophen use after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination was associated with autistic disorder

Julie Leonardo

Awwwwww, Mr. Alden's organization got their wittle feewings hurt.....well, if you're the head of an organization, you've gotta toughen up. You need to place children at the heart of the matter and tell your members to get their priorities right. If the AAP went ahead and forged a relationship with DAN then they could've proven that some of the statements made about them were false. In essence, they could've shown that they were the "better man." But now they are basically neglecting to take care of kids because they don't like one of the messengers. It's like a divorce. You don't stop seeing the kids cause you hate your Ex. You work together in spite of each other to do the right thing. Now kids are being neglected and heading towards a life of hell because the AAP is too prideful or SOMETHING to give kids the help they need. Sigh! Unbelievable.

First Do No Harm

I don't think the pediatric profession can be saved. In 15 or 20 years, all children will probably be taken to "family practices" or some new, yet-to-be-coined specialty, and "pediatrician" will become an archaic medical term - forever associated with "autism epidemic."

Not an MD

Thanks for the Form 990, JB. The AAP's mission statement is on that form, too. It is stated, "The mission of the AAP is to attain optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults."

What a sad, sad joke on all of us parents of children with autism. The truth is their "mission statement" is incomplete. It should have an autism addendum/disclaimer like this, "but if your children have autism, we honestly don't give the slightest crap about them as we don't value their lives as we do those of their typical peers." I am done with the "members" of the AAP, and their abhorrent pro-vaccine schedule indoctrination.

Jen in TX


Your comment makes no sense. These kids are getting Tylenol before a reaction ever takes place-before the shots are even given. Some kids are getting LOTS of Tylenol LONG before the MMR...for fever and pain from ear infections, teething, colds, etc., as well as being exposed to the drug prenatally, since acetaminophen is the only the pain reliever deemed "safe" during pregnancy and while nursing. Some (like my youngest) never even got the MMR at all!

Now, why on earth would the MMR + acetaminophen be more likely to cause autism than (insert any painful, fever inducing agent of your choice) + acetaminophen?

CT teacher

JB - You are a wonderful advocate for the autism community. The medical industrial complex is afraid of you and G.R. They are also afraid of Jenny's ability to make the message public. I love to read your pieces. They are straightforward, insightful, sometimes humorous, but always deadly. That's why they fear you.

Debbie Voss

I wish there was a "like" button. J.B., stay fearless.

Maurine Meleck

Make that RSV-if it really matters -or XYZ--the damage has already been done.

Maurine Meleck

Having acquired all of Joshua's medical records over the past decade, I counted 152 days that he was on antibiotics and tylenol
in just his first year of life for ear infections, pneumonia, RSP, asthma etc. You'd have to live on Pluto not to see the correlation. And no doubt he was vaccinated all during his sicknesses.
Not only should drug companies be sued, but so should pediatricians.


The AAP is going to run its members out of business. No pediatrician has ever received a single cent from my family. Our family practice doctor is quite capable of signing off on the school forms for my kids, and they've never had a sick visit (or a vaccine visit). Their doctor makes money by seeing people of all ages, so he's not threatened by our non-vaccinating and non-sick ways.

Betsy Black

My son also had antibiotics for weeks at a time and was given vaccinations during that round. I never knew it stated on the insert not to vaccinate while a child was ill. Additionally, I was told to give Tylenol before and after the vaccination.

One time, my son was breaking out in an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. I thought he was coming down with chickenpox. I took him to our new pediatrician (we had just moved) and they informed me he was just allergic to the antibiotic and then they gave him the chickenpox vaccine while he was covered in hives from head to toe. I think he was already heading down the autism path, but I will always believe that pushed him over the edge. I wonder what the insert said on that vaccine about not only being on an antibiotic, but having a severe reaction to it.


Handley said, "Sometimes I feel like I’ve said all I have to say--so I say it again!"


So, Paul:
I will repeat:
My son's sister-my daughter had Kawasakis in 1983 after a DPT shot.

Nobody cared, no Ped. showed any professional interest at all about this previous condition. It was something from the passs as far as they were concerned. It was a passing childhood disease like chicken pox.

In the short 10 months of May to Feb. of 1986-87.

June 1986-two month son 1st DPT shot- heart murmur discovered after previous healthy well visit check-ups.

Oct 1986. Both kids due a DPT shot, so I chose the daughter- she was five and it was her last DPT shot. She passed out with 105 temperature.

Nov. 1986. Son's 2nd DPT shot -105 temperature, passed out, gasping for breath.

Feb. 1987- Son's third DPT shot (mother bullied by ped) stroke. Nobody seem to care.

Six weeks later son had a returned fever and seizure.

EEG at the University of Kentucky shows seizure activity as he falls asleep. He is put on phenylbarbitol. AND told to increase dose of Tylenol three times the recommended dose on the bottle.

Another six weeks son had another fever and another seizure, despite phenolbarbitol, and triple dose of Tylenol.

After this I threw out the Tylenol and reached for the asprin.It was the only treatment for Kawasaki's which my son probably had, and only after I told the ped did he peek out of his rear end and said yeah, probably is atypical Kawasakis, because my son was keeping temperatures of 103-104 for well over 10 days/peeling skin - twice!
2010- One has bipolar, unspecified inflamation; the other PDD-NOS, tourettes, unspecified inflamation. They still live with me!

Two times the issure of "vaccine do harm" has been brought in front of Congress, two times we have been civil, sweet, reasonable.

It is time to take no prisoners!


Dear Paul Robinson,
For the kids, have a sit down with your brother-in-law and remind him that he needs to carry his loving family traits into his job daily. He needs to love all children as he loves his family. Corperations, money, politics, and egos need to take a back seat to the health of our nation's children. If he is as compassionate as you say, then surely he would agree with that. Too many kids with medical conditions are being ignored and labeled with neurological disorders, thus preventing medical assessments and treatments. Tell your compassionate brother-in-law to fix this problem. Parents shouldn't have to pay out of pocket to have their children properly assessed and diagnosed becuase the AAP hasn't updated it's standards of care to include 1 in 100 children. He has either created this mess or let it fester or both. Why? for money or ego or is he scared of someone??? Someone charged with the care of the nation's children who puts ego and politics ahead of children is in need of a change of heart. I pray he changes his heart and goes forth and has a life of a hero rather than something else. Tell him to get some balls and do what is right. Even if he loses his job,,, he'll be able to tell God that he tried to help. He has enough money already... surely that shouldn't stop a "compassionate man".


He wants Peds to "fire" their patients? Funny, I FIRED my Ped. Other than vaccines, who really needs them?

And the truth is any GP can give you the script for whatever you need. Peds have NOTHING special to offer.

They HURT children.

dan olmsted

Becky, the story you tell fits with a slide in Andy's presentation. Tylenol and another pain reliever both seem to be associated with a higher risk of autism -- but in kids who already were having a reaction to the MMR. that's WHY the pediatrician recommended a pain reliever. So the initial reaction was present and suggests a trigger, which the pain reliever may exacerbate. hope i've got that right but this seems like such an obvious for-instance of what andy's talked about when we're shared public platforms in recent days.


I am sure the pharma-medical complex is itching to get its claws on all the money being spent (out of pocket, too!) by parents on treatment for autisic children. But they can't, because the biomed approach leads back to vaccines as the cause.


Dear Mr. Robinson: The Problem is the Problem, and forgive my cynicism, but if you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the Problem. And if you are in a position such as Dr. Alden, then you are a big part of the problem. His retreat from assisting in the solution in the face of criticism is more of a reflection of his own cowardice than a refection on those doing the criticizing. The truth is the truth regardless of the voice in which it is delivered. Perhaps if Dr. Alden actually listened to parents (kind of like Dr. W), then maybe GR would not feel the need to “attack” him with the truth. Dr. Alden has control of his own legacy and we are at a crossroads. He can choose to be remembered as part of the solution, or as an autism denier and the “Worst CEO in America”.

Becky H-A

Re "The reckless practice of administering acetaminophen at shot time is being eliminated:"

A mom of a 2mo old just posted on an online mom group Oct 29th for feedback about her baby who "just had his first set of vaccinations and since that day he is a diferent baby..fussy..cries so bad it seems like if he was to be in pain..." She said she called her Ped and was and was told to give him Tylenol. After no change, ped sent her to the ER where they gave MORE tylenol because he had a fever...

Good thing this mom's alarm bells are now going off. She is looking at the vaccine schedule and shopping for a new ped. I pointed her in the direction of research that shows Tylenol depletes glutahione leading to liver damage--not something you should give a baby especially after vaccination.

So, apparently AAP's revised advice regarding prophylactic use of acetaminophen either isn't reaching pediatricians or ERs or isn't strong enough to discourage use when vaccine reactions present.

Theodore Van Oosbree

Pediatricians are deeply dependent upon the immunization schedule for their livelihoods (all those "well baby/child visits"). My two daughters (8 and 10)who have not been vaccinated have virtually no doctor visits in their lives. Too many such patients and the docs would be holding "Will Immunize for Food" signs at freeway offramps.

Anne McElroy Dachel

The AAP will always keep autism on the sidelines. They've never shown even a flicker of concern over what's happening to America's children. These are the people who've watched the destruction and taken credit for the disaster with the bizarre claim of "better diagnosing."

As far as I'm concerned the AAP's sole purpose to cover up the holocaust and to be the street dealers for the vaccine makers.

Anne Dachel Media P.S. ---You did an excellent job JB...although I don't think I have to tell you that. It's obvious to all.


Upon learning we were leaving her practice to pursue a DAN! biological intervention for autism, my son's "by-the-book" AAP pediatrician (who pushed him over his toxic tipping point with thimerosal containing vaccines) strongly urged us not to do so. "It won't do your son any good and that doctor will just take all your money...and when you're broke he'll have nothing to do with you". We are so thankful we did not follow her advice as the biological intervention recovered my son.

I will NEVER forget or forgive the pain and suffering my child and family had to endure because of the AAP.

Jen in TX

JB writes: "They encouraged us to give him Tylenol immediately after vaccine appointments"

The reckless practice of administering acetaminophen at shot time is being eliminated:

"All recommendations for prophylactic use of acetaminophen or other analgesics prior to or at the time of vaccination are being removed, as they have been from the AAP Red Book."


The science supporting that practice was pretty much non-existent to start with.


Ok, I just read the 990. Not surprising that a CEO makes over 500mill. However, I was surprised to see the "CATCH" grants.

How can we expect an organization that supports "catching up" immunizations to also support research into immunization's adverse affects???

Answer that one for me. (and good luck)


John Stone

Dr Alden (apart from just possibly having his head up his own backside) also faced both ways over Wakefield in the study JB just cited. While the study concluded (ambiguously) that there was "a lack" of association between measles vaccine and autism with enteropathy, the discussion stated:

"Our results differ with reports noting MV RNA in ileal biopsies of 75% of ASD vs. 6% of control children ... Discrepancies are unlikely to represent differences in experimental technique because similar primer and probe sequences, cycling conditions and instruments were employed in this and earlier reports; furthermore, one of the three laboratories participating in this study performed the assays described in earlier reports. Other factors to consider include differences in patient age, sex, origin (Europe vs. North America), GI disease, recency of MMR vaccine administration at time of biopsy, and methods for confirming neuropsychiatric status in cases and controls."

So, actually they were saying that they would have found a similar association if they had studied a similar group. So, what did Alden & co do? They recommended that there should no further investigation of the matter, saving the reputation of the CDC, the AAP and the pharmaceutical industry while leaving the wreckage of so many human lives scattered behind them and off limits for further enquiry.

Sorry, this was a professional foul and disservice to science and humanity.


...and the roller coaster keeps going up and down, in circles and keeps picking up passangers...

I still cry at night for the other children succumbing while no one does anything...


I love J B Handley, I've been searching for people with his clarity regarding vaccine damage for twenty five years! Vaccines are killing and maiming BABIES for crying out loud. Does anyone understand? This is huge. I've seen vaccines destroy BABIES!! I've shouted it from my soapbox to anyone that will listen Why do people want to casually discuss this? Stop vaccinating or your child could be next. I know several pediatricians who acknowledge vaccine dangers and have left the field. Everyone needs to make natural health a priority. This is heinous and worse than the holocaust(if that's possible).


"As I have said before, if a doctor sticks six vaccines into a child while the child is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and Tylenol for a cold, he’s not a doctor, he’s a criminal, and should be hauled into jail on the spot for assault and battery."

Amen to that. I was in the ped's office Monday. My appointment was 1/2 hour late, as usual,and the waiting room filled with sick kids. Yes, I know for sure they were sick, I heard the nurse question each and every one of them. Once there were about 10 families in the waiting room, the nurse stood up and said, "If anybody wants a flu shot, please come up to the front and I'll take care of you."
When I finally got to see the doctor, I mentioned this, and told him his nurse should not be offering flu shots to sick children.
He hemmed and hawed, admitted I had a point, but then said that parents will ultimately make the right decision for their kids.
So see that, it's ok to give bad advice as a doctor/nurse because you want to hawk vaccines. It's up to the parent to do all the research and know better that a sick child should not get a flu shot! Outrageous!

And by the way, I heard the kid behind me say, "I'm not getting a flu shot, last time I got one it gave me the flu." Smart kid.

Deb in IL

Quiet, nice people rarely get noticed for their accomplishments. We know Jenny's not the only celebrity recovering her child, but she's the loudest, so she gets the attention. (God Bless her for this).

My second thought was this is an excuse to ignore the accomplishments - and then I read that's what L Land thinks, too. Well, great minds and all.

Which path should a new parent follow - the one that says diet and cautious medicine will keep your kid healthy, or the one that is funded by Pharma, and they profit from illness and maintaining chronic diseases?


The time for niceties is WAY over. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.
I will be as 'caustic' as I need to be to prevent this in other children.

Thanks for keeping it real JB.


It's no coicidence that the field of pediatrics was created the same time as vaccines. They should have just called them vaccinators and been more honest.

We don't vaccinate so we don't have a need for a pediatrician. We have a lovely holistic family practice in my area. They are totally in line with our lifestyle post autism.

Jim Thompson

Pediatricians are indeed responsible for their actions. And they should seek forgiveness for failure to advocate for vaccine safety. And they should change their ways. But instead they seek shelter from responsibility for errors and omissions in a pathetic circling of wagons using the AAP to defend the results of those actions.

Holly M.

Ditto JB. Totally agree with you. My son's pediatrician caused my son's autism and I'm steaming mad.

L Land

Isn't it always we are suppose to play "nice", while they do and say whatever they want. If the AAP really cared about kids what would stop them from helping kids that are sick? That someone made some comments about them? Right, sounds like an excuse to me. I don't think they were really interested. I think I know what the AAP cares about and it is not my kid (or yours)

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