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Autism From a Flu Shot? The Ominous Clue From Kanner's Autism Case #7

Mercury-vaccine By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill
Seventy-three years ago, Elizabeth Peabody Trevett, a pediatrician and pioneer in promoting mass vaccination for infants, gave birth to a boy named John who became the seventh child ever diagnosed with autism. She presumably vaccinated her baby, and perhaps herself while pregnant, with the same shots she administered to her own patients. One of those shots, the newly developed diphtheria toxoid, was the first to contain the ethyl mercury preservative, thimerosal.
Today, pediatricians and public health officials scoff at concerns that thimerosal, still used today in most flu shots recommended for all pregnant women and infants older than 6 months, could cause autism. But after researching our new book, "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic," we are much less sanguine about such an outcome.
Our conclusion: The facts of Case 7 fit with a common familial background exposure in the first cases to newly commercialized ethyl mercury compounds in agriculture and vaccines. They suggest children, then as now, are at risk from the dangerous and indefensible practice of injecting them with mercury for the stated purpose of protecting their health.
Elizabeth Peabody Trevett graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School and won a fellowship to Harvard where she was one of seven pediatricians who pioneered the well-baby visit – at which vaccines are routinely administered. Her son John was born in November 1937. She subsequently divorced her husband, psychiatrist Laurence Trevett, and resumed using her maiden name, Peabody.
A few years later, back in Maryland, she was quoted about the importance of vaccination in an Annapolis newspaper article: “Too many parents, said Dr. Peabody, have the proper shots given and then relax, forgetting that booster shots are needed and that immunization does wear off. Speaking specifically of some of the most prevalent ailments, she stated that a child cannot be vaccinated against smallpox too often and it should be done for the first time when a baby is between three months and one year of age. In the case of diphtheria, booster shots are extremely important.”
Diphtheria was the first mass vaccine to contain thimerosal, starting in the 1930s just as the first autism cases were identified. It would have been widely available at a teaching hospital like Harvard at the time John was born.

Following her passion for public health, Elizabeth Peabody later set up a well-baby clinic in Iraq, again emphasizing the importance of vaccinating thousands of babies, and then joined the Public Health Service in Atlanta as a regional administrator for children’s health programs.
 As flu season kicks into high gear this year in the United States, infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers are among the millions of Americans whom public health officials are urging with unprecedented fervor to get a flu shot. Because most flu shots contain mercury, and because the CDC has declined to express a preference for giving these groups a mercury-free version, this means millions of the most vulnerable among us are getting a significant dose of the dangerous neurotoxin – some at grocery stores and airports and retailers, some without even having to get out of their car. Tracking short-term, localized and mild adverse reactions would seem difficult, and following up on any associations with the onset of chronic or delayed outcomes like autism all but impossible.

This situation is plagued with illogic and bad judgment. The very same Public Health Service Peabody worked for -- which now includes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – along with the American Academy of Pediatrics has urged manufacturers not to put mercury in childhood vaccines. This was in July 1999, and over the next several years mercury was phased out of those vaccines – except, inexplicably, for flu shots. The government in fact greatly expanded flu shot coverage recommendations so that now all pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants over six months old are targeted for the shots. This earlier exposure to mercury has the effect of offsetting the removal from other vaccines; in fact, it moves the timing of the shots forward to a much more vulnerable point in the development of the infant brain and the immune system. Adjusted for weight, fetuses and infants are still getting a substantial portion of the mercury dose that first caused concern.
The government originally acted to remove mercury because a Congressionally ordered review found that as more and more shots were added to the infant vaccine schedule during the 1990s, the amount of mercury to which a child could be exposed exceeded the EPA guideline for maximum safe mercury exposure. And because mercury is so dangerous to humans and especially infants – it is the second-deadliest element on Earth – and has caused terrible poisonings all around the world, the idea was a sound one based on the precautionary principle and the well-known medical admonition to "First, do no harm."
Precaution has not exactly been in the watchword in the medical industry’s use of mercury. Our book traces its reckless use in medicine and manufacturing for half-a-millennium; doctors treated the skin ravages of syphilis with mercury ointment and vapors after Columbus brought the disease back from the New World in 1494; eventually a much more toxic mercury compound, mercuric chloride, was ingested and injected to try to “cure” syphilis (only the advent of penicillin the 1940s did that). We found a strong pattern of evidence that suggests mercuric chloride interacted with the disease to create the deadliest form of syphilis, called general paralysis of the insane. Doctors never noticed.
So it has gone for centuries. Our research strongly suggests that the first cases of autism among children born in the 1930s were connected with exposure to three newly commercialized ethyl mercury compounds: a seed disinfectant, a lumber treatment, and the vaccine preservative thimerosal. (All three were invented and patented by one man, University of Chicago chemist Morris Kharasch, one of the leaders in the development of organic chemistry.)
What leads us to this conclusion? We were able to identify seven of the 11 children  described in Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Leo Kanner’s landmark 1943 report (John Trevett, disguised as "Herbert B., was Case 7 in this series); Kanner, the dean of child psychiatrists who wrote the first child psychiatry textbook eight years earlier with no mention of autism, said these children’s behavior differed “markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far.” In his report, he used first names and last initials to mask the children’s identities, but we used clues in the detailed family descriptions to find them. The results clearly point to an environmental trigger in these first cases – specifically, ethyl mercury.
 -- Case 2 was the son of a plant pathologist working with fungicides at the federal government’s Beltsville Agriculture Research Center in Maryland, just outside the nation’s capital. His extensive archive shows him working with mercury compounds from the beginning of his career, and contains a pamphlet for the ethyl mercury seed disinfectant Ceresan, a dust that could easily have gotten on his clothes and exposed his pregnant wife or newborn infant. (She had kidney trouble during pregnancy, which can be a sign of mercury poisoning.) The father’s resume shows him working with Ceresan when his son was born.

-- Case 3 was the son of a forestry professor whose research places him in a laboratory where early tests on wood preservation were being conducted with Lignasan, also an ethyl mercury compound.

 -- And Case 7, as we have described, was the pediatrician and vaccine advocate for the Public Health Service. Several others in the first 11 had medical backgrounds that could put them at risk of medicinal mercury exposure.
Today John Trevett lives in a group home in Maryland, where we visited him as we prepared our book. He does not speak, but he appears to understand what is said. He is no trouble and seems well-cared for, but it a sad and eerie end for someone whose parents were both doctors and whose mother was a medical pioneer.
In our book, we describe this ongoing tragedy of overlooked mercury poisoning in depth and detail. Here, it is important to say that the Public Health Service may be just the latest in a parade of distinguished “experts” and esteemed organizations to miss the clues – even a clue that comes at a terrible price from one of their own pioneering pediatricians.
Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill are co-authors of “The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic,” published in September by Thomas Dunne Books.



Dan, I know you are a big enough man to admit when you are wrong. My eyes have been opened by Seth Mnookin who explains things so even I can understand:

"The type of mercury that has been shown to lead to developmental disorders is methylmercury; the type of mercury that’s in thimerosal is ethylmercury. A good parallel of the difference between ethylmercury and methylmercury is that of ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, and methyl alcohol, or methanol: Two shots of the former give you a buzz; two shots of the latter are lethal."

I could use a good buzz so I'm going to throw in a jigger of two of ethyl mercury the next time I make a manhattan.

(Mnookin's analysis appeared in an article of his criticizing an article by Josh Clark in TLC about vaccines. Apparently this article is a "turd." "Was," I should say, because none of us are allowed to read it anymore. TLC took it down after getting mail from every blog with "mom" in its name.)


@ Benedetta and @ Carol -

The article titled, “Schizophrenia Risk Factor Found in Maternal Blood” by Joan Arehart-Treichel, is provocative.

Could the observation of elevated prenatal blood levels of homocysteine relate to dietary sulfur, folic acid, the vaccination schedules, H1N1 vaccine, the methylation cycle, and DNA hypomethylation?


Benedetta - I'm VERY concerned about potential selection bias in the study by RZ Stolzenberg-Solomon, et al, titled, "Serum vitamin D and risk of pancreatic cancer in the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian screening trial".

My concern has been nagging at me ever since I can across the article. btw - I take daily vitamin D3, in high dosages.

What was the vaccination status of the study subjects?

According to an article by Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, the pancreas is an organ which is VERY vulnerable to microvascular ischemic injury.

Dr Andrew Moulden has theorized that a common basis of ALL vaccine toxicity involves, in substantial measure, microvascular ischemia, cellular anoxia, and infarctions, which is strongly promoted by lowering of the electrostatic potential ("zeta potential") of our blood. Personally, I strongly believe this theory has merit and will be validated, in time.

“Analysis of causes that led to Evyn Vaughn’s respiratory arrest, intracranial and retinal bleeding, and death” by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT, DABVT

"Evyn received 21 vaccines between the age of 2 and 6 months and developed health problems following receiving these vaccines."

"Evyn received six vaccines at the age of 12 months while he was suffering from immune depression."

“The susceptibility of the pancreas to ischemia/reperfusion injury has been demonstrated in experimental studies and in
clinical settings such as cardiopulmonary bypass, hemorrhagic shock, and transplantation of the pancreas. Oxygen free radicals, activation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, failure of microvascular perfusion, cellular acidosis, and disturbance of intracellular homeostasis appear to be important factors/mechanisms in the pathogenesis of ischemia/reperfusioninduced acute pancreatitis [37].”

“Zhou and Chen stated that ischemia possibly acts as an initiating factor of pancreatic microcirculatory injury in acute
pancreatitis, or as an aggravating/continuing mechanism. The end-artery feature of the intralobular arterioles suggests that the pancreatic microcirculation is highly susceptible to ischemia. Various vasoactive mediators, as bradykinin, platelet activating factor, endothelin and nitric oxide participate in the development of microcirculatory failure [38].”


About a year ago I heard on television that folic acid vitamin intake was associated with prostate cancer!

Of course I had been giving my son this for the last five years!

Well, I stopped.

But you made a very good point. I would like a few more details on this quick little statment in the news.

Maybe it is a hit and run tactic by Whooooo???

So here is a supplement known to be good for nerve conduction/mitochondrial support and I am afraid to use it.


It is absolutely amazing that the mother of one of the very first children diagnosed with autism was a "pediatrician and pioneer in promoting mass vaccination for infants" who said, "a child cannot be vaccinated against smallpox too often" and "In the case of diphtheria, booster shots are extremely important.”

And, it is absolutely amazing that Dan and Mark have done this research!

CT teacher

I have a friend who has been very ill since the day he received his flu shot. He is now starting to improve after 1 month of severe head pain and light sensitivity, intermittent fevers and severe malaise. After many expensive tests they now say he had a mild case of meningitis but it was not caused by the flu shot of was just a coincidence.


By pharma’s own admission, there is no valid evidence of effectiveness of their flu inoculations. It is mythologic that influenza is a “vaccine-preventable” disease.

Here’s a direct quote from the package insert of two of this year’s marketed flu jabs:

“Specific levels of hemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody titer post-vaccination with inactivated influenza virus vaccines have not been correlated with protection from influenza virus infection. In some human studies, antibody titers greater than or equal to 1:40 have been associated with protection from influenza illness in up to 50% of subjects.”


If anyone is at all troubled by the fact that some of the swine flu jabs are derived from diseased African monkeys, you may now rest easy! Pharma will soon be “preventing” disease with swine flu jabs derived from Army worms. I’m not making this up! I suppose that the day will soon come when Army worm-derived and insect-derived jabs will be mandated for everyone - to “protect the herd”, of course.

“A bit of wisdom that still applies, even if it makes me feel all crawly after the inoculation.”


My husband told me he was going into work late today. I asked him why. He said he was heading off to get a free flu shot paid for by his job. I was speechless.

Excuse me? You live with a vaccine-injured child and are married to a anti-flu-vaccine zealot. I preach how bad the frickin' flu shot is ALL the time, so much so I embarass him at Walgreens when I tell the little old people in line not to shoot up that toxic crap.

I asked him, why do you want a flu shot? He said, "Because I don't want to get the flu!" Amazing, after years of my preaching, NONE of it sank in. Absolutely none of it. Until the doctors stop acting like the flu vaccine is as harmless as water (and not to mention the fact it *doesn't even work*), this fight is simply lost.


Autism from a flu shot? How about cancers of all kinds from the vaccine schedules?

Two health paradigms are colliding - allopathic and homeopathic. Recent reports of high Vitamin D levels being associated with pancreatic cancer are troubling. These reports should be carefully scrutinized, as should all medical literature for the last 20 years, for validity.

“Experimental evidence suggests that vitamin D has anticarcinogenic properties; however, a nested case-control study conducted in a population of male Finnish smokers found that higher 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D], the best indicator of vitamin D status as determined by the sun and diet, was associated with a significant 3-fold increased risk for pancreatic cancer. “

What was the vaccination status of the study subjects? Were they fully-vaccinated? Was there selection-bias?

Was diabetes, alcohol consumption, obesity, hyperlipidemia, dietary sulfate, cholesterol sulfate, vitamin D3-sulfate levels, controlled in this study? Real questions.


Seventy three years...

and no one can quite put the pieces of the puzzle together...

Lets walk in circles and carry more balloons to raise money for AS this year..


A new friend of mine miscarried at eleven weeks
gestation,three days after the flu shot.Just
after her doctor scared her into taking the shot.(H1N1 combo)Another coincidence? The risks outweigh the benefits.Now, lets think we have two patients,mother & fetus.
A mother and the baby (fetus).One has immature liver and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate these toxins that present in the shot.Blood brain barrier is weak, so ingredients can easily pass through the brain.Also preterm birth is rising,in Canada it is about 7% and in the States it is 12%.I think the vaccination has lot to do with it.My friend now has an opened her eyes and knows the ingredients.She will not make the same mistake again.



Oops, sorry! I do have the book, but it got me started down so many different avenues, I haven't given every part a thorough read.


They are starting even earlier than pregnant women. I was taking my dad to his doctor and next door is a fertility clinic. The sign on the door to the fertility clinic reminded patients to get their flu shot. Strange since mercury is known to cause infertility.


I had a flu shot when I was 14 weeks pregnant in October of 2004. 48 hours later, I had violent, spontaneous miscarriage in the ER and almost bled to death. I was told by the OB that the brain of the fetus was forcibly extruded through its head, an unusual situation. I can only conclude that this outcome was the result of that vaccination given that the fetal heartbeat was present on the Doppler the day before I miscarried.

Six weeks later, my second child was conceived and he was diagnosed at risk for PDD-NOS at 18 months (he was too young for a formal autism diagnosis, I was told.) He is five and recovering now. He appears mostly neurotypical with significant receptive language disability, mild hypotonia and fine motor issues. He "only" had a total of five vaxes total.


Cherry Sperlin Misra,

I always enjoy reading your posts from India. Would you be able to post information about the Indian vaccine supply (which brands have mercury, & in what amounts, and which do not)? The source country and package inserts would be very valuable. This kind of information is nearly impossible to come by. It would be a service to other Indians who want to make informed choices, and would serve as great information to those educating themselves about the topic worldwide.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we found that there were two versions of, say, Sanofi's DTaP, the thimerosal-free American version, and the "fully loaded" version for export. This info should be on a website, perhaps with info from other countries, just like the Hopkins table- . Anyone want to donate webspace?


Methinks Barbara Jacobs, "academic" and "journalist," is one of the lamer ND trolls out there. Must be on the beginning wage scale. Don't worry, Barbara, you'll learn as you earn, and before long you'll be phony-posting with the big boys.



You wrote, "Olmsted and Blaxill aren't saying that "John T." and "Herbert B." are the same person.

Actually they are. If you have a copy of AoA the book, check out page 348. The chapter heading reads:

John Trevett ("Herbert B."), Case 7

And, yes, Herbert B. is the pseudonym Kanner used to conceal the identity and protect the privacy of pediatrician Elizabeth Peabody Trevett's son John who was Case 7.

This chapter like the others offers new information that is important to the autism history books.

Not only did Dan track down the real living person behind the Case 7 description but he also found letters from this patient's mother to Kanner that contain quotes providing important clues that her other children suffered mentally and emotionally too.

She referred to her "three emotionally crippled children" which in addition to John there's a daughter who exhibited autistic tendencies in early life and another son whose mental problems cost her $450 monthly for "intensive psychiatric treatment."

If you don't have a copy of the book yet, put it on your Christmas list. You'll be glad you did because...

This book is historic.


The vaccine schedules are an example of a VERY tenuous, uncertain, unproven technology, wherein the preventive "measures" prove to be much worse than the diseases ostensibly prevented. This "madness" falls under the heading of so-called "vaccine-preventable" diseases.

"The Dangerous Impurities of Vaccines" by Janine Roberts in 2008.


TexasDad - very interesting comment re: HERV's. Thanks for sharing it with us. Do you have a link to an article(s) on the innate-to-adaptive bridge?

Cal Crilly has an interesting theory he dubbed “A Castle Wall Theory of Disease” by Cal Crilly on May 22, 2010.


What TexasDad said - also any latent exogenous ones. Especially if the original resorvoir is somewhere like B cells, which would be sent into overdrive by vaccines and so facilitate the spread and subsequent collonisation of previously healthy tissue, say brain capillary cells...


There are many ways in which this vaccine could have caused harm.

Why automatically assume the reaction is anything to do thimerosal?


The following is a long quote from a 2008 article, "The Mosaic of Autoimmunity: Hormonal and Environmental Factors Involved in Autoimmune Diseases – 2008" by Schoenfeld et al. It's unusual, to say the least, to find such a matter-of-fact discussion of vaccination and autoimmunity and such a casual mention of autism as a side effect of vaccination.

"Since 1796, when Edward Jenner inoculated cowpox material and prevented smallpox in 12 people, vaccination has been used as an indispensable tool against infectious diseases. In fact, it may be considered one of the greatest medical discoveries since it succeeded in totally eradicating some diseases around the world (plague and smallpox) and consequently improved the quality of life and survival of entire populations.

However, several adverse effects can ensue from the vaccination, ranging from local reactions to systemic side effects, such as fever, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal disorders and, in the last two to three decades, the most serious – autoimmune diseases. Considerable data have recently been gathered with regard to involvement of the immune system following vaccination, although its precise role has not been fully elucidated. Several authors have postulated that the autoimmunity process could be triggered or enhanced by vaccine immunogen content as well as by adjuvants, which are used to increase the immune reaction.

A common target for the occurrence of autoimmune complications is the central nervous system, with the appearance of demyelinating disorders such as multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions, e.g., Guillain-Barré syndrome and autism.

Other autoimmune diseases that may occur after vaccination include arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, SLE, diabetes mellitus, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, Reiter’s syndrome, dermatomyositis, and polyarteritis nodosa. Other vaccines reported to be associated with the onset of autoimmune disorders are the following: rubella, mumps and measles; influenza; diphtheria, pertussis and toxoid; typhoid; hepatitis A and B; tetanus; Meningococcus; Bacillus Calmette-Guerin; rabies; smallpox; and poliovirus vaccines (practically all types).

The relationship between vaccines and autoimmunity is bi-directional. On the one hand, vaccines prevent infectious conditions, and in turn prevent the development of an overt autoimmune disease which in some individuals is triggered by
infections. On the other hand, many case reports and series that describe autoimmune diseases post-vaccination strongly suggest that vaccines can trigger autoimmunity.

It is important to emphasize that a temporal relationship between autoimmunity and a specific vaccine is not always
apparent. This matter is complicated by the fact that one vaccine may cause more than one autoimmune phenomenon and, likewise, a particular immune process may be caused by more than one vaccine. Appropriate epidemiological studies should be undertaken to confirm the case reports or series where familial or genetic risk factors for autoimmune conditions were found in many of the patients who developed autoimmune disturbances after vaccination. In this way, vaccination should be considered part of the mosaic of autoimmunity, in which abrogation of an infectious disease could concomitantly induce another autoimmune disease.

In summary, throughout our lifetime the normal immune system walks a fine line between preserving normalcy and the development of autoimmune disease."

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

My daughter became autistic over a period of about 4 months, with symptoms onset at age 13 months. The combined effects of Lyme disease acquired during a vacation in Rhode Island, and upon our return the administration of the MMR caused in my professional opinion my daughter's devastating neurological disorder (I am a neurologist, repeatedly labelled a "hysterical mother" by my then colleagues)...Im areas endemic for Lyme diseasr, a Lyme serology Elisa and Western-Blot should be part of the autism evaluation. Unfortunately, my daughter's Lyme diagnosis and treatment were delayed by 2 years. My husband also a physician, agreed to take matters in our own hands and we had to do the Lyme evaluation ourselves, as none of our daughter's neurologists and other specialists would test her, this in spite of her history of tick exposure and unexplained recurrent high fevers ....because "Lyme does not cause autism".
Fortunately we were able to order the IV antibiotics she needed, namely 2 courses 14 months apart of one month then 2 months of IV Rocephin. Her fevers, lymphadenopathies, and anemia of chronic disease eventually subsided, unfortunately her global aphasia and other neurological deficits persisted, and to this day I am convinced that the close to 2 years delay in diagnosis and treatment accounted for her lack of improvement.


I'm contemplating whether adjuvants, including thimerisol, work by reactivating endogenous retroviruses, triggering the innate-to-adaptive bridge. If so, any adjuvant working by way of reactivation would cause the effect and the effect would not be limited to thimerisol or mercury. Squalene, aluminum would be in play as well.



Assuming that happens often, I wonder how many medical workers unknowingly receive a differing standard of care than what they are trained to advocate and administer to their patients?

when will we ever learn?

This disturbing and recent article about asbestos insulation has quite a familiar plot line.

Not sure what can be learned from it, but maybe those who still think our government health agencies wouldn't lie will find the story enlightening.


My daughter works in the medical field. One of her co-workers went to get a flu shot. She told the receptionist she did not want a mercury flu shot. She was told that they did not give the mercury flu vaccine to medical workers. They had a mercury free vaccine in the back she could have. The mercury vaccine was for the general public.


I second that MA - vaccines serve no purpose - their "success" is nothing more than a case of diseases being hidden by being relabelled: polio became viral meningitis, Guillian Barre and cerebral palsy; small pox became severe/fatal chicken pox; diphtheria became severe tonsillitis; measles – rash; hepatitis - Hepatitis B, C, D, etc; bacterial meningitis (such as hib) - other forms of bacterial meningitis; and, up until the recent outbreaks pertussis became croup (doctors are only too happy to diagnose it if they think they can blame it all on unvaxed kids and thereby use it to persuade more people to get vaccinated); etc etc.

Vaccines do however lead to poor sleep patterns, food allergies, asthma, diabetes, gut problems, ear infections, seizures, SIDS and of course autism. From my observations almost no unvaxed kids have any of these conditions and vaxed kids will almost always have at least one.


I love your revisionist history. The damage continues. The CDC' s "removal of mercury in the shots", only to push merc-laden flu shots on pregnant moms and babies is disingenuous in the extreme. They probably wanted to purposely "muddy the waters." Ahhhhhhhhh! Make it stop!


Theodore Van Oosbree - your theory as to pharma's amortizing the mercury poisoning to concomitantly hide the before and after and create "plausible deniability", makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't put it past them. There is nothing they would not stoop to, in order to protect their golden goose - the vaccine schedules.


It would be one thing if there was a clear trade off from using mercury (among other known toxic agents) in vaccines, like if vaccines actually *worked*. Pro-vaccine proponents who write things like, "Anything anti-vaccine is psuedo-science" probably in fact BELIEVE that the mercury is no big deal and not worth the worry. Not only do vaccines not do what they are touted to do but they carry a heavy price that is paid from infancy for so many children. My 4 vaccinated children are an example of this. An outbreak of Pertussis is currently invading their school. One has been dx'd with it, and 2 others had a blood test today to confirm suspicion that they too have it. Funny thing is, after speaking with a rep from the Health Dept, is that this disease is being misdiagnosed by pediatricians b/c its not presenting itself in it typical clinical symptoms. My kid did not have any of the symptoms of it, other than a 7 day fever. Her Dr. said she had an ear infection. I asked to have her blood titers just in case, since the other cases had been vax'd but still came down with it. This has been the case with most of the other confirmed cases in the school - not typical symptoms, being misdiagnosed as a result, and guess what else? All of these kids have been vaccinated for Pertussis. Yep. You can't tell me the vaccine works if its the VACCINATED kids getting it, and you also let go of the idea that is those "dirty unvax'd kids who are responsible for spreading this disease".

Its all just one big unfortunate experiment.


@kathy blanco and @Jeff -

“Believe it or not, Ripley”. I’m reminded of the female lead "Ripley" in the film Aliens.

What happened to our morality and religious values? Why is the church so conspicuous in its silence? Where is the morality in eating cloned food, and receiving inoculations of non-human DNA and aborted fetal tissue?

Their strategy to control us is working. We are becoming dumber. We are losing our humanity. We are probably becoming a mosaic of chimeras, half-human/half-animal xenomorphs, thanks to pharma's genetic engineering and xenobiotic agenda. I'm also reminded of the H.G. Wells' story "The Island of Dr Moreau".

For those who think that I am unreasonably concerned over our risk of becoming non-human/human chimeras, by means of the vaccine schedules and vaccine mandates, please recall Simian Virus #40 (SV 40) contamination of polio vaccine and Porcine Circovirus Type-1 and Type-2 contamination of two marketed rotavirus vaccines. Please also recall a product in veterinary medicine called Prevenile, the world’s first chimeric vaccine for West Nile virus and Yellow Fever virus in horses. It had to be recalled shortly after market “approval”. We can learn from veterinary medicine.

“PreveNile is a vaccine like no other. It uses cutting-edge chimera technology to generate a powerful immune response in your horse.”

“PreveNile is the first and only equine vaccine that uses chimera technology. The combination of two things like wings of a bird and the body of a horse - is a visual definition of chimera.”

“It’s important to note that both components of the WN-YF chimera vaccine have been modified so they cannot produce the actual disease.”

“PreveNile? contains a lyophilized Yellow Fever West Nile (YF-WN) chimera virus vaccine. The human vaccine yellow fever virus, YF-17D, was used as the backbone. The YF-17D strain is a highly effective, well-tolerated live, attenuated vaccine that has been used for over 60 years to immunize approximately 400 million people1. The YF-17D virus was modified using molecular technology to form a YF-WN chimera virus that expresses the PreMembrane and Envelope proteins of WNV. Following injection, limited replication of the YF-WN chimera virus allows expression of these proteins that stimulate a protective immune response in the horse.”

“According to Sharon Dilling, spokesperson for Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Manager of Global Communications for US Animal Health, “Reports included symptoms of acute anaphylaxis, gastrointestinal symptoms (colic), respiratory distress, and death following vaccination either with PreveNile alone or in combination with other vaccinations.””

“Dilling assured consumers and horse owners that all reported adverse events were submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-Center for Veterinary Biologics (USDA-CVB).”

Wow! That’s comforting to know that these adverse events were reported. What did the autopsies show? Was cytokine storm involved? Was hemorhagic pneumonia involved? Real questions. It's certainly fair to say that this "innovative" new chimeric vaccine was not well-tolerated by horses.



Olmsted and Blaxill aren't saying that "John T." and "Herbert B." are the same person. "Herbert B." was the pseudonym used for John Trevett.

I don't know who "John T." is, but I'm guessing his real name isn't John and his last name doesn't start with "T."



Olmsted and Blaxill aren't saying that "John T." and "Herbert B." are the same person. "Herbert B." is the pseudonym used for John Trevett.

I don't know who "John T." is, but I'm betting that his name isn't John and his last name doesn't begin with "T."


My children's pediatrician doesn't argue with me any more about my decision to no longer vaccinate my children. At my son's last physical, she whispered, "Any shots today?" to which I just gave her a look and shook my head "No." She did remark about how healthy my 3 boys are and how she never sees them for a sick visit. YES, THEY BECAME HEALTHIER WHEN I STOPPED VACCINATING!!!!!

Theodore Van Oosbree

I am a cynic. I have always suspected that the ulterior motive in stringing out the thimerosal "ban" and then re-introducing it via the flu vaccine was to amortize the poisoning so there was no clear before vs. after scenario for people to recognize. It creates what the inteligence services call "plausible deniability."

Heidi N

I think that just like in their book, mercury makes syphilis deadly, we need to realize that lyme and other pathogens also take over in the presence of mercury. Take away syphilis or take away mercury or take away Lyme or something else, and you have a big difference. Frankly, my research pointed to Lyme plus mercury makes autism, but there is much more. The real problem is immune dysfunction which frankly is probably most likely caused by carelessness in many areas, encompassing doctors not looking for causes of symptoms, lack of safety procedures being used to keep toxins at safe levels, and much more.


Barbara Jacobs who is a journalist and self-described “academic specializing in the work of Leo Kanner” illustrates so beautifully how important a contribution Age of Autism, the book, is to the history of autism. As a specialist on Leo Kanner’s work, Ms. Jacobs shows in her comment that Dan’s investigative work tracing the earliest autism cases is new and never previously documented historical data.

In discovering that Herbert B and John T are one in the same and uncovering a previously missed important clue about autism’s origins wherein his mother was a pediatrician and one of the earliest, most vocal proponents of administering thimerosal containing vaccines in infancy, Dan & Mark make history. In fact there is so much newly documented history on the subject of autism and mercury in medicine and other commercial applications that I for one am hopeful that Age of Autism will be the coup de grace for thimersal in vaccines and mercury in medicine in general.

After all, how does one justify injecting another pregnant lady or infant with thimerosal after reading this book?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Jeff, Thankyou for bringing this up. What you say sounds great, but in practise it may not work in the US and for sure it does not work here in India, where many towns have only mercury vaccines in the doctors' fridges, and in the cities there is a mixture of imported and Indian vaccines, some with mercury and some without . So just tell your doc to give you the non mercury ones? Sorry- Thats quite risky. One parent did that and when the doctor brought the "non mercury" vaccine, they looked at the insert and saw that it did contain mercury. To which he replied "Thats what we use" And that was not your average technician- style doctor who does not even know the word Thimerosal- That doctor used to be a neonatologist in San Francisco!
And then there was the time when I tried to read a vaccine insert and after spending half an hour reading it over and over to find where they had the contents of the vaccine, I realized that they were not giving the contents at all- Instead they had printed : "In accordance with WHO guidelines" Unfortunately the WHO has not yet stated a preference for non mercury vaccines. Hmm, I wonder why that first world manufacturer did not want to disclose the contents of the vaccine ?
So, in India and other second, third world countries, the only solution is to either educate all the parents and ask the Wizard of Oz to give them all the courage to question their arrogant doctors OR just get rid of the &*%$*$%@ mercury once and for all. Hey, pediatricians of the world and doctors at the WHO- Why is this so hard to understand?
And Jeff, Here in India we have a tsunami of autism that exactly coincides with increased use of mercury vaccines circa year 2000.- The proof is here for all to see, but somehow whenever the CDC wants to look for autism to research they only purchase tickets to Denmark, where mercury in vaccines was always far lower than the quantities used in the US and far far lower than those used today in India .


Unlike other consumer goods vendors, vaccine promoters strangely have no plan to address product failure -- other than to deny damage or slander critics. Dismissing mercury toxicity investigators as "anti-vaccine" or "true believers" conveniently allows information-overloaded minds to take one thorny topic off their ethical plate... and feel pretty darned smug, too.

The people who employ defensive pejoratives to push back this paradoxic toxic reality either don't realize how easily they've been manipulated, or have much to lose when consumer education about mercury poisoning reaches a legally actionable tipping point. Such as a doctor who's injected countless people, or a public health administrator whose policies affect thousands or millions. Including their own children. Who has more to gain from denial?

kathy blanco

Not just the mercury...then, the next ingredient, then the next, the next, the next...all of them quite capable of an autism explosion.


Thank you. The world would be a better place if Age of Autism was read by every pediatrician or anyone inclined to think lightly of injecting mercury! This situation brings up many questions.

I wonder if Elizabeth Peabody knew there was a mercury compound in any of the vaccinations she recommended, and if she did, if that meant anything to her?

I wonder if she ever gave her son any extra boosters for "good measure?"

I wonder if the TCVs of the day came with the same instructions to shake vigorously prior to withdrawing a dose and to keep stored in the dark (I also wonder if anyone has ever tested to see whether those instructions actually prevent significant unequal dosing)? I wonder if her son got a dose from the dregs of a vial containing an especially high concentration of the "preservative."

But mostly I wonder how we can officially "know" very little more now than we seemed to know back then? Although, I think that the "official knowledge" will soon be seen as the deliberate ignorance that it is.

kathy blanco

Jeff, believe it or not riply, I think taking mercury out of vaccines, doesn't magically make them safer. It is proven that vaccines can cause the immune system to "trip" into autoimmnity against your own tissues if you have predispositions such as complement pathway problems, glutathione block, methylation quirks, autoimmunity in mothers or infections like XMRV/Lyme etc etc. Case in point, numerous vet manuals which warn of this, (hmm, wonder why the vets get it)? and not pediatricians and policy makers, including antibodies to neural tissues and cardio muscles. I am sorry, but something more than mercury is at play in these first cases, and it speaks volumes that around the same time, we unleashed DDT's and toxins, plastics, bottle fed, put mothers under anesthesia while birthing, put iron fortification in our food supply and a ton of sugar into our foods (the age of food processing). Set up to autism, perfect storm, whatever you want to call well as vets coming home after being heavily vaccinated during WW2. I call vaccines the tipping point. How many people, especially todays children have competent immune quality,... practically none! Some of them come into vaccines upon six hours of their birth after being oxidatively stressed by immediate cord clamping, birth drugs, etc. Then the kids are on formulas with MSG, MANGANESE and IRON and god knows what foreign proteins, and then at the same time tylenol for fevers, especially DURING a vaccine reaction, iron supplements (can cause autism all on it's own), a round or two of antibiotics, GERD coming up to their eyeballs, and expect them to PURPLE CRY themselves to sleep everynight? We are doing a GRAVE inservice to our children, to treat them like chattle and cattle, and I for one, don't get the mass experment ideal. Case in point, my unvaccinated grandchildren, with NO health problems, NO autism, coming from a predisposition to autism mind you? Never had an ear infection, rarely sick, and if runny nosed, it resolves in a day. Plueez, this is not NORMAL! ear infections ever????? PLLUEEZZZ...don't insult us. Vaccines have NO VALUE, have never proven to WORK, and are in fact, initiators of NEW DISEASES.


Here, Here! Bravo, Harry H -

I could not have expressed it any better, though I've tried mightily:

"...they must be either grossly ignorant, filthy liars, or deliberately poisoning the human race."

How much more deference and tolerance are they entitled to? Enough already! NO MORE.


Harry H.

I am amazed that the only people still advocating for and defending the injection of mercury into the human body are doctors and pharmaceutical companies. With all the available evidence against using this hideous neurotoxin, they must be either grossly ignorant, filthy liars, or deliberately poisoning the human race.

Barbara Fischkin

Dan and Mark
Dan and Mark,thank you. I am currently reading Kanner's original articles for a graduate school course and it breaks my heart how "many" of his handful of original cases wound up in "state hospitals" not doing much. Not all of them. But too many. If we could only crack this mystery - and your new book is a crucial part of that puzzle - then we will have so many more people who are useful members of society.

dan olmsted

Barbara -- Kanner used the pseudonym "Herbert B." for Case 7, but we determined his real name was John Trevett. I hope you have a chance to read our book where we lay out each of the 7 case histories and their real identities in detail.


Jeff - you are wrong. I pray that you are not dead wrong. But it's still a free country, isn't it? You are free to choose to be vaccinated. Vaccine mandates are abhorrent and unconscionable, on multiple levels - spiritually, morally, ethically, biblically, legally, and Constitutionally. Vaccine mandates will be tested in court, probably at the highest level, possibly under "imminent risk of harm" and "clear and present danger" Equal Protection expressed in the U.S. Constitution, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

No vaccine is safe. Gardasil is a case in point.

Gardasil does not contain thimerosal.

Phewww! That makes Gardasil safe, right? NOT!!!

“The Tragic Truth behind the Gardasil Nightmare”

“Infertility Concern with Gardasil HPV Vaccine”

Barbara Jacobs

John T was not one of Kanner's original 11. Case 7 of the 11 was, in fact, Herbert B. John T was not mentioned by Kanner until 'Notes on The Follow-up Studies' written with Leon Eisenberg in 1955 when John was said to be 16. This is in the above-mentioned paper, published in Psychopathology of Childhood, adited by Hoch and Zubin, and is on about page 231/2. As a fellow journalist, and an academic specializing in the work of Leo Kanner, I think we should all be sticklers for accuracy if we're trying to make a convincing point.

Theodora Trudorn

Thought provoking!

I think that in the beginning, before the adverse reactions began, the doctors and scientists creating the vaccines really did want to help thier paitents and truly thought that what they were doing would stop disease!!

You can see it in this mother's passion for them!! And she ended up betrayed by the very thing she believed in so strongly. It is extremely sad.

Since then, it seems the medical community has lost it's soul. Disspassionate doctors see paitents for only 5 minutes at a time, long enough to write a script! They don't listen to thier paitents.

I told my shrink, before she prescribed adderal, that my mom has trachicardia and that heart issues run in the family. But she prescribed me aderal anyway. I only was listened to when the same issues my mom has, with the heart going far to fast, had happened to me while on the medicine.

She could have killed me!!!! And I doubt she would have cared. Next paitent! Or should I say customer!!

I watched a special not that long ago where Robin Williams was doing stand up. He did a bit that resinated with me and hit a little to close to home. Doctor's have taken the place of drug dealer's. They are worse than any pusher on the street!!

Whether it's vaccines, pills that turn us into zombies, or other nonsense, he truly did get it right!! I wonder where all those pioneers, the ones who had REAL sympathy and got into medicine to HELP people, the ones who use to make house calls in the middle of snow storms have gone.

claudine Liss

Brilliant researching......


They are a lot of vaccines now that are thimerosal(mercury) free. If you believe that mercury leads to autism which is still debatable, then you can request a preservative or thimerosal free flu shot presentation.


If we can’t or are unwilling to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Were Jenner and Pasteur nothing more than the PharmaWhores of their time? Independent of whether their relationship to pharma, Ignaz Semmelweis, Antoine Bechamp, and Rudolph Virchow, were much closer to truth. That is, I seriously doubt that they would have bought into pharma’s vaccine “madness”.

“The verb "to inoculate" is from Middle English "inoculaten", which meant "to graft a scion" (a scion is a plant part to be grafted onto another plant); which in turn is from Latin "inoculare", past participle "inoculat-“.

“Inoculation is the placement of something that will grow or reproduce, and is most commonly used in respect of the introduction of a serum, vaccine, or antigenic substance into the body of a human or animal, especially to produce or boost immunity to a specific disease.”

“Today the terms inoculation, vaccination and immunisation are used more or less interchangeably and popularly refer to the process of artificial induction of immunity against various infectious diseases. The microorganism used in an inoculation is called the inoculant or inoculum.”

Vaccines are impure! Both spiritually and corporeally, vaccines are impure. They are a “gemisch” of multiple toxins, a literal toxic cocktail. Ask any bio-organic chemist.


"We found a strong pattern of evidence that suggests mercuric chloride interacted with the disease to create the deadliest form of syphilis, called general paralysis of the insane. Doctors never noticed."

This statement is VERY thought-provoking. It prompts me to ask whether it's the mercury-polluted and aluminum-polluted internal biologic millieu, the "terrain", that has resulted in the holocaust of vaccine-unduced diseases.

Our bodies are being systematically, cummulatively, and synergistically "primed" to become diseased by the vaccine schedules. Generalized Paralysis of the Insane is just one example. There are many others. Pharma has a habit of blaming those damn "germs". The Germ is nothing without the Terrain.

Bob Moffitt

Anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to read "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic" cannot help but consider the scientific plausibility that mercury .. in any form .. but .. even more so when injected directly into the veins of babies .. at the very time their fragile neurological system is beginning to develop .. is INSANE.

Einstein defined "insanity" as doing the same thing over and over again .. while expecting different results .. and .. this book gives example after example over centuries .. of the callous disregard medical professionals have shown for the untold damage they caused by treating their patients with mercury .. in ANY form.

There is NO excuse for public health officials who continue their callous disregard of the mountains of evidence proving that mercury .. in ANY form .. does not TREAT or PREVENT disease .. it CAUSES disease.

Today .. a public health official that injects anti-freeze into a pregnant woman or a baby .. would be GUILTY of a CRIME.

In my humble opinion .. public health officials .. including pediatricians, Wall-Mart, CVS, etc. employees .. who inject mercury into a pregnant woman or baby .. are also GUILTY of a CRIME.


The bulk of research supports a link between heavy metals (including mercury) and autism.

Some researchers caution that influenza vaccination during pregnancy could increase the child's risk of schizophrenia.

Given that, it seems daft to urge pregnant women to get mercury-containing flu shots...unless there's money in it. Looks like some folks think there's going to be a lot of money in it.

"Rutgers University is collaborating with Big Pharma to study some of the most perplexing brain pathologies of our time: autism, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and some types of age-related hearing loss....Researchers from Rutgers and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey will be involved. An advisory board includes representatives from big names in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Merck, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson."

Teresa Conrick

Wow- how much clearer can history lay out the word, "STOP" to CDC, Public Health and the AAP.

I get a chill down my spine each and every time I read the history of these now known families. The evidence of harm to those first children can not be denied and the pattern of exposure is beyond coincidence.

How can the people who work for these agencies ignore this anymore?

Dan E. Burns

Clear, cogent, powerful, accessible. Good job, Dan and Mark! I hope you will continue to encapsulate and promote lessons you learned from writing the book.

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