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First, they came for the Arizona 5. Could your family be next? Here is a simply amazing interview by Dr Wakefield that MUST be carried by the mainstream media. Who amongst the major news outlets will be the first to air this video? There are profound Constitutional law issues here.

“The Arizona 5: Interview Special”

“Andy Wakefield introduces the story of an Arizona family whose legal battles may very well become a cornerstone of the autism movement. Learn how the medical system’s skewed perception of autism has ripped this family apart.”


According to this article 10 percent of autistic children recover by age 9.


I found this Phoenix New Times article about another case of CPS alleging Munchausen by proxy. In the case here, CPS neglected to get a Munchausen expert. I think they take care of that detail now.

"Two years ago, Arizona Child Protective Services took Carol Dunlavy's 2-year-old daughter. It was alleged that Dunlavy was purposely making the child sick because Dunlavy suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Like most parents caught up in the system, Dunlavy said she was innocent.

She was right."

Suzy Miller

This is a serious issue. I have watched several children "recover" through all types of methods and when digging just a little deeper, it is not hard to see that the medical community is not in the business of helping people be well. They constantly minimize the benefits of that which actually works for these children. A few unconscious people can really cause harm but a few conscious people can overturn anything!

Autism Grandma

Since the psychiatrist who evaluated this family is alleging that Munchausen is the diagnosis due to the "fact" that "curing autism is impossible" and therefore the crazy parents are pretending their children have autism in order to seek attention for themselves.....

I am wondering if this family's attorney is aware of this newspaper article in the Arizona Republic dated November 13, 2010 entitled "Autism therapy group says it has cured 6 kids". Yep, that's right it says "cured". Although this supposedly occurred through intensive ABA therapy and does not mention any other biomedical therapies used, the beauty of this study is that it was STATE funded with mainstream supervision.

OK, well I personally don't believe that autism can be cured with ABA alone, unless combined with biomedical therapies, so I suspect that the 6 classified as "cured" of the 14 children in this study had biomedical therapies in addition which they are not mentioning. It is quite ironic to read this newspaper headline and article which appears to be "announcing a new breakthrough" when all these years children have been improved and even totally reversed of their autism diagnosis with biomedical therapies and that fact never makes the headlines in mainstream newspapers. But the point here is that the state of Arizona funded a study which resulted in "curing" autism and now the state wants to claim that this family's children could not possibly have been cured of autism.

My aunt who lives in Arizona sent me this article, so I looked it up in the archives online and here is the address:

Here are a few quotes:

"The Center for Autism and Related Disorders says it has cured six of 14 autistic children who participated in a $5.4 million, state-funded study in the Phoenix area.
CARD, a nationwide private treatment and research organization with a program in Phoenix, received the state money for a three-year study to determine whether its intensive behavior therapy could cure young children who had been diagnosed with autism."

Daniel Openden, the center's vice president and clinical services director, said the CARD results are the latest to prove ABA-based therapy is the gold standard for autism treatment. He sees autistic children make amazing progress, but he doesn't say they are cured or recovered.

"Recovery can mean different things to different people, so the key is to understand how recovery is defined," he said. "We see a range of outcomes in response to effective treatment, up to and including children who appear indistinguishable from their peers. But we're not comfortable saying that these children no longer have autism."

So glad that Mr. Openden clarified that "we're not comfortable saying that these children no longer have autism" because with all those heavy metals in their brains, and fungus in their intestines, and vaccine induced virus and bacterial infections, and no regeneration of the myelin sheath I can't imagine how "cured" could even be possible with ABA therapy alone.


"protecting medical freedom." I like your idea, Patrons 99. It really sounds like a good angle, to me.


Donna L - "It may sound paranoid, but I think we need to start being much more careful about whom we trust."

Excellent point! We dare not waive any remaining rights we have to Protected Health Information.

The way things are going, we will soon not have any medical freedom. WILLIE is very correct, when he says, "I think we need to start getting organized people".

IMO, we ought to develop a bipartisan coalition of the willing to expressly protect medical freedom. Such a strategy might actually bring both the VAXERs and ANTI-VAXERs together in a common cause.

Those of us who don't vaccinate don't want to force our views on anyone - we just want to be left alone without being accused of spreading disease or FORCED to receive vaccinations.

Eventually, those who choose vaccination will realize that vaccine-induced susceptibility to diseases is a very real concern, for which there is growing body of evidence. Over time, the number of citizens who choose vaccination will decline, once they see the value of strengthening their God-given natural immunity, but we must all have the freedom to make personal medical choices. A medical freedom agenda is a unifying strategy. This strategy has the advantage of bringing VAXERs and ANTI-VAXERs together. This is a good thing. Both sides should have the right to make personal medical choices. This right should be expressly protected in law.


Donna L.

It seems that what our community needs to establish in the very near future is some sort of legal defense association - something along the lines of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association - a legal resource parents can immediately refer to when issues like The Arizona Five inevitably come up. To my knowledge, no such resource yet exists. (somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

We received a letter from our son's neurologist, threatening to turn us in to CPS because we were refusing to give our son a dangerous anticonvulsant medication. As the battle heats up between the autism community and mainstream medicine, I predict we will hear about many more of these cases.

Just a word of caution to all autism parents: be very careful about discussing your child's biomed treatment with anyone outside your own family. Don't share your child's biomed info with neighbors, school personnel, or mainstream doctors and nurses. And don't use your full name or your child's full name on any web sites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. if you are discussing biomed treatments. It may sound paranoid, but I think we need to start being much more careful about whom we trust.


My wife and I were victims of "invidiously discriminatory animus" in Arizona. Pharma, a PharmaWhore, and the Prescription Drug User Fee Act were involved. There was State Action.

Are the Arizona 5 victims of invidiously discriminatory animus in Arizona?

IMO, based on the limited information presently available, the chances are good. Again, this case could easily have Constitutional scope and nationwide coverage.



patron you pose very good questions, unfortunately I don't know the answers. I don't even know any of the particulars of this case. I look forward to learning more about this in the near future.

And WILLIE, let's hope that if any injustice comes to any one of us the community will rally around us all. We are all we got, there is no one else.

People would rather spend a couple of hours in a darken theater to watch the latest Harry Potter movie than contribute to any number of serious causes our children face.

Case in point, the latest box office figures for Harry Potter movie that was released this past weekend is $338,802,832. How much money you think the autism community has raised this past weekend? How about breast cancer? AIDS? People just don't care. They will march to city hall to save a tree and will step right over a struggling family dealing with autism to get there.

You want justice, we all want justice, but we aren't going to get it without us all coming together in truth and the truth is more than one in 100 kids in this country have very little chance to live an independent life. How about $300 million to find out why? Sacrifice one movie ticket a year America, one ticket and find out why.


Is there a rational basis for treating ASD families differently in Arizona?

See Sioux City Bridge Co. v. Dakota County, 260 U.S. 441, 43 S.Ct. 190, 67 L.Ed 340 (1923); Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal Co. v. Commission of Webster Cty, 488 U.S. 336, 109 S.Ct. 633.

Does the Arizona 5 family have a legal cause of action under the "selective enforcement" theory and the "class of one" theory?

See Village of Willowbrook v. Olech, 528 U.S. 562, 564 (2000).

I would hazard to say that the Justices of SCOTUS have heard of these cases.

Is there an Equal Protection case here, perhaps under the "clear and present danger" or the "imminent risk of harm" theories?


bensmyson -

Is this JUST another parental rights case? Or is it something else? What motivated CPS of Arizona? Why are there so many "cases" in Arizona? Are ASD families being "targeted" in Arizona?

Has there also been a Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection violation in Arizona? Has there also been a Ninth Amendment Equal Treatment Under Law violation in Arizona?

Why is Arizona an apparent "hotbed" of MSbP? Where does CPS of Arizona derive its regulatory power? Who determines what "expert" testimony is admissible in Arizona CPS cases? What do we know about the so-called experts that testified in this particular CPS case? Do other ASD families in Arizona share a common legal cause of action against Arizona CPS and/or against public schools in Arizona?

When an ASD family in Arizona opts for biomedical treatment for their vaccine-injured family, where is the evidence of harm? The actual harm, a vaccine-induced brain injury, PRECEDED the families' reasoned choice to attempt biomedical recovery. Is the intent in Arizona to continue the vaccine schedules even after there has been vaccine-induced injury? Is this Arizona's attempt at POSITIVE RECHALLENGE, i.e., reintroduction of the offending agent(s) WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT?

Does Arizona have more mandated vaccines than the other states? How does ASD prevalence in Arizona compare with the rest of the nation?



@Autism Grandma

I don't know any of the particulars of this case and the only reason I am the least bit curious is that Dr. Wakefield has taken it on and is speaking out about it. I'm sure that in time we will all know more. This very well could be a landmark case in which we all need to get behind and support, but as it stands now this case is no different to me than the 50,000 other cases throughout the past decade where CPS has taken children without due process that have failed to get justice.



Well there is a fight brewing and everyone is going to have to pick sides and then actually stand up for their side.

The government is on the side of the betrayors and we will have to turn this into a very serious 1 issue voting cause as we will all be faced with this same choice at some point.

This Arizona 5 is the test case, they want to know just how serious we are about our position. Will we donate money? Rally on Washington DC? Vote our constitution? Have A parade? Will we turn up the rhetoric volume in intensity and tone? Call politicians and ask them what the hell?

Is it the pen? the sword? or both?

A big bus ride to Arizona for a rally?

What will you do to protect your already injured child?

I think we need to start getting organized people



That article Carol posted is crazy! Is this America? A democracy where people supposedly have rights?


By their own EPA standards,

EVERY infant/ child who gets a flu shot, (or two), (or 4 last year), is being poisoned with a 25 to 50 to 100x rate of mercury with a damn compound they only tested in the 1930's if you call that a damn test.

They continue to refuse to test a compound banned in vaccines in other countries in 1992.

This would seem to be a reasonable argument for a family to make for their children, in a court of law, if the vaccine nazis would just show up.

Autism Grandma

Re: Post by patrons99

"Arizona CPS and others, acting in concert, are State Actors. They are acting under color of official right. The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is found in Title 42, section 1983 of the United States Code and so is commonly referred to as section 1983. It provides that anyone who, under color of state or local law, causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, or federal law, is liable to that person."

This family really needs an attorney who can defend them on their Constitutional Rights, and then sue the asses off of the persecutors. This is NOT a case of Munchausen, which is actually quite rare, and as Not an MD stated, "If this were a case of Munchausen's by Proxy, the children wouldn't be improving, but worsening over time." For God's sake, we all know the immense amount money these parents had to spend on their children to recover their vaccine injuries so who would spend that kind of money and go through all the recovery work FOR NO REASON???!!! Munchausen parents torture their children for the attention, they don't knock themselves out to recover them.

This infuriates me because our family has also been persecuted by hospital doctors and child protective services for using alternative therapies and refusing vaccines. THIS IS REAL, not some kind of "scam" as some here suspect.

Andy....excuse me....make that DOCTOR Wakefield... would not be involved in this if he didn't have information on accurate authority and neither would the Autism File support a situation like this without enough facts to establish credibility.

I guess the interviews Dr. Wakefield speaks about at the conclusion of this are upcoming and then we will know more. In the next video I think it would be a good idea to have the good doctor wear a cowboy hat with a Sheriff's badge.....and maybe a six shooter.


Can someone please HOST this video on something other than Youtube? (like viddler or Youku?) Youtube is blocked for me in China.

In fact, posting any link to a news article or anything at all would be incredibly helpful as I cannot find much about this on the web via normal searches (as another poster mentioned).

Thank you!
U.S. Citizen in Beijing


Here's a 2007 Phoenix New Times article about the situation with Arizona CPS:

"The fact is, unlike trials for embezzlement or murder or even rape, CPS dependency hearings, which determine custody and whether parents continue to have the right to raise their children, are closed to the public. The agency's paperwork is also sealed.

And that means the entire system operates without scrutiny from outsiders, be they reporters or advocates. (There's a state ombudsman, but he is legally barred from releasing specifics about cases.) We never get to see the evidence that would determine whether kids are wrongly being taken from their parents, as so many callers insist on my voice mail, or whether CPS is instead erring on the side of leaving kids in unsafe homes."

Concerned Mom

Gag order or not, there should be some kind of public record about this such that it would be mentioned in the news. But there isn't. There are plenty of other stories in the news about incidents where details are left out because of a court order or because it would jeopardize an investigation. However, the fact that there is a situation (a crime, a custody issue, a lawsuit, etc.) is reported in the news and that as soon as details are made available, those details will be reported to the public. There's nothing like this for the so-called Arizona 5. We're just supposed to take it on faith from some internet story posted by God-knows-who and 'confirmed' by a bunch of bloggers that such an unfortunate incident has occured. This has the distince smell of 'hoax' all over it. And if it turns out that this IS a hoax, it's upsetting that Dr. Wakefield got pulled into it.


Blaming the victims of a crime is certainly nothing new for pharma.

“The “Refrigerator Mother” Hypothesis of Autism” by James R. Laidler, MD.

Ghost-written psychiatric bilge is certainly nothing new for pharma.

Direct and indirect transfers of value “below the public’s radar screen” to PharmaWhores is certainly nothing new for pharma.

So, when all of the "usual suspects" are rounded up, who really had the motive, means, and opportunity, to do the crime?

We need to be patient and see how this all plays out. We’re speculating wildly with an information deficit.

John Stone

There is no doubt in my experience in the UK that fabricated illness allegations are used as means of bureaucratic repression. A number of the Royal Free cases became the subject of such investigations, and although I don't believe any of them were ever prosecuted it caused immense grief.

Investigations could be triggered in the most casual way: for example if there was a dispute between parents and a school about levels of support.


You know, the "other side" can claim that this is fear-mongering, because there are no verifiable facts listed. Shouldn't this be part of the public record? Can anyone verify this?

I am a big fan of Andy Wakefield, and it will be the final nail in the coffin for all of us including him, if this turns out to have been a false alarm of some kind.

I wouldn't put it past the pharmaceutical industry to set Wakefield up for exactly that kind of reason, too, and, caring soul that he is, they could probably set him up pretty easily.

Can someone PLEASE look into this????

(And please feel free to not post this, if you think it's going to give the pharm shills ideas, but PLEASE get someone to look into this!!!!)


patron "The fact that Dr Wakefield has decided to champion the cause of the Arizona 5 should be a wake-up call. "

Exactly why I am interested in this case. I'm sure he is plugged in.

However it does bring up a question that should be addressed at some point about the possible reality of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in the world of Autism. I honestly never thought of it until I heard of this case directly from Dr. Wakefield when he was here in NC.

As I understand it, it was the mother that was accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy because her children were released from the diagnosis after bio-med treatment. The reasoning by the state was that children with Autism can not recover, soooo if they can't recover what happened? Must have been Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, if so then the kids are in danger. But I don't believe the mother was criminally charged.

It really is an important issue, very important and I can't understand why the parents wouldn't want this publicized unless some lawyer said let him (the lawyer) handle it.

Not an MD

Patrons99, while some may not believe Munchausen's is a valid psychiatric condition, there are some cases where it appears to be quite valid. I am not stating that I believe that is the case with the Arizona 5 at all. In fact, I believe that due to the improvement of the children, which can be proven, that this case can be easily dismissed with the proper legal representation.

I have read a case involving a young person with Munchausen's who was a textbook case. This person wanted to be an EMT and tried to become one. This person was rejected for the position due to self-mutilation acts. This person had a multitude of medical records from various state hospitals indicating the person cut him/herself with chicken wire, and a knife, and broken glass on different occasions. As long as someone foot the bill, this person self-harmed to get the attention that was craved. This culminated in the person developing an open wound on his/her foot upon which he/she urinated and defecated to further the infection with various bodily flora. This was not a "by proxy" case, true, but it was a serious case that could have resulted in amputation if he/she had not been terminated from insurance coverage. The person was discharged from the hospital, and he/she left with a picc line still in his/her neck. It was a fascinating and frightening case. Such people do exist, although I would hope they are indeed few and far between.


Yes, there is a gag order on the case.


Why is there so little info on the web about this? Even Dr. Wakefield's video is very short on specifics. Is there a gag order? The paucity of info is odd.


bensmyson - MSbP appears to me, a non-psychiatrist, to have much in common with so-called "shaken baby syndrome". I suspect that many SUID "sudden unexplained infant deaths" are really acute and subacute vaccine-reactions. It horrifies me to think that there are loving parents, who have been wrongfully-incarcerated for alleged SBS, when the real "perps" might really be pharma and the Dark Lords of the vaccine industry.

btw - I really know very little about the details of the Arizona 5. It sounds VERY bizarre. Were BOTH parents alleged to suffer from MSbP? If so, how likely is that??? The fact that Dr Wakefield has decided to champion the cause of the Arizona 5 should be a wake-up call. Generally speaking, my perception of Constitutional rights deprivation in Arizona is colored by my personal experiences in Arizona.

MSbP is not a valid medical or legal diagnosis and may not be used to infer motive in Australia and the U.K. MSbP has the appearance of providing an invalid excuse for State Action by CPS of Arizona and others, acting in concert.

“In most legal jurisdictions, doctors are only allowed to give evidence in regard to whether the child is being harmed. They are not allowed to give evidence in regard to the motive. Australia and the UK have established the legal precedent that MSbP does not exist as a medico-legal entity.”

How much published psychiatric literature is ghost-written "junk" science?

Helping Autism

This is one of those things where there will never be enough information. We need to educate the public on health problems that is not considered "normal" or "acceptable." It's very sad that some people will automatically assume the person guilty of doing something horrible simply because they are not like them :(

Not an MD

If this were a case of Munchausen's by Proxy, the children wouldn't be improving, but worsening over time. The childrens' IEPs will provide critical evidence in this case as will the medical notes of their doctors, whether DAN, or not. Heavy metal testing, does not meet any standard to prove abuse. Lead testing is done on a routine basis by mainstream pediatricians. Nor does a diet sans gluten and casein rise to the standard of abuse. If it did, then parents of children with celiac disease would have their children taken away from them, too. Gluten intake is a medical concern for those with celiac disease. Munchausen's either by Proxy or just stand alone Munchausen's is evident from the fascination/obsession with medical terminology and conditions, and a desire/need to cause continual, and sometimes life threatening harm to another person, or to one's self. It is very easy to build a medical case against someone for this disorder, if there is evidence (and if there is evidence, there is tons of it), and quite impossible to do so, if not. I hope the judge in this case takes the time to review true cases of Munchausen's by Proxy so as not to falsely accuse these parents, and deny them their parental rights.


I've studied Munchausen Syndrome before, becoming interested in it as it involved a sexual abuse case I was investigating. It is quite complex but not as rare as one might expect, particularly if the victim is unable to speak or unable to understand what is happening. Usually the only way this comes to light is when there is a witness or some sort of specific evidence such as blood work discovers a toxin that is not readily available or is at such a level that the chances of a casual contact are slim thus causing a reasonable suspicion.

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (MBP) (also called Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and Factitious Disorder by Proxy) is a label for a pattern of behavior in which caretakers deliberately exaggerate and/or fabricate and/or induce physical and/or psychological-behavioral-mental health problems in others.

This pattern of behavior constitutes a separate kind of maltreatment (abuse/neglect) that manifests as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or a combination. The primary purpose of this behavior is to gain some form of internal gratification, such as attention, for the perpetrator.

I know absolutely nothing about this case and would be very interested in learning more about it.

I don't know if any of you have had personal contact with a true hypochondriac, someone who is constantly seeking medical help for imagined health issues but if you have first hand experience with someone like this you may know that many of the hypochondriacs will usually have a medicine cabinet full of various medications, each with their own variety of side effects. Many times the hypochondriac will create real health issues by perhaps intent or accident because of the use of these drugs. This would be a "Factitious Disorder" which becomes more serious than hypochondria, because now it becomes self injury, which of course could lead to death.

With Munchausen there usually is a similar thing at play. Sometimes when doctors do not recognize a particular event or problem that a parent presents regarding a child, the parent may re-present later or to a different doctor the same complaint but this time intentionally causing symptoms in the child that may lead to the diagnosis and/or treatment desired by the parent.

Children with autism are extremely vulnerable to this sort of victimization and surely it happens. If it happens in the general population then it certainly happens in the autism community.

I would hate for one second to even pretend to defend or support anyone who, for instance, may have intentionally caused the ingestion of some toxin, mercury etc. to "prove" a specific injury, no more than I would support any parent's suicide and murder of their child.

I trust Dr. Wakefield and those who have looked into the Arizona 5 and will pray for justice.

I hate this because of the obvious rights issues, but I also hate it because it calls into question many of the treatments and therapeutic methods we use to aid and assist our children as we work to recover them from their injuries and related illnesses. Should this be a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxie I hope the perpetrator burns in hell, and should this be a violation of parental rights I would hope that this issue creates a presidence in which we all can cling to for protection when they come for our children.


When I researched cancer treatments a few years ago, I became aware that in the US, young teenage cancer patients and their families who refused conventional cancer treatments could be forcibly separated by the authorities and the youngster ordered to undergo treatment. The young patients were often disillusioned after a relapse and having already suffered the side-effects of previous "cut,poison and burn" treatments, they, with the support of their families, would opt for alternative less harmful therapies ; this choice made their situation even worse with the establishment.

This family's situation and treatment at the hand of the authorities is so very similar and absolutely heartrending.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Many state laws regarding the health department give an inordinate amount of power to government officials to act in ways that, under any other situation would be considered unconstitutional. They have the power to quarantine and restrict movement without "due process." When children are concerned, the unspoken rule is to act now and ask questions later. My guess is that there is a "player" somewhere in this tragedy that wants to make an example out of this family and has a vendetta against people who go up against established medical practice.


Andy Wakefield is right. This case has far greater reaching reprocussions not just for the autism community but for our individual rights over control of our own bodies. The govt is crossing a line here. This is an assault on children but threatens the rights and health of every single American. Warn everyone you know. End medical facism now.

John Stone

It should be said we have many such cases in the UK but they are hidden from public view, being usually dealt with in our highly secretive family courts if they come to prosecution. Virtually anybody can make accusations against anybody according to these guidelines, inspired by Drs Meadow and Southall:


Do I understand this correctly? That not only the diet & biomedical treatments have been stopped, but also the children are being re-vaccinated? Why?

Erik Nanstiel

If we allow this family to fall to the whims of the state attorney and child protective services... they'll walk all over us parents, emboldened by precedent... and other states will follow.

We have to draw the line in Arizona. This is NOT an isolated case... there are equally-bad cases I've been privy to the last few years.

Bob Moffitt

It seems every day .. every where .. in our country .. as individuals .. we can no longer rely upon the US Constitution to either protect or guarantee our rights to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Whether it is this case in Arizona .. where a single doctor has the provided an opportunity for the State of Arizona to unleash the full power of child protective agencies .. faceless State bureaucrats .. to remove these children from the loving care and protection of their parents

or ..

all the individuals preparing to fly that will be subject to intrusive, sometimes humiliating, searches .. full body scans or full body pat-downs .. by faceless bureaucrats hired as airport security personel .. acting under the auspices of Homeland Security policies.

We don't live in Castro's Cuba or Stalin's Russia .. we live in the United States .. though it is getting harder and harder to see any difference.


There is potential for nationwide coverage of this case. Therefore, we need a coherent, focused set of slogans, for the court of public opinion.


John Stone

Here we have it: state-abetted pharmaceutical Maoism. Naked power, and monumental inhumanity, physical and psychological cruelty, wrenching of any conventional legality. When will the civil liberties lobby wake up?

To Not Interested;  Benedetta

I am not every going to have grandchildren.
I am very sad about that, mostly because I know the joy that my own children are going to miss.

But really; in this day and time - the attitude of vaccinating 6 jabs in different limbs,and the federal/state/schools/and now social workers breathing down your neck to get all vaccines even if the kids have an immune problem mis- named autism; not to have grandchildren is a relief!

Deb in IL

Isn't this why there's an ACLU? I am very troubled by all this, and I'm scared for my own son. I pray they are able to bring health back to their children after this assault. Legally, I hope they are able to sue the heck out of that doctor and all parties involved who are bringing harm back to their children - enough to recover their children again and then some.
Sent money, now sending prayers.


Wow! This case has Constitutional dimension and scope. Anyone who doubts that spiritual warfare exists need only look at Arizona. This is a struggle between good and evil. This case deserves nationwide coverage. This case represents the worst State Action imaginable.

In my non-attorney opinion, federal civil rights have been violated in Arizona. Based on first-hand experience, this is not the first time that federal civil rights have been violated in Arizona. Constitutional Due Process violation of the Fourteenth Amendment has again been violated in Arizona.

Arizona CPS and others, acting in concert, are State Actors. They are acting under color of official right. The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is found in Title 42, section 1983 of the United States Code and so is commonly referred to as section 1983. It provides that anyone who, under color of state or local law, causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, or federal law, is liable to that person.

I pray for the Arizona 5. I pray that get competent legal representation. Has a Constitutional law firm been consulted? Is the U.S. Attorney's office involved? Why was there no injunction? They may need to appeal their case all the way to the SCOTUS. Dr Wakefield is the perfect spokesman for the court of public opinion. He has been there (understatement intended).

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