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Andrew Wakefield Speaks at Parliament on Autism

After reading the best-selling book Callous Disregard, Autism and Vaccines: the Truth Behind a Tragedy, Member of the European Parliament Marta Andreasen invited Andy Wakefield to present at the Parliament’s HQ in Brussels on the causation of autism.

View the video at The Autism File Global here. (Photo is not a live link, it's a jpeg, click Autism File Global to link into their site.)

Andy screen


Christina Waldman

I found a link that works to Andrew Wakefield's talk before the European Parliament. Gregg Scott has compiled this playlist of important Wakefield videos. I found a link that works today--others did not--to the video. Gregg Scott has compiled a playlist of important Wakefield videos including Andrew Wakefield before the European Parliament.


that link to the video automatically redirects to another page, and I'd like to know where/how I can access this video's too good to lose track of...please somebody redirect me to the new location of this video. Thanks in advance

cynthia parker

I am so grateful that Andrew Wakefield is devoting his life to standing up for people like me and my daughter. I had said I didn't want the hep-B vaccine given to her in the hospital when she was born, but they gave it to her anyway, and she screamed horribly day and night from the time I brought her home. We realized much later that she was autistic. It goes without saying that I did not let her get the MMR, she was brain-damaged by another vaccine. People are going to have to accept that they'll have to do their research and decide if they want to take their chances with their child getting a vaccine-preventable disease if they don't vaccinate, or take the chance that their child will be one of the ever-growing number who wind up with autism, ADHD, diabetes, asthma, or allergies caused by the vaccines. Wakefield cannot be faulted with the rare measles death that might result from parents' making an educated guess.


This video had been disabled.I could not
get it started.


Jim, I am sick and tired of vague proclamations such as “Follow the science,” together with statements like “Are any of you aware of how many children have died this year because of this anti-vaccine crusade he supports?”

What science are you talking about? Some flawed epidemiological studies? Is there any other scientific paper that looks in depth at the kinds of gastroenterological problems studied by Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues and contradicts their findings? Remember, this is not only about Dr. Wakefield. His colleagues include the renowned pediatric gastroenterologist, Professor John Walker-Smith and others. And, other studies have in fact confirmed Dr. Wakefield et al’s finding of gastrointestinal inflammation and the later finding of persistent measles infection in the intestines.

Their 1998 Lancet paper was a case series study which basically said, “These patients were brought to us. We studied them and found X health conditions. Their parents reported Y history/events. This should be studied further.” This paper did not cause the concerns about the MMR; it responded to the concerns. It would not have received so much attention were it not for so many families experiencing adverse reactions. The parents you see marching here are motivated by their children’s experiences; they are not following Dr. Wakefield like children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Your comment implies that problems with vaccines should not be openly discussed or studied because of the overriding importance of all babies receiving all vaccines. This is like the approach of a totalitarian dictatorship, and assumes great fragility in people’s desire to get vaccinated for protection against serious diseases. And, as with any medical decision, consumers need to know the true risks and potential benefits in order to make good decisions on vaccines. Consumers and doctors also need to know how to identify vaccine reactions, not just be told “Just a coincidence!”

Epidemiology can only give general clues. It cannot prove or disprove causation in a condition that may have several causes and which only affects a minority of the population. MMR is not the only cause of autism or GI inflammation. The MMR does not cause most people to become autistic or develop IBD. But clearly it does cause autism in some children, for example Bailey Banks. It amazes me how many people who say “Don’t confuse correlation with causation” also point to epidemiology as definitive, as if it is the highest form of science. Epidemiology can only show correlation or lack thereof, and even then only in cases where there are not a lot of confounding factors involved.

This is not an “anti-vaccine crusade”. It is a crusade for recognizing and researching vaccine adverse reactions for the sake of prevention and treatment. Babies are receiving more vaccines than ever before in human history, and we do not understand the unintended consequences. Part of the problem in England was continuing to use a type of MMR which caused more adverse reactions than other kinds, even though other countries had stopped using this vaccine.

It is not simply a choice of all vaccines as-is or no vaccines. An important part of a vaccine program is to understand and address the downside, not deny it for the sake of compliance, and not leave the vaccine injured without help.

Ginger Taylor

Gosh Andy... you are good.

If I had scandalous behavior to cover up, I might just have to railroad you myself!

Ain't nothin' more terrifying to a bunch of bullies than someone that is not afraid of bullies.


Thinking about it, I realize how difficult it is to listen for one second to someone you hate. I get that Wakefield seems to be a fraud/monster because so many people who seem credible say he is.

I was one of those who thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I knew there was a dissenter or two, but the chorus of seemingly credible and credentialed people saying the weapons were there overwhelmed the dissenting opinion. I couldn't find any fault in the dissenting opinion, but I couldn't believe that there would be such a consensus in all directions affirming a belief that was just so damn wrong.

That's the nature of a well-oiled, deep-pocketed propaganda campaign, I guess. And they've been perfecting this one for a while.


If the anti-Wakefield posters here would simply spend half an hour and listen to his talk, they would be better able to comment. Wakefield's talk is mostly about other people's research. His own is mentioned only in passing.

So listen to the talk and criticize the studies he mentions or his analyses of them and if you can't do that, stop wasting people's time.

John Fryer chemist

We move forward on science. But perhaps we need to listen to adverse effects and not kill the messengers of bad news.

Dr Andrew Wakefield is not perfect and so like all of us.

But perfect or imperfect the guts found in some autism children are not perfect and we don't need 6 years in medical school to realise this.

In fact, six years in medical school and your brains are well washed.

When one research tells of death and a thousand tell of life, it is a brave man that takes a mercury vaccine in such a case. But it takes a coward to refuse a mercury vaccine for himself and yet allow his own one day old child such a vaccine.

In France more than 95 per cent rejected mercury vaccines but more than 80 per cent of adults allow their child any and every vaccine demanded by the government.

Do you own maths.

John Fryer chemist

Jim and concerned parent:

I can tell you how many in the USA have died from vaccine preventable illness.

More than a thousand deaths from TB EVERY year in USA.

The vaccines are given to teenagers but for some reason are not normally given today in USA and many countries.

But why do babies not yet born get mercury vaccines in 2010, plus vaccines galore for the one day and two month baby when they are trying to develop mature brains and failing; due to too many toxic insults in the vaccines.

Out of 29 teenagers vaccinated for TB in my class of 14 year olds, one died of a brain tumour in less than a year, coincidentally but possibly unrelated to known brain problems for those vaccinated who react badly to them.

We had very safe vaccines in the 1950's and 1960's but then you never got a vaccine so young as now.


yes, Jim please share with us what you know. If you are privy to any studies on safety the CDC childhood immunization schedule, I for one would be very interested in seeing those.

Why after Hannah Poling case isn't the HHS investing in more safety research on the effect of multiple vaccines on a child's immune system or neurotoxic effects on a child's mitochondria?
If they are really interest in protecting our children they would do so, right?

Also, how do you explain the dramatic increase? The "change point" 1989-1990 timeframe that shows an almost simultaneously the start of the increase in this disorder world wide. It's not genetic. no way. However there plenty of evidence to support environmental trigger (s).

Wakefield is not alone in saying this increase points to environmental causation. Chief scientists from the HHS, EPA and UC Davis MIND Institute testified last August that environmental factors play a huge role in the increase.

What do you say to their testimony?

Subcommittee on Children’s Health hearing entitled, "State of Research on Potential Environmental Health Factors with Autism and Related Neurodevelopment Disorders."


Okay, Jim, tell us! How many children have died? And we need the complete story in each case, of course, and the evidence that Dr. Wakefield was the cause of the deaths.

Thanks in advance.


It's seems no one here has read the data, looked at all of the studies that show Dr. Wakefield is simply wrong, nor has anyone read the public documents that point out why Dr. Wakefield lost his license to practice. As a professional in the field I've read his book, I've read most of the research, and it seems clear that the scientific data out there does not agree with what he claims. Speaking at the European Parliament is proof of nothing. These supportive statements sound more like religion than science. Are any of you aware of how many children have died this year because of this anti-vaccine crusade he supports? Follow the science and you will go down a different path than Wakefield is leading you.


@Concerned Parent,
Our medical universities are all over this stuff... You'll be seeing it all come out in the months and years to come and then you will look back on this post and wonder why you let other people do your thinking for you.


@concerned parent:

Funny, not a single parent of children from Wakefield's study testified against him; most came forward and testified on his behalf. None felt that their children were treated unethically. Most went on record as saying that he was the first doctor who actually HELPED their children, and realized that their children had bowel disease, whereas all other doctors dismissed the possibility.

THe last paragraph of his study ended by urging parents NOT to stop vaccinating, but rather to go back to the individual Measles, Mumps, and Rubella jabs, which did not seem to result in the horrific autism/bowel disease combination seen in his case review--a combination dismissed by doctors who did not want to bother investigating severe intestinal symptoms of autistic children.

You obviously either don't know or don't want to admit the facts, which prompts questioning your motives in posting here.


Concerned Parent, read the papers linked to at this site:

And see the movie "Selective Hearing" about Brian Deer and Dr. Wakefield here:

And read the parents' statement and what Martin Walker has to say here:

And read Dr. Wakefield's book Callous Disregard, and David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm.

There is so much more to this story than what mainstream press is reporting - or, rather - not reporting - repeating from pharma/gov't press releases, which is not really reporting.


I suggest, Concerned Parent, that you watch Andrew Wakefield's talk. He mentions his own work briefly. Most of the talk is dedicated to a review of the research of others and a discussion of how the mainstream view of the incidence and causes of autism has changed.

Then if you have something cogent to say, please come back and say it.

Kim Stagliano

Dear Concerned Parent (not concerned enough to use your actual name while casting aspersions.) Your comment borders on slander - had you read his work you'd know the facts of the case. Kim


I can't imagine how hard it must be to be Dr. Wakefield. Easy to admire a hero's work, but hard to be him I'm sure! He often says that what he goes through is nothing compared to what the families he knows have gone (and are going) through. But, still... I hope that the rest of your life goes well, Dr. Wakefield, that you receive the positive recognition you deserve, that you engage in meaningful work for which you are fairly compensated!

An excellent speech and thank you so much, Dr. W., for continuing to advocate and research and all that you do, even in the face of such adversaries! All the very best to you and your family now and in the years ahead!

Concerned Parent

It is unbelieveable that everyone here is so supportive of Dr. Wakefield, whose unethical and unscientific "study" led to the deaths of many children from totally preventable diseases. He has proven nothing.

Not an MD

I agree with everyone here, Dr. Wakefield. You are a true hero. You speak the truth that no one in the medical community wants to hear, in spite of the consequences to yourself. This truth has cost you greatly, but you will triumph in the end, because the science is coming, and the science will be absolutely irrefutable. You will be exonerated in time. The Offits of the world, however, will get their just rewards when true, unadulterated, untainted science research is published -- the kind that Pharma does not fund or influence. I hope there will be legal consequences for all perpetuating the great lie that our vaccine schedule is safe for children. They deserve no less than the "inquisition" you faced.

I thank you, Dr. Wakefield.


So so glad to see this. I hope this is an inroad into further exposure to what's going on.
I also think a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures of the intestinal damage are critical! Use more, Dr. Wakefield! Combine some internal before and afters with the child's external before and afters and maybe they'll appreciate the need for medical treatment.
Congratulations on this presentation! It's been a long time coming.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Im not sure how to spell Haleluyah- but thats what Id like to say. This is a truly historic speech and I believe that we must plan for such a speech to be made on World Autism Day- or move the date of World Autism Day to the date in November when this address took place. Bless the true scientists. They do exist and Dr. Wakefield has given them all a voice to be heard. If this is what the millions of pounds spent on the Callous Disregard trial have given us- It was worth every penny.

Autism Grandma

DOCTOR Wakefield, You Rock!!!

Listening to you speak the truth regarding the factual evidence in such a clear and concise manner gave me the excitement of being a cheerleader again. (And that was 40 years ago) GO WAKEFIELD GO!!!!

I would love to see Paul Offit try to debate you. You would run him over like a freight train. And you are more than well deserving of the title "Doctor" while I can't even bring myself to use that title in front of his name. Offit and those like him who are supporting the U.S. vaccine schedule are all proponents of "First DO Harm".

The day is coming when they will finally lose the game and have to be removed from the playing field, while you and all those on our team will make the final winning touchdowns. GO TEAM GO!!!


Thank you as always, Dr. Wakefield. You are a hero. We will always be grateful.


What a true hero. He's done the equivalent of diving into a freezing lake to save scores of children. I know he'll survive.


Dr. Wakefield is so clearly only looking for the truth that will best protect all children and helped our injured kids!

Most who believe the "mainstream" portrayal of him only need to actually listen to him for themselves to begin see the truth.


I am amazed by Dr Wakefield's integrity, and his committment to stand behind what he believes in, despite the cost to himself. I wish more doctors had that kind of integrity!


Is there a link to the Polly Tommey statements ???

It was there yesterday, the first few minutes were very good.


Would it be possible to get the slide presentation? You can't make out the screen behind him very well.


We love you Andy! Great presentation.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Dr. Wkefield:
"It's coming. The tsunami is coming. For many the tsunami has already come. The tragedy of this picture is that for those people in this picture, it's already over. Some people recognize it and are trying to run away.
Someone in the foreground doesn't realize that there is a problem or they're running to save their own child who's in the water. Nonetheless, they're running into danger. And that's the situation we face. We have an utter catastrophe on our hands and something needs to be done. But there are impediments to progress and the greatest of these are commercial influence, fear of accountability--fear that we as a profession may have done something to cause harm to children which is unthinkable and certainly not the intension. Perhaps most difficult of all is ideological denial, an investment in the belief that vaccines are the greatest thing we've every done. Or that there is no problem with a coal burning power plant or with environmental pollutants such as pesticides. ...we can go one doing this because there is no evidence. We've been dealing with the 'tobacco is good for you' science for a long time now. And we know where that went. ... All of these have been compounded by an elaborate, a deceitful and indeed a failing public relations campaign and that has to change."

This is the absolute truth. We all need to wake up.
Anne Dachel

dan olmsted

This is a great speech. I've heard Andy speak several times recently as we've shared platforms and I never get tired of hearing his presentation. Also, I appreciate his kind words about our book. To borrow a metaphor, we are on the same page.

Dan E. Burns

You tell 'em, Andy!

Maurine Meleck

This is absolutely brilliant. We need to forward it hither and yon and beyond.

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