Why is Paul Offit's "Autism" Org Teaching VACCINE Compliance Propaganda Through CDC
Anne Dachel Reviews Kim Stagliano's All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa



In addition to being so articulate, you have a wonderful voice, Kim -- light, elegant, classy, interesting -- and a lovely accent too.

Autism Grandma

Hi Kim (Again)

I posted this previously on Nov. 8 on the first go around. I am posting this again so that others can get an idea of the variety of subjects that you covered plus alot more--- that I couldn't type fast enough to get every point. Hopefully more people will find the time to listen to this hour of informative and interesting conversation regarding the issues we all face with our children:

Here is the direct link to the interview which is now accessible online:


Regarding your comments in your interview in relation to your book "All I Can Handle, I'm No Mother Teresa", I took notes as I was listening to the radio broadcast recording.
[Please forgive me if I misquoted you in any way---I couldn't type fast enough to keep up]

Re: "I'm No Mother Teresa": In many ways you really ARE a "Mother Teresa"!!!!

Re: The vocal NT (NeuroTypical) community who continually oppose our efforts at recovering our children through biomedical therapies, and who claim that we are "not accepting our children for who they are": I have noticed that these bloggers are usually so insulting and so virulent in their comments that I have come to the conclusion that the majority of these comments are orchestrated and posted by pharmaceutical and vaccine industry employed "ghost writers", especially considering that they are always repeating the same "broken record" vaccine industry propaganda.

Re: "The HuffPo blogger that had over 30,000 posts relating specifically to vaccines, autism and biomedical therapies, averaging hundreds per day": Obviously this demonstrates that a lot of these blog posts are screenplay scripts that are churned out by multiple people using the same fake blog identity. Otherwise this would be impossible for any person, but especially a person claiming to be the mother of a child with autism!!!

Re: The prevalence of autism today as compared to previously (prior to last 20 years): My friend since high school who has been a school nurse for most of her nursing career, did NOT see autism, or ADD/ADHD in the school populations until the last 20 years!!!

Re: "Pushing yourself to keep honest" and incorporating your sense of humor into your book: This is honestly who you are and I can see by your speaking from your heart that you have special gifts that we all benefit from.

Re: Continual parental hypervigilance, as you said "the world is nothing but danger for them", and we continually "operate under high alert" www.awaare.org Autism Wandering Awareness Alert Response Education (not sure I got this organization name exactly correct): Talk about "having eyes in the back of your head"!!! Children with autism need parents who have eyes all over their entire bodies, security cameras, door alarms, and every door in the house locked down like Fort Knox.

Re: "Abuse on the way to and in school.": I am so sorry that your daughter was the victim of being "physically tortured", as you said. We really live in fear of this and I am sure that every single person with a disabled child would have this legitimate fear if they only knew how bad it really is out there. We truly need national Legislation to prevent restraints and abuse of learning disabled children in school.

Examining the Abusive and Deadly Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools: Greg Kutz
"For California and Texas alone it was reported that there were 33,000 instances of seclusion and restraint during the 2008 school year."

Re: Seizures. I agree with you that this is one of the most horrifying issues with autism. My grandson developed seizures immediately after his vaccines. Thankfully I had already learned about Magnesium due to having seizures myself which were induced by a toxic solvent exposure. So we immediately threw him into a bath of Epsom Salts (which is Magnesium) and the seizure resolved before it hit full blown. Since then I have learned about Magnesium Oil, and Magnesium Citrate transdermal cream, both of which we have used to successfully prevent seizures before they go full blown. (As soon as his muscles start going stiff) The longer we have applied the magnesium therapies the less he has any kind of precursor to seizure. There is a definite magnesium issue with many kinds of seizures and also the magnesium pathway which gets depleted due to vaccine toxic overload. If you want any info I will send it to you.

Re: Sarge: Parent Directed autism therapies "giving the parent a sense of control and direction, from passive observer to active participant in your childrens healing": What a great description of what we are all doing with our children's recovery programs!!!

Re: "incredible level of support within the autism community": AMEN

Re: Flu Shot season: In addition to the Mercury neurotoxin issue "What if there is an immediate vaccine reaction in a grocery store or drug stores?" GOOD POINT. Vaccines are being marketed this way as if there is no danger in them so it's "perfectly safe to step right up and get your flu shot at WALMART"?

Re: Murders of children with autism: "People don't understand and the level of support is lacking, loneliness can turn into despair and despair into..... [murder]": It is like a "house of cards" in that once the cards start falling down, so many bad events can happen.

I really enjoyed listening to your interview and statements which you expressed in a very logical manner. Obviously your public speaking skills are as good as your writing skills, and you sound so "cool, calm and collected" (although I realize that you don't sound this way when you are at home and the kids are slinging POOP everywhere!!!)

Since you are becoming quite famous now, can I please have your autograph? [SMILE]

Dan E. Burns

Brilliant. Empowering. Thank you, Kim and Teri, for this 56 minutes of sparkling, fearless discovery and truth telling. Kim, I see my story in yours, as will your other listeners.

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