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Dr. Errol Alden, CEO of the AAP, has a Nephew with Autism

AAP’s Errol R. Alden, MD: The Worst CEO in America, Looking to Target “Vaccine Opponents” and “Celebrities”

Head up ass Managing Editor's Note: AAP response to the overwhelming parental concerns about the current pediatric vaccine schedule? Better science? NAH... Pay parents in focus groups to create more ads to dispel fears! "...We're currently working on a new ad to ease parental concerns over vaccines - concerns caused by misinformation spread by a small but vocal group of vaccine opponents which includes celebrities.We're looking for a cross-section of parents from many different backgrounds and communities.  Please ask those you think fit this description if they'd like to participate.  If so, have them contact Jill Halco directly no later than Friday, November 5.  (If they do not have e-mail access, please ask them to call Jill at 847-398-4920, but e-mail is preferred.)  Each parent will receive $50 as a thank-you for participating in the research."

By JB Handley

Don’t be confused by names like Judith Palfrey, David Tayloe, or Renee Jenkins, there’s only one boss at the AAP: Errol R. Alden, M.D.

While folks like Tayloe show up on Larry King Live and get their ass kicked, Dr. Alden has been running the show since 2004. Not sure who’s boss? When Tayloe was the AAP’s President for a year, they paid him $150,000 for a job poorly done. Dr. Alden? He brought home $525,000, over a half-million “non-profit” bucks.

Dr. Alden does a great job of hiding in the shadows and letting others speak for his organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics. Meanwhile, he appears to be biding his time paying his employees huge salaries and, as the most recent Form 990 HERE from the AAP reveals, losing lots of money.

In 2008, the most recent year for which we have AAP data, the organization pulled in $78 million in revenue (down from $85 million the year prior) and spent more than $82 million, for a net loss on the year of $4 million.

Meanwhile, the AAP has twelve employees in their executive suite who make more than $200k a year, 5 making more than $300k a year, and Dr. Alden north of $500k. And, in 2008, when the AAP lost $4 million, Dr. Alden made a bonus of $47k “based in part on the financial results of the organization” – give me a piece of that incentive plan!

Autism may well be the AAP’s swan song, and I think they know it. You simply can’t have 1% of your pediatric population being damaged for life and survive for very long, and I hope pediatricians start to desert the AAP in order to save our kids. In the meantime, I’m guessing Dr. Alden will hasten the ship he is charting right into the ground.

Dr. Alden’s list of unimpressive accomplishments since taking the helm could fill an Annual Report, the most obvious of which is the AAP’s response to the autism epidemic. In no particular order, Dr. Alden’s organization has:

-      Done nothing to alert their membership to biomedical protocols that may improve the symptoms of autism, and shown no interest in understanding the DAN! Movement of physicians, and never acknowledged that biomedical recovery from autism is possible

-      In 2009 HERE admitted that their membership of pediatricians is unprepared to deal with autism and that many wish complementary alternative medicine training for these patients

-      Green-lighted every vaccine recommended by the CDC’s ACIP committee, including Gardasil and Rotavirus, contributing to a US vaccine schedule now double the average of the rest of the first world

-      Wasted everyone’s time with a predictable public-relations gambit that failed miserably when they tried to guilt ABC into pulling a TV show that discussed the autism-vaccine link  HERE threatening that:

“ABC will bear responsibility for the needless suffering and potential deaths of children from parents' decisions not to immunize based on the content of the episode.”

-      Continually defending the vaccine program in its current construction, and never acknowledging that vaccines may harm some children. At times, this defense becomes comical, as an exchange I had with an AAP employee on Larry King Live demonstrates:

HANDLEY: The AAP doesn't listen at all, Larry. They never look at recovered children. They never look at recovered children. They rubber stamp every vaccine on the schedule. Dr. Fisher never answered why so few companies have picked up varicella flu roto virus (ph). Meantime, AAP rubber stamps every vaccine, like Gardasil (ph), which is damaging teenaged girls right now, which will likely be pulled from the market very soon. There is the AAP rubber stamp on that vaccine.

KING: Dr. Fisher?

FISHER: We hardly rubber stamp any vaccine. The American Academy of Pediatrics listens very closely before a vaccine is recommended for use. It goes through extensive trials. It goes through extensive information. All of that information is reviewed very quickly. It's both efficacy and safety information. There's never a rubber stamp. We work very closely before, while the vaccine is being tested to see if it works, it is safe? And only if it's been determined to be safe and effective is it recommended for use. It's not a rubber stamp.

HANDLEY: Why haven’t these other countries picked up these vaccines?

FISHER: These vaccines are costly. In addition to the number of vaccines, have you looked at what's happened to the price of vaccinating a child?

HANDLEY: We're talking about first-world countries like Germany, the UK, France, Finland who haven't taken on varicella, roto virus, flu, and those vaccines have been on the market for ten years. How can you tell me it's a cost issue? And if these vaccines are so damn important to our kids, why aren't these other countries picking up the vaccines?

FISHER: What I can tell you is the reason we recommend these vaccines in this country is --

HANDLEY: You're not answering the question.

KING: Let her answer.

FISHER: I don't know what they do in Germany or the UK or anywhere else, nor do I suspect you know how they make those decisions. 

(CROSS TALK) FISHER: No, it doesn't. I'm concerned about how we make the decisions here. And since I have been part of some of those decisions, I know that the information about the safety and the efficacy of those vaccines is looked at very closely.

*        *        *

Dr. Alden has been the man in charge during all this buffoonery. A well-publicized report from Pediatrics, released earlier in March this year, Parental Vaccine Safety Concerns, explained how poorly the AAP has failed:

“Our study indicates that a disturbingly high proportion of parents [25%] continue to believe that some vaccines cause autism in otherwise healthy children.”

The same report went on to comment on the public health’s response to this “problem” so far:

“This finding indicates that current public health education campaigns on this issue have not been effective in allaying the concerns of many parents.”

Worse for pediatricians and public health officials than the 1 in 4 people who believe vaccines can cause “autism in healthy children” is the 54% of parents and 60% of moms who agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I am concerned about serious adverse effects of vaccines.”

So, what’s Dr. Alden’s next step to try to stem the tide? An alert AoA’er has gotten under the hood at the AAP with the below internal letter outlining their next “plan” for how to combat parental fears, and it clearly speaks for itself. (Author’s note: Roger F. Suchyta, author of the note, was paid over $377k in compensation by the AAP in 2008):

Dear AAP Staff: 

From time to time, the AAP Department of Communications develops print Public Service ads that appear free of charge in national and local magazines. These ads promote a range of pediatric topics such as obesity prevention, disaster preparedness and immunizations.  We're currently working on a new ad to ease parental concerns over vaccines - concerns caused by misinformation spread by a small but vocal group of vaccine opponents which includes celebrities. 

We're asking for your help to identify local parents who may be interested in joining a focus group that will evaluate several concepts and messages proposed by Springboard, our advertising agency.  

A series of 30-minute focus groups will be held on Wednesday, November 17, at the office of Springboard at 15 N. Arlington Heights Road, Ste. 105, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 (downtown Arlington Heights).

AAP staff, their family and relatives may not participate in the focus groups; however, your friends or neighbors with young children below the age of 5 are welcome to participate.  Please have anyone who may be interested contact Jill Halco of Springboard to schedule a session.  They should e-mail her at [email protected] with a time preference.  Focus group sessions will take place approximately every 30 minutes from 3:30 pm-7:30 pm on November 17.

Please note that childcare is not provided; these sessions are for adult care-givers only.

We're looking for a cross-section of parents from many different backgrounds and communities.  Please ask those you think fit this description if they'd like to participate.  If so, have them contact Jill Halco directly no later than Friday, November 5.  (If they do not have e-mail access, please ask them to call Jill at 847-398-4920, but e-mail is preferred.)  Each parent will receive $50 as a thank-you for participating in the research.

Thank you for helping with this important initiative - to help protect children from the dangers of vaccine-preventable diseases.


Roger F  Suchyta, MD, FAAP

Associate Executive Director

JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.




"If the "AAP's constituency" gives Errol flack he needs to stand up to it, like a good leader, and do the right thing."

If only it worked that way. If only the MDS who call themselves pediatricians were the true constituency of the AAP.

The exact opposite is true. The constituents of the AAP are the pharmaceutical companies the pediatricians serve whether knowingly or not.

The AAP is a pharma industry front group pretending to be an organization of caring MD's out to improve the health and well-being of kids.

The AAP is politically active lobbying directly or indirectly for every vaccine that gets made to get on infant or adolescent vaccine schedule. Perhaps there is some good they do, somewhere, but given the abject negligence shown to autistic kids in light of the huge volume of anecdotal stories of recovery and losing autism diagnoses, how can they ignore all of that and deny autistic kids any chance of improvement in health?

With AAP's true constituents being vaccine makers and not vaccine prescribers or the kids they poke, it is unlikely the AAP will ever endorse treatments for "vaccine injury" as a standard of care for autism.

I like what someone else here had to say...that in the future "pediatricians" will no longer exist. The shame over the iatrogenic autism epidemic that went on far longer than it should have will be so great that no one will want that disgraceful title...ever again.

Autism Grandma

Re: Post by patrons99:

I don't know what your educational background is, but your posts are always very factually enlightening. Thank you for posting the link to the Mortality Rate/ Vaccine Schedule comparisons. Since 2006 the USA now takes the cake at 42nd (down from 34th in 2006) I believe that this is the result of a combination of factors in addition to the toxic vaccine overdosing which then primes the pump for the other factors to result in death, as well as long term health damages for the majority who survive the vaccines but end up with serious health issues, autism being but one of many.

I previously posted this on AoA regarding this article:

US Lagging Behind Much of Europe, Cuba, Chile and United Arab Emirates in Child Mortality

49 Doses by age 6
+ Vaccines given to Pregnant Mothers
+ Aluminum and Mercury in Vaccines
+ Formaldehyde, Antifreeze, MSG and many other Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines
+ Human and Animal Virus and Bacteria in Vaccines
+ Human and Animal foreign DNA in Vaccines
+ Aborted Human Fetal Tissue in Vaccines
+ Multiple Vaccines given at once
+ Vaccines given during Illness
+ Vaccines combined with Tylenol and Antibiotics
+ Barbaric Childbirth Practices
+ Major Increase in C-section Deliveries
+ Processed, Refined and Denatured Foods
+ GMO Foods
+ Chemical Food Additives
+ Toxic Chemicals in Home Environment
+ Pesticides and a Million other Toxic Chemical Exposures
+ Nutritional Deficiencies
+ A Nation that is Controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry
+ A Medical System that Does Not Incorporate, much less prefer, Safe Natural Remedies
+ Doctors who are Indoctrinated by Pharmaceutical Medicines
= 42nd in Infant Mortality


Thank you RN Mommy and ioneskye for your comments.

Is there a list somewhere of the typical office or hospital charges that are made for "each and every" vaccine on the CDC schedule???

Don't post them on your business letterhead...

thank you



There are a few books out there like Charles Seife's. On the face of it, they're about some larger issue, but they contain a targeted message, a sugar-coated poison pill, if you will. In this case it's propaganda about autism and vaccines.

When a child gets a vaccine like MMR and develops fever, seizures and encephalopathy and these are associated with loss of communication and motor skills, you'd have to be a complete moron not to see it's cause and effect. Hard to believe anyone is falling for the coincidence explanation anymore.


Bravo, Donna K - your point goes directly against "coincidence" of autistic regression. The vaccine schedules are the "susceptibility factor" that we all share. We are all vulnerable. Yes, we all have different and unique genetic inheritances which may impact on regression rate, just as some diets may impact on regression rate. Genetics and diet are SMALLER effects which operate on a much longer time-frame, requiring transcription and protein synthesis (or lack thereof), in comparison to simply overwhelming our natural defenses, saturating by sheer weight of cummulative toxins over time by means of the vaccine schedules and vaccine mandates. Tissue viability and organ function is closely-linked to tissue perfusion. Microvascular ischemia can occur RAPIDLY in comparison to genetic and dietary deficiencies.

"If the rate of autistic regression that is occuring around the time of administration of the MMR is equally distributed pre and post vaccination (as would be the case if indeed autistic regression was coincidental with MMR administration), then I believe we would have heard this story as often as we hear the stories of parents who witness regression post MMR."

Actually, there is probably a dose-response relationship between the entire pediatric vaccine schedule and rate of autism regression. We should start to analyze and present the rate of vaccine-induced diseases versus the weight of each ingredient, each ingredient alone and each ingredient in combination with the ingredients not just in the MMR, but each ingredient in the entire vaccine schedule. We urgently need more hypothesis generation and hypothesis testing. We don’t have decades in which to accomplish this. We are running out of time. Looking at "genes" is wrong-headed and panders to pharma’s genetic engineering and xenobiotic agenda.

There are multiple mechanisms of toxicity operating in parallel, at very different rates, which are cummulative and synergistic, for each vaccine in the schedule. A serial, deleterious "priming" of our natural immune systems is taking place, by means of the vaccine schedules, the net effect of which is systematically poisoning us.

Vaccine-related antibody titers have no proven relationship to immunity. It's a meaningless biomarker. I suspect that our cummulative body burden by weight of aluminum and mercury is a meaningful biomarker for predicting vaccine-induced "herd susceptibility" to disease, in both the fully vaccinated and completely unvaccinated populations. We need more data on the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of mercury, aluminum, and inflammatory cytokines over time, with histopathologic correlation.

Here is some VERY compelling data which compares mortality rates in children worldwide with the number of mandated vaccinations received.


Oh, I see the focus group sessions are only in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I don't live near there. Bummer. I really did think it would be fun messing with them.


Let's join the focus groups, and throw them off, giving them weird reasons we have concerns about vaccines. Should make for some funny ads.

Who's with me?


Paul Robinson, what an odd comment! "Jenny's continual national attacks brought so much heat on Errol from the AAP's constituency that he had to back away from the whole process. G.R.'s belligerence ruined a very likely alliance and who suffers? the kids! Nice work G.R.! We were very close to having an acknowledged presence of the Biomed community with the AAP - I guess anger and publicity are more important."
More important to who? To you and your brother-in-law and the rest of the AAP? As many have pointed out quite well, your comment makes no sense. Is Jenny McCarthy so powerful that her comments on TV prevent the AAP from doing their very best to help children with autism?

I'm all for civil discourse. But you have to understand how angry parents are who have seen beloved typically developing toddlers transformed by vaccine reactions -- losing health, language, playfulness, and more. To use that anger as an excuse not to learn as much as possible is weak, pathetic.

There are plenty of rational scientists and doctors who would be more than happy to share their expertise with the AAP, I'm sure. Try Dr. Bryan Jepson or Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, for example.

There are some huge issues such as treatment, prevention, and recognizing signs of susceptibility to vaccine reactions. Jenny does not control whether physicians fulfil their responsabilities to their patients. She's a tough lady but she doesn't have superhuman powers. If the "AAP's constituency" gives Errol flack he needs to stand up to it, like a good leader, and do the right thing.

Donna K

Speaking of regression and vaccines, I have yet to hear a single story where a parent claims that their child regressed right before they got their MMR. The story might sound something like this:

"Thank goodness I had a regularly scheduled well-baby visit to see the ped the week after my toddler started exhibiting symptoms of being sick. I had called the doctor's office to see if I could bring my toddler in early because he/she had a high fever and diarrhea. They said not to bother, that it was a normal response to a childhood illness and nothing to worry about. Just make sure your toddler gets lots of fluids and dose Tylenol as needed. But by the day of the regularly scheduled well-baby visit my toddler had quit making eye contact and stopped using words they had used for months. The ped suggested a possible autism diagnosis and explained that the illness had nothing to do with it, it just happens coincidentally with a childhood illness sometimes. Now let's get the nurse in with that MMR that's due today."

If the rate of autistic regression that is occuring around the time of administration of the MMR is equally distributed pre and post vaccination (as would be the case if indeed autistic regression was coincidental with MMR administration), then I believe we would have heard this story as often as we hear the stories of parents who witness regression post MMR.


To Paul Robinson,

Paul, so your kid is on the spectrum... What is Errol (your b-i-l) doing for him? Is he helping you find biomed approaches that will help him? Or is he, in his infinite compassion, telling you "I'm sorry. But keep up with the vaccines schedule. It is your duty?"
I think you may need to think twice about what your b-i-l is really doing...

Autism Grandma

LOVE THE PICTURE OF THE GUY WITH HIS HEAD UP HIS ASS. HA!!! The rest of the story ain't so funny though:(

To Mr. Robinson,

Re: "Errol Alden is my brother-in-law and there could not be a more caring, selfless, knowledgeable person in that Chair.
My son is on the spectrum."

It appears to me that you are perhaps not aware of the agenda of the AAP.
Although your brother in law may be an intelligent caring person, his hands are tied by his profession, and he would most certainly be out of a job if he promoted the DAN biomedical therapies to his associates. These therapies are directly related to reversing vaccine injuries and therefore the AAP coming out in support of DAN therapies would be tantamount to admitting that the vaccines are causing autism. NEVER will the AAP take this stand. They are already operating in the red at negative 4 million and can't afford to risk losing their financial support from Big Bad Pharma. Someday hopefully the AAP will be forced to recognize the vaccine causation of autism, but until that day they will never do so voluntarily, either directly or indirectly by supporting DAN therapies for autism.

I suspect that your brother in law is using Jenny McCarthy as an excuse as to why he cannot get on board with Defeat Autism Now because he simply cannot say to you: "I will lose my position and employment if I support this". If it was his own child who had autism instead of yours, maybe then he would be motivated to seek another position where he could actually support DAN. But otherwise it's really unrealistic to expect him to single handedly fight off the powers that be in the AAP. He couldn't do this even though he may actually want to.

Jenny McCarthy is not the reason why he cannot continue to pursue this avenue. She is simply the convenient scapegoat that is continually blamed for this entire tragic situation which is certainly not her fault in any way. Jenny did not put thimerisol and all of the other toxins in the vaccines and then overdose vulnerable children with neurotoxins, to the tune of 36 doses by age 18 months. Jenny did not produce MMR, which has damaged so many children's intestines with live measles virus. Jenny did not create any of this misery, she has only broadcasted the facts.


My 3rd son had normal development, then a documented reaction to MMR and began losing skills, soon thereafter Dx'd with Autism.

I started the Special Needs Community Calendar for Los Angeles and joined numerous Autism groups online. Heard the same story THOUSANDS of times.

Now I'm seeing hundreds of kids healing and losing their Dx from GFCF diet, High Vitamin A protocol to reverse MMR damage, and Chelation to reverse Mercury Poisoning.

Check ARI website where thousands of parents have noted what works for them.
These would not work if the cause was anything else.

Whatever happened to the VAERS DATA (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) that was requested via Freedom of Information Act, but was PRIVATIZED by our Govt and LOST by the PRIVATE COMPANY? The evidence was there as noted in the SIMPSONWOOD minutes, obtained via FOIA.

This situation reeks worse that the TOBACCO SCIENCE and CIGARETTE-LUNG CANCER CONSPIRACY.

The truth will prevail.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Unless the AAP can make 700,000+ children with autism magically disappear, this a huge waste of time.

Saying vaccines are safe, vaccines don't cause autism is just too big a lie to swallow when there's an autistic child in everyone's neighborhood and no official knows why.

Anne Dachel, Media

kathy blanco

well, we still haven't learned...that this corporate mentality is all about bottom line and perception of safety. Until we get some, you know whats, we will continue to add to the schedule. The only thing they listen to is money, not the silent and sick cries of our children. It's time, high time, we boycott all vaccines on a grand and massive scale. Start telling the truth, that we cannot predict outcome in children. Until then, they will continue with their shenanegans.


"What's happened in the past is the past."

This is ludicrous. The entire apparatus that damaged thousands of children, plus the lives of their parents and any siblings -- we're just supposed to give them a free pass because it's "in the past."

This the pretty much the same thing that various swine pediatricians say today --"Well, what does it matter even if mercury WAS bad, we're not doing it any more."

As if those thousands of children and their parents and siblings should just go quietly away? And be happy because the pediatricians "aren't doing it any more" ?


There are some good pediatricians. And probably there are some good people who are employees even at the horrible pharma companies.

But most of those folks need to understand what they've done, and all of the children and families should be compensated.

This is an unacknowledged U.S. holocaust.

But of course, once the s*%$ finally does hit the fan, most of them will simply slink off into a very well funded retirement.


Sorry, Carol, I should have read more carefully. You did say at the beginning, "This is what passes as thinking these days." Good ex. Of the bs out there!


carol, Then why are there so many doctors and researchers concerned about vaccine safety? Are they stupid, too? And in the face of some serious shunning from their colleages. I believe the parents who think vaccines caused their child's problem. "Proximate cause" sounds like another nice try by the pharma science blog gang.


Check this out. This is what passes for thinking today.

"A really good example is the autism issue. Whenever a parent has a child who ends up being autistic, the parent more than likely says, “What caused it? How did it happen? Is there anything I could have done differently?” This is part of the reason why people have been so down on the M.M.R. vaccine, because that seems like a proximate cause. It’s something that usually happened shortly before the autism symptoms appeared. So our minds immediately leap to the fact that the vaccine causes autism, when in fact the evidence is strong that there is no link between the M.M.R. vaccine or any other vaccines and autism."

Concerned Mom

Lisa Ackerman,

You are right on! The past is the past and focus is needed on children suffering now. I'm hoping and praying that dialogue between DAN and the AAP can indeed be restarted. I do believe it would make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many more autistic kids.


Cherry Sperlin Misra said the misty past of 10 years ago parents tried the civil discourse route.

PLEASE: 25 years ago is the really misty past 1986 remember Barbara Fisher. Twenty five years ago I was on the phone called all and anybody that would listen too. The civil discourse was tried then too.

That is two for two!

Do you think, that the GAYS if they had gone the civil discourse would have anything - anything to treat AIDS????

Well, they wouldn't. Only when they got rather nasty was something done.

Not 10 years - okay!
Probably not 25 years because they already were trying to get that stupid vaccine court underway by then ----sooooooo it was much longer!

I say take no prisoners!
Civil discourse will get us the same thing we all have had for the past 40 years.

Those that forget history are doommmmed to repeat it.

Adam M

what would be the most natural expirement to address peoples concern's about vaccine injury and death? Fully vaccinated vs. never vaccinated study and follow them for twenty years to see what the difference in health outcomes is. There are many unvaccinated children available and willing parents. Got one myself. In light of the hannah polling case (and $20 million concession) and others I'm sure they already know the answer and it's not the one they want.

Lisa @ TACA

Paul & I had a very collaborative and wonderful email exchange full of ideas & good efforts in 2008. I still have the email exchange. From those efforts, we had Carol Berkowitz from the AAP at DAN in 2008. It was fantastic. Amazing! Hopeful.

This conversation is appropriate the day after the elections. We have to drive change for children and their families - regardless of the party affiliation. If the AAP did not have success one route - take another route. Don't ignore the problem.

Paul- invite the folks back to the table. Utilize ARI for that conversation. Co-morbid features tend to come with autism. A lot of kids with autism are sick. Just think if treatments were made available how many kids would have a better life!

Focus: Solutions

Whats happened in the past is the past. Answers are needed for the children suffering.

Respectfully -
Lisa Ackerman - TACA

Cynthia Cournoyer

The only thing that gets their attention is when we refuse vaccines. If parents or celebrities speak out against vaccines, they are swept aside as kooks. If we LISTEN to them and stop vaccinating, well that's another story.

The AAP wants parent input so they can modify their marketing strategy. They want to change their marketing strategy only because we still have the freedom to refuse vaccines.

When marketing doesn't work, look for more strong-arm tactics. Can't get babies, get adults. (So many more "adult" vaccines now than 20 years ago!) How about you can't get a drivers license until you see the nurse at the DMV for that little flu shot?

They don't want a dialogue. They want to spread their own version of fear. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't show up for that?

Maurine Meleck

I know who Mrs. Robinson is, but who is Mr. Robinson? Nobody, I guess.
I'll be at the Thanksgiving table trying to get Joshua to eat.

Joshua-failure to thrive, autism.


RN Mommy

Like Ioneskye, I want out of a profession that requires me to participate in this madness. I have to give the Hep B at work. How ironic that I am supposed to inject kids with aluminum hydroxide so I can afford to pay for GFCF foods for my vaccine injured children? This system is so broken and yet I feel a slave to it because I need my RN salary. I fear losing my job if I say too much. Down with the vaccine lords!! I loathe my situation!


Some of you might enjoy this skit between concerned parents and a pediatrician:

quote: Father: Right. We are up to seventeen vaccines and the baby is only four months old. When was the last time you had 17 vaccines in four months, doctor?

Doctor: My vaccines are not the question here. We need to stay focused on what is needed for public health. After all, vaccination helps develop their immune systems by giving them some challenges and it keeps serious disease low…that’s called establishing herd immunity. You don’t want to be responsible for causing an epidemic, do you?


And like a pouting, angry 3 yr old, Paul Robinson pointed his "wittle" finger at the beautiful princess and said, "it's all her fault!"

Grow up AAP! And remember that when you point a finger at someone you've always got 3 fingers pointing back at you.

How's all Jenny's fault that the AAP is neglecting autistic kids health and well being. What a load of crap.

Kim Stagliano

We ran a post about AAP and ARI - we were tentatively hopeful. Kind of like a dog that has sat outside in the freezing rain starving and fending for itself pretty darn well and then seeing the door opened a crack and smelling a sizzling steak and a lot of other dogs lying on soft pillows. SLAM! We aren't idiots, Mr. Robinson. Thanks for telling us the inside poop. Ha ha.

KIM, Managing Editor and mom of THREE with autism. I live it, eat it, breathe it every day for my girls. Take your holier than thou "Oh you people blew it but good" attitude elsewhere please. And enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your BIL - I'll be at the children's table helping my kids use a fork and sip from a straw.

First Do No Harm

"G.R.'s belligerence ruined a very likely alliance and who suffers? the kids! Nice work G.R.! We were very close to having an acknowledged presence of the Biomed community with the AAP"

So...we learn from an insider that autism treatments are a negotiable commodity, like pork bellies.

Negotiations break down and the kids lose out. It's that simple. There's no ethical obligation on the part of the AAP to get beneficial treatments to children with autism. No sense of urgency. The MDs' collective egos were bruised by Jenny McCarthy, so they're going to take their marbles and go home. Medical care be damned!

Concerned Mom

Paul Robinson,

I'm so sorry your attempts at bringing the DAN biomedical doctors together with the AAP were dashed. I sit here and wonder how many kids could have been helped by such a collaboration. So many parents of autistic children do not go the biomed route because they have been told by their pediatrician that it does not work. If the biomed approach had the backing of the AAP, it would stand to reason that many of those same naysaying doctors would change their tune and more kids might be helped. What I've learned, though, is that a lot of autism 'activism' isn't about helping autistic kids anymore. It isn't about getting the word out and sharing ideas about special diets, HBOT, sensory integration, supplements, support groups, educational resources, playgroups, therapies, all things that would help kids suffering now. No, autism activism has largely become all about trying to get vaccine companies to admit that vaccines cause autism. This likely isn't going to happen anytime soon. Yes, big tobacco did finally come clean but after how many years and how many lives lost? If vaccine companies were to come clean, it wouldn't be for a very long time and in that time, many more lives will be ruined. So it would behoove us, in the meantime, now, to help suffering kids and maybe even find that elusive cure. Taking the biomed approach mainstream with the AAP would have been a fantastic way to effect that. However, with the road autism activism is traveling now, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Kim Stagliano

Most telling line in my book was from a neurologist - one step below most peds (not all) in their uselessness for our kids:

"We're not that aggressive with autism, Kim." Susan Klein, University Hospitals of Cleveland, MD PhD. Page 53, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa. I've never forgotten how my daughter, overtaken by seizures, was ignored by the "best and brightest." KIM


To Paul,
Yes, It is unfortunate that it has been hard to get the AAP and the biomed community together. You can blame Jenny McCarthy for your brother-in-law backing away, but the blame really falls on the AAP, CDC and FDA. This situation would have never occurred in the first place if these 3 groups would have insisted upon proper research being done on these vaccines before the implementation of the current vaccine schedule. If she is caustic, it is her frustration with the indifference of the AAP, the fraud that has been committed
by the CDC, and the lack of oversight regarding the safety of vaccines by the FDA.
In regards to the AAP getting involved
in biomedical intervention for children with Autism, don't you think that the AAP
should be actively involved on their own?
Rather than having the brother-in-law of the
executive director making a phone call to arrange a meeting of the minds, shouldn't the AAP act aggressively and reach out on their own? Shouldn't they be contacting the
individuals who are the leaders in the biomed community and getting familiar with
intervention strategies?
Your brother-in-law might be caring, but about what? His salary? Keeping the AAP going? If he really cared about this situation, then he would have the guts to
get involved IN SPITE of his constituency.
All the AAP cares about is the $$$ they get
from Pharma. The AAP has major conflicts of interest in all of this. They wanted all these vaccines for our kids without demanding proper research and have taken
alot of money from the Vaccine mfs.
Once it has been established that the current immunization schedule is responsible for the Autism epidemic the AAP
is going to go the way of the Dodo bird.

Also for Paul Robinson

To Errol's brother-in-law, Paul,

So you're telling us that because Jenny McCarthy's
people skills were not to Errol's liking, Errol was entitled to not bring beneficial treatments to autistic children?

That's what you're saying Paul.

If autistic children can be helped by certain treatments, shouldn't Errol be obligated to find a way for them to get those treatments, regardless of Jenny McCarthy's actions? She's an actress. You're telling us she has the power to stop biomedical treatments for autism from getting into the hands of pediatricians, because Errol is put off by her "caustic posturing?"

That IS what you're saying, Paul.

At least Errol's brother-in-law has admitted to us publicly that it's politics that's keeping these treatments from autistic children, and not "safety" or "efficacy" as we've been told.

Thanks Paul. Very enlightening.

Tell your brother in law about ARI if he doesn't like the folks at GR. For him to withhold potentially helpful treatments from autistic children because he doesn't like Jenny McCarthy is sick, sick, sick. Not to mention spineless.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Paul Robinson, Its evident that yourself and Dr. Errol Alden believe in solving issues in a dignified, civil manner and I think that everyone here would agree that this is always desirable. Yes, in fact, in the misty distant past, say about 10 years ago, many of us thought that civil discourse would solve the problems of autism. Yes, ten years ago- I believe that is circa the time when the AAP was stating their desire that mercury be removed from all vaccines given to children.
So now, the question is, When is someone like Dr. Alden going to speak up clearly for all to hear :" In my humble opinion, no child or adult in the world should receive any vaccine containing mercury, so lets put an end to all flu vaccines and other vaccines in mercury formulation."
The people at this website, have one united goal;to see the suffering end. And we expect that to be the goal of pediatricians as well. We dont accept the premise that other considerations take precedence over the risk of deranging a child's mind.


cmo - Listen to what Paul Offit has to say about autism in this youtube video clip from Gary Null's new documentary "Autism: Made in the USA". He dismisses autism as something that occurs anyway, even without vaccines. There is not an ounce of humility, much less remorse, in the man. A perfect sociopath! The horror! These are crimes against humanity on a scale never seen before. The man-made epidemic of vaccine-induced neuroimmune and neurodevelopmental diseases is a new holocaust!

Here's a recent article titled "Death by Vaccination: The Gates Foundation and the New Eugenics" by Richard Gale on September 22, 2010.

For Paul Robinson

Hello Paul,

Children are not suffering because of Jenny McCarthy. Children have and will continue to suffer because people like your brother in law who refuses to do anything to stop the suffering. Please don't expect us to believe even without Stan Kurtz's involvement nothing can be done to form an alliance between Dan! And the AAP. How stupid do you think people are?

The AAP under your brother in law's direction stands silent and does nothing to prevent this epidemic of brain damage and immune dysfunction. And you expect us to believe that is what a caring man does? Please. He sounds like a very immoral and unprincipled man.

CT teacher

To ioneskaye - How do you stand it? Can't you get a job in another part of the medical community? Get transferred? Watching this carnage and knowing what is causing it without speaking up is not only doing damage to the children and their parents but to yourself as well.

Paul Robinson

Errol Alden is my brother-in-law and there could not be a more caring, selfless, knowledgeable person in that Chair.
My son is on the spectrum.
I saw Jenny McCarthy ripping at the AAP on Larry King several years ago and sent an email to her via TACA saying that her caustic posturing wasn't helping relations between the biomed MD's and traditional pediatricians.
To my surprise, TACA contacted me right back at which point I was able to put DAN's main spokesperson at the time, Stan Kurtz, and Errol in concert over including the biomed world in the AAP's recommendations as well as pooling research, etc.
Things were proceeding quite well when suddenly Stan had to leave DAN and then he joined G.R..
Jenny's continual national attacks brought so much heat on Errol from the AAP's constituency that he had to back away from the whole process.
G.R.'s belligerence ruined a very likely alliance and who suffers? the kids! Nice work G.R.! We were very close to having an acknowledged presence of the Biomed community with the AAP - I guess anger and publicity are more important.
P.S. - your money facts are all skewed.


Thanks Beth, will do. JB, this is the heart of problem, the core. The very people who should be the strongest advocates for the kids are basically pimps for pharmacy.Nice. May history remember them unkindly.


i love j b handley, as a pediatric medical professional in a large vaccine mecca I have witnessed countless vaccine injuries and have been told to shut up or lose my job, i could write a book on pediatricians and criminal offenses; lost your only son five hours after his four month vaccines-must be SIDS, irretractable seizures hours after nine biological toxoids-let's do the million dollar work up because it cannot be linked to vaccines, kawasakis disease or ITP two weeks after an mmr-no problem, definitely related to your child's genetic predisposition, sudden neurological devastation in a normally healthy baby-we just don't know. Like Jb, I think these pediatricians should be prosecuted for the unthinkable crimes against humanity. I've witnessed these atrocities first hand for twenty five years.


Eighty-nine percent of parents want vaccine safety research, and they are paying parents $50 to help themselves "research" effective vaccine advertising?

"We're looking for a cross-section of parents from many different backgrounds and communities. Please ask those you think fit this description if they'd like to participate." Who would they "think" doesn't fit this description?

How about paying some of their membership, and perhaps some on the NVAC, $50 to take the childhood vaccine schedule, preferably scaled to body weight for their smallest patients with comprehensive health evaluation before and afterward follow-up for at least two years! It might even reassure some parents just to see pediatricians unflinchingly take the same "pediatric" vaccine doses on the same timeframe they advocate daily for infant populations, and then ride off into the sunset. After all, PR is, apparently, a very important part in a vaccination program, at least in the United States of Pharmacopia, but then, perhaps they can't do that, because that may place the AAP even further in the red, what with those salaries and bonuses, to add the cost of administering a statistically significant sized group of doctors the U.S. vaccine schedule (... and I really shouldn't voice such a suggestion, because someone, just possibly, might surprise me and attempt it, but then maybe I should. They are so comfortable pushing this schedule on children.)


Great work again JB.

The typical AAP memeber will first check what kind of insurance the child has and from there...

...will know what can be billed directly without questions.

If they can bill 6 or 7 shots in one "well baby visit" they will.

Again, Dr. Offit and Dr. Nancy could "calm vaccine fears" by EACH taking a full vial of multi-dose flu vaccines (with Thimerosal of course) on the Today Show.

....this would about equal the toddler dose of mercury they push in their vaccine pimp program.


Care package for J.B. Handley

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me
It's more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be

And when you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you


Question 1) Author’s note: Roger F. Suchyta, author of the note, was paid over $377k in compensation by the AAP in 2008):

What was the compensation for??

Question 2.) I do not understand why they are paying people with kids under five -- 50 dollars. Are these parents suppose to bring new advertising ideas on vaccines?

And now below is a list of why you do not go to a ped. , but get your babe a general practioner:

First you must understand why a medical doctor goes into pediatics.

No, not that he likes kids; but because they are lazy and greedy!

They figure they will be working with a group of patients that are on the whole healthy enough to overcome most any affliction.

Not only that, but there is fast and good money to be made.

They can push through their patients faster and collect money faster than any other medical specialty.

Because to treat children there is only four things to do and say no thinking much or creativity involved here;

*Baby is doing good, so lets get today's vaccines that are due.(Really good because a nurse can do this while the ped sees the next kid) OH Yeah - and even better is the fact that the federal government pays the ped an additional subsidie to do it.

*Let's culture up that green phelm in your child's throat, then you call us in the morning to see how it comes out. Yeap: Call our nurse in the morning and she will call into the drug store our most precious wonder medicine "antibiotic". If you have insurance we'll get you that 300 dollar brand if not, well, there is a cheaper one, but it works just as good.

*Oh it is a virus go home and get some fluid in 'em. (This is when peds are so busy and going so fast that they don't even bother to take time to get a throat culture/ear's not red enough or painful enough -YET! Belly ache just part of the virus - besides you are a good parent and there is no doubt that you will bring the babe back in three days time. In this case they have nothing to lose but more to gain! They will get to collect another office visit fee.

* Your Babe will out grow this, be not concerned - all is fine. Trust us, we're doctors! Believe us when we say that 75 percent of the Babe's the have "Febrile seizures" will outgrow them and be just fine. Not talking yet? Well no problem, some are just slow bloomers! Not potty trained yet, well you are not training 'em right - here take this pamphlet and keep trying.

By the way: (febrile seizures are not seizures that show up on an EEG as the Babe is falling asleep - but dumb Mom don't know that - as the peds actually high five each other for telling such a good LIE to the Dumb MOM). This office visit is often listed as the alleiving a parent of aniexty or assuring the parent - it is not about the BABE! Because really it is not a human being, after all!


Thought provoking as always, J.B.


Debbie Voss

You never fail to amaze me J.B.!


Oh dear Lord. Why am I not surprised? Can we send in some ringers????


And we should e-mail [email protected] with our stories of vaccine reactions and recoveries.

Maybe Jill will smarten up and find her advertising agency more honest and ethical projects in the future.

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