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Win HandHold Adaptive's AutismTrack iApp at Age of Autism

Autism track logo Our friends from HandHold Adaptive have kindly offered to give NINE Age of Autism readers a free copy of their newest app, AutismTrack. We have eight left! Just leave a comment here with your email address in the email line please. Good luck and thanks to Dan and RobTedesco of HandHold Adaptive, Dad and Uncle (respectively) to a child on the spectrum and practically neighbors of a certain Managing Editor.

Today is an exciting day for all of us at HandHold Adaptive®, as we're very pleased to announce the release our newest application, AutismTrackTM!

AutismTrackTM is a powerful, easy-to-use, application for tracking the daily progress of individuals on the autism spectrum.
The app, which runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, helps parents and other caregivers track the therapies, diets, and other interventions which seem to bring about positive behaviors in their loved ones: 
* EASY TO USE: With simple "sliders" and checkboxes, it takes only seconds to enter the day's information.
* CUSTOMIZABLE: Track any behavior, diet, medicine, therapy, or supplement -- choose from our list or create and track your own.
* EMAILABLE AND PRINTABLE REPORTS: View your data within the app itself, or email Daily Log Screens and Trend Analysis Reports right from within the app. Share your information with doctors, therapists, or whomever you'd like!
* SERVER-BASED: Your data is stored secure, password-protected server, so there's no need to worry about losing your valuable information if you lose your device! Any number of caregivers may track any number of individuals using our robustly engineered system.
We hope you'll check out AutismTrackTM, and pass the word along to any individuals you feel may benefit from it. With iPrompts┬« on its way to becoming a new standard in picture-prompting (iPrompts┬« hit #1 in its category on the App Store in June!), our family-run business is extremely proud to put another powerful tool into the hands of special needs caregivers. For more information click HERE. 



This sounds like an amazing app. I just got an ipod touch and have an 8 year old with autism who is on a variety of supplements in addition to his other therapies.

I would love to win a copy of this!

Jennifer Blanchard

I am so glad there are companies like HandHeld in our Autism corner! I am out of work (single parent family) so it's a bit out of our price range right now, but I would appreciate this for my son. Thanks, and good luck with the app!!

Tracy Blaney

Would love to win. My son is non-verbal and he has an iPod and I have an IPhone. We are getting him an IPad for Christma (hopefully). He loves using the apps on his itouch.
Please consider me to win. :)

Kim Gerard

My name is Kim, I am the mother of 3 busy boys 8 1/2,4 1/2 and 3 1/2. My middle son has autism. I am constantly on the run as I am there "TAXI DRIVER" mostly for all my middle sons Dr's appointments and after school therapies as well as activities for my other two sons. I even have 3 different school drop off's and pick up times. This would be a great application to help me organized! Thank you.

Heather Butcher

Please pick my family.

Heather Butcher

Please pick my family. I am a full time Mental Health student and a very busy mom of two sons with Autism. We could use all the help we can get.

Thomas Moore

My name is Thomas Moore and I am the clinical director at the Treatment and Learning Center for Autism (Andrews Center, Non Profit) in Tyler, Texas. I moved from NYC to Tyler, Texas last Dec. to assist a pilot program day treatment center for Autism. We started with 3 staff members and 2 children which quickly grew to 8 children and 10 staff members all working in less than two normal sized bedrooms. That all changed last week! We have moved into a 4,500 sq foot newly renovated building to house our great kiddos and incredible staff. I am posting here because next week we are holding an open house which 1 parent has already committed to donating 2 IPADS. As we struggle to find the best way to organize 10 programs (with more to come) with data collection, graphing, etc. I feel that applications on the IPADS may aid us in this venture. We are a non profit and I would be happy to send pictures of a place that is wonderful and that you may be able to help. Thank you for your consideration!

Val from Ohio

It would be great to be able to stop tracking my son's diet, supplements and behaviors on paper, as I am now.


This would simplify multiple pieces of my life, I need it!


I would love to have this!


Pick me, pick me!! I would love to have this. I need something to help track all the progress!!!

Suzanne Reyes

This sounds amazing! I would love to use this to track my daughter's behaviors as we change treatments.

Stephanie Weiss

OMG I need this app to give to my son's school. They got him and Ipod and this would be fantastic!!!

Chrissy Weber

Please enter me to win! I have a 9 year old son with autism and currently have an iPhone and am looking to see if we can swing an iPad for Christmas or his bday.

Cheryl Connelly

Application looks great - I have a son with autism who is non-verbal as well. We have an ipod touch and the application would be great to have!

Diane Cervi

What a great App! This would be so helpful with my daughter and all of her needs. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you!


We love IPrompts. Such a great help!


We also just purchased an iPad for our 13 year old son who is non-verbal and has severe autism. We would really appreciate this app! Thank you!


great thing to have thanks


"I got a rock" ... Charlie Brown

Lucy vasquez

Uh........ Andy's birthday it's next Tuesday. This would deffenetly be the best present for him. Good luck to all and my Smdy too!!! Thanks to Dan & Rob for this generous donation for this wounderful children. ~Lucy

Shannon Hunt

We have an ipad and ipod and was just looking at this application the other day. It looks great!!

Shannon Hunt

Debbie Cairney

would love this cos lets face it, anything that can help make life a bit easier for everyone can only be a good thing. :)


Please enter us in the contest, we have 2 boys with Autism!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Please consider our family. We used the money from my last military promotion to obtain an iPad and found that the larger size works for attention/interest with Isaac. This added tool will be beneficial to my wife and me. She is currently one course short of being a certified ABA therapist!

Alex von Dallwitz

What a fantastic app, this will definitely help my wife and I in tracking our son's multitude of daily biomedical treatments. What a treasure this would be to have. Nice work HandHold Adaptive!

Becky H-A

I've been looking at the iPad as an in and out of classroom improvement to a hauling around a PECS book for my mostly non-verbal ~7yo. We also haven't updated or recenlty used his paper filled daily communication binder. This application may put me over the fence into purchase mode (hope iPads drop on Black Fri)


Looks like an amazing application... will help a lot of people... wish it would work on a regular computer as well as the i-equipment as many of us are just getting through day to day and can only wish we had these kinds of tools to help our kiddos.


Wow, this would be amazing! I just got an iTouch from my brother and would love to have this app!!


Love to have it,


Enter me please!! We use an ipod touch and an iphone with my 5 year old autistic son.

Tara McMillan

I don't have an iphone yet..plan to upgrade in the next month, but I would love to get this app for my new phone, so I can use to for my son- it would be helpful to have one place to keep all his info organized!

Lisa Bohn

We're getting an iPad and this app would be a welcome addition...I agree with a previous post that technology often goes hand in hand with autism.


OK so like many others I am exhausted! With my 8 year old son back to school, keeping up with homework, meds, OT, PT, Dr's appointments, HBTS workers, sensory schedule and on and on...this sounds like a big help! Would love to give it a whirl :)

Jennifer Hurley

Sounds great for helping with my son - I need an easier way to stay organized! Thanks!

Donna L

What an awesome app!!!! Very cool idea!! Would love to try this!


I would love to have this!!!!:)

Ronda Valletto

We would love to have one! Thank you!

Janet Czarnecki

Autism and technology go hand in mind is always working on ways to enhance my son's life and any idea that helps me manage my own life is priceless..Thanks Age of Autism!


I'd love to try this

M Wood

Would love to try it out!

Debbie Umphries

This sounds great!! I need all the help I can to make our life with autism more efficient!
Thank you!


Our county just approved the purchase of an Ipad for my daughter! I'm so excited!

I'd love a chance for this app.



Just got an iPad and this would be a great addition. We have a 3 1/2 nonverbal child with autism. Thanks!

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