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When It Comes To Autism, Jenny McCarthy Never Fakes It.

Jenny and Leigh Thank you to Leigh Attaway Wilcox, from the MomBlogs of the Dallas Morning News for letting us share this terrific post with our readers. Please visit the DMN blogs regularly. Dan Burns has a regular blog there and Nancy Churnin, who runs the blogs, has graciously allowed me to contribute as well. KIM

Jenny McCarthy connects with warrior moms in Dallas 

3:00 PM Thu, Oct 07, 2010 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz

Leigh Attaway Wilcox  

Connections make life rich. Each of us seeks to surround ourselves with people who have similar priorities and goals. Sometimes it is thanks to rather dire situations that we truly connect with others who change our lives forever.

Jenny McCarthy, while on tour for her new book, Love, Lust and Faking It, took time out of her schedule Wednesday night to have a drink with a local group of moms (and a few dads, grandmothers and sisters) following a book signing at the Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble in Dallas. Why? She graciously honored a connection that many local "Warrior Moms," like me, have with her.

Let me be honest: Autism can be a very lonely place for families to journey. Especially in the beginning, after first receiving a diagnosis, many of us are so overwhelmed by responsibility ("I caused this" thoughts), shame ("I can't control my own child" thoughts) and grief ("my child may never...make friends...have a meaningful, fulfilling job...get married..." and on and on kinds of thoughts) we don't realize, (some of us for weeks, months or years) that we're far, far from alone...

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Diane Hunter

Thank you, Kim for sharing this beautiful story by Leigh spotlighting the power of connection and that we are not alone. What a great blog site too. I'll be following MomBlogs now and look forward to reading your contributions in there as well. :) Our community is full of SO many generous, dedicated people sharing their experience and knowledge.

Cat Jameson

That was a great story of how the connections in this community are strong and growing stronger. I feel the same way with a certain group of Warrior Moms and Dads in my local area. We're banded for life, and that isn't a bad thing at all.

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