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Kim Stagliano on Huffington Post: Vaccine Safety Why Parents Are Concerned

Girl with chalkboard Please pop over to HuffPo to read and comment on my latest post about a study stating that 89% of parents put vaccine safety at the top of their list of medical concerns: Vaccine Safety: Why Parents Are Concerned. Thank you. Kim

...Beating parents over the head with the "disease is only a plane ride away" has failed.

Clobbering parents with the concept of "herd immunity" rings hollow when your baby calf is the one who falls.

Bludgeoning parents of autistic children has failed to connect with parents in its utter transparency to protect corporate and governmental interests.

The vaccine safety community doesn't have big gun PR firms to coax the media into doing our bidding. There's no government support via PBS programs like New Sid the Science Kid Flu Vaccination Special Episode Now Available for Free Download on Flu.gov, enticing kids to get vaccines as if you're selling breakfast cereal...

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.





The trolls on that board are the reason I don't post there. They are most certainly either in the pay of pharma or have very large nest eggs invested in pharma stock.

Great article though! You're much braver than I.

CT teacher

The arrogance of the trolls over at HuffPo is insufferable. I can't read their nasty, overbearing comments. They don't give a damn about the kids. They lack compassion because their egos are so large that there is no room left for feelings.

Autism Grandma

What a great article by Kim!!! I am not crazy about all those pro vaccine nut cases who post over on HuffPo, but I posted today because of Kim's article:

"From the last time I posted here 6 months ago, I've noticed the same vaccine defenders are still posting on HuffPo over and over again: Sheldon 101, Josephius, etc. I don't know whose interests these people represent, but I do know whose interests that Kim Stagliano, JohnDanStone, and all those in the vaccine safety camp represent: the Children of America which have the highest rates of autism in the world along with Great Britain. "Coincidentally" these two countries also have the largest vaccine schedules, in America a total of 70 from birth to graduation from high school, with the initial 36 doses given to newborn infants from their first day of birth until 18 months. Gee what could possibly be dangerous about that???

What happens when all these children get tested for heavy metals? Mercury and/or Aluminum levels off the charts. Gee what a coincidence...

What about all these family members who witnessed their children regress into autism directly related to vaccines? We all tell the exact same story. Gee what a coincidence...

What about all this intestinal damage and autism after MMR Vaccines? Gee what a coincidence...

What about the Amish and other large groups who don't vaccinate having minimal autism rates? And what about the fact that the countries with the lowest vaccine schedules also have lowest autism rates? Gee what a coincidence...

But one thing all these vaccine defenders DO know...."Vaccines are safe" and "Vaccines do not cause autism" OH REALLY?



please keep in mind two things: one, pertussis is generally a summer/fall disease, its season is almost over. Secondly, from 2000-2005 there were an average of 27 infant deaths per year. There were 39 in 2005 alone. This is all on the CDC website. Fact is, deaths are DOWN from the beginning of the decade. There is no epidemic. However, there are a whole lot more teenagers and adults being diagnosed - but deaths have NOT increased.

Cynthia Cournoyer

According to conventional medical agreement, babies are not fully immune until they are fully vaccinated. If you get "just one" DPT shot your baby would be 1/6th or 1/8th immune, according to their own numbers. Vaccinated kids get pertussis also. Many in the current "outbreak" are already vaccinated. Saying that one shot would make your baby more immune is based on belief of the doctors, not scientific guarantees.

My position is, if you vaccinate against pertussis for over 50 years, 90-100% of all school children are vaccinated, and you still have "outbreaks" then when can we assume vaccines are a complete failure?

Keep in mind the other two components (tetanus and diphtheria). You cannot get a "pertussis" vaccine. They are not separate. So in the current situation, do you also want to "protect" your child from those two diseases that are so rare, they are in the single digits per year?

Also, when people choose not to vaccinate, sometimes they need to revisit those beliefs in order to stand up to new situations and remain unvaccinated.


ocean, I don't think any of us over here are glad that our children were given the DTaP; I would bet that virtually of us, if we were given the chance to do it over again, would NOT have allowed our children to receive it. Most of us here no longer permit any vaccines, as we have done enough research to convince us of the total lack of proof that they are safe, as well as the compelling proof that they cause brain damage (2793 cases of vaccine-induced brain damage compensated in vaccine court last time I checked).

I'm sure the people whose children didn't react to the shot are perfectly happy they got it.


Thanks for sharing thatm for I have often wondered.


The pertussis shot is only 40-60% effective. It has been implicated in all kinds of known side effects ( including autism). My fully vaccinated son most likely has asthma due to it and caught pertussis two years ago and became severely ill due to the pertussis vaccine induced asthma. Read the package insert. Then educate yourself on how a 1 yr old would be treated for pertussis if he did catch it. Also, if he has the shot and it destroys his immune system, he will not be as able to deal with pertussis if he did get it than if he was unvaccinated and has a healthy immune system.


not sure if this is the place to post this, but i have an important question.

we are travelling by air to california this winter and i am afraid of the "pertussis epidemic".

i have a perfect, unvaccinated 1-year-old and wonder if he should get a DTaP (just one?). our doctor suggests it, saying the one shot will help him fight off the bacteria if he comes across it.

what do you think?


Well written work Kim !!!

If 89% of the parents are now expressing a concern over vaccine safety, that is a great, great, leap forward.

The next step would be for those parents to spent a few hours looking at the facts, fraud and endless corruption of the vaccine industry. They will never join the other side again...

this says it all...

....Clobbering parents with the concept of "herd immunity" rings hollow when your baby calf is the one who falls.


I a gree with Sara. Plus, Shannon Rosa is one of the biggest trolls there is. I notice she just is rambling on and on again over there. A brainwashed parent who never shuts her trap.


I am constantly dismayed by the inability of the liberal blogosphere (HuffPo, Kos, FDL, etc.) to grasp the horrors being perpetrated by an out-of-control corporate vaccine program. It's a shameful and willful failing on their part.


I hope you are reaching some people through that venue....its certainly stocked with some nasty trolls on the comment board.

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