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How Vaccine Damage Deniers Threaten Us All

Vax child By Jake Crosby

In “PBS Frontline: The Vaccine Wars,” one particular scene that caught my attention was when NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher argued that the right to question vaccine safety and right to choose to be vaccinated should be no different than with any other drug. Then along came University of Pennsylvania bio“ethicist” Arthur Caplan, who for three years chaired the bio“ethics” advisory board of GlaxoSmithKline, to correct her, arguing that vaccines are “special.”

They are so special, Caplan argues, that getting a vaccine not only helps protect yourself, but others around you. No, really Arthur? This concept is called “herd immunity,” it is scientifically supported, and there is even a mathematic equation used in infectious disease epidemiology to assess what amount of coverage is necessary to prevent outbreaks.

What Caplan does not acknowledge, just setting aside efficacy and duration of vaccinations that also come into play, is that any adverse reaction associated with a vaccine will have a higher attributable risk by virtue of the fact that it is recommended for the general population as opposed to specific individuals. So, by holding vaccines to a lower standard of safety and stating people should have no choice over whether or not they get vaccinated as bio“ethicists” such as Caplan argue, the result is much more potentially devastating than it would be for a prescription pharmaceutical not administered to the population at large. In compelling everyone to vaccinate to protect herd immunity, there would also be a substantially greater herd risk. Perhaps this highlights the inherent conflict of public health officials being charged with both vaccinating as many people as possible and making sure the shots are safe.

But still, getting a vaccine even if it comes with an adverse event cannot potentially affect others around you like refusing vaccines might, right? Not so fast. In fact, the two most widely cited examples of vaccines causing adverse events - MMR and those with thimerosal – could potentially harm more people than just their recipients.

First, thimerosal as we all know is a neurotoxin, and one that is to be disposed of as “hazardous waste.” Yet, when it’s not harming the recipient of the vaccine it’s in, it is being excreted into the environment – not as the hazardous waste it is – posing a new, however indirect, threat to us all. True, there are claims that there is more mercury in a tuna fish sandwich, though what is conveniently left out is that the EPA has specific warnings on consuming fish because of its mercury content, and furthermore these levels are exceeded by mercury in vaccines. An even more ridiculous defense for thimerosal is that mercury partially makes up the core of the earth; which is exactly where it belongs, not above ground where people live. And unlike prescription pharmaceuticals that are only considered a public health threat when unused and flushed down peoples’ toilets, mercury in vaccines is ultimately disposed of this way when the vaccines are administered, if it’s not still lingering inside the recipient, causing harm. Ultimately, this environmental hazard threatens all living things, not just the people who get vaccinated, and the same argument can potentially be made of many other toxins in vaccines as well.

Moving on to the MMR now, this vaccine may not pose the same kind of health threat – being a live-virus vaccine free of thimerosal – but it may very well adversely affect more than just those who take it. Research has confirmed the presence of vaccine-strain measles in the guts, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid of children with autism and bowel disease. However, no studies have been done to determine if the vaccine-strain causing these persistent infections can be communicable to others like wild measles, which is highly contagious. Despite the absence of proof, there is evidence that this may well be the case, based on what we already know about both the measles and live-virus vaccines. It has been known that virions from the latter can be shed from the recipient, causing other people to become sick, as is the case with smallpox vaccines. It is certainly plausible, at the very least, that this can happen with the MMR, too, and who knows what other live-virus childhood vaccines. The recipients of the chicken pox vaccine, for instance, are known to shed virus, causing shingles.

Of course, vaccines may also trigger the virulence of pre-existing, dormant agents, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits who recently discovered the XMRV virus, which has been linked to autism and chronic fatigue syndrome. Dead cell vaccines, such as DTaP, have been found by research from Israel to merely reduce symptoms of Pertussis – not so much prevent infection – making vaccine recipients carriers for the illness.

In the nineteenth century, smallpox vaccines, despite their efficacy against smallpox – much later causing the disease’s eradication – spread equally deadly diseases like tetanus, and others potentially transmissible such as syphilis.

Perhaps the greatest example of a vaccine potentially causing significant adverse health outcomes to those beyond just their recipients was the CHAT polio vaccine used in Africa during the late fifties that has been widely suspected of being the origin of HIV, and therefore AIDS. The international AIDS charity – AVERT – despite saying this claim is unproven, does not deny it’s a plausibility. The virologist who discovered HIV – Dr. Luc Montagnier – does not doubt it either.

But even setting aside all of these emerging scientific realities – adverse vaccine events still pose a grave public threat beyond just those who have negative reactions. That threat lies in the enormous costs of care for those people that society will incur – because everyone is recommended to receive vaccines; thus, a very high number of people are adversely affected, even if not directly. Society will be obligated to pay the tab for the immense morbidity caused – putting a strain on the healthcare system by raising everybody’s insurance premiums while diverting funds from other health services. The net result is an adverse effect on care, and ultimately on the collective health of society. We don’t think about it this way as much as we do about herd immunity, even though the net impacts of the former stretch far beyond the latter.

Of course, all this is not to say that vaccines are evil and must be eliminated: far from. What this says is that vaccines’ tremendous potential public health benefits need to be weighed against the vast public health risks posted by their adverse events – making concerns of their safety no less primary than those of other drugs. The benefits of vaccines – however great – do not make them “special.”

 Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University who is double majoring in History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He is a contributing editor to Age of Autism.



Jake Crosby

"First, Jake clearly doesn't seem to realize that attributable risk is defined as the difference in the incidence rate of a condition between an exposed and unexposed population. In other words, it's a fraction (as in 1 out of 100 or 1 out of 1000)."

He completely misunderstood. I completely acknowledge that it is a fraction, and believe that it is higher with vaccines still. The reason why I think that is because vaccines are recommended for everyone with few exceptions. So people in vulnerable subgroups are more likely to be exposed than to prescription drugs.


I don't know whether the autism rate is going down or not but I would have to say that the description of autistic children in this article doesn't fit my experience or understanding of autism.

Would Kanner have recognized them?


How do you know that autism rates are going down????

It takes 10 years for CDC and NIH to get the figures together to begin with.

Last year these same slow, ol'e dinosaurs said it is either 1 out of 91 or maybe 1 out 100.

Mr T

There is a very interesting article titled "Thimerosal, Autism's Daddy" written by Jon Christian Ryter posted on I am very thankful for writers like Jake exposing the insanity.

CT teacher

patrons99 - I share your view that the vaccine schedule is poisoning all of us. It's frightening.

kerbob1 - What do you think is the reason that autism rates are in decline in every state ? The reduction of mercury in vaccines?


kerbob1 - "Many children are dead as a direct result of the vaccine manufacturing drug companies forcing their products on our children."

How very true! What's particularly frightening is that most of the public is oblivious to this truth, because of suppression by the media. Thus far, it's one of the greatest crimes of the 21st century. There is no end in sight. Unless We the People make our voices heard, it will never stop.


Chicken Pox?

I wrote this a few years ago.

Take a look at the second graphic. Note most states dropped Varicella as a reportable disease prior to the introduction of the MMRV.

Ohio continued to keep track. Look at the whopping increase in cases which coincided with the mass introduction of the MMRV.

By direct causal reasons and not coincidence the various support groups for biomedical treatments started reporting children previously NOT having serious seizures stated having them.

Many children are dead as a direct result of the vaccine manufacturing drug companies forcing their products on our children.


MinorityView - I'd like to thank you and everyone here at AoA who commented on your material on chicken pox. I've added the 3 articles at Inside Vaccines which were referenced to my library. Why is Secondary Transmission such an important topic? Because it is just one of the potential ways in which the vaccine schedules make us all susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases. Viral shedding of live virus, transplacental transfer to the unborn fetus, transmission through sexual intercourse, transmission in breast milk, are VERY real concerns.

How certain are we that the vaccinated human vectors are not also transmitting mercury itself, antigenically-"drifted" microbes, and "immune" proteins, thereby making our internal biologic milleau more receptive/conducive to infectious, neoplastic, and autoimmune "disease"?

It is VERY important to keep close track of these outbreaks and resurgences of once "conquered" diseases because they go directly against the never-proven, pharma-sponsored mythology of vaccine-induced "herd immunity". Once that myth is discredited, their entire house of cards will collapse.

A relevant question should now be asked: how much stronger is vaccine-induced "herd susceptibility" to disease than the natural "herd immunity" in the never vaccinated, e.g., in those taking adequate vitamin D3, C, B12, colloidal silver, glutathione, cysteine, etc?

These questions can begin to be answered by collecting and analyzing data such as the graphical data prepared by Raymond Obomsawin.


I love it that someone with Aspergers is researching this topic. The other day I worked with some kids (high school kids) who have aspergers and it really struck me as to what it is I love about those kids. Honesty. Total, uncensored honesty. They say what they think and there seems like such a vulnerability in that. I have struggled with when to do that and when not to myself. I can't help but be even more impressed by the fact that when someone with aspergers is doing the research, they will be objective about what it is they find. They couldn't help but do otherwise.


Thanks to everyone who responded to the material I shared on chickenpox. Yes, I have heard that shingles is showing up in kids following the vaccine. I'd suspect some sort of immune malfunction, but I have not done the research, so that is speculative.

The way it is supposed to work is that children get the CP, exposing all the surrounding adults, who get their immunity boosted and do NOT break out in shingles. I was fortunate enough to care for my grandchildren while they had CP--so now I don't need to spend $200 on the shingles vaccine :)

If CP is not circulating and adults are not getting exposure boosts, then some of them will pop out with shingles at younger and younger ages...boosting demand for the very expensive and only 50% effective shingles vaccine...and adding to pharma profits. Brilliant scheme!

CT teacher

Jake - You bring up an interesting point about mercury and its possible excretion from our bodies. I have often wondered about the toxic drugs used in cancer treatment. When they are excreted do they eventually end up poisoning our drinking water? For that matter, what about all prescription drugs? When excreted from the body they could be really messing up the ecosystem. Most of them are pretty toxic as well. Are these not environmental issues we should be addressing? The mercury in vaccines could be adding to this toxic dump as well( no pun intended ).


CT Teacher - here's another recent article challenging medical researchers and professionals by exposing their bad science.

“Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated” by Mike Adams on October 28, 2010.

“Placebos were seldom described in randomized, controlled trials of pills or capsules. Because the nature of the placebo can influence trial outcomes, placebo formulation should be disclosed in reports of placebo-controlled trials.”

To say that the nature of the placebo can influence trial outcomes, is an understatement. The expedited market approval of Gardasil by FDA is a case in point.

BTW - should anyone really be surprised that Merck is seeking additional marketing indications for Gardasil, e.g., for Use in Anal Cancer Prevention. Any bets on whether FDA grants “approval”? :>) FDA Advisory Committee meetings are nothing more than kabuki theatre. FDA has become an operational arm of pharma. COIs? Who are they kidding?

November 16-17, 2010: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Draft Agenda

November 16-17, 2010: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Briefing Document (PDF - 295KB)

November 16-17, 2010: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Roster (PDF - 37KB)

November 16-17, 2010: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Briefing Document Supplemental Biologics Licensing Application for Use in Anal Cancer Prevention (PDF - 2231KB)

Theresa O

So glad to get another Jake Crosby piece! Nice work, Jake, particularly on citing the financial cost of vaccine injuries, which are borne (at least in part) by society.

There is also the opportunity cost of universal vaccine administration. Every dollar spent developing, marketing, and administering vaccines could be spent elsewhere (vitamin supplements, fresh produce, brand-new cars with anti-lock brakes), either by the government or by individuals.

Oh, and I LOVE the title or your post. LOVE it.


JenB - See the following link for some pretty amazing graphical data prepared by Dr Raymond Obomsawin M.Sc., Ph.D. in December 2009. The evidence of harm is undeniable. With regard to a mumps outbreaks in a highly vaccinated population, see page 18 of the following PDF file.

See pages 14 and 15 of PDF for a pie chart of inactivated influenza vaccine “effectiveness”.
See pages 18-21 of PDF for several Outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations.
See page 26 of PDF for under age 5 mortality versus number of vaccine doses mandated to age 5.
See page 27 of PDF for under age 5 influenza deaths before & after U.S. CDC Mandates Flu Vaccines in early childhood.
See page 34 of PDF for vaccine mercury burden & autism rate between 1991-1997 in California.
See page 35 of PDF for relative risks for several neurological disorders, including autism versus vaccine mercury exposure up to age one month.

I wonder what the relative risk for these neurological disorders does throughout the entire vaccine schedule. Look at the under age 5 influenza deaths before and after mandated flu vaccines in early childhood.

I do not believe that it is at all unreasonable to conclude that we are being systematically poisoned by the vaccine schedules and mandated vaccines.


Yes, that is the example I used to a pulmonary doctor recently when I was trying to gently inform him about the XMRV virus.

The doctor was confused when I said that my husbands's mitcohondrial cytopathy might be caused by a virus.

He said in surprise,"But a virus is something you get and then you get over?"

I reminded him that the chicken pox vaccine is in our bodies for all our lives and only if our resistance is low can it show up as shingles. I also reminded him that the HIV is also a virus that is not something we get over.

CT teacher

I want to alert all readers of Age of Autism to a VERY IMPORTANT article that appears in a special issue of the ATLANTIC magazine...BRAVE THINKERS. The article that relates to medicine is called LIES, DAMNED LIES, and MEDICAL SCIENCE by David H. Freedman. It is about Dr. John Ioannidis who is challenging medical researchers and professionals by exposing their bad science. He basically believes that there is very little medical research that is reliable due to inherent bias, COI's, not asking the right questions, manipulating data, etc., etc. In short, all the things that we have been saying about bad vaccine science. Oddly enough, he is well respected by his peers, and has been published in prestigious journals, such as JAMA and NATURE. Oddly enough, he does not mention vaccines. Oddly enough as well, he specifically mentions Dr. David Gorski, and he implies that he is supportive of his theories. This does not sound like the Orac that we all know and love so well. In any case, please, please, everyone read this article. It might point us all in the right direction, and enlighten us all. I thought immediately about JB's 14
studies. It is a most excellent and informative article!



Such excellent points, Jake!


@JenB - "Knowing of a case such as this, and also knowing it was not publicized, I wonder how common, but perhaps not recognized, such transmissions are?"

I'd bet that they are VERY common and largely willfully unrecognized as such. btw - your point supports my theory of vaccine-induced herd-susceptibility. The vaccinated are often acting as human vectors of vaccine-induced diseases.

@nhokkanen - your comment re: Caplan is VERY well stated. He should be replaced. His natural bias does render him unsuitable. "He has been hard-wired to foster disease prevention at any cost -- perversely rationalizing iatrogenic neuroimmune damage on a massive scale." Bingo! You've nailed it!

Caplan is FULLY complicit in causing iatrogenic neuroimmune damage on a massive scale. This is NOT naivete! Those responsible for this carnage should be named and held accountable.


Hi Jake,

I think you might want to read some more about the Smallpox vaccine:
- Who really was Edward Jenner?
- How was this vaccine manufactured?
- Was this vaccine the reason for Smallpox eradication?

The vaccine industry story of Smallpox and its vaccine is highly one-sided, if not misleading.

You can start your search by googling "Dr. Hadwen". Try out the good ole' doctor - he's precious.

Bob Moffitt

Jake wrote:

"Then along came University of Pennsylvania bio“ethicist” Arthur Caplan, who for three years chaired the bio“ethics” advisory board of GlaxoSmithKline, to correct her, arguing that vaccines are “special.”

Ah yes .. the very same Professor Caplan who recently expressed strong criticisms of "unethical" studies conducted by the Tuskegee Institute on patients with syphilis .. and .. the government of Guatamala on patients with gonorrhea. Mr. Caplan expressed great outrage that US Public health officials had participated in these "unethical" studies by "willingly, knowingly, deliberately .. giving certain individuals gonorrhea and syphilis.

What .. pray tell .. is the "ethical" distinction between those long ago studies .. where US Public health officials .. seeking to "protect the herd" by learning how to treat the advanced stages of syphilis and gonorrhea .. decided to withhold effective treatment for both diseases from a small segment of the world's population .. and .. today's public health officials .. giving a "one size fits all vaccine" .. that COMMON SENSE AND PROFESSOR CAPLAN KNOWS .. with guaranteed SCIENTIFIC certainty .. will cause severe reaction .. up to and including death .. in a small segment of children who .. for whatever reason .. cannot tolerate the vaccine?

That a preeminent "ethicist" .. would shed crocodile tears for past "unethical" studies .. yet .. see nothing wrong with finding "one size fits all vaccines" so special .. he would "willingly, knowingly, deliberately" .. expose a small segment of children and their families to potential severe consequences .. to "protect the greater herd" .. is incomprehensible to me.

Personally .. I would have far greater respect for any student who FAILED his course on "ethics" .. than I would for those who passed.

Caplan's heavily critical comments on the "ethics" of syphilis and gonorrhea studies can be read here:


I know of a case of mumps acquired in a young child from a recently vaccinated playmate. When the mumps outbreak occurred in the mid-west and was declared probably due to someone traveling out of country, I thought at the time it was more likely that someone acquired the virus from a recent MMR recipient, but I don't know if that possibility was even researched. Knowing of a case such as this, and also knowing it was not publicized, I wonder how common, but perhaps not recognized, such transmissions are?


Arthur Caplan should either regularly disclose his devastating childhood experience with a life-threatening disease, or recuse himself from vaccine safety discourse (read: promotion) entirely.

His natural bias renders him an unsuitable commentator in public forums where a fair and open-minded expert position is sought. He has been hard-wired to foster disease prevention at any cost -- perversely rationalizing iatrogenic neuroimmune damage on a massive scale.

He recovered. How many of our children will not?

cherry sperlin misra

minority view- one of the great lessons to be learned from reading about vaccines is that everything which you may read about infectious diseases and vaccines may be true/false/partially true. Regarding chickenpox vaccines, what I have read is that cases of shingles, which previously occured only in elderly people, are now occuring in tiny kids.
Recently my grandkids, age sever, ten received measles vaccine at the same time. One child got red spots, but not in the time period described in the vaccine literature and one child got fever, malaise, but once again not during the time period described in the literature. This, of course enabled the doctor to say that the symptoms were not caused by the vaccine.
Further, the literature and doctors make no mention to parents, of the fact that the childs immune system will be lowered for at least six weeks post vaccine, and sure enough both kids got other infections, one severe during this period
And to top it all off, we can just hope that the kids will never develope subacute scerosing panencephalitis - a deadly disorder that can occur years later.
One aspect of vaccines is very clear= The medical and public health personnel do not want anyone to know all the risks and the full extent of the risks of any vaccines, because in many cases, the risks are simply not worth taking.


Thanks, Jake, you highlight the point that "the system" is currently not acknowledging the huge cost to society for all of this disability. I thought I read somewhere that part of the justification and "benefit" of vaccines when they are being considered for approval by the FDA usually includes some calculation of "savings." These savings are based on the avoidance of "lost work days" of parents who won't have to care for their children because of wonderful vaccines. If they only calculated the cost of 1 in 110 kids with autism, not to mention all of the other ADHD, bipolar disorder, diabetes, etc. they would finally see there is a financial burden, not benefit, to vaccination. My two teenagers currently use about $80,000 per year EACH in public education, healthcare, and social services - - quite a hidden impact for a $15 vaccine...


I don't think we get it totally.

Vaccines are a deliberate action to catapult the human body into all sorts of hidden maladies. The sooner in life this assault begins the less likely the detection of a host of neurological and physical illness will take place.

Once we begin to comprehend that vaccines are just the orientation part of navigating life helplessly in the hands of a gigantic money-hungry health care beast.

There is nothing noble or honest about the anti-litigation bloc of autism research, is there?

The non-contemporaneous research conducted by the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen is bigoted and can not be relied upon. It does not deserve notability. His patsy organization, Arhus University, not only fired Thorsen, they vacated his work and retracted away from the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research entirely.

These open secrets could not have happened in a closet. They are clear for all to see.

It is impossible to hide our children just as it is impossible to hide the fact that Autism rates have been in decline, and continue to be in decline in every state of the union.

Jake Crosby

On a different but related note, I left out the YouTube recording of Maurice Hilleman saying he imported AIDS virus to the country, and made no mention of the SV40 cancer virus contaminating US polio vaccines - also discussed during the interview.


We have been taught that it's only our dormant chicken pox that raises it's ugly head one day to infect us with shingles, however, recipients of varicella vaccine ARE experiencing shingles at younger ages,and anecdotally more than a few "grandmas" have come down with shingles within 14 days of their grandchildren's shots. I don't think science has caught up to the damages of vaccines, and varicella being relatively new, should be considered the "suspect" it seems to be, at this time.

Jake Crosby

@Minority View:

On your page, it states:

"Chicken Pox Vaccine - Vaccine-strain chickenpox has been found replicating in the lung (4) and documented as transmtting via zoster (shingles sores) (5) as well as “classic” chickenpox (6) rash post-vaccination."


Thanks for commenting, I am glad you are interested in my article. I would certainly be all in favor of having a hyperlink to AVERT's website on HIV/AIDS added if you feel it would clarify the charity's position on this topic.


Hi Jake,
You have a misunderstanding of the relationship between chickenpox and shingles. Shingles arises at some point after a person has been exposed to either chickenpox or the vaccine. The virus lingers in the nervous system and may emerge if there is a drop in resistance due to age, illness, or lack of exposure to circulating chickenpox. Here are a couple of articles that cover the details, for future reference:


Hello Jake, Thank you for an interesting article. AVERT's website makes it very clear that the contaminated polio vaccine idea (explored by Hooper, 1999) is just one controversial and well publicised theory among many posited about the origin of AIDS. In the interests of balance might we suggest that a hyperlink is provided in your text to the relevant page on our site: ?


"the system is being exploited and abused," should be enough of an arguement to make any citizen's blood run cold.

Deb in IL

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".
Today, the number of vaccine reactions are higher than the actual illnesses they allegedly protect us from, so therefore, the "many" is on the side of vaccine-safety (or vaccine elimination).


"The benefits of vaccines – however great – do not make them “special.'"

UGH!!! What are the "benefits" of vaccines exactly? Autism, diabetes, eczema, cancer? The doctors and pharma benefit but certainly not the receipient. Vaccines are a hoax, always have been and always will be.


Jake, can you research the following:

'This concept is called “herd immunity,” it is scientifically supported, and there is even a mathematic equation used in infectious disease epidemiology to assess what amount of coverage is necessary to prevent outbreaks.'
My understanding is that this concept was scientifically supported when there was natural immunity. It was noticed at a time when there were no vaccines for a disease. Has there really been any study (that is not conflicted) that shows the same is true for vaccine 'immunity'?


Jake - your last paragraph has some “issues”. You seem to have conflated a specious argument with the myths of vaccine-induced herd-immunity and vaccine-preventable diseases. I’m trying to deconstruct the meaning of your last paragraph. Are you trying to say that vaccines are Godly and must be preserved because vaccines offer tremendous potential public health benefits and their benefits are great? If that’s not your intent, you may wish to restate or amend it.

“...vaccines are evil and must be eliminated...”

“...vaccines’ tremendous potential public health benefits...”

“...the benefits of vaccines - however great -...”

I would argue that the concepts of vaccine-induced “herd immunity” and “vaccine-preventable diseases” are pure mythology, marketing tactics invented by pharma, with not one iota of proof. Please show me where I’m wrong. As I’ve said several times before, there is a growing body of evidence that the vaccine schedules actually make us more susceptible to diseases, i.e., they act as portals or gateways of vaccine-induced susceptibility to diseases, in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

John Stone

I just posted this comment on Bob Sear's latest Huffington Post article (with special reference to flu vaccine), but it might go for here as well:

'This is fundamentally a civil rights issue. We have got to the point where government or employers can insist on people having products where the benefits are actually controversial and most likely negligible, and the harm unresearched. In fact no government seems to be able to publish remotely straight statistics. They have wild claims about flu mortality, and liitle evidence that in general flu vaccine limits it. And yet - particularly in the US - vaccines go on being mandated irrespective of whether they are good or useful, and the sky is the limit. (In the case of HPV vaccines, for example, any benefits are still purely conjectural, because they simply weren't trialled long enough.)The point is that this is not a safe or rational system, and gives manufacturers a captive market, while being a perpetual and extending drain on the public purse. The sooner people get back to being able to ask questions and say "no" if they want to (and without sanction) the safer the system will be. The answer with vaccines is just like any other product: they may be good things (some of them) but the system is being exploited and abused.'

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