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Fish Eyes, Mercury and Autism

F3.large By Teresa Conrick

[The picture: Quantitative mercury distributions of treated zebrafish.  (BR) brain, (EL) eye lens, (LV) liver, (GT) gut, (KT) kidney tubule, (MS) skeletal muscle, (YL) yolk, (SC) spinal cord.]

My daughter, Megan, was born with beautiful, vibrant, blue eyes and red hair. That was seventeen and a half years ago. Over those years, her eye color has changed where now they appear a brownish green.  It was a gradual change and looking at photos of her when she was a young girl, I see how different they are now.  In addition, like many people with an autism diagnosis, Meg has visual idiosyncrasies.  

This became apparent as she was regressing into autism, when she lost eye contact, began to look out of the corner of her eyes, waved her fingers in front of her eyes, fixated on ceiling fans, and was transfixed by flashing lights.  Ironically, my father was an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon but had passed away when Megan was eight months old, before autism entered our lives.  I never got a chance to talk with him about any of these thoughts but I recently became interested in all of these factors when I found a study on the internet while "fishing" called, "Localizing organomercury uptake and accumulation in zebrafish larvae at the tissue and cellular level." 

This study used florescent x-ray mapping to look at the distribution of both methylmercury then ethylmercury (thimerosal) in the zebrafish.  This study is fascinating and tells us a great deal about where thimerosal and methyl mercury can end up in an embryo and beyond.  Read the full version then you get a chance (HERE) but here are some highlights:

"Regions of relatively high Hg include brain, gastrointestinal tract, and particularly the eye lens. Whereas the presence of Hg in the first two tissues is expected, the relatively high accumulation of MeHg in the eye lens is unprecedented.....We observe highly preferential accumulation of Hg in the outer layer of the eye lens, reaching ≈1 μg/cm2, a level more than four times higher than in other tissues examined. Another Hg-rich region in the eye, the outer layer of the retina, shows somewhat lower levels of Hg (≈0.12–0.21 μg/cm2).....Similar patterns of Hg accumulation, with the highest Hg at the periphery of the eye lens, were observed in tissues from larvae treated with another organomercury (C–Hg) thimerosal. This suggests that the accumulation pattern does not vary strongly with the chemical form of organic Hg.....The mechanism responsible for the preferential uptake of organic Hg in the eye lens epithelium is not known at present. However, since the overall development and morphology of the adult zebrafish lens is similar to that of other vertebrates, it may be hypothesized that a similar mechanism is also responsible for the accumulation of organic Hg in the mammalian eye.....Visual defects, such as partial or complete loss of vision and constriction in peripheral visual fields, are common results of organic Hg poisoning and are known to reflect neuronal loss in certain parts of the brain. Our data using methyl- or ethylmercury-exposed zebrafish larvae reveal that a large accumulation of Hg can occur in the eye and especially in the lens epithelium. Thus, it is possible that Hg accumulation impairs the visual processes not only on a neurological level, but also by a more direct effect on the ocular tissue."

Now a quick autism-vision excerpt from Dr. Melvin Kaplan who wrote the book "Seeing Through New Eyes: Changing the Lives of Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and other Developmental Disabilities through Vision Therapy" says, the vision problems this population experiences “stem from deficits in the ambient vision processes involved in peripheral vision.” HERE

That's a sobering realization, that mercury has been found in the tissues of the zebrafish eye (thimerosal = "highest Hg at the periphery") and many children with autism, who also had thimerosal via vaccines, have peripheral visual and ocular issues. In the new book, "Age of Autism, Mercury, Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic,  Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill describe Jean-Martin Charcot, the father of modern neurology, and his "hysterical" patients.  Charcot observed their visual issues, strange body movements and skin sensations, and even drew elaborate pictures and diagrams of visual field constriction, yet never made the connection to mercury poisoning.  He instead clustered classic mercury exposure symptoms - eye/vision, contractures, loss of sensation - into his "stigmata" of hysteria.  Could something similar be happening today with autism?

Another observed eye phenomenon in autism is strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. (HERE) Dr. Kaplan again, along with Bernard Rimland and Steve Edelson reported in 1999, " A clinical optometric examination of 34 individuals with autism, ages 7 to 19 years, found a strabismus rate of 50% ....strabismus occurs in only 2% to 4% of the general population."

Strabismus can also be found  HERE and HERE in Minamata victims, the effects of ingested mercury in fish.  Cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa injuries are also reported among the victims of Minamata from mercury: HERE.

So ingesting mercury can cause significant injuries and deformities to the eye in humans and if you are a fish, swimming in it can cause the same.  Here was another study, one that is concerning as well:

The Lancet, Volume 316, Issue 8188, Pages 237-239, 1980

"Single corneas of nine patients about to undergo full-thickness corneal keratoplasty were exposed to thiomersal by application of a hydrophilic gel contact lens preserved with this mercurial agent. These lenses were removed at operation 4 h later, and the lenses, corneal buttons, and samples of aqueous were taken for determination of total mercury by wet digestion and nameless atomic absorption. The contact lenses contained little residual mercury, but mercury was readily detected in the corneal buttons and in the samples of aqueous over the range of 1-60 ng/ml. Five control samples of aqueous obtained without exposure to mercurial preservatives contained less than 1 ng/ml mercury. Although specific effects on ocular function are not described, the use of these preservatives is associated with penetration of mercury into the aqueous in concentrations similar to those reported with systemic poisoning by organic mercurials."

Again, alarming yet makes sense.  If mercury can damage from ingestion and skin contact (fish), then this seems very possible.  Here's one more to reinforce the dangers, not Jeremy Piven but more proof to that occurrence:

"Diet‐related mercury poisoning resulting in visual loss" (HERE)

"We believe that these results, combined with the patient's visual field abnormalities, suggest the primary cause of his visual loss to be bilateral optic neuropathies secondary to chronic mercury poisoning."

And some other research related to the eye and mercury:

- "Indeed, one of the earliest signs of mercury poisoning is an impairment of scotopic (night) vision"

- "This aspect of vision is mediated primarily by rod photoreceptor cells, which are unable to respond appropriately to light following exposure to mercuric compounds ."

-"In addition, chronic exposure to mercury may result in a perturbation of peripheral vision, followed by a more severe loss of central vision "

So what does this all mean?  I'm not sure but the correlations are something to add to an autism diagnosis, vision issues, and the possibility that mercury could be a factor.

I have been writing about melanin and its very possible association to autism and mercury.  This latest group of patterns dealing with the eye, and more specifically with the lens epithelium, leads us right back to that hypothesis.  This sums it up well and should bring increased attention to the DANGER of mercury and the hyped up thimerosal-containing flu vaccine for pregnant women, their fetuses, and infants. 

"Both melanocytes and pigment epithelium contain melanin, which has the ability to bind organic amines and metal ions. This results in the accumulation of these substances in the eye. Melanin may protect cells from chemical stress by binding toxic chemicals; but in chronic exposure, increased and lengthy binding may cause damage to these cells." (HERE)

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Theodora Trudorn

Interesting thing you brought up Cynthia. I do know that when meltdown time comes or my flash backs are hitting my eyes grow dark, nearly black. I also know that back in the Aderal days there would be times, mostly when the sensory was really getting to me, that there was a yellowish tinge to them that is not there normally.

I imagine, though not through observation yet, that they do perhaps darken when symptoms are irritated. It makes sense to me, especially since that is the most dangerous time, as many times that comes right before meltdown.


@ to patrons99 re CRS
@ Teresa Conrick

Whether the holocaust of iatrogenic disease is caused by germs, genes, or jabs, we need to know the answer. Here are some VERY BIG CLUES:

“Partial third nerve palsy after Measles Mumps Rubella vaccination” on September 10, 2010.


“Occular Motor Damage”


“Study clearly demonstrates that aluminum found in vaccines can cause neurologic damage”


"Vaccine Information"



Why thank you Patrons for giving this link to me.

I voted for him, mostly because I was voting againest Conway. Now I can be more pleased with my vote!


Here's an interesting link re: rand paul's "crazy" associations:


"Crazy"? NOT AT ALL! I just pray that Washington does not corrupt him! There's no vaccine to prevent "Potomac Fever"! :>)


No Pattrons:
We do not know.
We listened to the debate, and there is a lot about Rand Paul that scares me, but there was a lot more that scared me about Conway!!!!

However; you may be right because I talked to an opthalmologist in Lexington this past year and he had a grandchild that had autism. He was very knowledge about the wrong kind of diet has been promoted by the medical instituitions - he was really into the low carb diet for himself and the no glutien /no cassien diet for his grandson.

He knew all about inflammation and had it figured out that it was not cholesterol that was the intial problem of clogging up the blood vessels but inflamation.

So, maybe he and Rand Paul has crossed paths. Hopefully.


Does anyone know where the new junior senator from Kentucky stands on the mercury autism connection? One might think that if anyone can "see" the problem, the tip of the iceberg, it would be an opthalmologist.



I too had years of exposure to thimerosal contact lens solution. I've wondered if that contributed to my 6 yr olds autism. With my second baby, I switched contact solution, removed (with a dam) mercury fillings, and haven't started shots (waiting to start selected shots when he turns two.) So far, no autism for child number two, but he's low tone and gets OT and PT. I found out that there was lead in my prenatal vitamins, and who knows if that contributed to anything. I’m looking for a good prenatal (without lead and without crazy % over daily recommended doses).
I'm concerned about the other preservatives and chemicals in my contact solution. I'm thinking about getting Lasik before having baby number three.
Any opinions on any of this are welcome. Thanks, Angie


I too had years of exposure to thimerosal contact lens solution. I've wondered if that contributed to my 6 yr olds autism. With my second baby, I switched contact solution, removed (with a dam) mercury fillings, and haven't started shots (waiting to start selected shots when he turns two.) So far, no autism for child number two, but he's low tone and gets OT and PT. I found out that there was lead in my prenatal vitamins, and who knows if that contributed to anything. I’m looking for a good prenatal (without lead and without crazy % over daily recommended doses).
I'm concerned about the other preservatives and chemicals in my contact solution. I'm thinking about getting Lasik before having baby number three.
Any opinions on any of this are welcome. Thanks, Angie


Since we are left out here on our own - but being still deep into the book of "Age of Autism" which talks about the history
of medicine and it's long love affair with mercury - that might be the best place to be.

But anyway.
homopathic is malic acid - and - beta carotene.

beta carotene best source is not carrot juice but compacted pumpkin/sweet potato/butternut squash. But if carrot juice goes down easier?

malic acid - well we are trying to hold to a low carb diet -- suggestions anyone?
How much is in some apple juice?

Why any of this works, or better yet IF it works I don't know.

I can't even figure out if it is mercury or a virus, or viruses, or virus/fungus, or virus/mercury or mercury/aluminium or virus/bacteria/mercury or the immune system. ----and -- and I have been going at this for 30 some years now - and - if I don't get some clear answers soon my head is going to explode!

Just this year the low carb diet and supplements have beat back the disease for my husband. He is no longer on oxygen and the pulmonary doctors are amazed!
But I want more - I want my daughter cured - NOW! I don't want to run another long marathon cure - again for her. There have been tooooo many marathons gone on in this family already.


It is late and I am tired, but I want to share our experience and some of the information I have found on this subject in case it might be helpful to someone.

First, my own vision had deteriorated to the point that I could no longer read the ingredients on food containers or the info on supplement bottles, nor could I thread a needle. Having never worn glasses, this was a bitter pill that I thought was due simply to aging. However, after having all of my mercury amalgam fillings safely removed by an IAMOT dentist and about 6 months after beginning to detox myself using the Andy Cutler protocol, I was astonished to find that my near vision was completely restored. I can read fine print and thread needles again. I think that my far vision and night vision are also improving, but the improvements in these are less dramatic, so far.

Secondly, our two kids, who tested as mercury toxic based on both Cutler counting rules and hair testing and porphyrin testing, have also experienced vision improvements via AC detox. We had to do eye patching and vision therapy with one because she had shut down the use of one eye when very young due to what was diagnosed as "accomodative esotropia." ( I strongly suspect this problem developed only after she became mercury toxic, for reasons I won't go into here.) Vision therapy helped improve her eye tracking and restore some binocular vision. She had extremely far vision that was initially corrected by very strong, bifocal lenses.

Her vision has gradually improved over the years resulting in a need for less strong correction. This improvement has continued over the most recent two years that we have NOT done any vision therapy, but have continued AC detox. So much so that she has needed a slightly less strong prescription after each eye exam.

Our other child never needed glasses, but did have some tracking and focusing issues that indicated a strong need for her to have vision therapy (when examined about 3 years ago). We did not do this largely because she was not at all cooperative and having been through the process with my other child, it just didn't seem feasible with this child. We recently had her vision checked again as doing the therapy now seems more feasible. The optometrist was surprised to discover that all the previous vision issues that had indicated a need for her to have vision therapy were no longer present. I gathered from her surprise that this is not usually what she sees as kids with vision problems get older.

So, we are 3 for 3 in seeing vision improvements coincident with Cutler detox (in addition to other health improvements for all as well). So there you have it. Anecdotal, coincidental non-proof.

In researching a bit on the web to see what I could learn about the relation between mercury and vision, I came across the following:


Reversible color vision loss in occupational exposure to metallic mercury.

Google also: Age-related macular degeneration and cutaneous signs of mercury toxicity by DANTZIG Paul I. (1)
I couldn't get this to come up at the link I had, but it is interesting.

I have also read one account on a listserv by an individual who reported restoration of her color vision when she began AC chelation after having her amalgams removed.

FWIW: My suggestion is--don't assume that the mercury can't be removed from one's eyes, or that vision harmed by mercury exposure can't be restored in part, or wholly. My experience, and apparently the experiences of several other people, indicates that the damage may be reversible.


Kathy Blanco - very interesting comment re: glaucoma, etc. I couldn't get your link to Dr Miller's Mercury on the Mind article to work. I'll try it again or Google it in the A.M.

It may be off-topic, but a friend just recently provided me with a link to an article that just might relate to mercury poisoning of military dependents, possibly even transplacental transfer to the unborn. We need an investigative journalist in the U.K. to look into this for us. John Stone?

“British government investigates 300 mystery baby deaths on Cyprus” by Nick Squires on October 25, 2010.


Cynthia Cournoyer

Cataracts can be a result of CRS. I wonder if the live virus in the rubella vaccine also contributes to some of these problems.


May have mentioned before, but my mother swears my eyes were bright blue until I was 3 and then suddenly turned hazel/brown; I've needed glasses since kindergarten. My daughter's eyes were dark blue and have washed out to be more of a light gray. She has visual perception issues we're still sorting out. Me: 10 mercury fillings, years of thimerosal contact lens solution, sushi, free flu shots at work, porphyrins in normal range. Her: High mercury on porphyrin test.


When we started our post-regression fight of a lifetime (read biomed) - his eyes went from deep-dark-black-brown to medium brown - almost within a month or two (and have stayed that way).

kathy blanco

Dr Donald MIller mentions glaucoma in connection with mercury in his article
Mercury n the Mind:

Newsletter 1/a - Mercury on the Mind Do you have dental amalgam fillings?
Got any vaccines, including flu or RhoGham vaccine? Do you eat sea food? Did
you (or do you) live downwind from a coal-burning plant? If you answered
'yes' to any of these questions than chances are that you're mercury toxic;
your child has learning disabilities, ADD or Autism; and later in life
you'll get Alzheimer's and other chronic diseases ? unless the toxic mercury
is removed from the body.

You could benefit from chelation/detoxification if you experience (or want
to do steps to avoid) any of these:
ADHD; Allergies; Antisocial behavior; Autism; Autoimmune disease; Cancer;
Candida; Chronic fatigue; Cold hand or feet; Constipation, Diarrhea or Leaky
Gut; Depression; Fibromyalgia; Glaucoma; Headache; Heart problems; Learning
disabilities; Low IQ; Mental illness; Neurological disease; PMS & female
problems; Regular flu or cold; Stroke, Your bowel movements smell terrible;
You have to use deodorant because you are rotting inside, etc. If you don't
have any of these than your toxic load is (still) low and your body's
ability to detoxify is better than the average.
'Studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of
cancers.' ? Dr. Sherry Rogers

Heavy Metals are the major source for the production of free radicals as
well as undermining the internal environment and body chemistry. Heavy
Metals reduce the efficacy of medical treatment by up to 60%. There is
little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements to do their job
properly, if the body is burdened with heavy metals!

That said, I conquer with the mom that the eyes grow dark almost drunken when autism is at it's worse, boy, I see that. And oh, let's not forget that most of our kids have rod and cone difficulties due to G alpha protein defect (MEGSON), and DPT has mercury in it. My daughter has problems going up and down stairs and slopes, and I am often rescuing her in the midst of a blood curtiling scream to give her assistant. I asked her one day what it feels like...she said, it's like I am falling off the edge of a cliff, I can't see what is in front of me on stairs or slopes. Needless to say, our trips to stadiums, beaches, movie theatres are real fun, not. VIT A has helped a bit, but there is still occipital lobe damage (ah yes, the part of the brain that usually is damaged by mercury).


Can supplementation or replenishment of glutathione and/or cysteine lessen, alleviate, or reverse thimerosal toxicity? If so, this might represent a homeopathic means to restoring our health, one that might arguably prove to be much safer than ingestion/injection of more "designer" allopathic xenobiotics from pharma.

Is there a relationship between thimerosal and cataracts? Is there a relationship between thimerosal and glaucoma?

Neither of our parents had aniridia. My father has glaucoma. I have glaucoma. My brother has CRS, aniridia, and nystagmus, amongst other problems. He is not mentally retarded...quite the contrary. We are of European and Asian descent. If I can obtain their permission, I'd like to test the entire family for metals, particularly mercury and aluminum, and correlate this with our vaccination records. I would still worry about highly sequestered metals, that might not show up on hair analysis.

Perhaps genetic factors may offer varying degrees of protection from mercury poisoning. I doubt that genetic factor are ever 100% protective from mercury poisoning. IMO, genetic factors are not the cause nor will genetic factors provide the cure for mercury poisoning. The problem is environmental.


My husband's neurologist says that she now has about a dozen patients that have his trouble, mitochondria cytopathy or myopathy - oxidation phosphoralation. She asked him for informatation since he has had if for 20 years now. She said that many of her patients have strabismus - eye dividations. My husband told her is was typical for mitochondria cytopathy but so far he had been lucky. He is very sensitive to light though. You will never catch him with out sunglassess even on cloudy stormy days.

My son was looking out of the corner of his eyes from 1 year untill he was 4. He to this day has great periphial vision. However, around the seventh grade I noticed he was taking a long time to focus his eyes before he began to read aloud.

Here is what my son Ped did to him.

In the seventh grade they had to have a mandatory checkup. So I just took him to the peds, and they ran him through a check list of stuff including looking in that big,clumsy eye machine. All was fine (he was starting to have myclonic jerks by then) Yeap he was fine.

A month later was when I noticed he was taking too long to focus his eyes to begin to read aloud to me. So I took him to an opthamolgist. The office worker immediately called our insurance company and found out that that eye exam that the ped gave my son cost 350 dollars.

That is what a sure enough opthamogist - who really gives the whole sure enough works charges.

I did not get my son his eye exam because it cost 350 dollars. Peds said it was okay, and hubby said that is a lot of money for something that has already been checked out.

Long story short: The next three years were full of seizures, myclonic jerks, moving 9 hours away cross states,new job, new school more doctors, more seizures, untill at last the day became calm enough that we consider getting his driver's permit.

The lady at the driver's permit office said as he gazed into the same big machine that was at the ped's office - there was something wrong with his vision.

Oh, and I just got a letter four months earlier from his new school that his vision was fine.

Why does everything have to be so hard, seizures was bad enough but looks like they could have at least told me he needed glasses.

His opthamolgist said he was young and those young muscles could finally make him focus but to the extent of making his head hurt if he had to read or focus for too long.

Cynthia Cournoyer

What about eyes going dark when an autistic child is "absent." My daughter's eyes would go dark when she was the most "autistic" and get blue again when she was the most "there." I remember being asked if her eyes change color as one diagnostic question for autism.

Migraines can cause visual disturbances. Any relation? CFS/Migraines/viruses/mercury-almalgams etc.????

I had reading difficulty as a child. It was not just one day. It went on for awhile. I remember telling my mom that the words jump off the page. I couldn't keep them in my view. Teacher wondered why I didn't "apply" myself. I was reading when I was 5, and then at 7, I had trouble. Eventually went away.

Teresa Conrick

Hi polliwog-

Not sure if your question was to me or someone else. I am bringing up Meg's change of eye color as a curious point, that they were very light blue and they are now a dark green with brown. I am not saying anything is wrong with green or hazel eyes. It is an interesting occurrence that I just want to point out.

When at the eye doctor 2 weeks ago, I asked why was it that Meg's eye color would have changed and is that odd? The doctor replied that "it just happens sometimes to those with light colored eyes -- does not happen with dark colored eyes -- they don't change to blue."


Mercury free, preservative free...the average person or elderly person is not going to know the difference nor would they know to ask. 0.3 or 1mcg is STILL to much. Period.
Who told them that even THAT amount is safe in the human body? No one. It's a "guess-timate".
Thanks for the correction ladies. I still won't be one of those gullable people lining up with my children in tow to recieve any more vaccines!!! : )


I got a flu shot when I was pregnant 9 years ago (the nurse acted like it was normal procedure). While still pregnant I remember watching T.V. and something strange happened with my vision. Peripherally I could see the words at the bottom of the screen, but when I focused on the words to read them I could not see to read (blind spot/cloud).
I felt panicked. In order to calm down I hoped I was dehydrated, drank water and took a nap. I have not had vision issues before or after that incident.
Who knows.


Thimerosal is classified as a human teratogen. Teratogenic: able to disturb the growth and development of an embryo or fetus. So why are pregnant women being advised by any public health organization to get inoculated with a human teratogen?



So what if you have hazel eyes? Hazel eyes are very common in my family


Thanks, Teresa. Talk about a useful direction in "eye gazing" research and even more files to be added to the growing pile of "our kids don't have autism-like symptoms, they have mercury-poisoning-like symptoms" research!

My daughter's eye color also changed from blue to brown in her toddler years. She has had periods of seeming not to see many things, of not being aware of depth or height, also sometimes watching from the corners of her eyes. It's hard for me to think about what must have been going on for her, while I was totally mystified and clueless, but I appreciate the wealth of clues AoA provides through your posts and others.

Maurine Meleck

Cataracts are generally associated with age. Might be informative to see if there are any studies on increrase in number of people with them since the advent of contacts and thimerosal containing contact solutions.


rileysmom, mercury free vaccines contain no mercury at all. But vaccines can be called "preservative free" if they contain 0.3 or 1 mcg mercury.

There are four different amounts of mercury in the various flu vaccines in the U.S.:

no mercury
1 mcg mercury
24.5 mcg mercury
25 mcg mercury

Of course, a lying or misinformed health care professional can call anything "mercury free" even if it has 25 mcg mercury. People need to look at the package inserts to know for sure.


I had two separate mercury exposures around the age of 7, then developed "Asperger's-like" behaviors and also went from decent eyesight to needing glasses withing two years of that. I've worn glasses since then, but they never seemed to really help my overall vision, which was always very hard for me to explain to an eye doctor (I had trouble looking directly at things). One year after chelating myself I didn't need my glasses anymore most of the time(not to mention a lot of pesky behaviors went bye-bye). I've had my eyes tested and my prescription, while still not 20/20, has improved dramatically. The doctor was stumped. I didn't tell him about the chelation because people can get funny on that subject. I'm not clear enough on the science to be SURE there's a connection, but it's interesting. Did it possibly change my visual acuity, or did it just enable me to look at things "properly"?

Theodora Trudorn

Reading this I couldn't help but be reminded of something.

When I was a baby I was born with very beautiful clear, dark blue eyes. By the time I was starting school, they were a mixture of green, grey, blue, and yellow.

It was also in elementry school when my eyesight started to go down hill and I had to get glasses. And I had this strange thing where I see far better at night then in daylight. It is easier for me to look directly at things durring that time.

Makes a girl wonder...

Great article! Two aspie thumbs WAY UP!! :)


This 1946 paper deals with a brown reflex (due to mercury exposure) from the eyes of a thermometer maker:



Regarding my previous question about topical Hg absorption in the eye and cataracts, I remember reading that cataracts are associated with locally reduced amounts of glutathione.



Is Hg topically absorbed into the eye associated with increased cataract risk?

I was exposed to thimerosal from contact lens solution for decades and I'm developing cataracts.

to patrons99 re CRS

Is this possible?

What is Aniridia? http://www.aniridia.net/whatis.html

"Aniridia is rare. Its incidence is between 1/50,000 and 1/100,000. The genetic defect has been found to be a deletion on chromosome 11. It is an autosomal dominant condition in 2/3 of the cases. Approximately, a third of all cases of Aniridia are --- sporadic --- and these are often found to have ----cytogentically detectable deletions---- involving .....11p13,..... which, if extensive enough, cause the WAGR contiguous gene syndrome .

KEY words in this next study: 11p13........methylmercury....cytotoxicity.......

According to Brambila et al (2002)
various GST genes are activated in rats exposed to mercury,
indicating that individuals with specific genotypes
could be better protected against the cytotoxicity of
methylmercury. In GST mu (GSTM) five mu classes occur
in tandem (GSTM4-GSTM2-GSTM1-GSTM5-GSTM3)
in a cluster on chromosome 1p13.3. Polymorphism of the
M1 locus has been widely described. Homozygotes, in
which both GSTM1*0 alleles are deleted (GSTM1 null
genotype), do not express the GST protein (Xu et al.,
1998). With the GST theta (GSTT), two genes (GSTT1
and GSTT2) are located on chromosome 22 and separated
by about 50 kb. The allele GSTT1*0 is also nonfunctional
(Coggan et al., 1998). The GST pi (GSTP) are
located on chromosome...... 11p13....... and two different alleles
(GSTP1 and GSTP2) have been identified.

Maurine Meleck

Riley's mom- I think that amount in the meercury free one is .3 or .03 mcg. One of my cats developed optic neuritis overnight last year-seeing one day and blind the next.
She was vaccinated many years ago when they still had mercury in feline vaccines. Wonder if there's a connection. I also have strabismus myself since birth and a progressive eye disease involving the retina.
It would be interesting to know if there is a connection.


Well done Teresa, well done.
I often wonder as I watch Riley stimming, what it is that he sees. He repeatedly throws ANY object on the floor. He tosses whatever it is into the air to hear it crash on the floor. I told my husband, I think he "sees" the sound. He is completely non verbal so I have no way to confirm this but it does seem that he does.
I'm going to print off your article and hand it out to others that are thinking about getting their "flu shot"...you know, the one that is MERCURY FREE, the one that STILL has 3 mcg of mercury in it??? Do you STILL want that 3 mcg mercury containing flu shot after reading this?


CRS involves the eyes. I've shared this before: I have a brother with CRS. See The Age of Autism pages 216-223. He is almost completely blind, with aniridia, and a number of other problems. Coincidence?

Why would a mother (my mom) who was heavily-vaccinated, as the wife of a military veteran (my dad) of three wars, deliver a child (my brother) with CRS? Coincidence?

I wonder whether transplacental transfer of live virus and/or organomercurials took place. This was NOT genetic!

Anne McElroy Dachel

I have two vaccine damaged children. Both have strabismus. Just another wild, crazy coincidence---??? ...like regression following vaccinations???

Anne Dachel


Another huge indictment of mercury. Thank you for this well-researched article, Teresa. Our own pediatric opthamologist once told me that he sees a lot of problems in his special needs patients.

With all the "studies" telling us about eye gaze, eye contact, etc. how odd that none have made this connection. I suppose the word "mercury" in a grant proposal would immediately eliminate it from consideration.

You'd think mercury was a healthy vegetable- with the special place our medical community gives it. Their day will come.

These observations and connections make me sick when I think of how much my child has suffered with his vision problems.


Thank you Teresa. How amazing, these are the types of useful studies where the money should be heading...


Why don't we design a systematic study using "synchrotron x-ray fluorescence mapping" in non-human primates with full adherence to the Nuremberg Code and Articles of Helinski as a function of time after injection with a vaccine, e.g. hep B, MMR, DPT, TDaP, Gardasil, flu jabs from multidose vials? This would effectively use the test subject as their own control, before and after "inoculation". We need to better understand the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of aluminum adjuvants and thimerosal. There is more than one mechanism of toxicity. The mechanisms of toxicity are operating in parallel. The mechanisms of toxicity are synergistic and cummulative.

We are being systematically poisoned by the vaccine schedules and mandated vaccines. There is no doubt on this point, despite what the pharmawhores, trolls, and Dark Lords of the vaccine industry would have us believe.


Agreed, Maurine. Teresa's post is terrific! Our visual apparatus is in significant measure, neurally-derived tissue. Opthalmologists can actually see the optic nerve. There is also a technique by which they can actually see flowing blood perfusing optic tissue, in vivo. Thank you for spotlighting mercury accumulation in the eyes. Your post reminds me of two youtube clips I stumbled across recently, titled "Immuncal testimonial for Auto-immune problems and Cataract" and "Autism testimonial for Immunocal", respectively.



Maurine Meleck

Incredibly fascinating. Thanks, Teresa.

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