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Ed Schultz Calls Out Sharron Angle for "Airquoting" Autism Coverage

Airquotes By Kim Stagliano

Sharron Angle, who is running against Harry Reid in Nevada, doesn't think she should have to pay for health insurance that covers A) maternity leave; "I'm not having any more babies" or B) autism. And she put autism in airquotes. Her ignorance is astounding. She doesn't know a thing about autism, except what might be spoon fed to her now for future debates and talking points. She only knows it's "pretend" and doesn't deserve insurance. Wow. Her selfishness is common today - "Hey! I got mine - you go worry about your own and don't bother me. Find your own bootstraps!"  Where does that mentality end? Hey, I don't have a prostate, so I'm not paying anything extra so your husband, father, partner can get cancer treatment. (That's facetious, BTW.) 

My three children were denied ANY insurance coverage when my husband lost his job in 2008, simply because of their diagnosis. They couldn't even see Dr. Evil up there in the photo for "laser" treatments. (Ha ha!)  Fortunately, Connecticut has common sense and compassion and offered a state insurance plan for which we qualified.

I sure as hell don't want my insurer telling me what care my kids must have (vaccinations or meds) or what care they can not have. Although Lord knows they ration care and deny coverage every day in HMOs and in most every insurance policy.  That's between their doctor and me. I won't waver on that. But... Kids with autism break arms, catch colds, need services wholly unrelated to their autism. And yes, they need some pretty specific care too. They need the habilitative care that GRASP demands - and I'm all for that. (Guess what, I agree with GRASP on proper respectful care.) But they also need intense medical help for their GI, autoimmune, seizure issues - and I'm darn sick of having 299.0 as a diagnosis code let the insurance companies OFF THE HOOK.

Politicans on BOTH sides of the aisle have abandoned people with autism to corporate and political interests.  Remember when Gov. Chris Christie in NJ was going to help with vaccine mandates? Or when we thought Obama had a grip on the epidemic and would step up for us? How about McCain and Palin, who used autism as a plank in their campaign and then promptly forgot about us?  I haven't heard Palin utter a word about special education since she launched her tea party express. It's depressing. Our kids don't live as D's or Rs. We're the "A" party in my household. Airquotes fully intended. I only wish the A were imaginary here.

Thanks to Ed Schultz for seeing that our loved ones with autism are people too.

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now for preorder and debuts November 1st. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.




"All this time precious resources are funneled away from promising theories (Vitamin D for example) and spent again to disprove the conspiracy theory. No one has set back the progress toward a cure/treatment more than those who continue to demand that their religious belief in a vaccine connection be given resources to be disproven over and over again"

'Please read Dr Dunning's research on what happens when we aren't competent in a particular area and try to asses our competence"

Vitamine D and autism? Dr. Dunning?

I am a real physician and surgeon and VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM among other autoimmune diseases and vaccines are a HOAX a fraud and one day people like your self who are obvioulsy paid to come onto web sites like this where you have to give up information to post information will get dragged into court to defend YOUR fraudulent position for being part of the racketeering that your handlers have enjoined you into.

Think that is just another conspiracy theory Arunja108? Go ask those idiots at quack watch and quack busters and the other losers psychiatrist Dr. Barret( no medical licensure) and Baratz who have been succesfully sued for their defamatory positions and yes for racketeering and conspiracy to committ racketeering. Their handlers including Aetna will be paying some serious money including court cost- about $500,000.00.

By the way genius stop giving out medical advice that is a federal violation and a felony that also has civil penalties

"try encouraging pregnant women to take larger dose of Vitamin D or to get their levels check and take enough to get to a level of 75 and we can see if the rate of Autism decreases finally."

Go back to doing burgers Arjuna108 your time is better spent there



The vitamin-D-deficiency-only theory for autism is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. If it were true, there would have been epidemics throughout history, concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere in general. Our modern epidemic would have started in Alaska, Finland and Siberia instead of Minnesota and New Jersey. It would effect African Americans and Amerindians more instead of less.

Vitamin D deficiency in conjunction with heavy metal poisoning is another matter. There's a big difference between a cause and a facilitator.


Oops, rushing too much -
I meant "Comparison of health issues in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children (retrospective) and animals (prospective).


Arjuna109, I don't know why you are so convinced that the autism-vaccine link has been disproven. Basic research has not been done. See .
Yes, there have been some epidemiological studies on MMR and thimerosal, mostly by people with vested interests in disproving a link, and flawed as described in the site above.

Also see:

Examples of studies that have not been done:
- Study of individual vaccine injured children to better understand mechanisms of injury, causation, outcomes, treatments.
- Tracking of reported vaccine injuries to see how many result in autism.
- Comparison of health issues in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children (prospective) and animals (retrospective). Actually, a study is underway of monkeys which already shows rapid brain growth in the vaccinated monkeys.

Fomer NIH director Dr. Bernadine Healy told CBS News that, "when she began researching autism and vaccines she found credible published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the idea of an association. That seemed to counter what many of her colleagues had been saying for years. She dug a little deeper and was surprised to find that the government has not embarked upon some of the most basic research that could help answer the question of a link. The more she dug, she says, the more she came to believe the government and medical establishment were intentionally avoiding the question because they were afraid of the answer."

There is published peer reviewed research showing higher rates in people with autism of: immune system dysfunction, inflammation of the brain, inflammatory cytokines in the spinal fluid, autoantibodies to the myelin basic protein coating nerve cells. And research showing harmful effects of even minute amounts of mercury on nerve and immune system cells.

There are also thousands of parents reporting vaccine reactions followed by autism -- vaccine reactions consistent with the encephalitis and encephalopathy listed as adverse effects on vaccine labels and on the government's HRSA Vaccine Injury Table.

Our opinions are based on facts and science, not on religious fanaticism.

Vaccine mechanisms are poorly understood. See:


Concerned Mom said, "I personally think that whether vaccines cause autism or not, at this junction, is irrelevant. What is relevant is that so many kids are suffering and need help. And they need that help now.'

How could it be irrelevant? If vaccines cause much autism, that is relevant to finding effective treatments, and also to prevention. Yes, certainly kids need help now, and many parents and practitioners who believe in vaccine causation are working hard to provide help now.

Simon's OT mom


You really don't get the people who write/blog on this website. No one here has the time or energy to espouse a "conspiracy theory". That is for people who have time on their hands. What you have here are regular people, from all walks of life, who woke up one day to the knowledge that their child/children have autism. Many of us had typically developing children, according to every developmental scale, and watched them descend into autism, following a vaccine or series of vaccines - some within hours/the day of the vaccine. As loving parents, not waiting on the government/medical establishment to move off of just "autism awareness", we have searched out help for our children through biomedical treatment. We have paid out of our own pockets and watched as our children have peed out levels of mercury, aluminum and other toxic metals, through detox methods that would have been too high for adults. Since we didn't feed those toxins to our children, it has not been very difficult to figure out the sources of how these toxins got into our children in the first place. Many of us have had the blessing of seeing those children recover. Maybe you have never heard about actually recovering children through biomedical methods. I would like to point you to this link to the Autism Research Institute/Defeat Autism Now (DAN) website For background sake, this is the organization founded by Dr. Bernard Rimland. He was another ordinary parent of a child (who was also a psychologist), who refused to believe the prevailing diagnostic criteria of doctors, from the 40's - 60's, that autism is caused by "refrigerator mothers". He developed what has now become the basis of understanding autism from a neurological vs. psychological frame of reference. In other words, a caring, concerned parent, who refused to accept established "scientific" thought, that ran contrary to what he saw and knew to be right, caused a complete paradigm shift and is considered the "grandfather" of autism treatment. On that website you will find, under the parent section, testimonies and stories of recovery from autism. And, just so that you understand that Age of Autism is not one-dimensional, the issue of viruses, immune dysfunction, metabolic abnormalities, and environmental toxins are all talked about here under the umbrella of contributing factors to autism. A search of the archives here will point you to many discussions on these issues. And lastly, related to wanting to prevent anyone else from waking up and joining the ever-growing autism parent club, again, I point you to the Autism Research Institute website, where you can access the webcast of their DAN conference. Look for topics such as "Healthy Pregnancy Workshop" and "Defending Your Child from a Toxic World" from the April 2010 conference in Baltimore. So many of us have had the blood work done on our children that have caused us to add vitamin D to the regiment of supplements for our children. So please, educate before you slam!

Not an MD

@ Concerned Mom - Sorry, but in my opinion, autism is caused almost entirely by vaccines. Autism is caused by heavy metal poisoning, and over-stimulation of the immune system. The only way to reduce the incidence of causing autism is to stop vaccinating our kids with every single available vaccine on the market, and stop the insane practice of giving multiple vaccines at every "well baby" visit.
Once that occurs, autism rates will diminish considerably. If you want to stop it almost completely, then we will have to stop vaccinating our children altogether. You cannot easily repair brain damage from mercury and aluminum poisoning after the fact. Your desire for a cure, by adhering to the status quo and ignoring the contribution of over-vaccination as a root cause of autism, is not possible. The toxic assault from vaccination would continue unabated. How could the damage be lessened by this approach?

Many children can improve significantly when heavy metals are carefully removed, and vaccinations stop altogether, but some children have been too heavily poisoned to recover.


"Autism" in air quotes refers to the belief that some people get autism diagnoses for their kids so that they can get special services. I mean, really, have you ever known a parent who wanted their neurotypical child to be diagnosed with autism?!? Most parents resist the autism diagnosis until it becomes too obvious to resist any more.

I agree with everyone who says that autism knows no party lines. There seems to be on average an equal amount of support, hypocrisy, fear of alienating certain interests, double-speak, and abandonment of our kids from all political sides. (Except that Fox News is currently way ahead of MSNBC!)


Jeff C., I disagree that Sharon Angle is not an "evil shrew". I think "evil shrew" is a good description, though "ignorance" fits as well.

Concerned Mom


I concur 100 percent that resources need to be redirected towards a cure or treatment that leads to an eventual cure.

I'm not sure where I stand on the vaccine/autism link because there is so much anecdotal evidence from parents on the one hand, while science claims that there is no link at all. I imagine, though, since many of these kids suffer from toxic overload already, that vaccines (along with processed foods, chemicals in cleaning products, air pollution, etc.)don't help. Either way, I personally think that whether vaccines cause autism or not, at this junction, is irrelevant. What is relevant is that so many kids are suffering and need help. And they need that help now. That's what should be at the forefront of this movement, in my humble opinion. After the cure is found, and kids are healing and/or healed, then let's work hard towards finding and eliminating the cause. But for now, the effort has to be finding the cure... because besides the intolerable physical suffering these kids endure now, a lot of these kids are going to be adults in the next decade and they will age out of services and school programs. What in the world will happen to them, especially as their parents age and resources dwindle? It's too upsetting to think about but think about it we must because that is the reality.

There is enough awareness. I don't know any parents or parents-to-be who aren't aware of the fact that there is a vaccine controversy... they have internet connections and can do the research themselves to make an informed choice on whether or not to vaccinate their child. We don't need to spend anymore time/money on this subject. We need to use our precious little resources to find a cure, because our kids need it now.


When you think about the issue of Autism and people like Angle, there is a deeper connection than whether she airquotes or panders, both are relatively easy to do. She and her comrades promote the kind of conspiracy theory thinking that hampers autism research today. No matter how many times her conspiracy theories are disproven, she will continue to blindly use confirmation bias and logical fallacy to insist that reality is wrong and her theories are correct. No matter how many times a vaccine/autism link is disproven, the conspiracy theory will persist and demand that it be systematically disproven...again. All this time precious resources are funneled away from promising theories (Vitamin D for example) and spent again to disprove the conspiracy theory. No one has set back the progress toward a cure/treatment more than those who continue to demand that their religious belief in a vaccine connection be given resources to be disproven over and over again. Each time it is disproven and it seems that we can move on to giving resources to promising, realistic theories, we find that the religious belief is not at all diminished by evidence from reality, which is exactly the kind of thinking that Angle represents. I hope that those who persist in spreading this conspiracy thinking can soeday put the children's needs ahead of their need to advance their belief system.
The country is divided between those who wish to govern by what works in reality and those who wish to govern by beliefs that have already had disasterous results but which are kept alive by conspiratorial thinking that ignores reality and searches only for what confirms their bias.
The autism community is afflicted with the same split and is crippled in much the same way as our country is at this time.
There are dignostic criteria for autism. It isn't something doctors get to redefine each time they have a child whose symptoms stump them. There is ample evidence to evaluate claims on vaccine links, if you are capable of evaluating them. Please read Dr Dunning's research on what happens when we aren't competent in a particular area and try to asses our competence.
Learn from Angle's embrace of conspiracy thinking and let's all work together to find a real remedy for the increasing rates of Autism. Since the research funding is tied up repeatedly disproving conspiracy theories, try encouraging pregnant women to take larger dose of Vitamin D or to get their levels check and take enough to get to a level of 75 and we can see if the rate of Autism decreases finally. Maybe the authors of blogs like this one could give more time to these promising theories like Vitamin D and a little less time to the conspiracy theories. It would be an enormous help to the children.


One thing I'm inexperienced on, is it difficult to get insurance coverage on prescription psychiatric drugs for autism at this point?

Maurine Meleck

She wants to take us back to the good old days. I guess that would mean the days when autism was "a very rare disorder."


When I first saw her air quote autism I was outraged but the more I thought about it, my opinion changed that she is right to some extent. Autism is a diagnosis that doctors like to give kids when they don't know what else to do. It's a cop-out. I rarely tell people that my son has autism any more, even though he has a pretty severe disability. I say "he has brain damage in areas of his brain that make him autistic and apraxic"

Of course I support mandates for children with "autism"- see I used quotes too. I tell people, especially my republican friends this:
When my son was born we added him to our family insurance policy, as we did with our other two children. We did this with the understanding that if he became sick, the insurance company would pay for (after deductible etc) his treatments. My son did become sick and his insurance company did not pay one dime for medical treatments. There should not even have to BE mandates. It should be illegal for insurance companies to NOT pay for evidence-based treatments for my son's medical condition.

We should all be air quoting autism. I don't believe Angle had good intentions in doing that. I wouldn't vote for her because I don't think she would be a good candidate. Not that I live in NV anyway.

In other news, I know it's driving you liberals nuts that fox news and repubs are the ONLY ones taking notice about vaccines and vaccine mandates and personal rights. Admit it, you love fox news now. :) Sure, sure- i agree it's not a R or D issue.... But let me clarify, if we want services and supports and autism mandates, we should vote dem. If we want personal rights and don't want vaccine mandates and the nanny govt forcing us to inject chemicals in our bodies- then vote repub. Can we get both?

So obvious

Harry Reid, who is equally, if not more dangerous, to the recovery of anyone with autism and our community falls behind in the polls after Sharon Angle clarifies some of her positions on autism during their recent debate and A of A runs with this.....telling! Obviously, nearly everyone has their own agenda to fulfill....


That was seemingly quite an about-face for Angle on the CSPAN video. What concerns me most is that, long before the term "biomedical" was used by the autism recovery movement, it was used by psychiatry and pharma for drugging mental disorders on the eugenic-ish "genetic brain chemical imbalance" theory. Before that it was just a term for a field of research. Psychiatry borrowed it to counter Freudian insistance that all mental problems have a psychosocial root.

She could have been consulting with Autism Speaks to save her own rear after the gaff and is really just referring to Risperdal, Lamictal, etc.


Thanks Ginger for the link and time mark.

It was interesting. She sounds like she is more aware of some of the issues with "autism" than many, although I don't see how a "free market system" or "pay for what you need" insurance would competively provide true autism coverage, unless autism becomes a new normal and even more all-too-common "medical" condition, so that coverage for it would be in demand. If autism families could afford special insurance that covers doctors and treatments of their choice (assuming those to be widely available), I think they would already have it.

It was also interesting that Senator Reid blamed the insurance industry for bankrupting the country by causing high health care costs (personally I'm tempted to give the pharmaceutical industry and those that work for them in government 99.999999% of the credit for that, but maybe I'm too biased and ignorant of how things work to judge).


Concerned Mom,

YOU ROCK!! You are a warrior mom, and it is because of moms like you, that my son is nearly recovered! I'm sorry about your parents. I'm blessed with a mom and in-laws who have learned about autism, and who have supported our family.

Sharon won't be elected. She's too stupid and arrogant.

It's times like these where I wish autism was contagious, and my child could sneeze on her and give it to her...of course, then Offit would be fast at work, trying to make a vaccine against it...LOL...

Jeff C.

As a father of an ASD son, Sharron Angle's comment was troubling and shows a real ignorance of the subject. That being said, I'm not a single issue voter. The country is broke, we are 13 trillion dollars in debt. Someone is going to have to pay that bill, as it stands now, it will fall to my NT son, in addition to caring for his brother after I'm dead.

Those who promote health insurance mandates (and I am one of them regarding autism) have to be honest in that there are real world costs that will be passed along to consumers or taxpayers even though they aren't directly affected. We think the cost is worthwhile, it is up to us to convince others why our argument is correct. Before my son's diagnosis, I hardly gave autism a second thought. While I'm ashamed of that now, it is a reality when it comes to the general public.

Like many other states, my state mandates substance abuse rehabilitation coverage. I don't abuse drugs and (as far as I know), neither do my family members or close friends. Yet, the state mandates that my insurance premiums subsidize the treatment of individuals that have made irresponsible choices in life. I resent that, as do many others. That is the problem with mandates, you are forcing others to pay for problems that don't affect them. We all think that ASD is a worthwhile cause, it is up to us to convince others why the cost should be shared by the public. In my opinion, examples such as substance abuse coverage have lead many to be skeptical in general of mandates. They are concerned the system will be abused and the money will be pissed away.

I think Sharron Angle is wrong here, but it is out of ignorance, not because she is some evil shrew that wants families to suffer. There are real concerns about where the money will come from and where it will go. We, as a community, need to step up and answer those questions.

Ginger Taylor

In an update to the story, last night in a debate against Reid, Angle said that she was a teacher and taught students with autism, and that she believed that autism was a biomedical problem that needed to be treated.

around the 16 minute mark.

I give her points for that, but she does not say how it will get treated. If insurance companies don't want to cover it now, what will make them start issuing policies that will cover them? I think that the burden is on her to explain this to us.

She has taken a lead in the polls, so we need to be asking for an answer from her on this to hold her to should she be elected.

She has said it is a medical problem, so what is her medical solution? Sharron?

Concerned Mom

A cure has to be found, that's all there is to it. That may sound naive and a little pie-in-the-sky but I really see no other alternative. Until that cure is found, parents will be in the trenches fighting every day a virtually impossible fight. Most of the world is antagonistic towards autism and the families who live with it every day... there is little to no sympathy for it, there is no desire on the part of most doctors, parents, and teachers to learn about it, these poor kids are excluded and bullied at best, and NO one with any real power to do anything about it is paying attention or cares to pay attention. Vaccine manufacturers are the ONLY consumer product companies that can NOT be sued in a regular court of law for inflicting damage on customers. And that fact was brought to you by LEGISLATORS... the very people we expect to help us.

Those that are supposed to help, DON'T. And they don't want to help. They don't even want to know...

I took my son at two years old to the doctor because I knew, since he was not my first child, that there was something wrong. He wasn't talking, he lined things up, he tantrumed daily sometimes all day, I couldn't get him to look at me, I couldn't get him to look at anyone, he was 'lost'. That's the only word I had for it at the time. The doctor told me he was immature and he would grow out of it. I went to another who told me he was fine. That very same day, he sat on the playground and watched his hands as he sifted sand through his fingers over and over for at least an hour. I could not get him to stop. Another doctor, another, "he's fine. You're just overreacting. He will catch up." This went on with five different pediatricians. I put him in pre-school with the hopes that somehow he would 'come out of it'. After two weeks, all they said to me was he's just not ready and that maybe next year would be better. I took him to speech therapy (on my own volition and out of my own pocket as no doctor would admit that there was indeed something wrong)at a well-respected hospital for six months. He made zero progress and not one of the therapists who worked with my son would tell me that there was something seriously wrong. All they did really was shrug their shoulders and say 'he'll get there'. I pulled him out of the speech therapy. Meanwhile, the tantrums raged from a little boy who couldn't express himself... I'm ashamed to say that my parents (people I thought would be supportive) blamed me: I was too soft on him, he was spoiled, I should have kept him in pre-school, I'm over-protective, and the oft-repeated and unwelcome, "why the h*** are you doing THAT? That isn't going to help him!" Yet, they had nothing in turn to offer that might help. So in addition to a 'lost' child that doctors didn't want to help, I faced constant negativity bordering on disgust and criticism from two people I thought would be helpful. I haven't spoken to them now for about two years. We're done.

My son is nearly recovered now...he speaks reasonably well, he can sit in a classroom and learn, he can make friends, etc. He still has some language and other issues to work out but he's 13 now and there's no reason to believe he can't go to college eventually. He's worked SO hard to get there, too, with zero help from most professionals. A couple of doctors did actually help, they put me on the right path to finding a healing solution for my son and to them, I will be eternally grateful and words can't express my gratitude properly. Doctors like that are painfully few and tragically far between and often in danger of losing their license, insurance coverage, or some other penalty for helping 'those kids'. I was lucky to find them. Most other autism parents are in the same boat. This is what drives me to believe that the only solution is to find a cure. We can't blame anymore, we can't expect anything, we shouldn't even be shocked anymore because it doesn't help. No one in any position to help is listening. All the energy we are expending to effect change in the system for our sick kids, while it is an honorable and well-meant pursuit, in my humble (and likely ill-informed) opinion, should be directed towards finding a cure so we don't have to turn to the useless 'professionals' anymore.

Thank you for letting me share my opinion here. Your dedication and love are an inspiration to ALL parents, not just the autism parents.


Again........... and again... The "A" word is the problem. Sue any doctor that gives your child an "autism" diagnosis. They are being negligent in not identifying the medical issues in your child when they do this. Until we dump the A word, kids will continue to suffer. And people will continue to be stupid about it. It is up to each parent to advocate for your child and have them properly diagnosed and then demand treatment. We are covered for mercury poisoning and my son's medical needs are being met only becuase we demanded proper assessment. Do it.


Kim, her mentality doesn't end there. She was interviewed on the radio about this. Sharron thinks we need to only pay for what insurance that each individual people can predict autism or cancer. Hmmmm, an insurance menu, where I get to blindly guess what kind of coverage I may need in the future. I don't know how this woman made it through the primary, she must have stood there, smiled, and kept her mouth shut.

jim sharp

and to think i was rooting for her....i have a finger gesture for her....and it aint airquotes!

sick of the whack jobs

Sharon Angle- what's with the "air quotes" around autism? Do you think it's a pseudo disease? Or used as a diagnosis when the real problem is bad behavior or poor parenting? Please explain.

Rob Smith

The sad thing is there are a lot of people who think autism is a made up disease. Hell, I'm ashamed to say I felt that way too until my son was diagnosed at age 2. Before that I had a perfectly healthy daughter, who'd had all her vaccines on schedule and was incredibly well behaved. If a parent couldn't control their child, it wasn't that the child was sick, after all, he looked perfectly normal, it was the parent's fault. I think it's hard for many of us in the autism community to remember what we were like pre-autism, but I'd suspect that a fair number of us felt something close to the same way Sharon Angle appears to feel. It's far to easy for us to look at her and say "Bad", just like it was far to easy for many of us to look at the parent of the screaming, flapping kid and say "Bad". The problem is education and just like we need to educate doctors (far too many of whom share Angle's apparent views), we need to educate politicians.


Funny, I usually refer to autism with quotes, too. Because what I've found here, is that "autism" is really MERCURY poisoning.

Removing mercury gives me more of my son back every day.


Assholery is bipartisan for sure. I'd like to launch Waxman and Angle in a Sputnik.


Well, it is slightly possible she was saying she is disgusted with the vaccine manufacturing drug companies for dumping all of their product liability on U.S. tax payers.

After all, "Autism" is just a covert name for vaccine-induced neurological disorder.

Maybe, just maybe, she means to go right to Congress and fix the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Invention, the Food and Drug Administration, and spank Obama for siding with "autism" producing drug companies?

Well, based on the Eli Lilly rider which was slapped onto the tail-end of the 2003 Homeland Security Act, 2005 S3 and it's three evil companions, and, of course, Autism Speaks' completely discriminatory state-level insurance limitation campaign, I'd say she wants to grab our kids by the throat and personally choke each one to death with her bare hands.

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